Nancy Holder Books In Order

Gambler’s Star Books In Order

  1. The Six Families (1998)
  2. Legacies and Lies (1999)
  3. Invasions (2000)

Wicked Books In Order

  1. Witch (2002)
  2. Curse (2003)
  3. Legacy (2003)
  4. Spellbound (2003)
  5. Resurrection (2009)

Gifted Books In Order

  1. Daughter of the Flames (2006)
  2. Daughter of the Blood (2006)
  3. Son Of The Shadows (2008)
  4. Son of the Sea (2008)

Possessions Books In Order

  1. Possessions (2009)
  2. The Evil Within (2010)
  3. The Screaming Season (2011)

Saving Grace Books In Order

  1. Cry Me a River (2009)
  2. Tough Love (2010)

Crusade Books In Order

  1. Crusade (2010)
  2. Damned (2011)
  3. Vanquished (2012)
  4. Passing (2011)

Wolf Springs Chronicles Books In Order

  1. Unleashed (2011)
  2. Hot Blooded (2012)
  3. Savage (2013)

Beauty & the Beast Books In Order

  1. Vendetta (2014)
  2. Some Gave All (2015)
  3. Fire at Sea (2016)


  1. Treasure of Love (1983)
  2. Heart’s Victory (1983)
  3. Jessie’s Song (1983)
  4. Winner Take All (1984)
  5. Boundless Love (1984)
  6. The Greatest Show On Earth (1984)
  7. Shades of Moonlight (1984)
  8. Finders Keepers (1985)
  9. His Fair Lady (1985)
  10. Out of This World (1985)
  11. Once in Love with Amy (1986)
  12. Emerald Fire (1986)
  13. Rough Cut (1990)
  14. The Ghosts of Tivoli (1992)
  15. Making Love (1993)
  16. Witch-Light (1996)
  17. Pretty Little Devils (2006)
  18. On Fire (2012)
  19. The Rules (2015)
  20. Crimson Peak (2015)
  21. Ghostbusters (2016)
  22. Wonder Woman (2017)


  1. Dead in the Water (1984)
  2. Undead for a Day (2012)
  3. Rocketeer (2014)

Anthologies edited

  1. Mota 4 (2004)
  2. Outsiders (2005)
  3. The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible (2013)
  4. Futuredaze 2: Reprise (2014)
  5. Sherlock Holmes of Baking Street (2021)

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Nancy Holder Books Overview


Holly Cathers’s world shatters when her parents are killed in a rafting accident. She is wrenched from her home in San Francisco and sent to Seattle to live with her aunt, Marie-Claire, and her twin cousins, Amanda and Nicole.

But sorrow and grief soon give way to bewildered fascination as one by one, strange incidents begin to occur. Such as the fact that any desire Holly whispers to her cat seems to come true. Or the fact that a beloved friend is injured after a freak attack from a vicious falcon. Or the fact of an undeniably magnetic and familiar attraction to a boy Holly barely knows.

Holly, Amanda, and Nicole are about to be launched into a dark legacy of secrets, alliances, and machinations, where ancient magics yield dangerous results, where possession is commonplace, and where reincarnation is taken for granted – and the three girls must take on roles in an intergenerational feud the like of which they could never have imagined…


Holly Cathers and her twin cousins have just graduated from high school, and they’re moving on toward their first semester of college. But no matter where they go, they will never be entirely free of their past. The three are descendants of a powerful coven of witches in constant danger from a rival clan. Holly learns from a vision that Jer is still alive. As leader of the coven, she resolves to rescue him despite the fact that he is a member of the Deveraux clan and therefore her enemy. But her efforts are thwarted when her aunt reveals the nature of an ancient Curse visited upon all Cathers witches. It becomes clear to Holly that the death of her parents was no accident, and a similar plague is sure to fall on anyone she grows close to. As her power strengthens, can Holly escape her destiny? And if her destiny includes Jer, does she want to?


Destined to Fail Holly Cathers and her twin cousins, Amanda and Nicole, are college students who are also the last descendants of the medieval witches of the House of Cahors. Forming a new coven, they ally themselves with the forces of light and set out to end the vendetta that has ruled and ruined their family’s history for centuries. Holly has traveled to England to save her imprisoned soulmate, Jer, who is a member of the House of Deveraux and the Cathers’ worst enemy. But following dangerously on her heels is Michael, Jer’s father and head of the Deveraux coven, who is looking to derive ultimate power from a witch consort. Now Holly learns that her uncle and her mother’s best friend are in grave danger, and that she must enter the Nightmare Dreamtime and battle demons and other forces of darkness in order to save them. But can Holly successfully fight these horrors, and safely return home?


Grade Level: 7 9 Age Level: 12 14 Listening Level: Grades 7 9 What the Cahors witches thought was the end of their troubles was only the beginning. A threat more powerful and more frightening than anything they have faced has been watching and waiting. The Cahors witches must come together and find Jer and Eli as both the Deveraux and the Cahors family lines face eradication. All the secrets of the Cahors will be revealed, forcing them to overcome their greatest weaknesses in order to achieve their most powerful strengths. And only united do they have any chance at victory. Before the end, sacrifices will be made, alliances forged, and old friends lost forever.

Daughter of the Flames

The nightmares haunt her. The visions control her. The unseen enemy is trying to destroy her. When a mysterious stranger helped her discover her family’s legacy of fighting evil, things began to make sense in Isabella DeMarco’s life. But could she marshal her newfound supernatural powers to fend off the formidable vampire hell bent on bringing Izzy down in flames?

Daughter of the Blood

This is your battle, Isabella. Kill him first. Or he will tear down your house. In her old life, Isabella DeMarco lived in New York with her father and had just started to fall for a handsome police lieutenant. Then she learned the truth she is Gifted, a powerful magic user. In her new world, Jean Marc des Ombres is the one person Izzy can trust as she claims her birthright keeping New Orleans and the House of the Flames safe from supernatural enemies. But those enemies will do anything to destroy her. When Jean Marc is injured, Izzy is caught between fighting off a powerful vampire and opening her House to a potentially treacherous ally. And now the lives of the people she cares about most may be sacrificed for her own.

Son Of The Shadows

Jean Marc de Devereaux, son of the magical House of the Shadows and its most powerful mage, loses a part of himself when a demon ravages his soul. Though an intense union with Isabelle De Bouvard a powerful mage enables Jean Marc to recover his soul, the union costs his forbidden lover her powers. And the powers of darkness still call out to him. If Jean Marc heeds that call and kills Isabelle, the world will fall to the evil unleashed by their worst enemy Isabelle’s twin sister. Somehow Jean Marc must learn to control his deadly impulses and restore Isabelle’s memories. And the only way to do that might be impossible. For he must open himself to that most treacherous of all human emotions love.


The It Girl meets The Exorcist in this chilling, haunted boarding school tale New girl Lindsay discovers all is not right at the prestigious Marlwood Academy for Girls. Ethereal, popular Mandy and her clique are plotting something dangerous. Lindsay overhears them performing strange rituals, and sees their eyes turn black. It doesn t help that the school itself is totally eerie, with ancient, dilapidated buildings tucked into the Northern California woods, a thick white fog swirling through campus. There are hidden passageways, odd reflections in the windows at night, and scariest of all is the vast lake rumored to have captured the ghost of a girl who drowned many years ago. What Lindsay doesn t yet realize is that Mandy and her cohorts are becoming possessed by spirits who have haunted the school for two hundred years. Spirits who want someone dead…
And that someone is Lindsay.

The Evil Within

In this sequel to New York Times bestselling author Nancy Holder’s Possessions, Lindsay finds out that she, too, is possessed, and must return to creepy Marlwood Academy in order to rid herself of the spirit. Lindsay s afraid of what the spirit is telling her to do kill Mandy! But the secrets of Marlwood go much deeper than Lindsay thought. Sometimes the girls who seem like enemies are actually on your side. And the voices you trust the most the voices that come from within are the ones that want you dead.

Cry Me a River

A wonderful novel based on the nationwide hit cable television series Saving GraceIn the shadow of past misfortune, Oklahoma police detective Grace Hanadarko lives life hard and fast. After Grace’s drinking and driving leads to tragedy, an uncharacteristic angel named Earl answers her prayers and hopes to guide her back on the right path. But saving Grace is about to become a hell of a ride. Ever defiant and rebellious, Grace does have a soft side, especially for kids. The body of a teenage boy dredged out of the Oklahoma River appears to be a suicide. But Grace soon discovers that the boy, Zack Lacey, may have been murdered, the victim of a brutal hate crime. As Grace digs with her typical driven style, she uncovers shocking secrets in young Zack s life, forcing her to wrestle with questions of faith, hope, and justice. She ll deliver justice for the boy. As for faith well, she s working on it.

Tough Love

A gripping novel packed with heart and heat based on the hit television series Saving Grace Life’s been tough for Oklahoma police detective Grace Hanadarko. She s got the talent it takes to make her a damn fine cop but a personal life that can make your hair stand on end. Earl is not your average angel, but he is determined to lead Grace down the road to salvation if he can handle the hard as nails journey. Oklahoma City is caught in the deadly cross fire between white supremacist vigilantes known as the Sons of Oklahoma and black and Hispanic street gangs. Grace feels the pressure, especially when her best friend is targeted for protecting the runaway wife of the Sons abusive leader. As if arson, vandalism, and bloodshed aren t enough for Grace to go full throttle, the very sick young friend of her nephew is kidnapped, and his abductors threaten to withhold medical treatment. But Grace has heart and she won t put down her gun until there s nothing left to fight for.


The ultimate battle. The ultimate love. For the past two years, Jenn has lived and trained at Spain’s Sacred Heart Academy Against the Cursed Ones. She is among the few who have pledged to defend humanity or die trying. But the vampires are gaining power, and the battle has only just begun. Forced to return home after death takes a member of her family, Jenn discovers that San Francisco is now a vampire strong hold. As a lone hunter apart from her team, Jenn is isolated and at risk. She craves the company of her fighting partner, Antonio: his protection, his reassurance, his touch. But a relationship with Antonio comes with its own dangers, and the more they share of themselves, the more Jenn stands to lose. Then Jenn is betrayed by one who was once bound to protect her, causing her to doubt all she had held as true. To survive, Jenn must find the courage to trust herself and her heart.


Antonio would do anything for his beloved fighting partner, Jenn. He protects her, even suppresses his vampire cravings to be with her. Together, they defend humanity against the Cursed Ones. But tensions threaten to fracture their hunting team, and his loyalty his love is called into question. Jenn, the newly appointed Hunter, aches for revenge against the Cursed One who converted her sister. And with an even more sinister power on the rise, she must overcome her personal vendettas to lead her team into battle. Antonio and Jenn need each other to survive, but evil lurks at every turn. With humanity’s fate hanging in the balance, they must face down the darkness…
or die trying. The hunters of Salamanca need a victory. Something that can make everyone feel like there s hope. My fighting partner, Antonio de la Cruz, says that I need to have faith. I wish I could have faith. But in this world, faith like hope is in very short supply. from the diary of Jenn Leitner, discovered in the ashes

Making Love

After a dream of love, prim and severe schoolteacher Charlotte Tobias begins an ”affair” with her dream man, who leads her on a voyage through madness, anger, and loss.

Pretty Little Devils

Hazel Stone wants nothing more than to be a part of the hottest clique in school, the Pretty Little Devils, but she’s stuck at a lunch table full of high school C listers. Hazel has resigned herself to life as a nobody when suddenly everything changes. The PLDs invite Hazel to one of the group s famous parties, held at the site of one of their babysitting jobs. Before Hazel knows it, she s in with the in crowd and she couldn t be more thrilled! But nothing turns out the way she expects. Especially when one her classmates becomes jealous of her newfound status deadly jealous. Author Nancy Holder weaves a wicked tale about the price of popularity, and having the kind of friends some girls would just die for.

Dead in the Water

The shipwrecked, vacationing passengers of the ill fated freighter, Morris, are picked up by the H.M.S. Pandora and sail into a cruise of metaphysical terror, madness, and death.


In this knockout anthology, today’s most important writers of speculative fiction cruise the abnormal elements of society and find a new wave of underground disorder, poignant horror, dirty kisses, and necessary anarchy. Including never before published stories by: Neil Gaiman, Steve Rasnic Tem, Kathe Koja, David J. Schow, Bentley Little, Poppy Z. Brite, Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, Melanie Tem, Tanith Lee, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Lea Silhol, Freda Warrington, Elizabeth Massie, Brett Alexander Savory, Katherine Ramsland, Yvonne Navarro, Thomas S. Roche, Michael Marano, John Shirley, Brian Hodge, and Elizabeth Engstrom…
all at their most brilliant and most outrageous. Here are dangerous games between lovers, howls from the dark, voyeurs and their victims, disturbed wishes and bitter dreams. Unflinching, uncommon, and underground, these tales vibrate with new life.

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