Pam Muñoz Ryan Books In Order

Cornelia Books In Order

  1. Cornelia And The Great Snake Escape (2010)
  2. Cornelia And The Show-and-Tell Showdown (2010)

Tony Baloney Books In Order

  1. Tony Baloney (2011)
  2. School Rules (2013)
  3. Buddy Trouble (2013)
  4. Pen Pal (2015)
  5. Yo Ho Ho, Halloween (2016)

Sword of the Monarchs Books In Order

  1. Solimar (2022)


  1. Riding Freedom (1998)
  2. Becoming Naomi Leon (2004)
  3. Paint The Wind (2007)
  4. The Dreamer (2010)
  5. Esperanza Rising (2012)
  6. Echo (2015)
  7. Mananaland (2020)


Picture Books

  1. One Hundred Is a Family (1994)
  2. The Flag We Love (1996)
  3. A Pinky Is a Baby Mouse (1997)
  4. Armadillos Sleep in Dugouts (1997)
  5. Doug Counts Down (1998)
  6. Doug’s Treasure Hunt (1999)
  7. Where’s Porkchop? (1999)
  8. Amelia And Eleanor Go For A Ride (1999)
  9. Hello Ocean (2001)
  10. Mice And Beans (2001)
  11. Mud Is Cake (2002)
  12. A Box of Friends (2002)
  13. How Do You Raise a Raisin? (2003)
  14. There Was No Snow On Christmas Eve (2005)
  15. Nacho And Lolita (2005)

Non fiction

  1. California, Here We Come! (1991)
  2. The Crayon Counting Board Book (1996)
  3. When Marian Sang (2002)

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Pam Muñoz Ryan Books Overview

Riding Freedom

A reissue of Pam Munoz Ryan’s bestselling backlist with a distinctive new author treatment. In this fast paced, courageous, and inspiring story, readers adventure with Charlotte Parkhurst as she first finds work as a stable hand, becomes a famous stage coach driver performing brave feats and outwitting bandits, finds love as a woman but later resumes her identity as a man after the loss of a baby and the tragic death of her husband, and ultimately settles out west on the farm she’d dreamed of having since childhood. It wasn’t until after her death that anyone discovered she was a woman.

Becoming Naomi Leon

The highly anticipated new novel from the Pura Belpre and Jane Addams Peace Award winning author of ESPERANZA RISING. Naomi Soledad Le n Outlaw has had a lot to contend with in her young life, her name for one. Then there are her clothes sewn in polyester by Gram, her difficulty speaking up, & her status at school as ‘nobody special.’ But according to Gram’s self prophecies, most problems can be overcome with positive thinking. Luckily, Naomi also has her carving to strengthen her spirit. And life with Gram & her little brother, Owen, is happy & peaceful. That is, until their mother reappears after 7 years of being gone, stirring up all sorts of questions & challenging Naomi to discover who she really is.

Paint The Wind

This epic horse story, in the tradition of BLACK STALLION, marks exciting new territory for award winning author Pam Munoz Ryan. Format: 4 CDs, UnabridgedMaya is a captive. In Grandmother’s house in California, every word and action is strictly monitored, and even Maya’s memories of her mother have been erased except within the imaginary world she has created. A world away, in the rugged Wyoming wilderness, a tobiano Paint horse called Artemisia runs free, belonging only to the stars. She embodies the spirit of the wild and she holds the key to Maya’s memories. How Maya’s and Artemisia’s lives intertwine, like a braided rein, is at the heart of this richly drawn adventure about captivity and freedom, about holding on and letting go.

The Dreamer

From the time he is a young boy, Neftali hears the call of a mysterious voice. Even when the neighborhood children taunt him, and when his harsh, authoritarian father ridicules him, and when he doubts himself, Neftali knows he cannot ignore the call. Under the canopy of the lush rain forest, into the fearsome sea, and through the persistent Chilean rain, he listens and he follows…
Combining elements of magical realism with biography, poetry, literary fiction, and sensorial, transporting illustrations, Pam Munoz Ryan and Peter Sis take readers on a rare journey of the heart and imagination.


‘Told in a lyrical, fairy tale-like style…
. Ryan fluidly juxtaposes world events with one family’s will to survive.’–Publishers Weekly, starred review, ESPERANZA RISING

‘Ryan writes a moving story in clear, poetic language that children will sink into, and the book offers excellent opportunities for discussion and curriculum support.’ –Booklist, ESPERANZA RISING

‘Ebullient and tautly structured…
. With a pacing that moves along at a gallop, this is a skillful execution of a fascinating historical tale.’–Publishers Weekly, starred review, RIDING FREEDOM


-Willa Cather Award

-Americas Award Honor Book

-Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist

-NYPL 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing

-Smithsonian Notable Book

-Children’s Literature Choice List

-Notable Books for a Global Society

-Jefferson Cup Award – Worthy of note

-Judy Goddard AZ Young Adult Author of the Year Award

-Judy Lopez Memorial Award


-California Young Reader Medal winner Intermediate Category

-IRA Teacher’s Choice

-Parenting Magazine ‘Reading Magic’ Award winner

-Recognition of Merit for a First Novel Award – Southern California Council on Literature for Children and Young People

Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Ortega possesses all the treasures a young girl could want: fancy dresses; a beautiful home filled with servants in Aguascalientes, Mexico; and the promise of one day rising to Mama’s position and presiding over all of Rancho de las Rosas. But a sudden tragedy shatters that dream, forcing Esperanza and Mama to flee to California and settle in a Mexican farm labor camp. There, Esperanza must relinquish her hold on the past as she confronts the challenges of hard labor, acceptance by her own people, and economic difficulties brought on by the Great Depression, and ultitmately discovers the riches of family and community. Pam Munoz Ryan eloquently portrays the Mexican workers’ plight in this abundant and passionate novel that gives voice to those who have historically been denied one. ‘When I was a child, I always assumed my grandmother grew up in poverty because the stories she told were primarily about raising her children in farm labor camps in California in the 1930s. It wasn’t until I was a young woman that she told me about her childhood in Mexico. I was so moved by her riches to rags fairytale that I felt compelled to share her story.’ Pam Munoz Ryan. Esperanza Ortega tiene todos los tesoros que una chica pueda desear: hermosos vestidos, una linda casa llena de sirvientes en Aguascalientes, Mexico, y la promesa de que un dia llegara a presidir el Rancho de las Rosas como su mama. Pero una tragedia inesperada destruye ese sueno, obligando a Esperanza y a su madre a escapar a California donde tendran que trabajar en una finca junto a otros mexicanos. Alli, Esperanza tendra que olvidar su pasado y enfrentarse a las nuevas realidades de su vida: trabajo duro, aceptacion y dificultades economicas. Esperanza descubrira que la verdadera riqueza esta en la familia y la comunidad. Pam Munoz Ryan nos presenta un retrato elocuente sobre la vida de los mexicanos en California en esta apasionada novela que le da voz a aquellos qu

One Hundred Is a Family

Illustrating different kinds of families that help children to count to one hundred by ones and tens, an active picture book depicts colorful characters who share bonds of family, friendship, and community. Reprint AB.

The Flag We Love

Enjoy a red white and blue introduction to our nation’s most cherished ideals in this look at Old Glory. Dazzling illustrations and inspiring verse bring to life many famous moments in our country’s history and reveal fascinating facts about one of its most enduring symbols.

A Pinky Is a Baby Mouse

‘Cuddly creatures populate tranquil scenes of the natural world surrounding these newborns. An alphabetical listing of the babies’ names provides the perfect ending’. ‘Kirkus Review’. Full color.

Armadillos Sleep in Dugouts

Examines the different types of homes animals make, including those of river otters, peregrine falcons, and two toed sloths.

Amelia And Eleanor Go For A Ride

One evening in April 1933, Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt stole away from a White House dinner, commandeered an airplane and took off on a glorious adventure over Washington D.C. while still dressed in their glamorous evening gowns! This picture book celebrates the courage and pioneering spirit of two great friends and American heroes.

Hello Ocean

Spend a day at the beach, and take in the ocean through the senses of sight, hearing, feeling, taste, and smell in this lively romp through sand and waves. Glorious illustrations of water, sun, and sky accompany brief, evocative verses, making this a perfect keepsake of a seaside vacation or a striking introduction to the pleasures of a day by the ocean.

Mice And Beans

Rosa Maria loves to cook big meals for her big family, and she’s determined to make her youngest grandchild s birthday party a special occasion. But when important items start to disappear from her kitchen, she doesn t know what to think. You will delight in uncovering the clues that lead to a very funny surprise. Vibrant paintings with brilliant comic touches, a winsome main character, jaunty rhythms, and playful refrains make Mice And Beans a feast for the eyes and ears.

Mud Is Cake

A brother and sister find that when they use their imagination mud can become cake and they themselves can become almost anything.

A Box of Friends

Award winning author Pam Munoz Ryan has created a heart warming tale about a girl adjusting to a new home. When Annie’s family moves to the beach, Annie misses her friends and is worried that she won’t be able to make new ones. Luckily, Grandma knows just what to do. She shows Annie a box filled with mementos a feather, a white stone, and a bouquet of roses and explains how each of these things reminds her of a special day with one of her friends. Together, she and Annie decorate a box for Annie and fill it with things that will remind Annie of the friends she misses so much.

How Do You Raise a Raisin?

People have been gobbling up yummy, nutritions raisins for centuries. Ancient Greeks and Romans awards them at sporting events and astronauts have taken raisins into space. Find out how grapes become raisins, who introduce the seedless grape, and the many uses for raisins.

There Was No Snow On Christmas Eve

There Was No Snow On Christmas Eve. Instead, a desert zephyr blew And palm fronds sang a rustling tune To welcome the awaited birth. There was no snow, no fireplace, no need for woolen caps and gloves on that very first Christmas. Instead there was a humble stable, and weary travelers with light robes and sandals on a desert night. This luminous picture book manages to take the familiar story of the Nativity and make it fresh and immediate, reminding young children of the miracle of Christmas and the true nature of the spirit of the season, no matter what the weather.

Nacho And Lolita

Once, when the two Californias ran alta y baja, high and low, along the Pacific, there lived a rare and majestic bird named Nacho, the only pitacoche for thousands of miles. He was proud of his brilliant feathers and haunting songs, but what good were they with no one to share them? Then the swallows came to nest and Nacho met Lolita. His heart filled with affection. Was it possible for two such different birds to find happiness together? And what would happen to Nacho when Lolita and the other swallows migrated back to South America?

California, Here We Come!

Come along with Carmen for a tour of the Golden State! The recreation, history, culture, and geography of California are all part of the adventure as readers visit 14 cities and sites around this vibrant and diverse state. The lively rhyme and an engaging, fact filled text will delight visitors as well as native Californians. Full color illustrations.

The Crayon Counting Board Book

This colorful rhyme teaches counting by twos two different ways. First, children use the even numbers to count up to 24. Then, they start over with the odd numbers. Along the way readers learn ususal colors, such as purple hairstreak and emerald boa borrowed from Jerry Pallotta’s alphabet books.

When Marian Sang

A harmonious introduction to one of our country’s most important singers as envisioned by two of our industry’s most important voices. Wide trade & institutional appeal. Marian Anderson is best known for her historic concert at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939, which drew an integrated crowd of 75,000 people in pre Civil Rights America. While this momentous event showcased the uniqueness of her voice, the strength of her character, & the struggles of the times in which she lived, it is only part of her story. Like the operatic arias Marian would come to sing, Ryan’s text is as moving as a libretto, & Selznick’s pictures as exquisitely detailed & elaborately designed as a stage set. What emerges most profoundly from their shared vision is a role model of courage.

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