Nicholas Stuart Gray Books In Order


  1. The Imperial Nightingale (1957)
  2. Down in the Cellar (1961)
  3. Grimbold’s Other World (1963)
  4. The Stone Cage (1963)
  5. The Apple-Stone (1965)
  6. Mainly in Moonlight (1965)
  7. The Boys (1968)
  8. New lamps for old (1968)
  9. Over the Hills to Fabylon (1968)
  10. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (1969)
  11. Further Adventures of Puss in Boots (1971)
  12. The Edge of Evening (1976)
  13. Killer’s Cookbook (1976)
  14. The Wardens of the Weir (1978)
  15. A Wind from Nowhere (1978)
  16. The Garland of Filigree (1979)
  17. The Hunters and the Henwife (1981)
  18. The Sorcerer’s Apprentices (1987)


  1. Princess and the Swineherd (1952)
  2. Marvellous Story of Puss in Boots (1955)
  3. Beauty and the Beast (1956)
  4. The Other Cinderella (1958)
  5. The Tinder Box (1981)

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Nicholas Stuart Gray Books Overview

Grimbold’s Other World

Mother Meg blew out the candle and closed the door behind her. A heavy weight landed on the bed and a husky voice asked, ‘Might I have your attention?’ It is the black cat Grimbold who introduces the boy Muffler to the night world, much more exciting than the day time world, but also more alarming. Nicholas Stuart Gray was a professional actor and wrote many plays, both for stage and television. He was regarded as a pioneeer of children’s theatre in Britain and also wrote many children’s novels and collections of fantasy stories.

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