Nicci French Books In Order

Frieda Klein Books In Publication Order

  1. Blue Monday (2011)
  2. Tuesday’s Gone (2012)
  3. Waiting for Wednesday (2013)
  4. Thursday’s Children (2014)
  5. Friday on My Mind (2015)
  6. Dark Saturday / Saturday Requiem (2016)
  7. Sunday Silence / Sunday Morning Coming Down (2017)
  8. Day of the Dead (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Memory Game (1997)
  2. The Safe House (1998)
  3. Killing Me Softly (1999)
  4. Beneath the Skin (2000)
  5. The Red Room (2001)
  6. Land of the Living (2002)
  7. Secret Smile (2003)
  8. Catch Me When I Fall (2005)
  9. Losing You (2005)
  10. Until It’s Over (2007)
  11. What to do When Someone Dies (2008)
  12. Complicit / The Other Side of the Door (2009)
  13. The Lying Room (2019)
  14. House of Correction (2020)
  15. The Unheard (2021)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. #Youdunnit (2013)

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Nicci French Books Overview

Blue Monday

The stunning first book in a new series of psychological thrillers introducing an unforgettable London psychotherapist Frieda Klein is a solitary, incisive psychotherapist who spends her sleepless nights walking along the ancient rivers that have been forced underground in modern London. She believes that the world is a messy, uncontrollable place, but what we can control is what is inside our heads. This attitude is reflected in her own life, which is an austere one of refuge, personal integrity, and order. The abduction of five year old Matthew Farraday provokes a national outcry and a desperate police hunt. And when his face is splashed over the newspapers, Frieda cannot ignore the coincidence: one of her patients has been having dreams in which he has a hunger for a child. A red haired child he can describe in perfect detail, a child the spitting image of Matthew. She finds herself in the center of the investigation, serving as the reluctant sidekick of the chief inspector. Drawing readers into a haunting world in which the terrors of the mind have spilled over into real life, Blue Monday introduces a compelling protagonist and a chilling mystery that will appeal to readers of dark crime fiction and fans of In Treatment and The Killing.

The Memory Game

When a skeleton is unearthed in the Martellos’ garden, others rattle ominously in their cupboards. For the bones belong to their teenage daughter Natalie, who went missing twenty five years ago, and the murderer must be very close to home…
Does Natalie’s childhood friend Jane now divorcing her brother hold the key to the mystery? And are all their memories of a golden girl at the heart of an idyllic extended family false?

The Safe House

Samantha Laschen, a doctor specialising in post traumatic stress disorder, has moved to the Essex coast with her small daughter, Elsie, to escape the problems of her London life. Or so she thinks. Fiona Mackenzie barely survived the savage, murderous attack which left her parents dead. Now she is in need of sanctuary and the police see Sam as the ideal person to offer her a safe house. But as Fiona makes her way into the hearts of her hosts, Sam discovers that the risks she has foreseen are nothing to the terrifying danger she actually faces…

Killing Me Softly

Alice Loudon has it all: a devoted boyfriend, a marvelous circle of friends, a challenging job as a research scientist. Then one morning, on her way to work, she exchanges a lingering look with a man so devastatingly attractive he takes her breath away. Adam Tallis is the essence of every female fantasy a daring mountain climber who has been hailed as a hero. As a lover, he is more passionate than Alice’s wildest imaginings. Soon there isn’t anything or anyone she wouldn’t give up to stay by his side. Now all she has is Adam, and life with this stranger will take her to new heights of madness…
and fear. From internationally acclaimed author Nicci French comes a shattering tale that’s being called one of the best psychological thrillers of the year…

Beneath the Skin

One day you receive an anonymous note informing you that you’re going to be killed. It might be a cruel joke or a hoax. But it isn’t. What do you do? Three women Zoe, Jenny and Nadia of different ages, from different walks of life, rich, poor, married, single, happy, sad, face the same terrible threat. Three lives are turned upside down, secrets are exposed, relationships strained and shattered. And amid all the fear and threats, victims find themselves becoming the accused as the police search for what they have done, where they have been, to attract the unrelenting attention of someone who wants to kill them. And finally each of them must face one cruel question: which is stronger, the desire to live or the desire to kill?

The Red Room

Kit Quinn is a young woman who inhabits dangerous worlds: crime scenes, interrogation scenes, hospitals for the criminally insane. Horribly wounded in an attack by a suspect, she must return to the site of her worst fears. She is asked by the police to advise them on a simple murder inquiry. A young runaway has been found killed by a canal and the chief suspect is the man who wounded Kit. But Kit refuses to accept appearances and her obsessive search for the truth draws her into an underworld of the missing and the unloved which puts her at terrible risk.

Land of the Living

Abbie Devereaux lies flat on her back, her arms and legs tied down, her head covered with a hood. She senses, but can’t see, the eyes that watch her. She feels the unknown hands that touch her in the dark. She knows she has been kidnapped, even though she has little memory of her most recent past. And she knows that all she has to do is stay alive, even though everything she is experiencing tells her she won’t. Miraculously, she escapes. One nightmare is over…
but another is about to begin. No one believes her story. Not the police who find her beaten and bruised on the outskirts of London, not the psychologists who interview her at the hospital. Desperate to piece together the fragments of her life and prove she is telling the truth, she returns to a strangely familiar existence. She discovers, but cannot remember why, she moved out of her boyfriend’s apartment, left her job as an office planner, and moved in with a roommate who herself has mysteriously disappeared. Now trying to reclaim both her mind and her life and stop a monstrous psycho killer she must dare to retrace her steps to the place where the horror began.

Secret Smile

Miranda’s sister, Kerri, has a new boyfriend. He s a raven haired, handsome charmer who seems to dote on Kerri. But Brendan isn t the man he says he is. Miranda should know, because she broke off her own affair with him just a few weeks ago when she found him reading her diary. Now Brendan claims that it was he who ended their short lived relationship and everyone believes him. When he and Kerri announce their engagement, Miranda s parents are thrilled for their shyer, less confident daughter. Then Kerri and Brendan beg Miranda to let them live in her apartment until their new home is ready. Against her better judgment, Miranda agrees. Like a virus, Brendan starts spreading destruction throughout her life. He invades her privacy and disrupts her relationships with her family and friends. And then the real nightmare begins Like the obscenities he whispers into her ear, his onslaughts are as undetectable as they are devastating. Those closest to her begin to doubt her mental stability and accuse her of the very thing she believes drives Brendan: obsession. When Miranda decides to take off the gloves, fight back, and discover what is behind her enemy s bemused, Secret Smile, the consequences will be terrifying.

Catch Me When I Fall

Holly Krauss lives her life in the fast lane. A successful, happily married businesswoman, she is loved and admired by everyone she meets. But that’s only one side of Holly. The other takes regular walks on the wild side and is making reckless mistakes. When the two sides of Holly s life collide, her world quickly spirals out of control. She thinks she s being stalked, that someone is trying to extort money from her, and that threats lurk around every corner. Soon the people closest to her are running out of patience…
But are her fears due to paranoia and illness, or is the danger very, very real? And if Holly s judgment and mental health are not sound, who will catch her when she falls?

Losing You

It’s Nina Landry s birthday, and she s supposed to have her kids ready to leave in a few hours for a Christmas holiday in Florida with her new boyfriend, but her fifteen year old daughter Charlie spent the night at a friend s and hasn t come home yet. Not by ten a.m., not by eleven. Nina is getting angry they have a plane to catch, and Charlie hasn t even bothered to pack. As time pas*ses, though slower and slower by the minute, Nina becomes uneasy. Her anger gives way to worry, and that worry quickly builds into panic. By one p.m., she s wondering, has Charlie run away, or has something far worse happened? And why won t anyone not the cops, not Charlie s friends, not Charlie s father take her disappearance seriously?As day turns to night on their home of Sandling Island sixty miles from London, and a series of ominous secrets leads Nina from sickening suspicion to deadly certainty, the question becomes less whether she and her daughter will leave the island in time and more whether they ll ever leave it again. In Losing You, the newest thriller from the long acclaimed master of psychological suspense, Nicci French unravels one mother s life and replaces it with every mother s worst nightmare.

Until It’s Over

Astrid Bell has known most of her housemates for years, but while they have a tangled history together romantic pairings, one night stands, friendships each of them also has a past. Astrid is on her way home one day when her neighbor accidentally knocks her off her bike. Bruised but not broken, her roommates help her home. The next day, they learn that same neighbor was beaten to death only hours after the accident. Each of them tells the police what little they know and are dismissed until Astrid stumbles over another body. Two brutal murders in less than a week is more than just bad luck. As the difference between friend and stranger grows harder to judge, and as the line between attraction and danger thins, the housemates unsure if there’s a killer in their midst guard against becoming his next victim in this steamy and suspenseful thriller from internationally bestselling author Nicci French.

What to do When Someone Dies

Ellie Faulkner’s world has been destroyed. Her husband Greg died in a car crash and he wasn’t alone. In the passenger seat was the body of Milena Livingstone a woman Ellie’s never heard of. But Ellie refuses to leap to the obvious conclusion, despite the whispers and suspicions of those around her. Maybe it’s the grief, but Ellie has to find out who this woman was and prove Greg wasn’t having an affair. And soon she is chillingly certain their deaths were no accident. Are Ellie’s accusations of murder her way of avoiding the truth about her marriage? Or does an even more sinister discovery await her?

Complicit / The Other Side of the Door

Who is more dangerous? An enemy? A friend? Or a lover?Bonnie Graham stands in the open door of her friend’s apartment. She is alone, except for the dead body lying in a pool of blood on the floor. What happened? What will Bonnie do now? Whom can she turn to? And what role has she played in the murderous events?Bonnie is a music teacher who has spent a long, hot summer in London rehearsing with a band to play at a friend s wedding. It was supposed to be fun, but the band members find the complicated knots of their friendships some old, some new unraveling as the days themselves unwind. What was meant to be a summer of happiness, love, and music turns deadly as lovers betray one another, passions turn murderous, and friendship itself becomes a crime. Everyone tells lies. But is anyone prepared to tell the truth to uncover a murderer?Nicci French, the author of eleven internationally bestselling novels including Killing Me Softly, Catch Me When I Fall, and Losing You, delivers a sexy, intricate thriller about the temptation of secrets, the weight of lies, and the price of betrayal and suspicion.

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