Oliver Johnson Books In Order

Dragon Warriors Books In Order

  1. Dragon Warriors (1985)
  2. Prince of Darkness (2009)

Blood Sword Books In Order

  1. The Battlepits of Krarth (1987)
  2. The Kingdom of Wyrd (1987)
  3. The Demon’s Claw (1987)
  4. Doomwalk (1988)
  5. The Walls of Spyte (1988)

Lightbringer Books In Order

  1. The Forging of the Shadows (1996)
  2. The Nations of the Night (1998)
  3. The Last Star at Dawn (1999)

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Blood Sword Book Covers

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Oliver Johnson Books Overview

Prince of Darkness

The tiny fief of Glissom sits at the northernmost tip of Ellesland, caught between icy wastes and warlike neighbours. Like its mountains, its culture seems to have been frozen by the ice: even its busy merchant port is a throw back to an earlier time, while bands of bloodied reivers stalk the roads and rivers, while folk tales speak of ancient giants and stranger beings among the glaciers in the Brack Mountains. When the PCs befriend a swashbuckling adventurer only to discover he is the heir to the throne, they find themselves caught up in what looks like a power struggle for control of the fief. But it spirals out of control at dizzying speed and they find themselves on a race against time to rediscover a long lost city buried in the ice and its terrifying occupants. They will face implacable enemies, bizarre monsters and near insane cultists set on raising the Prince of Darkness himself. ‘Prince of Darkness‘ is for Dragon Warriors characters of ranks 5 7. Written by fantasy author Oliver Johnson, with additional material by Adrian Bott and Ian Sturrock, it provides Dragon Warriors’ trademark blend of classic fantasy and ancient horror. Jon Hodgson provides a chilling cover.

The Nations of the Night

Continuing the saga begun in The Forging of the Shadows, The Nations of the Night follows Thalassa, the Lightbringer of prophecy, on her quest to resurrect a dying sun and save the once mighty city of Thrull from the servants of the Eternal Night…
. Praise for The Lightbringer Trilogy:’Well written.’ Voya’Oliver Johnson writes compelling, exciting fantasy. His worlds are brilliantly conceived, his characters hauntingly real.’ Affaire de Coeur ‘Oliver Johnson has enthralled readers.’ Painted Rock Reviews

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