Mark A Garland Books In Order

Demon Blade Books In Order

  1. Demon Blade (1994)
  2. Frost (2000)


  1. Dorella (1992)
  2. Sword of the Prophets (1997)

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Mark A Garland Books Overview


THE LEAST OF FOUR EVILS Frost, one of the world’s great sorcerors, now possesses the Demon Blade, perhaps the most powerful and dangerous weapon ever created but he doesn’t want it. Trouble is, plenty of others do, so he must not let it go until he finds the Blade’s rightful guardian. But to do that he must return home. And that means facing those who betrayed him in his youth, as well as those whom he betrayed. It means facing who and what he was, and what he has become. He will arrive to find a land on the brink of war, his greatest enemy on the throne, himself the target of plots by lords and mages alike, and soon enough, family he didn’t even know he had held ransom for the Demon Blade. Now he must choose among the least of four evils, and new, unimagined consequences he is only beginning to comprehend…

Sword of the Prophets

Possessing the ability to know a sword’s history just by looking at it, Yourdon Lewen nevertheless pursues his dream of becoming a hero and dons the armor of a soldier, but his subsequent experiences teach him the meaning of true heroism.

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