Mark Clifton Books In Order


  1. They’d Rather Be Right (1955)
  2. When They Come from Space (1961)
  3. Eight Keys to Eden (1962)


  1. Secret of Marracott Deep / Pawn of the Black Fleet (2011)


  1. The Science Fiction of Mark Clifton (1980)
  2. Science Fiction Gems, Volume 9 (2015)
  3. What Have I Done? (2020)


  1. Star, Bright (1952)

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Mark Clifton Books Overview

They’d Rather Be Right

The government ordered it built: a thinking machine that could foresee catastrophe and eliminate human error. Reasearch trainee Joe Carter sees another possibility create a machine that will make ordinary people telepathic and immortal. ‘Full of excitement, richly rewarding…
‘ Galaxy.

Eight Keys to Eden

Not long after the colonists landed on the uninhabited planet, every human-made artifact — ship, communicators, tools — disappeared! Even their clothes! Here is an enthralling alien-planet puzzle from the man writer, critic and Nebula award winner Barry

Secret of Marracott Deep / Pawn of the Black Fleet

Armchair fiction presents the ninth entry in a new series of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, ‘Secret of Marracott Deep’ is a tale of an undersea race rising from the depths to menace mankind. What was the secret of beautiful woman on the beach who found herself constantly threatened by monsters from below? Look out for giant lobsters! The second novel, ‘Pawn of the Black Fleet’ is a tale of pending invasion. A massive alien fleet hovered in the skies above America. For days the grim, threatening spaceships of the invading armada were seen simultaneously over every major city, washing the earth below with a stinking miasma of evil dread. Then suddenly, the pattern stopped and the world waited silently and fearfully for the next move. Both novels are terrific thrillers penned by two well-known ’60s sci-fi specialists, Henry Slesar and Mark Clifton

The Science Fiction of Mark Clifton

This collection of the best short stories of Mark Clifton makes these fine tales readily available for the first time in two decades. Winner with Frank Riley of the 1955 Hugo Award for They d Rather Be Right, Clifton has for a variety of reasons unrelated to the quality of his writing all but disappeared from the aware ness of today’s science fiction audience. Never a prolific writer he had published only about twenty five short stories before his death in 1963. But with those stories and his three novels he irrevocably altered the course of contemporary science fiction. Almost single handedly he introduced the full range of psy chological insights to the commonly occurring themes of the genre alien invasion, expanding technology, revolution against political theocracy, and space exploration and coloniza tion to ever more truthfully portray how humanity would react to a future that could be either mindless or intellectually stunning. With his first published story, What Have I Done? Clifton initiated the theme of a starkly realistic world in which, at its best, humanity is inalterably vile a theme that became an in extricable part of all his subsequent works. In his later works Clifton occasionally clothed his bitter indictment in the garb of comedy. The stories collected here include What Have I Done? Star, Bright, Crazy Joey, What Thin Partitions, Sense from Thought Divide, How Allied, Remembrance and Re flection, Hide! Hide! Witch! Clerical Error, What Now, Little Man? and Hang Head, Vandal!

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