Mary Lynn Baxter Books In Order


  1. All Our Tomorrows (1982)
  2. Tears of Yesterday (1982)
  3. Shared Moments (1982)
  4. Autumn Awakening (1983)
  5. Memories That Linger (1984)
  6. Everything But Time (1984)
  7. A Handful of Heaven (1985)
  8. Price Above Rubies (1986)
  9. When We Touch (1986)
  10. Between the Raindrops (1986)
  11. Fool’s Music (1987)
  12. Wish Giver (1989)
  13. Added Delight (1989)
  14. Slow Burn (1990)
  15. Winter Heat (1990)
  16. Marriage, Diamond Style (1991)
  17. A Day in April (1992)
  18. And Baby Makes Perfect (1992)
  19. Dancler’s Woman (1993)
  20. Sweet Justice (1994)
  21. Priceless (1995)
  22. Hot Texas Nights (1996)
  23. Southern Fries (1996)
  24. Tight-fitting Jeans (1997)
  25. Lone Star Heat (1997)
  26. Raw Heat (1998)
  27. Hard Candy (1998)
  28. Slow-talking Texan (1998)
  29. One Summer Evening (1999)
  30. Sultry (2000)
  31. Tempting Janey (2001)
  32. Like Silk (2002)
  33. His Touch (2003)
  34. Pulse Points (2003)
  35. Without You (2004)
  36. In Hot Water (2005)
  37. Evening Hours (2005)
  38. Totally Texan (2006)
  39. To Claim His Own (2006)
  40. At The Texan’s Pleasure (2006)


  1. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1992 (1992)
  2. Daddy’s Home (1993)
  3. Undercover Lovers (1994)
  4. Missing Memories (1995)
  5. Silhouette Summer Sizzlers (1995)
  6. For the Baby’s Sake (1997)
  7. Texas Heat (1999)
  8. Christmas Celebrations (1999)
  9. Take 5, Volume 4 (2001)
  10. The Millionaire’s First Love (2002)
  11. Totally Texan / Only Skin Deep (2007)
  12. Unexpected Millionaire / To Claim His Own (2007)
  13. The Secretary’s Secret / At the Texan’s Pleasure (2008)
  14. Totally Tempting (2011)
  15. Date With a Cowboy (2013)

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Mary Lynn Baxter Books Overview

Autumn Awakening

Keeley Sanders is playing hardball in a man’s world. At the request of her father, she has stepped in to coach his beloved team. And finds herself being challenged both on and off the field. Star player Linc Hunter is the man who can take the team to the championship. Unfortunately for Keeley, he’s a very demanding man, and the two of them agree on nothing. Keeley believes she’s just making the best of a bad situation. Then she realizes there’s more at stake than a winning season her heart.

Wish Giver

She’d do anything to save her son…
He Was Her Last Chance…
For her son, Glynis Hamilton would do anything even confront the man who’d broken her heart years before. Once Glynis had loved Cort McBride, but, consumed by ambition, he’d left town without ever learning of the child they’d created. And now he was her only hope…
Now a successful rancher as well as a top notch security expert, Cort was as dangerously driven as ever. But what frightened Glynis most was her fiery passion for him, which neither time nor distance could quench. He was still the one man who could stir her to dizzying heights of desire, the one man who could make her wildest dreams a reality…
the one man who could save their son…

One Summer Evening

Fleeing an abusive marriage, Cassie Wortham returns to Louisiana to build a new life for herself and her young son, but when her violent ex husband is paroled from prison and follows her home, Cassie must turn for help to her former love, Austin McGuire, the man who had fathered her son nine years before. Book available.

Tempting Janey

When Dillion Reed strolls into Janey Mayfields candy shop, the past opens up like a forbidden door. The imposing ex marine turned high school principle is a shocking reminder of an affair that shattered all their lives. After the scandal that destroyed two marriages, Janey fled to Colorado with her daughter. Now, three years later, she’s come back to South Carolina, determined to make a success of the business she inherited and keep control of her well orderd life. But it’s an uphill battle, what with her rebellious teenage daughter, a rash of break ins plaguing the town, and an ex husband with a grudge. She tells herself she doesn’t want the attraction she feels for Dillion. She doesn’t want to be vulnerable to what his heated glance has put on offer: sweet, irresistible passion. But Janey discovers that the more it stands in her way.

Like Silk

2002 Mira Books 1st Edition Paperback Like Silk By Mary Lynn Baxter Contemporary Romance Bestselling Author New Collectible

His Touch

How long could she resist? They weren’t looking for each other…
When a string of deadly warnings convinces Dallas mayor Jessica Kincaid that she needs a bodyguard, she hires Brant Harding. The former secret service agent takes the job for one very personal reason and it has nothing to do with this tempting woman. But the chemistry was too powerful to resist As their personal agendas intersect, Jessica and Brant find themselves at odds, yet drawn to each other with a passion neither can deny. But the threat to Jessica’s life has intensified and it’s coming from within the power structure of the city itself. Even Brant’s best efforts may not be enough to save her, or to buy them both a second chance.

At The Texan’s Pleasure

It had been five years since Molly Stewart Bailey fled east Texas, secretly pregnant with Worth Cavanaugh’s child. Now he was the state’s most powerful man and her mother’s boss. Molly would do anything to protect her son, but being in Worth’s indomitable presence had her taking all sorts of risks.

With his housekeeper’s daughter back on his ranch, Worth felt nothing but raging desire. He was determined to relive the passion that had nearly destroyed them both for just one more night. And then he would uncover the secret that Molly had vowed to guard with her life& 133;.

Silhouette Christmas Stories 1992

A collection of romance tales features the story of how an Arkansas hermit learns the meaning of Christmas from a little girl and her beautiful mother.

Daddy’s Home

Each story in this collection is written by a best selling romance author and shares the theme of a hero suddenly learning about the child he never knew he had. Reissue.

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