Margaret Watson Books In Order

Into the Storm Books In Order

  1. To Save His Child (1996)
  2. An Innocent Man (1995)
  3. An Honourable Man (1996)
  4. The Dark Side of the Moon (1997)
  5. Family On the Run (2000)

Cameron, Utah / Cameron Cowboys Books In Order

  1. Rodeo Man (1998)
  2. For the Children (1998)
  3. Cowboy with a Badge (1998)
  4. The Fugitive Bride (1999)
  5. The Marriage Protection Programme (1999)

Door County Books In Order

  1. Small-Town Secrets (2006)
  2. Small-Town Family (2007)
  3. Stranger In A Small Town (2007)

McInnes Triplets Books In Order

  1. A Place Called Home (2008)
  2. No Place Like Home (2008)
  3. Home at Last (2009)

Welcome to Otter Tail Books In Order

  1. An Unlikely Setup (2010)
  2. Can’t Stand the Heat? (2010)
  3. Life Rewritten (2010)
  4. For Baby and Me (2011)

Devereux Family Books In Order

  1. A Safe Place (2012)
  2. The Woman He Knows (2012)
  3. Bending the Rules (2013)

Donovan Family Books In Order

  1. Watch Me (2013)
  2. Find Me (2013)
  3. Love Me (2014)
  4. Trust Me (2014)
  5. Cover Me (2015)
  6. Protect Me (2015)
  7. Save Me (2016)
  8. See Me (2016)
  9. Catch Me (2017)

Four Books In Order

  1. The Third Eye (2019)
  2. An Indigo Wind (2019)
  3. Dark Matter (2019)
  4. Red Dawn Rising (2019)
  5. Out of the Darkness (2020)

Blackhawk Security Books In Order

  1. With One Breath (2022)
  2. Once Removed (2021)
  3. Once Burned (2021)
  4. Fool Me Once (2021)
  5. Just This Once (2021)


  1. The Cop and the Single Mum (2008)
  2. Personal Best (2013)


  1. His Secret Past / Place Called Home (2009)
  2. Her Miracle Man / No Place Like Home (2009)

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Margaret Watson Books Overview

An Innocent Man

Connor MacCormac could hear the whispers as he walked down the streets of his hometown. He had been Pine Butte’s bad boysexy, smart and a bit too wild. He’d left twelve years ago, but the townspeople had long memories. And as far as they were concerned, Connor was guilty of a most unspeakable act. Sarah Wesley had always been tempted by the brooding loner. But she couldn’t forget what had happened to her family. Torn between guilt and desire, she was heading for trouble…
with the last man she should ever want. The secret they shared bound them togetherand could rip the whole town apart.

Stranger In A Small Town

Seth Anderson has come to Sturgeon Falls determined to prove two things. First, that he’d never fathered a child. Second, that Dr. Kat Macauley, the prime suspect in his counterfeiting case, isn’t fit to be a mother. But face to face with the fiercely protective Kat, he isn’t so sure. The passionate and loving woman who swore she’d never let her friend’s daughter go off with a complete stranger makes him see what he’s sacrificed by always putting his career first. And that’s not all he quickly realizes how much he hopes his suspicions are wrong.

A Place Called Home

The past always comes back to bite Zoe McInnes. So of course everybody believes she’s to blame when her former father in law strokes out in the middle of a fight with her. Thank God the man’s going to be okay. But of course Zoe ends up behind bars.

And of course the very sexy man she thought her lawyer had sent to bail her out turns out to be none other than Gideon Tate, the estranged brother of her late husband. Impossible as it should be, he seems to really get Zoe, despite her past involvement with his family. He seems to admire the job she does defending the abused women in her shelter. He even seems to love her just a little bit . Must appearances always be deceiving?

No Place Like Home

All Bree McInnes has to do is make it through the summer without anyone from her hometown discovering her secrets. And then she is so out of here. Because running away is what this single mom does best.

Keeping a low profile turns out to be harder than Bree thought. Especially when Professor Parker Ellison her sexy boss and a famous orchid hunter begins to fall in love. With her!

But between her own determination to skip town and Parker’s aversion to being trapped in a ‘relationship,’ they could be over before they even start. And that’s too bad, since exploring some home style adventure could be exactly what her elusive bachelor needs.

Home at Last

Once upon a time, everything was perfect. Fiona McInnes had it all figured out: fabulous career, famous friends and oodles of time to herself to create beautiful jewelry. Until her sisters force her back to Spruce Lake to help settle their father’s estate. Until her childhood sweetheart, Jackson Grant, literally storms back into her life.

It doesn’t help that Jackson has grown up to be one of the sexiest veterinarians she’s ever laid eyes on. Sparks are flying big time. But Fiona not only needs to return to New York, she wants to. And Jackson has made it clear that’s A okay with him. Because with one broken heart between them, do they dare risk a second chance?

An Unlikely Setup

It all seemed so simple before Maddie Johnson landed back in Otter Tail. Sell her godfather’s pub, pay off her debt, return to Chicago and start over. Quinn Murphy, however, is not part of that plan. Maddie hasn’t seen Quinn since a certain humiliating night fifteen years ago. Now her former crush is running the bar she’s inherited, and he’s going to fight her for it. And he’s not above fighting dirty, apparently. Too bad she can’t afford to sell the bar to the lowest bidder namely, Quinn and be done with it. Because despite the pain he caused her, the man’s irresistibly attractive to her. Always has been. Always, always, will be.

Can’t Stand the Heat?

Just the sight of Walker Barnes in her kitchen is enough to panic Jen Summers. Those feelings she once had that seemed like cold ashes for so many years are turning out to be hot, hot coals. Walker’s sudden appearance is fanning all sorts of flames. Her guilt, her shame, her deep regret for what she’d done to him.

But this isn’t the awkward geek she’d hurt back in high school. This is a brand-new Walker-hardened, wickedly successful, brilliant, confident…sexy. And he hasn’t forgotten how she used him. Or forgiven her. In fact, he seems bent on payback. Of all the times to fall for a guy…

Life Rewritten

She’s deleted every trace of Chantal, the celebrity rocker she used to be. Delaney Spencer is making good as a carpenter, a staunch friend and a decent member of the community in Otter Tail, Wisconsin. This is her home now.

Except Sam McCabe-sibling to her late bandmate, Diesel-has found her. And he needs her to hand over the unreleased songs she and Diesel made together. For the sake of his brother-for the sake of Diesel’s children. She’s desperate to be a better person and do the right thing. But not if she has to reveal that she’s Chantal.

She won’t do it. Not even for Sam.

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