Peggy Moreland Books In Order

Trouble In Texas Books In Order

  1. Marry Me, Cowboy (1997)
  2. A Little Texas Two-step (1997)
  3. Lone Star Kind of Man (1997)

Texas Brides Books In Order

  1. The Rancher’s Spittin’ Image (1998)
  2. The Restless Virgin (1998)
  3. A Sparkle in the Cowboy’s Eyes (1998)
  4. That McCloud Woman (1999)
  5. Hard Loving Man (2000)

Texas Grooms Books In Order

  1. Ride a Wild Heart (2000)
  2. In Name Only (2000)
  3. Slow Waltz Across Texas (2000)

Tanners of Texas Books In Order

  1. Five Brothers and a Baby (2003)
  2. Baby, You’re Mine (2003)
  3. Tanner’s Millions (2003)
  4. The Last Good Man in Texas (2004)
  5. Sins of a Tanner (2004)
  6. Tanner Ties (2005)

Piece of Texas Books In Order

  1. The Texan’s Forbidden Affair (2006)
  2. The Texan’s Convenient Marriage (2006)
  3. The Texan’s Honor-Bound Promise (2006)
  4. The Texan’s Business Proposition (2007)
  5. The Texan’s Secret Past (2007)
  6. The Texan’s Contested Claim (2008)


  1. Little Bit of Country (1989)
  2. Miss Prim (1991)
  3. The Stillman Curse (1992)
  4. Miss Lizzy’s Legacy (1995)
  5. Rugrats and Rawhide (1997)
  6. Millionaire Boss (2001)
  7. The Texan’s Tiny Secret (2001)


  1. One Hundred Per Cent Male (2001)
  2. Millionaire Marriages (2002)
  3. The Bounty / A Little Texas Two-Step (2002)
  4. His Kind of Woman (2002)
  5. Turning Point (2002)
  6. Her Lone Star Protector / Tall, Dark…and Framed? (2003)
  7. To the One I Love (2003)
  8. Baby, You’re Mine / Awakening Beauty (2004)
  9. Last Good Man in Texas / At Any Price (2004)
  10. Sins of A Tanner / Principles and Pleasures (2005)
  11. Five Brothers and a Baby / Baby, You’re Mine (2005)
  12. The Last Good Man in Texas / Sins of a Tanner (2005)
  13. Resolved to (Re) Marry / Tanner Ties (2005)
  14. Boss Man / Tanner Ties (2006)
  15. Millionaire Bridegrooms (2006)
  16. Forbidden Affair / Tempt Me (2006)
  17. Honour-Bound Promise / Bedded Then Wed (2007)
  18. Bound by the Baby / Texan’s Business Proposition (2008)
  19. Scorned by the Boss / Texan’s Secret Past (2008)
  20. Greek Tycoon’s Secret Heir / Texan’s Contested Claim (2008)
  21. Wanted: A Father for Her Baby (2009)
  22. Men to Trust (2010)
  23. Totally Tempting (2011)
  24. Fortune’s Mergers (2012)


  1. The Convenient Marriage / Reunion of Revenge (2007)

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Peggy Moreland Books Overview

The Texan’s Honor-Bound Promise

A few half truths got him through the front door. A few more white lies had him living in her house. Texan Sam Forrester never planned on such subterfuge when he set out to honor a promise. His mission was to get answers from the lovely Leah Kittrell…
and she wouldn’t have allowed him access to her home, to her life, if she knew who he really was. But what should have been a simple business matter turned into a tumultuous affair. Sam soon found himself in Leah’s bed and knew that once she discovered the truth, his treachery would prove unforgivable.

The Texan’s Secret Past

She knew working for Jase Calhoun would amount to nothing but heartache. The wealthy rancher had never seen Mandy as anything more than the shy girl next door. But then a secret about Jase’s past was uncovered, and the handsome Texan decided bedding Mandy would be the perfect way to forget. Now that she’d slept with her boss, how could they ever go back to business?

The Texan’s Contested Claim

Billionaire Garrett Miller had arrived in Texas under false pretenses. He told innkeeper Ali Moran that his stay at her bed and breakfast was strictly business. But the high powered businessman’s true agenda was to uncover all of Ali’s secrets…
and use them to his best advantage.

For all of her wide eyed innocence, Garrett couldn’t believe Ali was unaware of the claim she was holding, the potential power she held over his family. And yet, soon all he could think about was staking his own claim on her.

To the One I Love

To the One I Love
‘ The letter appeared mysteriously on the doorstep, and the Colman sisters’ fantasies went straight to work. But what mystery man had sent it and to which sister? Emilie Richards introduces oldest sister Lacey, who wonders if the letter is a sign that her long held dreams o her high school boyfriend are finally going to come true. Reader favorite Allison Leigh introduces youngest sister Marti, who knows that romantic letters aren’t sexy Devil’s Faulkner’s style. But he had told her to expect surprises…
And the ever popular Peggy Moreland presents wild child Deanna, who’s sure that letter came from ladies’ man Porter Copely. He’ll do anything to win her over!

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