Michelle Reid Books In Order

Passionate Husbands Books In Order

  1. The Sheikh’s Chosen Wife (2002)
  2. Ethan’s Temptress Bride (2002)
  3. The Arabian Love-Child (2002)
  4. A Passionate Marriage (2002)


  1. A Question of Pride (1988)
  2. Eye of Heaven (1988)
  3. No Way to Begin (1991)
  4. The Dark Side of Desire (1991)
  5. Coercion to Love (1992)
  6. House of Glass (1993)
  7. Lost in Love (1993)
  8. Passionate Scandal (1994)
  9. Passion Becomes You (1994)
  10. Slave to Love (1995)
  11. Gold Ring of Betrayal (1996)
  12. Marriage on the Rebound (1997)
  13. The Marriage Surrender (1998)
  14. The Price of a Bride (1998)
  15. A Sicilian Marriage (2008)
  16. Marchese’s Forgotten Bride (2009)
  17. After Their Vows (2011)
  18. The Kanellis Scandal (2011)
  19. The Man Who Risked it All (2011)


  1. Marry Me Again: Lost in Love / Fully Involved (1996)
  2. Expecting! (1996)
  3. Passion (1999)
  4. Seduction Guaranteed (2000)
  5. Husbands and Wives (2000)
  6. The Greek Tycoons (2001)
  7. Marriage Mergers (2002)
  8. Mediterranean Millionaires (2003)
  9. Hot Latin Lovers (2003)
  10. Mediterranean Playboys (2004)
  11. Mistress to a Millionaire (2004)
  12. One Christmas Night (2004)
  13. A Royal Wedding (2005)
  14. In the Sheikh’s Bed (2005)
  15. Price Of A Bride / Mistress Bride (2005)
  16. Her Latin Lover’s Revenge (2005)
  17. Latin Lovers (2006)
  18. Desert Princes (2007)
  19. The Ramirez Brides Bundle (2007)
  20. Hot-Blooded Husbands Bundle (2007)
  21. At the Sheikh’s Command (2008)
  22. A Passionate Bargain (2008)
  23. Married to a Mistress / Price of a Bride (2008)
  24. Blogger Bundle Volume II (2009)
  25. The Italian Boss’s Passion (2010)
  26. One-Click Buy: August 2010 Harlequin Presents (2010)
  27. Mediterranean Tycoons (2011)
  28. One Night in Milan (2011)
  29. One Night In… (2011)
  30. Greek Affairs: To Take a Bride (2012)
  31. Power (2012)
  32. Hot Nights with a Greek (2012)
  33. Exotic Affairs (2013)
  34. Michelle Reid Collection (2013)
  35. Bridal Bargains (2013)
  36. Italian Deception (2013)
  37. Hot-Blooded Husbands (2013)
  38. Love’s Revenge (2013)
  39. Rings of Gold (2013)
  40. Mother’s Day Treats (2015)
  41. The Italians: Franco, Dominic and Valentino (2015)
  42. Irresistible Greeks: Dark and Determined (2016)
  43. More Than A Vow (2018)
  44. Mediterranean Mavericks (2018)


  1. One-Click Buy: September 2007 Harlequin Presents (2007)
  2. Her Passionate Italian (2008)

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Michelle Reid Books Overview

The Sheikh’s Chosen Wife

She can save her marriage by getting pregnant!A year has passed since Leona left her husband, Sheikh Hassan ben Khalifa Al Qadim. She misses him very much, but what was the point of staying when she’d failed to deliver the one thing Hassan needed a child and heir? When Hassan tricks her into returning to him, Leona is furious and puzzled. Why does he want her by his side again and back in his bed?

Ethan’s Temptress Bride

Tempted to make her his bride? Millionaire Ethan Hayes considered Eve to be a spoilt little rich girl hell bent on bringing men to their knees. But when she was senselessly attacked, Ethan offered to pose as her fiance to calm her elderly Greek grandfather’s fears. Suddenly Ethan was with Eve 24/7, and it was all he could do to prevent himself from giving in to temptation. Because, at the end of the coming fortnight, their mock engagement would be over. Then, surely, Ethan would be forgotten as Eve continued on her wicked, teasing way…

The Arabian Love-Child

Half Arab prince, half French, Rafiq Al Qadim wears his pride like a suit of armor…
as Melanie had discovered when she fell in love with him years ago. Then Rafiq chose to believe ugly lies about her, and blew her out of his life like a grain of desert sand in the wind…
But Melanie will never stop wanting Rafiq unbeknownst to him, she gave birth to his child. Now that Robbie is old enough to need his father, Melanie is determined Rafiq will accept his son…
even if he can never forgive her…

A Passionate Marriage

‘Wanting his wife…
back! Greek tycoon Leandros Petronades married Isobel on the heels of a wild affair. But, within a year, the marriage crashed and burned. Three years later Leandros wants to finalize their divorce. He’s found a girl who will make him a suitable wife…
so unlike fiery Isobel! But face to face again with Isobel in Athens, Leandros is in for a shock: their all consuming mutual attraction is just as strong as ever! Suddenly, his plan has changed and he’s ready to tame his headstrong wife…
by whatevermeans it takes!’

The Marriage Surrender

Joanna adored Alessandro, but could never give him what he needed, so she walked out on their marriage. Two years later she turned to him for help, but she would have to return to his bed, as his wife. And surrendering to him would reveal the secret she had kept hidden all along.

Marchese’s Forgotten Bride

How can she tell him that she’s expecting his twins?
When Alessandro Marchese strides into the headquarters of his latest acquisition, one person is particularly struck by his awesome presence… The tingling of Cassie’s skin lets her know her new boss is the man who left her – pregnant with twins! And now it seems he’s forgotten her altogether!
But the formidable Italian is more affected by Cassie than he lets on. The darkness of his memory is lifting. Now Alessandro needs just one more thing to complete the picture – Cassie, with his wedding ring on her finger…

One Night in Milan

One night with a hot-blooded Italian… The Italian’s Future Bride Impossibly wealthy, eligible Rafaelle Villani was furious when the world’s press falsely suggested he was involved with blonde Englishwoman Rachel Carmichael. Rafaelle instantly claimed his fake fiancee and within twenty-four hours she’d been passionately seduced… The Italian’s Chosen Wife Italy’s most notorious tycoon had chosen waitress Meghan Selby as his ‘convenient’ bride. Dark and brooding, Alessandro expects his bride to be a true wife in his bed… but he’s not interested in love. Their wedding night is a real eye-opener… The Italian’s Captive Virgin Angelo Emiliani knows Anna Delafield is playing games with him; so he decides to teach her a lesson, making her his VIP ‘guest’. But on his luxury yacht passions erupt and Anna realises stopping Angelo will be challenging!

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