Mercedes Lackey Books In Order

Valdemar : Heralds of Valdemar Books In Order

  1. Arrows of the Queen (1987)
  2. Arrow’s Flight (1987)
  3. Arrow’s Fall (1988)
  4. Take a Thief (2001)
  5. Exile’s Honor (2002)
  6. Exile’s Valor (2003)
  7. On the Other Side (2010)
  8. Stolen Silver (2010)
  9. A Storytelling of Crows (2011)
  10. A Charm of Finches (2011)

Valdemar : Vows and Honor Books In Order

  1. The Oathbound (1988)
  2. Oathbreakers (1989)
  3. Oathblood (1998)
  4. By the Sword (1991)
  5. Landscape of the Imagination (2010)
  6. Keys (2011)
  7. Sword Sworn (2011)
  8. A Tale of Heroes (2011)
  9. The Making of a Legend (2011)
  10. The Talisman (2011)
  11. Wings of Fire (2011)
  12. Friendly Fire (2011)
  13. A Woman’s Weapon (2011)

Valdemar : Last Herald Mage Books In Order

  1. Magic’s Pawn (1989)
  2. Magic’s Promise (1990)
  3. Magic’s Price (1990)

Diana Tregarde Books In Order

  1. Burning Water (1989)
  2. Children of the Night (1990)
  3. Jinx High (1991)
  4. Killer Byte (2011)
  5. Nightside (2011)
  6. Satanic, Versus (2011)

Shipscat Books In Order

Bardic Voices Books In Order

  1. Lark and the Wren (1991)
  2. The Robin and the Kestrel (1993)
  3. A Cast of Corbies (1994)
  4. The Eagle and the Nightingales (1995)
  5. Four and Twenty Blackbirds (1997)

Valdemar : Mage Winds Books In Order

  1. Winds of Fate (1991)
  2. Winds of Change (1992)
  3. Winds of Fury (1993)

Halfblood Chronicles Books In Order

  1. The Elvenbane (1991)
  2. Elvenblood (1995)
  3. Elvenborn (2002)

Brainship Books In Order

  1. The Ship Who Searched (1992)

Darkover Books In Order

  1. Rediscovery (1993)

Valdemar : Mage Wars Books In Order

  1. The Black Gryphon (1993)
  2. The White Gryphon (1995)
  3. The Silver Gryphon (1996)

Valdemar : Mage Storms Books In Order

  1. Storm Warning (1994)
  2. Storm Rising (1995)
  3. Storm Breaking (1996)

Elemental Masters Books In Order

  1. The Serpent’s Shadow (2001)
  2. The Gates of Sleep (2001)
  3. Phoenix and Ashes (2004)
  4. The Wizard of London (2005)
  5. Reserved for the Cat (2007)
  6. Unnatural Issue (2011)
  7. Home From the Sea (2012)
  8. Steadfast (2013)
  9. Blood Red (2014)
  10. From a High Tower (2015)
  11. A Study in Sable (2016)
  12. A Scandal in Battersea (2017)
  13. The Bartered Brides (2018)
  14. The Case of the Spellbound Child (2019)
  15. Jolene (2020)
  16. The Silver Bullets of Annie Oakley (2022)

Fairy Tale Books In Order

  1. Firebird (1996)
  2. The Black Swan (1999)

Dariens Tale Books In Order

  1. Owlflight (1997)
  2. Owlsight (1998)
  3. Owlknight (1999)

Valdemar Anthologies Books In Order

  1. Sword of Ice (1997)
  2. Sun in Glory (2003)
  3. Crossroads (2005)
  4. Moving Targets (2008)
  5. Changing the World (2009)
  6. Finding the Way (2010)
  7. Under the Vale (2011)
  8. No True Way (2014)
  9. Crucible (2015)
  10. Tempest (2016)
  11. Pathways (2017)
  12. Choices (2018)
  13. Seasons (2019)
  14. Passages (2020)
  15. Boundaries (2021)

Valdemar Books In Order

  1. Brightly Burning (2000)
  2. The School up the Hill (2011)
  3. A Leash of Greyhounds (2012)
  4. The One Left Behind (2014)
  5. The Simple Gifts (2014)
  6. Finding the Path (2014)

Heirs of Alexandria Books In Order

  1. The Shadow of the Lion (2002)
  2. This Rough Magic (2003)
  3. Much Fall of Blood (2010)
  4. Burdens of the Dead (2013)

Dragon Jousters Books In Order

  1. Joust (2003)
  2. Alta (2004)
  3. Sanctuary (2005)
  4. Aerie (2006)

Obsidian Books In Order

  1. The Outstretched Shadow (2003)
  2. To Light A Candle (2004)
  3. When Darkness Falls (2006)

Five Hundred Kingdoms Books In Order

  1. The Fairy Godmother (2003)
  2. One Good Knight (2006)
  3. Fortune’s Fool (2007)
  4. The Snow Queen (2008)
  5. The Sleeping Beauty (2010)
  6. Beauty and the Werewolf (2011)
  7. A Tangled Web (2012)

Doubled Edge Books In Order

  1. This Scepter’d Isle (2004)
  2. Ill Met by Moonlight (2005)
  3. By Slanderous Tongues (2007)
  4. And Less Than Kind (2008)

Enduring Flame Books In Order

  1. The Phoenix Unchained (2007)
  2. The Phoenix Endangered (2008)
  3. The Phoenix Transformed (2009)

Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles Books In Order

  1. Foundation (2008)
  2. Intrigues (2010)
  3. Changes (2011)
  4. Redoubt (2012)
  5. Bastion (2013)

Shadow Grail Books In Order

  1. Legacies (2010)
  2. Conspiracies (2011)
  3. Sacrifices (2013)
  4. Victories (2014)

Martis Books In Order

  1. Balance (2010)
  2. Dragon’s Teeth (2010)

Secret World Chronicles Books In Order

  1. Invasion (2011)
  2. World Divided (2012)
  3. Revolution (2013)
  4. Collision (2014)
  5. Sgian Dubh (2011)
  6. White Bird (2011)
  7. Strike a Pose (2011)
  8. Exemplar (2014)
  9. Avalanche (2017)
  10. Echo One (2020)

Dragon Prophecy Books In Order

  1. Crown of Vengeance (2012)
  2. Blade of Empire (2017)

Herald Spy Books In Order

  1. Closer to Home (2014)
  2. Closer to the Heart (2015)
  3. Closer to the Chest (2016)

One Dozen Daughters Books In Order

  1. The House of the Four Winds (2014)

Hunter Books In Order

  1. Hunter (2015)
  2. Elite (2016)
  3. Apex (2017)

Valdemar: Family Spies Books In Order

  1. The Hills Have Spies (2018)
  2. Eye Spy (2019)
  3. Spy, Spy Again (2020)

Founding of Valdemar Books In Order

  1. Beyond (2021)
  2. Into the West (2022)


  1. If I Pay Thee Not in Gold (1993)
  2. Sacred Ground (1994)
  3. Tiger Burning Bright (1995)
  4. The River’s Gift (1999)
  5. Gwenhwyfar (2009)
  6. Arcanum 101 (2012)
  7. Dead Reckoning (2012)
  8. Briarheart (2021)
  9. Reboots: Undead Can Dance (2021)


  1. Winter Moon (2005)
  2. Harvest Moon (2010)
  3. A Host of Furious Fancies (2012)


  1. Fiddler Fair (1998)
  2. Werehunter (1999)
  3. Charmed Destinies (2003)
  4. The Princess, the Dragon, and the Frog Prince (2012)


  1. Roadkill (1990)
  2. Once and Future (1995)
  3. Wet Wings (1996)
  4. Hallowmass Night (2010)
  5. Dragon in Distress (2010)
  6. To Dye For (2011)
  7. Small Print (2011)
  8. Last Rights (2011)
  9. Dance Track (2011)
  10. Scam Artistry (2011)
  11. Devil Went Down to Georgia (2011)
  12. Jihad (2012)
  13. Aliens Ate My Pickup (2012)
  14. The Cup and the Cauldron (2013)
  15. The Enemy of my Enemy (2013)
  16. The Last of the Season (2013)
  17. Operation Desert Fox (2013)

Anthology series

  1. Elemental Magic (2012)
  2. Elementary (2013)

Anthologies edited

  1. Flights of Fantasy (1999)

Non fiction

  1. The Valdemar Companion (1990)
  2. Mapping the World of Harry Potter (2005)
  3. Conversations From the Edge: The Galaxy’s Edge Interviews (2019)

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Mercedes Lackey Books Overview

Arrows of the Queen

For almost 20 years, Mercedes Lackey has been one of the leading lights in the fantasy genre. With Arrows of the Queen, she introduced readers to Valdemar, a world full of fascinating creatures and compelling characters. This first story features Talia, a young girl desperate to escape the strictures of her conservative society. Her life is changed in an instant when she encounters a Companion and is chosen to replace the recently murdered Queen’s Own Herald. As she begins her training Talia has no idea that a spoiled Princess, some nobly born bullies, and a conspiracy that will threaten her life will all stand between her and the destiny she must fulfill.

Arrow’s Flight

Set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Valdemar, this unique and exciting novel continues the story of Talia. Having mastered the powers necessary to a guardian of the kingdom, she faces the final preparation for her initiation as adviser and protector of the Queen.

Arrow’s Fall

THIS EDITION IS INTENDED FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Talia, Herald to the Queen of Valdemar, travels to a neighboring realm to investigate a prince’s proposal to marry the Queen’s heir, but discovers an evil plot to destroy Valdemar.

Take a Thief

Mercedes Lackey’s triumphant return to the best selling world of Valdemar, Take a Thief reveals the untold story of Skif a popular character from Lackey’s first published novel, Arrows of the Queen. Skif was an orphan who would have died from malnutrition and exposure if he had never met Deke the pickpocket. By the time he was twelve, Skif was an accomplished cat burglar. But it wasn’t until he decided to steal a finely tacked out white horse, which was, oddly enough, standing unattended in the street, that this young thief discovered that the tables could turn on him and that he himself could be stolen!

Exile’s Honor

The national best selling novels of Valdemar are among the most beloved and acclaimed works of Mercedes Lackey’s career. This brand new, stand alone book in the series tells the story of one of Valdemar’s most popular continuing characters the prickly weapons master Alberich. He was once a Captain in the Army of Karse, a kingdom which has been at war with Valdemar for decades. But when Alberich took a stand for what he believes in and defected he was chosen by one of the magical Companion horses…
to serve the queen of Valdemar.

Exile’s Valor

This brand new, stand alone novel in the Valdemar series continues the story of prickly weapons master Alberich…
Once a heroic Captain in the army of Karse, a kingdom at war with Valdemar, Alberich becomes one of Valdemar’s Heralds. Despite prejudice against him, he becomes the personal protector of young Queen Selenay. But can he protect her from the dangers of her own heart?

The Oathbound

Tarma witnessed her clan’s murder and, swearing vengeance, became a master warrior. Kethry fled her forced ‘marriage’ and became an adept pledging her power to the greatest good. When Kethry obtains a magical sword which draws her to others in need, the two vow to avenge the wrongs done to womanhood.


Evil had cast its shadow over the kingdom of Rethwellan. When Idra, leader of the Sunhawks mercenaries, failed to return from a journey to her home, Tarma and Kethry, warrior and mage, set out in search of their vanished leader.


This exciting new anthology includes a new novella featuring Mercedes Lackey’s most popular hero*ines, Tarma one of the sword sworn and most feared of all warriors and Kethry who wields magic and weapons for the greater good, whose fates are suddenly bound together in blood by the powers that control their destinies. Also included in the unique volume is the complete collection of Lackey’s short stories about these two brave sisters as they answer the call of their destinies with sword and sorcery!.

By the Sword

Granddaughter of the sorceress Kethry, daughter of a noble house, Kerowyn had been forced to run the family keep since her mother’s untimely death. Yet now at last her brother was preparing to wed, and when his bride became the lady of the keep, Kerowyn could return to her true enjoyments training horses and hunting. But all Kerowyn’s hopes and plans were shattered when her anscestral home was attacked, her father slain, her brother wounded, and his fiancee kidnapped. Drive by desperation and the knowledge that a scorcerer had led the journey which would prove but he first step on the road to the fulfillment of her destiny.

Magic’s Pawn

In Magic’s Pawn, an ancient age in the history of Valdemar comes to life an age when the kingdom was ravaged by the ungoverned fury of bandit warlords, ferocious ice dragons, and the wild magic of wizards. A new addition to Lackey’s Valdemar kingdom and her most powerful series to date! Reissue.

Magic’s Promise

The wild magic is taking its toll on the land, and even Vanyel, the most powerful Herald Mage to ever walk the world, is almost at the end of his strength. But when his Companion, Yfandes, receives a call for help from neighboring Lineas, both Herald Mage and Companion are drawn into a holocaust of dark magic that could be the end of them both.

Magic’s Price

The final chapter in Mercedes Lackey’s spellbinding fantasy trilogy! The Herald Mage, Vanyel, and his Companion, Yfandes, are alone responsible for saving the once peaceful kingdom of Valdemar from the forces of a master who wields a dark, forbidding magic. And if either Vanyel or Yfandes falters, both Valdemar and its Herald Mage must pay the ultimate price.

Burning Water

A sexy witch who writes romances and a police detective who sees more than mortal man team up to battle an ancient Aztec god!Dallas Police Detective Mark Valdez isn’t just any cop, he’s a psychic who knows that the cattle mutilations and torture murders he’s been investigating are somehow tied together. He also knows that his meager psychic abilities aren’t enough to identify the killers, much less stop them. Luckily, Mark has an ace up his sleeve: an attractive young romance novelist who happens to be a practicing witch. And not just any witch, either Diana Tregarde is a Guardian, charged with protecting the Earth and all its creatures. Using modern science and ancient magics, Diana and Mark discover that they are tailing no ordinary serial killer but the awakened avatar of an Aztec god. Tezcatlipoca and his four beautiful handmaidens are preparing for a great sacrifice that will transform North America into a new Aztec realm. Diana isn’t sure her powers are strong enough to take on those of a risen Aztec god, but she has no choice. As a Guardian, she is sworn to protect mankind, even at the cost of her own life. Luckily, she does not stand alone. Mark Valdez is more than just a cop. And Tezcatlipoca is not the only Aztec god walking in the world.

Children of the Night

Rock band Wanderlust is about to hit it big, guitarist Dave Kendall is sure of that. They’re playing better venues, in front of bigger crowds and the people showing up at the after parties are increasingly good looking and cool. Some even radiate power, like ‘Master’ Jeffries, the tall, saturnine man who seems to have some sort of weird control over Dave’s fellow bandmates. But Dave’s too tired to pay much attention to Jeffries. He’s tired a lot, lately, and making music isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Probably he’s just working and partying too hard. Luckily, Dave has a friend who takes what’s happening to him very seriously. Diana Tregarde is a practicing witch and a Guardian of the Earth. It’s her job to keep an eye on innocents like Dave and make sure they stay out of trouble and don’t become someone’s lunch. Jeffries has been on Diana’s hit list since she first spotted him pursuing a young Romany. Di wasn’t fast enough to stop him, but the Rom have their own protector a dashing, charming, very attractive vampire named Andre Le Brel. Together, the witch and the vampire face Jeffries and his evil minions in a battle for the soul of rock ‘n’ roll.

Jinx High

Fay Harper looks like any other teenage girl any other Queen Bee, that is. She’s blond, and beautiful, and very, very popular the kind of popular that attracts boys like honey. Fay and her gang take a lot of risks, but so far they’ve managed to get away with everything. It’s as if they are magically protected. Summoned to Tulsa by an old friend whose son has fallen in with Fay’s crowd, Diana Tregarde, practicing witch and successful romance novelist, quickly finds herself in hot water. The new girl at school, Monica Carlin, has come under sorcerous attack, but Diana cannot identify, or stop, the power wielder. To make matters worse, there is an ancient being sleeping under Tulsa, a being who might be woken by the magic battles taking place in the city. What will happen then, even Diana cannot predict.

Lark and the Wren

If Rune could get the proper training, she could become one of the finest bards her world has ever seen. But her advantages are few, so when she decides to play her fiddle for the Ghost of Skull Hill, he agrees to a bargain an arrangement that could mean silver for her future quest…
or her death at the hands of the ghost.

The Robin and the Kestrel

In the sequel to The Lark and the Wren, Robin, the beautiful gypsy bard, and Kestrel, the fugitive heir to an unwanted throne, join forces with the Ghost of Skull Hill to foil a plot to ban all music from the land.

A Cast of Corbies

Enter once again the magical world of Mercedes Lackey’s The Lark and the Wren with the first book in the Bardic Choices series. A strange pall has settled over Alanda. Everywhere representatives of the Church seek to ferret out unauthorized magic. Throughout the lands the Free Bards are choosing to flee or fight.

The Eagle and the Nightingales

Disturbed by the growing presence of the Church throughout Alanda, Nightingale fears for her non human friends and joins forces with birdman T’fyrr in a quest to save the High King. AB.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

A magical maniac is loose in Alanda! A magical murderer is loose in Alanda. The victims are always women, always lower class, and the weapon is always a three sided stiletto, most often found among Church regalia. But the killers are never churchmen, and they always commit suicide immediately after the bloody deed. Tal Rufen is just a simple constable. But he really cares about his job, and when one of these murder/suicides happens on his beat he becomes obsessed. His superiors don’t care the victims will never be missed, and their murderers are already justly dead. But every instinct Tal Rufen has cries out that he has seen only one small piece of a bigger and much nastier puzzle…

Winds of Fate

With the realm at risk, Elspeth, herald and heir to the throne, abandons her home to find a mentor who can awaken her untrained mage abilities.

Winds of Change

Princess Elspeth journeys to the Vale of the Tayledras Clan to seek Mage training among the powerful Hawkbrother Adepts, only to find that she and renegade adept Darkwind must confront the malevolent magic of Ancar of Hardorn.

Winds of Fury

The magnificent conclusion to the timeless Mage Winds trilogy. Lackey wraps up the tale of the valiant Heralds of Valdemar and their mysterious horselike companions, of Princess Elspeth and of the magical Tayledras adept Darkwind as they come to terms with their birth dictated responsibilities.

The Elvenbane

Two masters of epic fantasy have combined in this brilliant collaboration to create a rousing tale of the sort that becomes an instant favorite. This is the story of Shana, a halfbreed born of the forbidden union of an Elvenlord father with a human mother. Her exiled mother dead, she was rescued and raised by dragons, a proud, ancient race who existed unbeknownst to elven or humankind. From birth, Shana was the embodiment of the Prophecy that all-powerful Elvenlords feared. Her destiny is the enthralling adventure of a lifetime. ‘A brisk, glittering yarn that packs as much action, suspense, and twisting of conventions into one novel as many writers invest in whole trilogies.’ – Amazing Stories A Main selection of the Science Fiction Book Club


The powerful magic of ruthless Elvenlord masters has for centuries ruled the world. Even Shana, the legendary Elvenbane prophesied to deliver the oppressed into freedom, is helpless before such power. She and her ragtag band of outcasts, half-blood wizards, escaped human slaves, and free-thinking dragons have gained only a token victory against the mighty lords. Only the long-forgotten Iron People, a band of human nomads, have escaped the tyranny of the reigning wizards. How have they survived through the centuries? As the winds of change sweep the world, and as tensions seething beneath the surface of Elven society threaten to break into open revolt, Shana meets the ancient tribe. Could an age-old secret free Shana and her people…
or will its discovery call down their doom? ‘The talents of collaborators Norton and Lackey blend seamlessly as they expand the background to their epic fantasy…
‘ -Library Journal


In this long awaited new novel in The Halfblood Chronicles, fantasy greats Norton and Lackey tell the enthralling story of the reclusive elvenlord Kyrtian, who emerges as a hero in a world torn by politics and war. When his cousin, Aelmarkin, tries to prove that Kyrtian is unfit to run his estate, the plan backfires, and soon Kyrtian, who doesn’t share the venal, greedy nature of his cousin, finds himself with more power than he ever wanted. Like his father before him, Kyrtian has always treated the humans on his estate like servants, instead of enslaving them as other elvenlords do. His father’s legacy also leads Kyrtian to learn ancient military skills long since lost to elvenkind through the carelessness of the elvenlords. Kyrtian’s rediscovered knowledge piques the interest of the current elvenlords, and soon Kyrtian finds himself appointed the new commander of the army, to the relief of his ruling peers. For the sons of the most powerful elvenlords, the Young Lords, have rebelled against their fathers and are waging war. But by taking advantage of both the privileges of his new command and the help of some unexpected new friends, Kyrtian finally gains the resources to embark on his own, personal quest resuming his father’s search for the Great Portal, the magical doorway through which the original elvenlords entered this world. As war rages between some sons and fathers, Kyrtian searches desperately for his own lost father, hoping to uncover not only the mystery of his disappearance, but also the secret behind the origin of elvenkind.

The Ship Who Searched

Accompanying her exo archaeologist parents on an EsKay dig, seven year old Tia becomes afflicted with a strange neural disorder that leaves her totally dependent on a mechanical life support system.


Leonie Hastur, a powerful telepath and daughter of one of the most powerful ruling clans of Darkover, becomes disturbed by a premonition that something is about to happen that will forever change her world.

The Black Gryphon

A fantastic odyssey into the magical prehistory of the world of Valdemar when Valdemar is as yet unformed follows the perilous quest of the gryphon Skandranon Rashkae as he braves the dark spells and evil forces of Maar.

The White Gryphon

Rebuilding their city in the ten years after their ruler is killed, the people of Urtho establish the sanctuary of White Griffin, which is threatened when the envoys of the Black King tell them that the city is on their leader’s land.

The Silver Gryphon

The final installment in the series set in the fantasy world of Valdemar follows the children of the Black Gryphon and Amberdrake the Healer as they lead an elite force against a mysterious terror lurking in the rain forest.

Storm Warning

Worried about the growing magical power of the Eastern Empire, which for years has been shrouded in mystery, Queen Selenay of Valdemar struggles to bring about an alliance with enemy Karse in order to defeat the evil schemes of Ancar of Hardorn.

Storm Rising

In the sequel to Storm Warning, the invasion plans of the powerful, sorcerous Eastern Empire force Valdemar into an uneasy coalition with its traditional enemy, Karse, but the combined forces of the two kingdoms may not be enough to stop the coming holocaust.

Storm Breaking

The destruction of the ancient magical source of the mage storms by the combined forces of Valdemar and Karse has alleviated great peril to all the kingdoms of the West. But its annihilation is not without a heavy price, for it has permanently altered the laws of magic throughout the land. Can the kingdoms of the West gather their forces to learn a new system of magic in time to counter a devastating assault from the Eastern Empire the most powerful enemy they have ever faced?.

The Serpent’s Shadow

One of the world’s best loved fantasy writers, Mercedes Lackey has delighted readers and critics alike with her enthralling Valdemar novels. Now, she has truly outdone herself with a magnificent and thrilling adventure that takes the magic of India into the eerie gaslit streets of Victorian London…

The Gates of Sleep

In the tradition of her acclaimed fairy tale inspired novel, The Serpent’s Shadow, best selling author Mercedes Lackey re imagines Sleeping Beauty as a dark and enchanting Edwardian fantasy. Marina is the cherished daughter of the wealthy Roeswood family, practioners of Elemental Magic. But evil portents have warned her parents that Marina will be killed before her eighteenth birthday by the hand of her own aunt.

Phoenix and Ashes

In this dark and atmospheric rendition of the Cinderella fairy tale, an intelligent young Englishwoman is made into a virtual slave by her evil stepmother. Her only hope of rescue comes in the shape of a scarred World War I pilot of noble blood, whose own powers over the elements are about to be needed more than ever.

The Wizard of London

Set in Victorian London where magic is real and Elemental Masters control the powers of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth the fourth novel in this best selling series tells the story of Lord Alderscroft, Master of the British Elemental Masters Council the most powerful Fire Master ever to lead the Council. Loosely based on The Snow Queen, The Wizard of London delves into Lord Alderscroft’s youth, when he was bespelled by an evil Elemental Master who hoped to use him for political gain.

Reserved for the Cat

In 1910, in an alternate London, a penniless young dancer is visited by a cat who communicates with her mind to mind. Though she is certain she must be going mad, she is desperate enough to follow the cat’s advice and impersonates a famous Russian ballerina. The cat, it turns out, is actually an Elemental Earth Spirit, and leads her to minor stardom.

Meanwhile, the real Russian ballerina has fallen victim to an evil troll who takes over her body and kills her patrons, drinking their life essences in order to strengthen his powers. And soon, the troll focuses his dark attentions on the young dancer…

Unnatural Issue

A brand new Elemental Masters novel from the national bestselling author Mercedes Lackey. Richard Whitestone is an Elemental Earth Master. Blaming himself for the death of his beloved wife in childbirth, he has sworn never to set eyes on his daughter, Suzanne. But when he finally sees her, a dark plan takes shape in his twisted mind to use his daughter’s body to bring back the spirit of his long dead wife.


Ilya, son of a Russian prince, is largely ignored by his father and tormented by his larger, older brothers. His only friends are three old people: a priest, a magician, and a woman who toils in the palace dairy. From them Ilya learns faith, a smattering of magic, and the power of love all of which he will need desperately, for his life is about to be turned upside down. The prince’s magnificent cherry orchard is visited at midnight by the legendary Firebird, whose wings are made of flame. Ilya’s brothers’ attempts capture the magical creature fail. When Ilya tries to catch the Firebird, he sees her as a beautiful woman and earns a magical gift: the speech of animals. Banished, the young man journeys through a fantastical Russia full of magical mazes, enchanted creatures, and untold dangers. As happens in the best fairy tales, Ilya falls in love with an enchanted princess, but to win her freedom will be no easy task.

The Black Swan

The Black Swan is a retelling of the classic ballet ‘Swan Lake’ told from the viewpoint of the wronged daughter of an evil magician. A young prince spends his youth with his nose in a book and communing with nature. On one of his walks, he spies a flock of swans, and is amazed to see them transform into maidens as the sun sets. He returns every night, eventually falling in love with one of the stricken maidens. And so begins the legendary fable of magic, shapeshifting, and the power of love beyond appearances. Praise for The Mage Storms: ‘…
a fantasy classic, and these newest adventures will generate even more acclaim with this fantasy superstar.’ Romantic Times ‘Lackey is a spellbinding storyteller who keeps your heart in your mouth as she spins her intricate webs of magical adventure.’ Rave Reviews ‘A strong, suspenseful plot and well developed characters…
will satisfy the most avid fantasy fan.’ VOYA


Apprenticed to a venerable wizard when his hunter and trapper parents disappear into the forest never to be seen again, Darian is strong willed and difficult much to the dismay of his kindly master. But a sudden twist of fate will change his life forever, when the ransacking of his village forces him to flee into the great mystical forest. It is here in the dark forest that he meets his destiny, as the terrifying and mysterious Hawkpeople lead him on the path to maturity. Now they must lead the assault on his besieged home in a desperate attempt to save his people from certain death!.


It has been four years since Darian saw his village sacked and burned by barbarians. Taking refuge with the Hawkbrothers, he soon finds his life’s calling as a Healing Adept. But even as he learns the mystical ways of this ancient race, Darian cannot escape the dangers threatening his future. Another tribe of barbarians is approaching. The time has come…
to stand up and fight. Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon are:’An unbeatable team in fantastic magic and adventure.’ Kliatt A national bestselling series now with all three volumes available to fans


From fantasy legends Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon comes the third and final volume in a powerful saga charged with war and magic, life and love…
. Two years after his parents disappearance, Darian has sought refuge and training from the mysterious Hawkbrothers. Now he has opened his heart to a beautiful young healer. Finally Darian has found peace and acceptance in his life. That is, until he learns that his parents are still alive and trapped behind enemy borders…
. Praise for the Owl trilogy…
‘Owlsight will bring new fans into the fold and please those who already love the land of Valdemar.’ Starlog’Vintage Mercedes Lackey.’ Voya’A pleasing coming of age adventure featuring an appealing set of characters.’ Romantic TimesAnd for Lackey and Dixon…
‘ Suspense never lags, action is fast and furious, and their imaginings are totally credible.’ KLIATT 3rd in the national bestselling Owl trilogy, following Owlflight and Owlsight

Sword of Ice

Mickey Zucker Reichert, Tanya Huff, Michelle Sagara, and others present seventeen original tales set in the popular fantasy universe of Valdemar, home of the Heralds and their mysterious horse like Companions.

Sun in Glory

An all new original short fiction anthology featuring Mercedes Lackey’s heroic Heralds and their horselike companions as penned by such masters of fantasy as Judith Tarr, Michelle West, Fiona Patton, and others.


An original short fiction anthology set in Mercedes Lackey’s bestselling world of Valdemar featuring heroic Heralds and their horselike companions and including an all new novella by Lackey herself, as well as stories by masters such as Mickey Zucker Reichert, Judith Tarr, Tanya Huff, and others.

Moving Targets

Sixteen original stories set in mercedes lackey’s valdemar universe

Includes a new novella by Mercedes Lackey!

Today s hottest fantasy authors visit Mercedes Lackey s bestselling world of Valdemar, adding their own special touches to the ancient land where Heralds Chosen from all walks of life by magical horse like Companions patrol their ancient kingdom, dispensing justice, facing adversaries, and protecting their monarch from whatever threatens. Travel with Tanya Huff, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Fiona Patton, Judith Tarr, Rosemary Edghill, and others in these exciting, all new stories.

Changing the World

In March 1987, a young author from Oklahoma published her first novel, Arrows of the Queen. This modest book about a magical land called Vademar was the beginning of a fantasy masterpiece that would span decades and include more than two dozen titles. Now sixteen of today’s hottest fantasy authors including Tanya Huff, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Fiona Patton, and Judith Tarr visit the world of Valdemar, adding their own special touches.

Finding the Way

In March 1987, a young author from Oklahoma published her first novel, Arrows of the Queen. This modest book about a magical land called Valdemar was the beginning of a fantasy masterwork series that would span decades and include more than two dozen titles. Now readers can take a journey to the world of Valdemar including Tanya Huff, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Fiona Patton, and Judith Tarr each adding their own special touches.

Under the Vale

In March 1987, a young author from Oklahoma published her first novel, Arrows of the Queen. This modest book about a magical land called Valdemar was the beginning of a fantasy masterwork series that would span decades and include more than two dozen titles. Now readers can travel to the world of Valdemar with Tanya Huff, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Fiona Patton, Rosemary Edghill, Judith Tarr, and others in these original stories, including an all new novella from Mercedes Lackey.

Brightly Burning

Lavan Chitward is a very unhappy young man; pulled away from his country home by his parents’ ambitions and resettled in the big city of Haven, he is desperately lonely, bullied and beaten at school, ignored by his parents. It is not surprising that he falls ill but his illness is the first manifestation of a terrible power, the Gift of the Firestorm, a power which can and does kill. If controlled, the Gift of the Firestorm can save Valdemar, but if it is uncontrolled, it will destroy the country and him. Chosen by the Companion Kalira, brought into the ranks of the Heralds of Valdemar, Lavan finds acceptance and hope for the first time. But war with Karse threatens to engulf the Kingdom and only Lavan Firestorm stands between Valdemar and destruction and only then if he can harness his dreadful power to his will.

The Shadow of the Lion

As the bronze statue of the great winged lion stares out across the Piazza San Marco, a failed magician must find courage. An orphaned outcast must find his strength. A reluctant prince must choose between duty and pleasure. All will be consumed by an evil greater than they have ever known.

This Rough Magic

Venice had been thrown into chaos by the scheming of Chernobog, who came within a hair of seizing absolute power, but was thwarted by the guardian Lion spirit, who awoke to protect his city from the power mad demon. But the power of the Lion does not extend beyond Venice, and Chernobog has a new ally in the King of Hungary, who has laid siege to the island of Corfu as the first step in his plan to seize control of the Adriatic from Venice. Trapped on the island is the small band of heroes who awoke the Lion and blocked Chernobog’s power grab before. They are far from the Lion’s power to help them, but as Manfred and Erik lead a guerrilla movement to fight the Hungarian invaders, Maria discovers that the ancient magical powers of the island are coming to life again, stirred by the siege. If she can make an alliance with them, she may be able to repel the invaders but not without paying a bitter personal price…

Much Fall of Blood

Prince Manfred and his mentor and bodyguard, the deadly warrior Erik, have survived dangers and enemies both natural and supernatural, and if they thought that their new mission was going to be anything but more of the same, they soon gave up on that hope. Returning from Jerusalem, they and their escort of knights of the Holy Trinity are escorting an envoy of Il Khan Mongol to the lands of the Golden Horde between the Black Sea and the Carpathians, which happen to be the eastern bastion against their old enemies, the demon Chernobog and his possessed puppet, the Jangellion. Unfortunately, what began as a diplomatic mission leads to Manfred and his knights being caught up in an inter clan civil war, rescuing a fugitive woman and her injured brother, and becoming involved in the problems of Prince Vlad, Duke of Valahia, who has been held as a hostage by King Emeric of Hungary until freed by Countess Elizabeth Batholdy to use as bait to capture a group of nonhumans. Instead, the wolflike nonhumans, who masquerade as gypsies, free Prince Vlad, and help him to return to his homeland to raise revolt against Hungary and to renew age old magics. Manfred and Erik are forced into an alliance of convenience between the Golden Horde and the ancient magical forces of Valahia, as directed by the troubled Vlad. The magic calls for blood and Vlad is deathly afraid of it and at the same time, is irresistibly drawn toward it…


For the first time ever, national best selling legend Mercedes Lackey draws from her extensive knowlege of animals and her professional background as an avian expert to create something truly special…
The most exciting, authentic and believable portrayal of dragons ever imagined. It is a richly conceived, fully realized vision, inspired by the culture of ancient Egypt, the legends of Atlantis and the science of animal behavior and biology. This is how dragons would live, breed, hatch, hunt, and bond. The first book in this thrilling new series introduces readers to a young slave who dreams of becoming a Jouster one of the few warriors who can actually ride a flying dragon. And so, in secret, he begins to raise his own dragon.


National best selling fantasy legend Mercedes Lackey created a vivid, dynamic fusion of the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of ancient Egypt with the most exciting, authentic and believable portrayal of dragons ever imagined. In the second novel in Mercedes Lackey’s richly conceived Dragon Jousters series, the dragonrider Vetch escapes to Alta, the subjugated land of his birth. There, he hopes to teach his people to raise and train dragons and build an army that will liberate his homeland.


In the third novel of the best selling Dragon Jousters series, The Altan serf Vetch has escaped the enemy kingdom of Tia, only to find his homeland, Alta, enslaved by the evil Priest Kings. With a small band of followers, Vetch must gather a secret army of dragon riders to rid their world of war and magical domination once and for all.


In the fourth and final novel of Mercedes Lackey’s Dragon Jousters series, Kiron, the man who had once been a dragon boy called Vetch, has united the dragon riders and managed to rid their world of both war and magical domination. But are the evil Magi really gone for good? As Kiron tries to build a new civilization at the site of an abandoned cliff dweller’s city, called Aerie, conflicts arise, and he soon realizes there is a vast conspiracy at work, which includes individuals who have infiltrated every walk of life even his own family. Once the heads of the Magi, these conspirators are determined to regain their sinister control.

The Outstretched Shadow

Kellen Tavadon, son of the Arch-Mage Lycaelon, thought he knew the way the world worked. His father, leading the wise and benevolent Council of Mages, protected and guided the citizens of the Golden City of the Bells. Young Mages in training-all men, for women were unfit to practice magic-memorized the intricate details of High Magic and aspired to seats on the council.

Then he found the forbidden Books of Wild Magic-or did they find him? The three slim volumes woke Kellen to the wide world outside the City’s isolating walls. Their Magic was not dead, strangled by rules and regulations. It felt like a living thing, guided by the hearts and minds of those who practiced it and benefited from it.

Questioning everything he has known, Kellen discovers too many of the City’s dark secrets. Banished, with the Outlaw Hunt on his heels, Kellen invokes Wild Magic-and finds himself running for his life with a unicorn at his side.

Kellen’s life changes almost faster than he can understand or accept. Rescued by a unicorn, healed by a female Wild Mage who knows more about Kellen than anyone outside the City should, meeting Elven royalty and Elven warriors, and plunged into a world where the magical beings he has learned about as abstract concepts are flesh and blood creatures-Kellen both revels in and fears his new freedom.

Especially once he learns about Demons. He’d always thought they were another abstract concept-a stand-in for ultimate evil. But if centaurs and dryads are real, then Demons surely are as well. And the one thing all the Mages of the City agreed on was that practicing Wild Magic corrupted a Mage. Turned him into a Demon. Would that be Kellen’s fate?

Deep in Obsidian Mountain, the Demons are waiting. Since their defeat in the last great War, they’ve been biding their time, sowing the seeds of distrust and discontent between their human and Elven enemies. Very soon now, when the Demons rise to make war, there will be no alliance between High and Wild Magic to stand against them. And all the world will belong to the Endarkened.

To Light A Candle

In The Outstretched Shadow, which was named by VOYA as Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror book for 2003, Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory introduced readers to a complex new fantasy world populated by humans, centaurs, elves, talking unicorns, and demons. The Golden City of the Bells, where only humans live, is ruled by the Mage Council, practitioners of High Magic a powerful magic that is stable and reliable, though rigidly controlled and performed only by men. Outside the City’s walls, humans and magical beings mix freely and call upon Wild Magic a system sometimes erratic, always driven by desire and need, and performed by both men and women. Now, in To Light A Candle, the Demon Queen sends her forces against her human and elven enemies, sowing distraction and death. In the human City, the Queen’s agents work to divide the Council and foment rebellion among the City’s citizens. In the countryside, they target the most vulnerable and valuable the young Elf Prince and the Wild Mages who might be the Demons’ most dangerous enemies. To his own surprise, young Kellen, once the disappointing son of the great Mage who leads the City’s Mage Council, has become a powerful Knight Mage. Valued for his bravery and his skills as both wizard and warrior, Kellen joins the Elves’ war councils. Yet he cannot convince the City of his birth that it is in terrible danger. Kellen’s sister Idalia, a Wild Mage with great healing ability, has pledged her heart to Jermayan, a proud Elven warrior. Someday Idalia will pay a tragic Price for a world saving work of Wild Magic, but until then, she will claim any joy life can offer her. Jermayan, who has learned much while fighting at Kellen’s side and loving the human Idalia, finds that everything changes when he Bonds with a dragon while rescuing the Elf Prince and becomes the first Elven Mage in a thousand years. Furious at her enemies’ success with the dragon, the Demon Queen attacks in force. Light struggles against Dark, like flickering candleflames buried deep in the shadow of Obsidian Mountain.

When Darkness Falls

Despite a great working of Wild Magic and High Magic that struck at the heart of the Demon Queen’s evil plots, Knight Mage Kellen and his Elven allies are still seen as enemies by the human Mage Council. The Elves and their allies must find a way to shatter the Demons hold on the human Mages, for without their High Magic, the forces of Light will be destroyed by the forces of Darkness.
The Commander of the Armies of Light decides to turn an Elven mine into a refuge for those driven from their homes by the war. Kellen is put in command of the force of engineers and warriors who will fortify the mine and does not learn until it is nearly too late that the caverns are full of Shadowed Elves. Vestakia, the half human, half Demon healer, finds that she has begun to be able to read the mind of her Demon father, Crown Prince Zyperis.
The Demon Queen, Savilla, is preparing a great sacrifice that will summon He Who Is back to the world and make her the ultimate ruler forever. When Wild Mage Idalia learns of Savilla s plans, she knows there is only one way to prevent the coming of He Who Is. A very different sort of sacrifice must be made.

The Fairy Godmother

From the bestselling author of the Heralds of Valdemar series comes an enchanting new novel. In the land of Five Hundred Kingdoms, if you can’t carry out your legendary role, life is no fairy tale…
Elena Klovis was supposed to be her kingdom’s Cinderella until an accident of fate left her with a completely inappropriate prince! Determined not to remain with her stepfamily, Elena set out to get a new job and ended up becoming The Fairy Godmother for the land. But ‘Breaking with Tradition’ was no easy matter. True, she didn’t have to sleep in the chimney, but she had to deal with arrogant, stuffed shirt princes who kept trying to rise above their place in the tale. In fact, one of them was so ornery that Elena could do nothing but change him into a donkey. Still, her practical nature couldn’t let him roam the country, so she brought the donkey er, the prince! home to her cottage to teach him some lessons. All the while keeping in mind that breaking with tradition can land everyone into a kettle of fish sometimes literally! And so begins a whole new tale…

One Good Knight

Another story sparkling with wit and humor from New York Times bestselling author Mercedes Lackey. Traditionally, marauding dragons are soothed only by a virgin sacrifice. And so practical minded Princess Andromeda with the encouragement of her mother’s court reluctantly volunteers to do her duty, asking only for a sword to defend herself. Well, her offer is accepted, but the weapon isn’t forthcoming, and so Andromeda faces the dragon alone. Until a Champion arrives to save her sort of. Sir George doesn’t quite defeat the dragon, but as Andromeda finishes rescuing herself she discovers that beneath the Good Knight’s well meaning though inexperienced heroics lies a further tale…
Still, Andromeda can’t leave her seacoast country in further jeopardy from the dragon’s return, and so she and…
George join to search for the dragon’s lair. But even especially in the Five Hundred Kingdoms bucking with Tradition isn’t easy. It takes the strongest of wills, more than a hint of stubbornness, quick thinking and a refusal to give up, no matter what happens along the way. Somehow, though, none of this was taught in princess school…

Fortune’s Fool

The seventh daughter of the Sea King, Ekaterina is more than a pampered princess she’s also the family spy. Which makes her the perfect emissary to check out interesting happenings in the neighboring kingdom and nothing interests her more than Sasha, the seventh son of the king of Belrus. Ekaterina suspects he’s far from the fool people think him. But before she can find out what lies beneath his facade, she is kidnapped!Trapped in a castle at the mercy of a possessive Jinn, Ekaterina knows her chances of being found are slim. Now fortune, a fool and a paper bird are the only things she can count on along with her own clever mind and intrepid heart.

The Snow Queen

Aleksia, Queen of the Northern Lights, is mysterious, beautiful and widely known to have a heart of ice. No one would seek her wisdom except as a last resort. But when she’s falsely accused of unleashing evil on nearby villages, she realizes there’s an impostor out there far more heartless than she could ever be. And when a young warrior following the Tradition disappears, leaving his sweetheart and mother to fear the worst, Aleksia’s powers are needed as never before. Now, on a journey through a realm of perpetual winter, it will take all her skills, a mother’s faith and a little magic to face down an enemy more formidable than any she has ever known.

The Sleeping Beauty

Heavy is the head and the eyelids of the princess who wears the crown In Rosamund’s realm, happiness hinges on a few simple beliefs:For every princess there’s a prince. The king has ultimate power. Stepmothers should never be trusted. And bad things come to those who break with Tradition . But when Rosa is pursued by a murderous huntsman and then captured by dwarves, her beliefs go up in smoke. Determined to escape and save her kingdom from imminent invasion, she agrees to become the guinea pig in one of her stepmother’s risky incantations thus falling into a deep, deep sleep. When awakened by a touchy feely stranger, Rosa must choose between Tradition and her future between a host of eligible princes and a handsome, fair haired outsider. And learn the difference between being a princess and ruling as a queen. The moral of the story? Sometimes a princess has to create her own happy endings .

Beauty and the Werewolf

The eldest daughter is often doomed in fairy tales. But Bella Isabella Beauchamps, daughter of a wealthy merchant vows to escape the usual pitfalls. Anxious to avoid the Traditional path, Bella dons a red cloak and ventures into the forbidden forest to consult with ‘Granny,’ the local wisewoman. But on the way home she’s attacked by a wolf who turns out to be a cursed nobleman! Secluded in his castle, Bella is torn between her family and this strange man who creates marvelous inventions and makes her laugh when he isn’t howling at the moon. Breaking spells is never easy. But a determined beauty, a wizard after all, he’s only an occasional werewolf and a little godmotherly interference might just be able to bring about a happy ending.

This Scepter’d Isle

The FarSeers among the Sidhe of Elfhame Avalon have seen two visions of the future. In one, an evil queen will take the throne and welcome the Inquisition in, debauching the nation and threatening even the elf strongholds throughout the land. In another, a red haired child will grow up to take the throne and usher in a golden age of literature, music, and art. The evil Unseleighe Sidhe, who draw power from pain and misery, welcome the coming of a ruler of humans who will increase their strength, and are determined to prevent the red haired child from coming to the throne. Unless the good Sidhe can find the child and protect her from the evils and dangers of both the human and elven worlds, she will never grow up to become Elizabeth, Queen of England in the Sixteenth Century.

Ill Met by Moonlight

England in the sixteenth century: a nation at a fatal fork in time, leading to two possible futures forseen by the Sidhe of Elfhame Avalon. Either an evil queen will join forces with the Inquisition and rule with a blood spattered iron hand, threatening humans and elves alike or a benevolent, red haired queen named Elizabeth will rule wisely and well. But the evil Unseleighe Sidhe, who feed on human suffering and dark emotions, are determined that the little girl Elizabeth shall never grow up to take the throne. Opposing them are the good Sidhe of elfland, who have so far managed to protect the young girl. Denoriel had foiled one attempt to kidnap both Elizabeth and her half brother and replace them with changelings, almost at the cost of his own life. But a few years have passed, and Denoriel has healed and returned to guard the young princess, now all of eight years old, secure in the knowledge that his enemy Vidal, leader of the evil Unseleighe, is dead, killed with an iron bolt fired from a primitive gun. Unfortunately, he is wrong: Vidal’s armor was far stronger than any of the good elves realized. Though the wound was deep and Vidal was forced to bide his time in his own slow healing, his recovery is complete, his determination to hurl England into a new dark age is as strong as ever, and he has set in motion a plan to achieve this end of which Denoriel and his comrades are dangerously unaware…

By Slanderous Tongues

Great Harry is dead, and England is ruled by a dour Protector for 10 year old Edward VI a Protector intent on keeping total control over the young king and no friend to Lady Elizabeth because of her brother’s fondness for her. In the great lens and the dark pool that hold Visions for the FarSeers of the Bright Court and the Dark, the images change and waver. A pale, thin girl sometimes wears a crown and sometimes has no head; King Edward and his Court grow misty as he changes from boy to stripling. But the fires of Mary s reign still burn bright as they swallow writhing men, women, and children, and if she ever reigns the red haired queen brings a burgeoning of art and joy. Elimination of that last possibility for England is Vidal Dhu s prime purpose, but he has been forbidden by King Oberon to attack Elizabeth. Though he may not attack her directly, still he hatches schemes within schemes. And if his plan to involve the young princess in a scandal that would render her unfit to rule in the opinion of the Proctor and his Council, he has more twisted plans to eliminate Elizabeth once and for all.

And Less Than Kind

When it became certain that Edward VI was dying, the duke of Northumberland, who had been ruling England in his name, made a plan that would let him hold onto his power. He dared not let Mary come to the throne because she was fiercely Catholic and he had espoused the Protestant cause. He did not want Elizabeth to rule because he knew her imperious nature would never defer to him. But there was more than one puppet master at work: The evil elf lord Vidal Dhu had no intention of losing the flood of power the misery of Mary’s reign would bring the Dark Court, and intervened so that Mary was proclaimed queen. Urged by her Chancellor and the Imperial ambassador to order Elizabeth s death, Mary chose a different to insure that Elizabeth would never reign. She must marry and bear a child to be the Catholic heir. Vidal Dhu, replete with power from the pain and terror of Mary s burning of heretics, agreed with Mary. Vidal Dhu had very special plans for that child. And since Oberon and Titania had disappeared, there now was no one except the double pair of twins to stand between the mortals of England and the rule of Evil.

The Phoenix Unchained

New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory first teamed up to write The Obsidian Trilogy, set in a wondrous world filled with magical beings, competing magic systems, and a titanic struggle between good and evil. That world proved so popular with the creators and readers alike that Lackey and Mallory have returned to it with The Phoenix Unchained, Book One of The Enduring Flame, the opening volume of a new epic fantasy trilogy. After a thousand years of peace, much Magick has faded from the world. The Elves live far from humankind. There are no High Mages, and Wild Mages are seen only rarely. Bisochim, a powerful Wild Mage, is determined to reintroduce Darkness to the world, believing that it is out of Balance. Tiercel, a young Armethalian nobleman, is convinced that High Magic is not just philosophy. He attempts a spell and draws the unwelcome attention of Bisochim. Tiercel survives Bisochim’s attack and begins trying to turn himself into a High Mage. Next in line to be Harbormaster of Armethalieh, Harrier instead finds himself regularly saving Tyr’s life and meeting magickal people and creatures. To Harrier’s dismay, it seems that he must become a hero. In The Phoenix Unchained, Harrier and Tiercel begin a marvelous journey to uncover their destinies. Along the way, they meet a charming female centaur, several snooty Elves, and the most powerful dragon their world has ever known.

The Phoenix Endangered

In The Phoenix Endangered, second in The Enduring Flame, Tiercel, a budding High Mage, and Harrier, a reluctant Knight Mage, develop greater power and learn of the evils of war when they see the devastation caused by the fanatical armies of the Wild Mage Bisochim.

The desert tribespeople led by young Shaiara flee Bisochim’s evil, seeking a legendary oasis deep in the desert a refuge that may hold the key to stopping Bisochim and preserving the Balance between Light and Darkness…
or that may be the cause of Light s ultimate downfall.

The Phoenix Transformed

In the Enduring Flame trilogy, Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory have given readers a new view of the complex and fascinating world they originally created for the Obsidian Trilogy. Jumping one thousand years in time, Lackey and Mallory have told the compelling story of Harrier Gillain, the first Knight Mage in a thousand years; Tiercel Rolfort, the first High Mage in hundreds of years; and Shaiara, the young leader of a desert tribe who takes both boys under her wing but has a special affection for Harrier.

These three young people are their world’s main defense against the evil called up by the rogue Wild Mage, Bisochim. Bisochim s conviction that he was restoring the balance was shattered the moment Ahairan took her first breath. Now, in The Phoenix Transformed, Bisochim joins forces with Harrier and Tiercel, and the three mages search desperately for a way to destroy Ahairan as she sends her magical forces against them and the desert nomads under their protection.

With more than one twist in the telling, centering on a magic plagued journey across a blistering desert, The Phoenix Transformed is the stunning conclusion to The Enduring Flame.


Mags had been working at the Pieters mine, slaving in the dark, cold seams, looking for sparklies, for as long as he could remember. The children who worked the mine were orphans, kids who had been abandoned, who had lost their parents, or were generally unwanted. But Mags was different. Mags was Bad Blood, because his parents were bandits who had been killed in a raid by the Royal Guard. Bad Blood because he d been found in a cradle in the bandits camp. Blood so bad that no one had wanted to take him in except Cole Pieters. When he was big enough to see over the sides of the sluices he had gone to work at the mine. Mags knew nothing of the world beyond the mine, and was unaware of how unusual his paltry existence was. Then some strangers on huge white horses forced their way past the Pieters family and carried him away to Haven to become a Herald Trainee. Suddenly the whole world opened up for him. He was warm and well fed for the first time in his life, and he had Dallen, his Companion, who seemed more miraculous than an angel. But the world of the Collegium was not all heavenly. There was political upheaval in Valdemar’s capital, for the court had been infiltrated by foreign diplomats, who seemed to be more interested in seeding discontent than in actual diplomacy…
and Mags seemed to be the only one who d noticed…


Mags was an orphan and slave of ‘bad blood’ who toiled a gem mine all his young life. He would have died before adulthood, had he not been Chosen and taken to Haven to be trained in the new Herald Collegium. Now, Mags was never hungry and never cold. He slept in a real bed in his own room and, most importantly, he had Dallen, who was like another part of himself. And yet, aside from Lena and Bear, both loners like he was, he couldn’t relate to most of the Herald, Healer, or Bard trainees. He was the only trainee who came from what-to the others-was unimaginable poverty. There was another factor that contributed to Mag’s isolation. Foreign assassins, masquerading at court as envoys were discovered. As they fled from the Guard, one of them seemed to ‘recognize’ Mags. Now, Mags was an object of suspicion. He had always been curious about his parents, but after the incident it became urgent for Mags to discover exactly who his parents were. And at Haven, he had access to the extensive Archives. Poring through the Archives, he got only incomplete information: his parents, found dead in a bandit camp, had been two of a number of hostages, some of whom had survived. The survivors had told the Guard that Mags’ parents spoke a language that no one understood or recognized. This information did not help, for the ForeSeers had been having visions of the king’s assassination by ‘one of the foreign blood’. Some had even Seen Mags with blood on his hands. How could Mags defend himself against a crime that hadn’t yet been committed?


Mags was a Trainee in the Heraldic Collegium in Haven, Valdemar’s capital city. Though his background of poverty and abuse at Cole Pieters gem mine set him apart from most other trainees, nonetheless he had found his own group of friends. Bear, Lena, and Amily were all students whose situations in life set them apart from more usual Trainees. The four of them had found mutual support in their shared misfortunes, and together struggled to help one another find solutions to their individual problems. But Mags friendship with Amily brought him to the attention of the King s Own. The seemingly immortal Companion Rolan had Chosen Nikolas to suit the specific needs of the current monarch, and those needs were for an agent who could collect information surreptitiously. Nikolas recognized the same traits in Mags that Rolan had recognized in him and because of Mags friendship with Amily, no one would think twice about seeing her overprotective father spending time with Amily s suitor. So Mags began training as Nikolas partner. They worked in disguise at night with Mags as Nikolas deaf and mute helper, where his extensive knowledge of gems especially his skill at separating the real from the fake would be an added benefit. Hiding in the shadows behind the desk, pretending to neither hear nor speak, Mags could better observe the clients, and even the surrounding neighborhood. And Nikolas could send him out on errands to chase down leads. But this new job was far more dangerous than Mags had ever considered. For there were mysterious agents in the city agents who sought to bring down the kingdom, and no one knew where they came from or who they worked for. They were smart, talented, and preternaturally fast. And most of all they were willing to do anything anything to bring Valdemar to ruin.


Who or what is stalking the students at Oakhurst Academy? In the wake of the accident that killed her family, Spirit White is spirited away to Oakhurst Academy, a combination school and orphanage in the middle of Montana. There she learns she is a legacy not only to the school, which her parents also attended, but to magic. All the students at Oakhurst have magical powers, and although Spirit’s hasn t manifested itself yet, the administrators insist she has one. Spirit isn t sure she cares. Devastated by the loss of her family, she finds comfort with a group of friends: Burke Hallows, Lachlann Spears, Muirin Shae, and Adelaide Lake. But something strange is going on at Oakhurst. Students start disappearing under mysterious circumstances, and the school seems to be trying to cover it up. Spirit and her friends must find out what s happening before one of them becomes the next victim


The world had become used to the metahumans people sometimes perfectly ordinary,but sometimes quite extraordinary in appearance who mostly worked with their governments as high powered peace officers, fighting crime, and sometimes fighting rogue metahumans who had become super criminals. Then that comfortable world ended in just one terrifying day. Suddenly, all world governments were simultaneously attacked by soldiers in giant mecha robotic suits with the swastika symbol of the Third Reich on their metal arms. If these were Na*zis, where had they been hiding since the end of World War II? And where had they gotten armor and weapons far in advance of anything on the planet? Weapons against which even the metahuman heroes seemed to be helpless…

If I Pay Thee Not in Gold

Living in a society in which women rule through their magical powers, the rebellious Xylina is given a choice between execution and using her powers to conquer the most glorious male in Mazonia.

Sacred Ground

Jennifer Talldeer is Osage and Cherokee, granddaughter of a powerful Medicine Man. She walks a difficult path: contrary to tribal custom, she is learning a warrior’s magics. A freelance private investigator, Jennifer spends hours tracking down stolen Indian artifacts. The construction of a new shopping mall uncovers fragments of human bone, revealing possible desecration of an ancient burial ground. the sabotage of construction equipment implicated Native American activists particularly Jennifer’s old flame, who is more attractive, and more dangerous, than ever. Worst of all, the grave of Jennifer’s legendary medicine Man ancestor has been destroyed, his tools of power scattered, and a great evil freed to walk the land. Jennifer must stand against the darkness. If she wavers even for an instant, she will be annihilated, and the world will fall into oblivion.

Tiger Burning Bright

‘Three acclaimed, bestselling authors three extraordinary fantasists unite talent and vision to create a noble dynasty and a remarkable realm of spirit and substance. The House of the Tiger has skillfully ruled Merina in times of peace. But now the indomitable armies of the Emperor Balthasar stand poised to crush the vulnerable city/state. And in the enemy’s midst is the gray mage Apolon foul necromancer who serves the Dreadful Dark…
and whose mission it is to satsfy his Master’s terrible hungers with living souls, the Heart of a Goddess, and the blood of a Princess. For Adele, aging Dowager Queen; for ruling Queen Lydana; and for Princess Shelyra, lithe, impetuous, ingenious Designated Daughter, the battle seems hopeless for they possess no defense, save for their wiles and weapons of the spirit. But the Tiger is a cunning beast, not to be underestimated. And when corered, she bares her teeth…
and strikes.

The River’s Gift

A new novel from Mercedes Lackey is always a special event. Now, for the first time, this fantasy legend has contributed a brand new novella for Roc’s fantasy hardcover line a deluxe showcase for major talents such as Anne McCaffrey and Marion Zimmer Bradley. In The River’s Gift, a young woman uses her healing gifts to help a magical horse like creature and receives, in return, the greatest gift of all…
Extraordinary praise for Mercedes Lackey:’Lackey is a spellbinding storyteller who spins intricate webs of magical adventure.’ Rave Reviews’A fantasy superstar.’ Romantic Times Specially illustrated and packaged for the gift giving season


The bestselling author of the Valdemar novels pens a classic tale about King Arthur’s legendary queen.

Gwenhwyfar moves in a world where gods walk among their pagan worshipers, where nebulous visions warn of future perils, and where there are two paths for a woman: the path of the Blessing or the rarer path of the Warrior. Gwenhwyfar chooses the latter, giving up the power that she is born into. Yet the daughter of a King is never truly free to follow her own calling. Acting as the ‘son’ her father never had, when called upon to serve another purpose by the Ladies of the Well, she bows to circumstances to become Arthur’s queen only to find herself facing temptation and treachery, intrigue and betrayal, but also love and redemption..

Winter Moon

New York Times bestselling author Mercedes LackeyIn an isolated land where the lure of the ‘Moontide’ leads to shipwrecks, a woman is torn between obeying her father or her king. When she chooses to follow a Fool, she discovers magic she’d never expected at a price that might be too high . World Fantasy award winner Tanith LeeStruggling under the curse of a dead comrade, Clirando, a warrior priestess unready to face the powers trapped within her, must face ‘The Heart of the Moon’ to reveal what has been hidden .C.E. MurphyIn ‘Banshee Cries,’ ritual murders under a full moon lead Jo Walker to confront a Harbinger of Death. Maybe this ‘gift’ she has is one she shouldn’t ignore because the next life she has to save might be her own!

Harvest Moon

Three unforgettable new storiesA Tangled Web by New York Times bestselling author Mercedes LackeyKidnapping Persephone should have been an easy task. But in the Five Hundred Kingdoms, nothing’s ever simple and the wrong blonde goddess is stolen by mistake, leaving Prince Leopold without his new bride. At least until he braves the realm of the dead to get her back Cast in Moonlight by New York Times bestselling author Michelle SagaraBarely a teenager, Kaylin Neya is a thief, a fugitive and an attempted assassin. She also has a smart mouth, sharp wits and mysterious markings on her skin. All of which make her perfect bait for a child prostitution sting in the city of Elantra if she survives her first meeting with the Hawks!Retribution by Cameron HaleyIn the underworld, there are tricks to killing. Like executing rivals at crossroads so ghosts won’t follow you home. But sometimes retribution is hard to avoid and now a supernatural hit man has a contract on Domino Riley’s life. Luckily she knows a thing or two about death .

Fiddler Fair

Running the gamut from her beloved Bardic fantasies to urban fantasy set in the modern world; from science fiction adventure to chilling horror, this is a volume that demonstrates the wide range of this author’s talent. It is a feast for the multitudes of Lackey fans everywhere and for new readers, a powerful introduction to the most significant new fantasy writer of the decade.


A companion volume to Fiddler Fair. A woman who can change into a leopard is pursued by a hunter who is more than human. Occult detective Diana Tregarde trails a very unusual vampire. And more!

Charmed Destinies

Three classic stories of timeless love and tantalizing fantasy Counting Crows by New York Times bestselling author Mercedes LackeyIn Lady Gwynnhwyfar’s dark, lonely court, her only ally was noble Sir Atremus, a warrior willing to fight for her honor. But would her powerful spell capture his heart or tumble the kingdom into chaos?Drusilla’s Dream by USA TODAY bestselling author Rachel LeeEvery night Drusilla Morgan dreamed of courageous and handsome Miles Kennedy. Their quest: to battle evil and find true love. Yet when the sun rose, would Drusilla’s fantasy man become a reality?Moonglow by Nebula Award winning author Catherine AsaroIn a world where kings married for magic, Iris Larkspur was required to wed the prince despite the spell that kept him deaf, mute and blind. Healing her bridegroom would take a power greater than any she’d ever known one only two bonded hearts could provide!

Flights of Fantasy

All new stories of fantastic flying creatures, including an original novella by Mercedes Lackey.

The Valdemar Companion

Mercedes Lackey’s nationally best selling Valdemar series has become a legend in the annals of fantasy fiction. Now, for the first time, DAW presents a complete, authorized reader’s guide to her endlessly rich and dazzling fantasy world…
‘Compulsive reading.’ Locus

Mapping the World of Harry Potter

This book has not been authorized by J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., or anyone associated with the Harry Potter books or movies. New and old fans of the Harry Potter series will welcome this collection of fresh essays on Potter lore, plotlines, and characters. With up to date information through book six in the series, this companion volume offers a comprehensive look at the world of Potter through the eyes of leading science fiction and fantasy writers such as David Gerrold, Joyce Millman, and Martha Wells, and religion, psychology, and science experts. Along with feminism, fascism, and moral life, topics include the Three Faces of Severus Snape, Harry Potter as Luke Skywalker, I Am a Hufflepuff: A Look at the Houses, and Harry Potter and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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