Patricia Wentworth Books In Order

Miss Silver Books In Publication Order

  1. Grey Mask (1928)
  2. The Case is Closed (1937)
  3. Lonesome Road (1939)
  4. Danger Point / In the Balance (1941)
  5. The Chinese Shawl (1943)
  6. Miss Silver Deals with Death / Miss Silver Intervenes (1943)
  7. The Clock Strikes Twelve (1944)
  8. The Key (1944)
  9. She Came Back / The Traveller Returns (1945)
  10. Pilgrim’s Rest / Dark Threat (1946)
  11. Latter End (1947)
  12. Wicked Uncle / Spotlight (1947)
  13. The Case of William Smith (1948)
  14. Eternity Ring (1948)
  15. The Catherine Wheel (1949)
  16. Miss Silver Comes to Stay (1949)
  17. The Bradling Collection / Mr Bradling’s Collection (1950)
  18. The Ivory Dagger (1950)
  19. Through The Wall (1950)
  20. ‘Anna, Where Are You?’ / Death at Deep End (1951)
  21. The Watersplash (1951)
  22. Ladies’ Bane (1952)
  23. Out of the Past (1953)
  24. The Silent Pool (1953)
  25. The Vanishing Point (1953)
  26. The Benevent Treasure (1954)
  27. The Gazebo / The Summerhouse (1955)
  28. The Listening Eye (1955)
  29. Poison in the Pen (1955)
  30. The Fingerprint (1956)
  31. The Alington Inheritance (1958)
  32. The Girl in the Cellar (1961)

Benbow Smith Books In Publication Order

  1. Fool Errant (1929)
  2. Danger Calling (1931)
  3. Walk with Care (1933)
  4. Down Under (1937)

Ernest Lamb Books In Publication Order

  1. The Blind Side (1939)
  2. Who Pays the Piper? (1940)
  3. Pursuit of a Parcel (1942)

Frank Garrett Books In Publication Order

  1. Dead or Alive (1936)
  2. Rolling Stone (1940)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Marriage Under the Terror (1910)
  2. The Fire Within (1913)
  3. Queen Anne is Dead (1915)
  4. The Astonishing Adventure of Jane Smith (1923)
  5. The Annam Jewel (1924)
  6. The Red Lacquer Case (1924)
  7. The Black Cabinet (1925)
  8. The Dower House Mystery (1925)
  9. The Amazing Chance (1926)
  10. Hue and Cry (1927)
  11. Anne Belinda (1927)
  12. Will o’ the Wisp (1928)
  13. Kingdom Lost (1930)
  14. The Coldstone (1930)
  15. Beggar’s Choice (1930)
  16. Red Shadow / Red Danger (1932)
  17. Nothing Venture (1932)
  18. Outrageous Fortune / Seven Green Stones (1933)
  19. Touch and Go / Devil in the Dark (1934)
  20. Fear by Night (1934)
  21. Red Stefan (1935)
  22. Blindfold (1935)
  23. Hole and Corner (1936)
  24. Run! (1938)
  25. Mr. Zero (1938)
  26. Unlawful Occasions / Weekend with Death (1941)
  27. Silence in Court (1945)
  28. The Devil’s Wind (2009)

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Patricia Wentworth Books Overview

Grey Mask

After Charles was jilted at the altar by Margaret, he discovers that she is mixed up in a vicious kidnapping plot masterminded by a sinister figure in a Grey Mask. Charles turns to Miss Silver to uncover the strange truth behind Margaret’s complicity, and the identity of the terrifying and mysterious individual behind the Grey Mask.

The Case is Closed

The Everton murder case has long been closed. The culprit has been charged with the murder of his uncle and has served a year of his sentence already. Or has he? The evidence against Geoffrey Grey is convincing but his wife believes in his innocence. And so does her young cousin, Hilary, who decides to solve the mystery herself. But when Hilary herself is nearly murdered she turns in desperation to her ex fiance for help. He calls upon the services of Miss Silver to help solve another mystery, which she does in her own original style.

Lonesome Road

There were times when Rachel Treherne fervently wished that her beloved father had left his fortune to somebody else, so overburdened did she feel with the administration of her estate. And never more so than now for, although she was surrounded by relatives who depended on her, whom she loved and who must surely love her, there was no doubt in her mind that somebody was trying to kill her. Threatening letters could be ignored, odd tasting chocolates can be rejected, but when snakes are left in her bed, Rachel is convinced that someone means her terrible harm. Her only chance of a future life lay with Miss Silver, and Miss Silver was well on the way to unmasking the murderer when they struck again.

Danger Point / In the Balance

This is one of some 30 Miss Silver mysteries which Patricia Wentworth wrote during her lifetime. It concerns money motivated marriages and has a complex plot, full of suspense. The author has a large and devoted readership in both Britain and America.

The Chinese Shawl

Traveling to war torn London to collect her inheritance, Laura Fane falls in love with a wounded RAF pilot and incites the jealousy of a wicked cousin, and when the pilot is murdered, Laura turns to Miss Silver for help. Reissue.

Miss Silver Deals with Death / Miss Silver Intervenes

When her fiance, Giles Armitage, is lost at sea in the middle of the Second World War, Meade Underwood is left in the company of a middle aged aunt with nothing but a monotonous round of bridge parties and war work to fill her days. A chance encounter restores Giles to Meade but he has lost his memory, and their rediscovered happiness is threatened by the machinations of the scheming Carola Roland, a figure from Giles’s forgotten past. So when Carola is viciously murdered, Giles becomes the chief suspect and it takes all Miss Silver’s ingenuity to unravel the real significance of the crime and its electrifying consequences.

The Clock Strikes Twelve

Elderly patriarch James Paradine is murdered on New Year’s Eve after confronting a relative and demanding a confession, and the redoubtable Miss Maud Silver is charged with identifying a killer among several suspects. Reissue.

The Key

It’s nearing the end of WWII, and Michael Harsh has been working for the government on a secret project for years. Finally he is ready to hand over the formula. But the next morning he is dead. It looks like suicide. Only Miss Silver knows it’s murder.

She Came Back / The Traveller Returns

Returning to her life in England after years of being assumed dead, Lady Anne Jocelyn begs her husband to give their marriage a chance to rekindle, but Sir Philip becomes suspicious after a series of murders. Reissue. K.

Pilgrim’s Rest / Dark Threat

The two Miss Pilgrims, Columba and Janetta, think it unwise to leave their fine ancestral home, Pilgrim’s Rest. When their brother suffers a fatal fall only days after talking about selling it, and his son, Major Roger Pilgrim, barely escapes two nearly fatal ‘accidents, ‘ they suspect it deadly to leave. Thank goodness Miss Silver has come for a visit. Surely, her insight and intelligent observations will determine just why the house hates to be empty.

Latter End

Things had never been quite the same at Latter End since Lois had taken over. Suddenly life seemed to be an endless succession of bitter family rows which Lois, needless to say, invariably won. More than one person at Latter End found themselves stretched to the limit by Lois and her bullying, and it was only a matter of time before somebody snapped. It was unthinkable of course…
but if anyone ever murdered Lois Latter, it would be very embarrassing to discover just how many people might have wished her dead.

Wicked Uncle / Spotlight

After Gregory Porlock invites a group of unacquainted friends to his house party, the blackmailing host is found dead from a stab wound in the back, and Miss Silver must discover which guest made certain the party was over. Reissue.

The Case of William Smith

Who was William Smith? And why was Mavis Jones so horrified to see him? For seven years William had worked as a woodcarver for the local toyshop, ignorant of his true identity. The war had robbed him of his memory, and no one expected him to ever find the answer. So when he took his work to Evesleys Ltd, why was his life instantly in danger? When William makes the frightening discovery that there are people determined not to let his memory return whatever the cost, Miss Silver is called in to investigate. But will she uncover their treachery before Mavis strikes again…

Eternity Ring

Mary Stokes was walking through Dead Man’s Copse one evening when she saw, in the beam of a torch, the corpse of a young woman dressed in a black coat, black gloves, no hat and an Eternity Ring set with diamonds in her ear. But when she and Detective Sergeant Frank Abbott went back to the wood the body had vanished. This would have been mystery enough for Miss Silver to solve if a woman had not also reported that her lodger had gone out on Friday dressed in a black coat, black beret, black shoes and large hoop earrings ‘set all round with little diamonds like those Eternity Rings.’ She never came back…

The Catherine Wheel

There was a certain heavy air of intrigue and mystery emanating from the old inn high on the cliff top. The Catherine Wheel had once been a home for pirates and smugglers, but now is looked like it was harbouring a murderer. It had begun with an advertiseme*nt in the paper requesting descendants of the late innkeeper, Jeremiah Taverner, to stay for a weekend at the inn. They had arrived, a mixed assortment, to the family reunion eager to discover the secrets of their ancestry. But one of them had been hideously murdered, bringing the inn’s stormy past into frightening focus. Scotland Yard, already suspicious of dope smuggling in the area, sends Maud Silver to investigate before the fireworks start to fly.

Miss Silver Comes to Stay

When James Lessiter returns to London to claim his family estate and is found bludgeoned to death, Miss Silver must investigate numerous suspects, including a jilted girlfriend, an angry husband, and a widow, to discover which suspect had the urge to murder. Reissue.

The Bradling Collection / Mr Bradling’s Collection

Lewis Brading loves only one thing his collection of jewels. Not only are the gems extremely valuable but also every piece has a fascinating and bloody history attached to it. However Lewis is a frightened and difficult man who sees thieves around every corner. When he asks Miss Silver for help, she gives him some sound advice and turns him away. A few days later, she receives a letter from him, again asking for help. But it is too late. In the morning paper is the news of his murder. Lewis Brading loves only one thing his collection of jewels. Not only are the gems extremely valuable but also every piece has a fascinating and bloody history attached to it. However Lewis is a frightened and difficult man who sees thieves around every corner. When he asks Miss Silver for help, she gives him some sound advice and turns him away. A few days later, she receives a letter from him, again asking for help. But it is too late. In the morning paper is the news of his murder.

The Ivory Dagger

When Lila Dryden is discovered standing over her fiance’s body with dagger in hand, Miss Silver is called in to investigate, only to discover Lila’s sleepwalking patterns, the return of her former lover, and the victim’s circle of acquaintances all of whom occasionally wished him dead. Reissue.

Through The Wall

Martin Brand’s relatives are furious that he’s left his large estate to his niece, Marion, whom he had only met once. And Marion is upset that she has to share her new home with Martin’s family. Then a body is found on the beach wearing her coat. Fortunately Miss Silver is on the scene.

‘Anna, Where Are You?’ / Death at Deep End

A young governess named Anna Ball is missing, and her friend Thomasina Elliot hires Miss Silver to investigate. Miss Silver assumes the position left vacant by Anna, tending to the three Craddock children at Deepe House in Deepe End in Lincolnshire. As Miss Silver conducts her search for Anna and the solution to her mysterious disappearance, the suspense and terror mount.

The Watersplash

To the innocent visitor the picturesque village of Greenings would appear to be a haven of tranquility. But every place has its secrets and beneath the calm surface lurk hidden resentments and dangerous passions. When a man is found lying face down in a nearby watersplash, the verdict is death by misadventure. But Miss Silver happens to be in the neighbourhood and she suspects foul play…

Out of the Past

James and Carmona Hardwick are spending the summer playing host to numerous friends and relatives in an old Hardwick family residence by the sea. The arrival of Alan Field, a devastatingly handsome though shady figure from Carmona’s past, destroys the holiday atmosphere in the old house and replaces it with a mounting tension, culminating in murder. Fortunately, Miss Silver is present to unravel the complex mystery and seek out the murderer amongst them.

The Silent Pool

First she felt herself being pushed downstairs. Then there was the bowl of poisoned mushroom soup. Finally the tampered with tablet amongst her sleeping pills was the last straw. Adriana Ford, famous actress and mistress of the house decided to call in Miss Silver. And Maud Silver, with impeccable logic, pointed out that the person who was trying to kill her must be a member of her own household. And then the murders started…

The Vanishing Point

Nothing much ever seemed to happen in the sleepy village of Hazel Green apart from the occasional tea party, spiced with local gossip. Until Maggie Bell went out one evening for a breath of fresh air and never came back. Could Maggie’s disappearance be linked to security leaks at the nearby Air Ministry? Or is a sinister scheme being hatched closer to home? Miss Silver is called in to solve the mystery just as a second person goes missing…

The Benevent Treasure

Taken in by her two great aunts, Candida Sayle fears she may become the next victim of The Benevent Treasure, which is said to bring death to anyone who touches it, while Miss Silver investigates the death of a former Benevent employee.

The Gazebo / The Summerhouse

Named the primary suspects in the death of a hypochondriac, the victim’s daughter Althea and her fiance a7 Nicholas request the help of Miss Silver, who finds elusive clues at the site of the murder.

The Listening Eye

During a peaceful morning drive, a man is forced off the road and shot in cold blood. This is a Miss Silver mystery, from the same author as ‘The Case is Closed’, ‘The Chinese Shawl’, ‘The Clock Strikes Twelve’, ‘The Key’ and ‘Danger Point’.

Poison in the Pen

When a mysterious suicide follows an outbreak of poison pen letters in the quiet village of Tilling Green, Miss Silver almost becomes a fourth victim, but outwits the killer with her usual straight spined aplomb. 5 cassette.

The Fingerprint

When she found the body of her beloved Uncle Jonathan, Georgina instinctively stooped to pick up the revolver, thus becoming the prime suspect. Georgina stood to inherit a large fortune when her uncle died. But her uncle had a second secret will and the beneficiary is the wide eyed ingenue Mirrie Fields. But there was also the puzzle of the missing fingerprint. It was the showpiece of Uncle Jonathan’s collection. He had acquired it from a self confessed murderer, who was still at large. When the old man was shot, the print had been torn from its album. Was the missing fingerprint the clue to the murderer’s identity? Maud Silver is determined to find out.

The Alington Inheritance

Discovering that she is the rightful heir to the Alington estate but unable to prove it, teen orphan Jenny Hill arranges her employment at Alington to search for evidence and is assisted by Miss Silver when jealous relatives plot against her.

The Girl in the Cellar

A witness who remembers nothing is in mortal danger.A young woman regains consciousness and finds herself on some cellar steps. At the bottom of the steps there is the corpse of a dead girl. She cannot remember who she is, what has happened or why she is there. Terrified and confused she manages to find a way out and as she flees she runs into Miss Silver, who offers to help her.A letter in her bag is the only clue to her identity. But by investigating what has happened to her will she find herself in danger? Can she trust the letter writer? And who is The Girl in the Cellar?

A Marriage Under the Terror

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www. million books. com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III SHUT OUT BY A PRISON WALL THE fiacre drew up at the gate of La Force. M. le Vicomte de Selincourt got down, bowed politely, and assisted Madame de Montargis to alight. He then gave his hand to her cousin, and the little party entered the prison. Mme la Marquise walked delicately, with an exaggeration of that graceful, mincing step which was considered so elegant by her admirers. She fanned herself, and raised a scented pomander ball to her nostrils. ‘Fi done! What an air!’ she observed with petulant disgust. Renard of the dramatic soul shrugged his shoulders. It was vexing not to be ready with a biting repartee, but he was consoled by the conviction that a gesture from him was worth more than many words from some lesser soul. His colleague Lenoir a rough, coarse faced hulk scowled fiercely, and growled out: ‘Eh, Mme l’Aristocrate, it has been a good enough air for many a poor devil of a patriot, as the citizen gaoler here can tell you, and turn and turn about’s fair play.’? And with that he spat contemptuously in Madame’s path, and scowled again as she lifted her dainty petticoats a trifle higher but crossed the inner threshold without so much as a glance in his direction. Bault, the head gaoler of La Force, motioned theprisoners into a dull room, used at this time as an office, but devoted at a later date to a more sinister purpose, for it was here in days to come days whose shadow already rested palpably upon the thick air that the hair of the condemned was cut, and their arms pinioned for the last fatal journey which ended in the embraces of Mme Guillotine. Bault opened the great register with a clap of the leaves that betokened impatience. He was a nervous man, and the times frightened him; he slept ill at nights, and was irritable enough by d…

The Fire Within

Patricia Wentworth 1878 1961 was the pen name of the British crime fiction writer Dora Amy Elles. She is now famous for her series of 32 crime novels classic style whodunnits featuring Miss Maud Silver, the first of which was published in 1928, and the last of which was published in the year of her death. Wentworth also wrote 34 books outside of that series. Her works include: A Marriage Under the Terror 1910, The Devil’s Wind 1912, The Fire Within 1913, The Red Lacquer Case 1924, Grey Mask 1928, Danger Calling 1931, Fear by Night 1934 and The Chinese Shawl 1943.

Beggar’s Choice

When Car Fairfax starts his mysterious new job, his sole duty seems to be to dine in expensive restaurants, but soon some odd coincidences and dangerous deceits open his eyes to the truth. Reissue.

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