Nick Oldham Books In Order

Henry Christie Books In Publication Order

  1. A Time For Justice (1996)
  2. Nightmare City (1997)
  3. One Dead Witness (1998)
  4. The Last Big Job (1999)
  5. Backlash (2001)
  6. Substantial Threat (2002)
  7. Dead Heat (2004)
  8. Big City Jacks (2005)
  9. Psycho Alley (2006)
  10. Critical Threat (2007)
  11. Screen of Deceit (2008)
  12. Crunch Time (2009)
  13. The Nothing Job (2009)
  14. Seizure (2010)
  15. Hidden Witness (2011)
  16. Facing Justice (2011)
  17. Instinct (2012)
  18. Fighting for the Dead (2012)
  19. Bad Tidings (2013)
  20. Judgement Call (2014)
  21. Low Profile (2014)
  22. Edge (2015)
  23. Unforgiving (2015)
  24. Bad Blood (2017)
  25. Bad Cops (2018)
  26. Wildfire (2020)
  27. Bad Timing (2020)
  28. Scarred (2021)
  29. Transfusion (2022)

Steve Flynn Books In Publication Order

  1. Onslaught (2016)
  2. Ambush (2016)
  3. Headhunter (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Vendetta (2013)
  2. We Still Kill the Old Way (2014)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Sherlock Holmes’s School for Detection: 11 New Adventures and Intrigues (2017)

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Nick Oldham Books Overview

Substantial Threat

Ray Cragg is one of the countrys biggest gangsters, and the cops are desperate to catch him. When Marty, Craggs brother and sidekick, is found with his face blown off having been sent to whack a thieving former henchman, DCI Henry Christie is drawn into an underworld of ultra-organized crime, which knows no international or moral boundaries…

Dead Heat

The Mafia have a point to make – Detective Inspector Henry Christie may have been suspended from duty but he cant resist taking on a private investigation some very nice prize horses savagely mutilated. When the horses owner is targeted by a hit man, Christie survives by the skin of his teeth. Christie may be tough but he finds that hes up against not just one of the most efficient hit men in the business but the Mafia itself.

Psycho Alley

DCI Henry Christie faces a horrifying killer – A series of increasingly violent assaults is shrouding the happy-go-lucky resort of Blackpool in terror. The police response, coordinated by an increasingly harassed DCI Henry Christie, seems to be getting nowhere fast. Then, with the gruesome discovery of a young girls body, and the abduction of another, Henry finds himself heading a high-profile, nationally scrutinized investigation which stretches his reputation and credibility to breaking point.

Crunch Time

A DCI Henry Christie Mystery Willing to do almost anything to escape his desk job, DCI Henry Christie leaps at the chance to go working undercover again. His task to ingratiate himself with one Ryan Ingram, one of Londons top criminals, who has relocated to the north of England. But the last thing Henry needs in this dangerous situation is the appearance of a man bearing a fatal grudge that will jeopardize not only himself, but also his family…

The Nothing Job

The new Detective Chief Inspector Henry Christie novel Reluctantly agreeing to track down three dangerous criminals, DCI Henry Christie’s philosophy is that anything that keeps him at the cutting edge of coppering can’t be all bad. But then he’s asked to close down an investigation into a fatal police shooting, and he uncovers a number of worrying connections. Henry charges headlong into a terrifying conspiracy and finds himself much closer to the cutting edge than even he would have wanted…


The new Detective Chief Inspector Henry Christie novel – Newly promoted Detective Superintendent Henry Christie could do without dealing with Felix Deakin, a convicted drug dealer serving a heavy prison sentence, who suddenly volunteers some new evidence that could be crucial in an upcoming murder trial. But things go horribly wrong when Deaken escapes from custody and kidnaps a disgraced ex-cop’s some to use as a bargaining chip…

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