Margery Allingham Books In Order

Albert Campion Books In Publication Order

  1. The Crime at Black Dudley / The Black Dudley Murder (1929)
  2. Mystery Mile (1930)
  3. Look to the Lady / The Gyrth Chalice Mystery (1931)
  4. Police at the Funeral (1931)
  5. Sweet Danger / The Fear Sign (1933)
  6. Death of a Ghost (1934)
  7. Flowers for the Judge (1936)
  8. The Case of the Late Pig (1937)
  9. Dancers in Mourning / Who Killed Chloe? (1937)
  10. The Fashion in Shrouds (1938)
  11. Traitor’s Purse (1940)
  12. Coroner’s Pidgin / Pearls Before Swine (1945)
  13. More Work for the Undertaker (1948)
  14. The Tiger in the Smoke (1952)
  15. The Beckoning Lady / The Estate of the Beckoning Lady (1955)
  16. Hide My Eyes / Tether’s End (1958)
  17. The China Governess (1962)
  18. The Mind Readers (1965)
  19. Cargo of Eagles (1968)
  20. Mr. Campion’s Farthing (1969)
  21. Mr. Campion’s Quarry / Falcon (1970)
  22. Mr. Campion’s Farewell (By:Mike Ripley) (2014)
  23. Mr. Campion’s Fox (By:Mike Ripley) (2015)
  24. Mr. Campion’s Fault (By:Mike Ripley) (2016)
  25. Mr. Campion’s Abdication (By:Mike Ripley) (2017)
  26. Mr Campion’s War (By:Mike Ripley) (2018)
  27. Mr Campion’s Visit (By:Mike Ripley) (2019)
  28. Mr Campion’s Seance (By:Mike Ripley) (2020)
  29. Mr Campion’s Coven (By:Mike Ripley) (2021)
  30. Mr. Campion’s Wings (By:Mike Ripley) (2022)

Albert Campion Collections In Publication Order

  1. Mr. Campion and Others (1939)
  2. Mr. Campion’s Lucky Day and Other Short Stories (1973)
  3. The Return of Mr. Campion: Uncollected Stories (1989)
  4. The Danger Point and Other Mysteries (2012)
  5. Campion at Christmas (2018)
  6. The Case Book of Mr. Campion (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Blackkerchief Dick (1923)
  2. The White Cottage Mystery (1927)
  3. The Man of Dangerous Secrets (1933)
  4. Black Plumes (1940)
  5. The Oaken Heart (1941)
  6. Dance of the Years / The Galantrys (1943)
  7. The Patient at Peacocks Hall (1954)
  8. Safer Than Love (1954)
  9. Take Two at Bedtime (1991)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Deadly Duo (1950)
  2. No Love Lost (1954)
  3. The Allingham Case-Book (1969)
  4. The Allingham Minibus (1973)
  5. The Darings of the Red Rose (1995)
  6. A Christmas Most Foul (2018)

Murderous Christmas Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder under the Christmas Tree: Ten Classic Crime Stories for the Festive Season (2016)
  2. Murder on Christmas Eve (2017)
  3. A Very Murderous Christmas: Ten Classic Crime Stories for the Festive Season (2018)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. A Century of British Mystery and Suspense (2000)
  2. Crime Story Collection (2000)
  3. Crime Never Pays (2001)

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Margery Allingham Books Overview

The Crime at Black Dudley / The Black Dudley Murder

A house party with a glittering guest list. An imposing country estate with endless shadowy staircases and unused rooms. The breathless period between the two world wars. It’s the ideal setting for the classic English murder mystery, and bringing it to perfection is the introduction?in a supporting role, for the first and last time?of Albert Campion, the consummate if compulsively quipping Gentleman Sleuth. The guests take some time to be grateful for Campion’s presence; he is a bit peculiar, and they have more than enough distractions, what with various complicated love affairs, a curious ritual involving a jeweled dagger, and a deadly game of hide and seek.

Mystery Mile

With his first case Albert Campion scored a genteely British coup. His new client, though, is the very American Judge Crowdy Lobbett. His Honor has come into possession of evidence identifying the criminal mastermind behind a gang that is terrorizing New York, and the gang, in response, has begun terrorizing Judge Lobbett. For safety, Campion sends the Judge and his family to Mystery Mile, a secluded house deep in the British countryside. But that safety is illusory: Soon after their arrival the local vicar is killed, a clear message from the gang. The gang, however, has underestimated Campion. Beneath his stream of banter is a razor sharp detective’s intellect, and he is soon sending deadly serious messages of his own.

Look to the Lady / The Gyrth Chalice Mystery

Some objects just cry out to be stolen, and an obliging ring of international thieves stands ready to heed the cry. Their current target is the Gyrth Chalice, a priceless goblet that the Gyrth family has for centuries held in trust for the British Crown. Kept in a windowless chapel, and protected by a fearsome curse, the Chalice should be impervious to thievery. But this is 1930, and the crooks have all the advantages of the modern world. Chief among these is the craving for publicity, to which at least one member of the Gyrth clan has succumbed. Her careless chatter about the Chalice seems to have called up all manner of misfortunes of which larceny is just the beginning and the vague, bespectacled Albert Campion doesn’t look like he’ll be much help against them. But looks can be deceptive.

Police at the Funeral

The imperious Caroline Faraday runs her house like a Victorian fiefdom, unconcerned with the fact that it’s 1931. Furniture and meals are heavy and elaborate, both motorcars and morning tea are forbidden on account of vulgarity. The Faraday children now well into middle age chafe at the restrictions, but with no money of their own, they respond primarily by quarreling amongst themselves. Their endless squabbling is tedious but nothing more until one of them turns up missing and then dead, followed shortly by his petulant, whining sister. Though neither will be much missed, decency demands that Caroline Faraday hire the nearly respectable Albert Campion to investigate their untimely ends. Unfortunately, what Mr. Campion discovers will force the modern world relentlessly into Mrs. Faraday’s stuffy Victorian parlor.

Sweet Danger / The Fear Sign

After centuries as a Balkan backwater, the sleepy town of Averna has overnight become a stunningly valuable port, thanks to an earthquake that rejiggered the regional topography. But to whose coffers will that value accrue? Albert Campion, that interesting young man, has a hunch that the answer is to be found in a tiny Suffolk village, where a peculiar and dead broke family may be able to lay claim to the Averna fortune, provided they can produce the requisite proof of lineage. The proof? Nothing terribly difficult. Just your average ancient riddle, stolen drum, long lost bell, priceless crown, and, oh yes, a necklace of disappearing rubies.

Death of a Ghost

The painter John Lafcadio was brilliantly talented and, it appears, a bit psychic: Certain that his reputation would improve dramatically after his death, he left several paintings with his agent, along with the instruction that the widowed Mme. Lafcadio should wait a suitable interval and then begin doling out the work to a newly ravenous public, selling the paintings at the rate of one per year. Albert Campion, an old friend of the widow’s, is among the guests at Lafcadio’s fourth such posthumous vernissage. The event is a success for all but one of attendees a young artist who is brutally murdered while others are sipping champagne. Shortly thereafter the wife of another painter in the Lafcadios’ circle is poisoned, and Campion begins asking questions a dangerous habit with a murderer around.

Flowers for the Judge

The Barnabas publishing dynasty is no stranger to mystery; after all, the founders nephew is legendary for having disappeared in broad daylight. Yet the discovery of one of the Barnabas cousins, dead for some days inside a locked baseme*nt, throws the entire clan in disarray. As police suspicions settle on a member of the family, the Barnabas cousins have no choice but to ask Albert Campion to step in and salvage their reputation. But everywhere he turns, Campion finds more questions than answers. Just what was the deceased Barnabas doing in that baseme*nt in his evening clothes and bowler hat? Why is his secretary acting so strange? And the original disappearing nephew where, exactly, did he disappear to?

The Case of the Late Pig

Several months after Albert Campion attends the funeral of an old school buddy, Roland Pig Peters, the detective is asked to investigate a country club murder. The victim turns out be to none other than the supposedly dead and buried Pig Peters. As the death toll mounts, Campion finds that he, too, is targeted for termination.

Dancers in Mourning / Who Killed Chloe?

Jimmy Sutane is London?s favorite song and dance man, headlining at the Argosy Theatre, and beloved by all. Or almost all: Someone has taken to playing increasingly nasty pranks. Albert Campion offers to poke around, but what he finds chez Sutane nearly overwhelms him. The far from traditional household features a clutch of explosive egos, including a brooding ?genius musician,? and a melodramatic young actress who seems to delight in drawing others into her web of carefully groomed tragedy. Someone here is aiming to hang up Sutane?s tap shoes on a permanent basis, and if Campion is to keep Jimmy dancing, he?ll have to come up with some pretty fancy footwork of his own.

The Fashion in Shrouds

The Fashion in Shrouds introduces Albert Campion?s sister, a talented young clothing designer with a roster of celebrated clients. The most celebrated among them is Georgia Wells, a glamorous actress who exemplifies the 1930s femme fatale. Georgia is vain, stupid, and self centered, but men fly to her like moths to a flame. And like those moths, they often meet unhappy ends. Georgia?s fans chalk it up to her irresistibly dangerous allure, but Campion isn?t so sure. For one thing, he reckons, Georgia isn?t actually all that alluring. And for another, he suspects she might be just a bit more deliberately fatale than her public would like to believe.

Traitor’s Purse

He awoke in a neat hospital bed to the sound of voices discussing him and his possible, upcoming hanging. Escaping from the hospital, he finds that everyone expects him to do something. And clearly that something is not simply important, it is vital as England is on the brink of war. His only course is to rely on his wits and push forward, hoping that something will unlock his memory before it’s too late. Previously published.

Coroner’s Pidgin / Pearls Before Swine

World War II is limping to a close, but it isn?t the Germans who are troubling the Dowager Marchioness of Carados right now. The problem is the potential derailment of her son?s wedding by the discovery, in his bed, of the body of a distinctly inappropriate girl who seems to have swallowed a fatal handful of pills. Never one to be cowed, the Marchioness enlists a friend to dump the body in a temporarily empty flat. But the flat?s owner?Albert Campion?returns home unexpectedly, on brief leave from the war. Understandably a bit put out, Campion determines nonetheless to carry out his original plan: A fast change of clothing and then off to the country. The police, however, have other ideas.

More Work for the Undertaker

Apron Street, a quiet little London thoroughfare, is home to the eccentric Palinod family. At first glance, the Palinodes appear to be entirely at odds with the Apron’s almost aggressive respectability, but Albert Campion isn’t so sure. After all, he has friends in low places. And rumor has it that even London’s toughest criminals are afraid of Apron Street.

The Tiger in the Smoke

Old William Faraday is dead, apparently of natural causes. Another man is dead too, and it was certainly murder. Mr Campion and his family are back in Pontisbright, along with Magersfontein Lugg and DCI Charles Luke. Danger is hardly unknown in this idyllic Suffolk village, but it is a less romantic peril than on Mr Campion’s first visit, more than twenty years ago. Mr Campion’s friends Minnie and Tonker Cassands put on a cheerful face as they prepare for their annual party at Minnie’s house, The Beckoning Lady, but Minnie has serious problems with the Inland Revenue and the dead man in the ditch is a tax inspector.

The Beckoning Lady / The Estate of the Beckoning Lady

Old William Faraday is dead, apparently of natural causes. Another man is dead too, and it was certainly murder. Mr Campion and his family are back in Pontisbright, along with Magersfontein Lugg and DCI Charles Luke. Danger is hardly unknown in this idyllic Suffolk village, but it is a less romantic peril than on Mr Campion’s first visit, more than twenty years ago. Mr Campion’s friends Minnie and Tonker Cassands put on a cheerful face as they prepare for their annual party at Minnie’s house, The Beckoning Lady, but Minnie has serious problems with the Inland Revenue and the dead man in the ditch is a tax inspector.

Hide My Eyes / Tether’s End

Returning to the darker themes of Tiger in the Smoke, Allingham introduces a serial killer who is haunting London’s Theatreland. The sparring between Sergeant Luke who thinks he’s got the case sewn up and Albert Campion who wonders what the old couple on the bus saw is sparkling as ever, but readers will note that Allingham was shifting toward psychological themes that put her in the company of Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith.

The China Governess

Timothy Kinnit is rich, handsome and well bred. He seems to have everything. Then, on the eve of his elopement, he learns that he was adopted, and he is desperate to know who he really is. Someone seems no less keen to stop him finding out. Violence, deception and death bedevil the post war housing estate that has grown from the ashes of the notorious Turk Street Mile, and the shadow of a long forgotten murder hangs over it all until Luke and Campion are finally able to dispel the darkness.

The Mind Readers

Sam Ferris is an ordinary English schoolboy. Well, except for a few things. One: His father is an eminent scientist, based on a military research island off the English coast. Two: Sam is about to be interviewed by a solicitor, giving evidence, in a serious legal matter, against one of his favorite teachers. And three: Sam can read minds. But there’s a four: Sam’s uncle is Albert Campion. And Sam’s story, in all its seemingly unrelated elements, gives his Uncle Albert quite a lot to be curious about.

Cargo of Eagles

In this, Ms. Allingham’s last novel, the action revolves around Saltey, for centuries a hidey hole for all manner of villains. Astonishingly, it is the early 1960s, and Saltey, like many English coastal towns, is being over run by teenage gangs. But that s not why Albert Campion now, really astonishingly, in late middle age has persuaded Lugg to take up residence. His interest lies in part with the just out of prison thief who has in time honored tradition gone to ground in Saltey. But his most passionate interest is reserved for the curious, newly revived story of the Saltey Demon.

Blackkerchief Dick

A skeleton in a dinner jacket, a man murdered in a deckchair, a dead man spotted wandering in the London fog…
Albert Campion is called upon to solve some most unusual crimes. This omnibus features three of the charming amateur sleuth’s most intriguing cases: ‘Sweet Danger’, ‘The Case of the Late Pig’, and ‘The Tiger in the Smoke’.

Black Plumes

Gabrielle Ivory was once a society beauty of such exquisite arrogance that she stared down a queen. But now, nearing 90, she’s largely disregarded by the younger members of the Ivory clan, who like to imagine Granny as a bedridden relic of a dead era. That’s a mistake, and it’s not their only one. A series of malicious attacks is threatening the family business one of the most prestigious art galleries in the world. Robert Ivory and his high strung wife, frantic to preserve the status quo, want to chalk it all up to practical jokes gone wrong. But Gabrielle is not inclined to collude in this delusion. It’s a ridiculous modern affectation, she sniffs, to pretend to disregard money.

Take Two at Bedtime

Deadly Duo presents two superb novellas of murder most mysterious, Wanted: Someone Innocent and Last Act. Previously published.

Deadly Duo

Deadly Duo presents two superb novellas of murder most mysterious, Wanted: Someone Innocent and Last Act. Previously published.

The Allingham Case-Book

Originally published in the 1960s, this collection of stories by the author of the Albert Campion mystery novels displays the writer’s sense of the fantastic.

Crime Never Pays

A selection of short stories in the Bookworm Collection series. The texts are neither graded nor adapted, and each book contains biographical information about the authors, notes on the texts, and language activities.

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