Patricia D Cacek Books In Order

Second Books In Order

  1. Second Lives (2019)
  2. Second Chances (2020)


  1. Night Prayers (1998)
  2. Canyons (2000)
  3. Night Players (2001)
  4. The Wind Caller (2004)
  5. The Selkie (2015)


  1. Leavings (1986)
  2. Eros Interruptus (2005)
  3. Sympathy for the Dead (2011)

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Patricia D Cacek Books Overview

Night Prayers

Stoker Award winning author P.D. Cacek turns vampire fiction inside out in this wryly witty romp through the seamy underbelly of LA. Meet Allison Garret, thirtysomething, unlucky in love and life, waking up after a three day binge: alone again. Only now, she’s a vampire without a clue about how to survive. It will take more than a night full of prayers to help her and her new sidekick, a Bible thumping street corner preacher, when a catty coven of vengeful vamps target the both of them for destruction.


Picture this: you’re riding the bus home from work, with the very first newspaper article every published under your byline clutched in your hot little hand, when a coked up idiot attempts to hold up everyone on the bus. He takes a dislike to you and is about to slice you open when a large, gorgeously hairy man attacks him and saves your life. Only your rescuer is not a man, but a giant wolf who leaves a bloody pawprint on your newspaper, all over your precious byline…
If you’re an intrepid reporter, you don’t panic. You run for the newsroom to get a photo of the pawprint before it disappears…
because the paper you work for thrives on stories of alien invasions and Elvis sightings and Bigfoot’s baby, and this, unlike all of those stories, this is real. Of course, it’s not that simple. The highly civilized Denver werewolves don’t want anyone to know of their existence, not even beautiful young reporters who make Lucas, the leader of the pack, think lustful thoughts. But Lucas and his pack have a much bigger problem to deal with: there’s another were pack hunting in their territory and being messy about it. If the police solve any of those brutal, apparently random, murders, Denver’s more patrician lycanthropes may wind up in big trouble.

Eros Interruptus

Erotic, dark, and often satirical, this collection by multiple award winning author P.D. Cacek showcases the talents of one of today’s most highly regarded horror writers. Contains stories such as the World Fantasy Award winning ‘Metalica’.

Sympathy for the Dead

A few words about the author from Thomas Tessier quoted from the introduction he penned for this collection: ‘She can be wickedly funny, or savagely satirical, and she has an unsparing eye for the foibles, follies and obsessions that drive human beings to those extreme moments where they either suffer or inflict great horror. Her prose can be by turns street smart, flip, or blunt, as well as poetic, evocative, meditative. In case you might think that all adds up to something like glibness guess again. Think virtuoso.’

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