Mark W Tiedemann Books In Order

Secantis Books In Order

  1. Compass Reach (1998)
  2. Metal of Night (2002)
  3. Peace and Memory (2003)


  1. Realtime (2001)
  2. Remains (2005)
  3. Of Stars and Shadows (2013)
  4. Logic of Departure (2014)


  1. Gravity Box and Other Spaces (2014)

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Mark W Tiedemann Books Overview

Compass Reach

Fargo owes nothing to the Pan Humana. He turned his back on them long ago, when he was stripped of his identity, his class, his position, and all the other ties to human civilization enjoyed by its billions upon billions of citizens. Fargo joined the ranks of the Freeriders. To themselves, Freeriders are interstellar gypsies, the disinvested and therefore the truly free. To most of the rest of society, to the Invested, they are parasites, freeloaders, bums. But now Fargo finds himself caught up in events that are dragging him back into the folds of human culture and forcing him to choose sides in a struggle to determine the future of humanity in the galaxy. The aliens have come to make treaties, to interact with a paranoid humanity, to bridge the gaps that separate them. They do not understand the resistance they encounter and enlist aid where they can. Among those they pick, Fargo is their most unlikely choice. He is also their most dangerous choice. To the humans opposed to embracing the new future offered, Fargo is representative of everything they reject, a threat to everything they hold important and fear to lose. He is an outsider, unwanted, unwelcome, in many ways a barbarian, yet indispensable to both sides. For himself, Fargo has his own reasons for going all the way to Sol, to Earth, into the heart of power. Fargo has touched an alien mind.

Metal of Night

When Cira Kalinge signed on with the Armada, she thought her staid, provincial family disowning her was the worst thing that could happen. Then the Secession happened and she found herself on a carrier heading for the Distal colonies to carry out a suppression of other humans, humans who had apparently chosen to cast their fortunes with nonhumans in defiance of the Pan Humana edicts severing all contact with the seti races. And when she ended up the sole survivor of the entire fighter contingent of her task force, grounded on Finders during the worst days of the chaos of open rebellion, living precariously for the day the Armada returned to reclaim Finders, the last thing she expected was to be betrayed by the very service for which she had given up everything else. For Alexan Cambion, volunteering for combat duty seemed the ideal way to justify his father’s faith in him, fighting to preserve the Pan Humana. But when he returns to his homeworld Finders shot down and captured in the first open engagement of the Secession, he learns to his dismay that every action he has taken since leaving Finders for Armada service has been exactly the opposite of what his father intended, and the welcome he expects becomes a nightmare. Sean Merrick did not start his career as a double agent, but as the Secession began he found his sympathies siding more and more with the secessionists. As the battle of Finders rages and he travels the boundary between the Distals and the Pan, he learns how impossible it is to stay aloof and uncommitted. In the end, all of them must decide between loyalty and morality, family and integrity, duty and truth.

Peace and Memory

Decades after the Secession, humanity is still split. The isolationist Pan Humana and the expansionist Commonwealth Republic live on either side of their mutual boundary, the Secant. Crossing the Secant is illegal, no matter which side you start from. Trade Tamyn Glass is on a well paying and mostly legal run when she is contacted by Benajim Cyanus a man she doesn’t know, piloting a ship that isn’t his, pursued by people who intend him harm. He carries a plea from an old friend that Tamyn can’t ignore. Sean Merrick, richest of the early founders of the Commonwealth, is dying, and his last wish is to be buried on Earth. That means crossing the Secant and breaking the law. But that’s only the start of Tamyn’s problems. Merrick is trying to live beyond his natural lifespan: he has loaded his persona into his ship, the Solo, and turned it over to Benajim a man who has no memory of his past and owes his present to Sean Merrick. One man has placed them all in a moral, ethical, and legal dilemma that threatens everything they know, and there’s no time to consider. They have to decide, and decide now. Their choice will have profound consequences. For everyone.


From Mark W. Tiedemann, the bestselling author of the Isaac Asimov’s Robot Mysteries Mirage and Chimera, comes a thrilling new mystery!

America in 2050 is a very different place. In the wake of a triumphant isolationist movement and a massive depression, state’s rights supersede federal authority on all levels, and in the subsequent balkanization of economy, class, and politics, getting anything done in the ‘national interest’ is a tortuous, nearly impossible task.

For Grant Voczek and Reva Cassonare, working for different, normally uncooperative agencies, overcoming these barriers takes on a personal edge when a Treasury agent is found murdered in St. Louis. They must work together to find the killers — and the reason behind the killing. What they discover leads them through a maze of political and corporate collusion involving currency fraud, graft, and the systematic harvesting of people who cannot defend themselves because they do not legally exist. For Grant and Reva, failure would not be simply unacceptable — failure would be a felony of conscience.


Set in the future when Earth has colonized the moon, Mars, and its orbitals, this science fiction adventure follows the adventures of security officer Mace Preston, who learns that his wife, Helen, has been killed in a construction accident on Mars. Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her death, Mace embarks on a journey to uncover the truth; what he discovers instead is a zealous web of interplanetary terrorists and that he is falling in love with Nemily, a Cerebro Augmented person sponsored by Helen for emigration to the colony Aea. With Nemily’s ability to plug directly into computer systems, she may hold the clue to Helen’s death, as well as a string of unexplained accidents across the galaxy if only she knew how to access and process the information. Mace tries to help her, but time is running out for both of them as they grow closer to solving the truth about Helen’s ‘accident.’

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