Margaret Moore Books In Order

Warrior Books In Order

  1. A Warrior’s Heart (1992)
  2. A Warrior’s Quest (1993)
  3. A Warrior’s Way (1994)
  4. The Welshman’s Way (1995)
  5. The Norman’s Heart (1996)
  6. The Baron’s Quest (1996)
  7. A Warrior’s Bride (1997)
  8. A Warrior’s Honor (1998)
  9. A Warrior’s Passion (1998)
  10. The Welshman’s Bride (1999)
  11. A Warrior’s Kiss (2000)
  12. The Overlord’s Bride (2001)
  13. A Warrior’s Lady (2002)
  14. In the King’s Service (2003)
  15. The Warrior Box Set (2019)

Viking Series Books In Order

  1. The Viking (1993)
  2. The Saxon (1995)

Most Unsuitable Men Books In Order

  1. The Wastrel (1996)
  2. The Dark Duke (1997)
  3. The Rogue’s Return (1997)

Restoration Series Books In Order

  1. A Scoundrel’s Kiss (1999)
  2. A Rogue’s Embrace (2000)
  3. His Forbidden Kiss (2001)

Maiden And Her Knight Books In Order

  1. The Maiden and Her Knight (2001)
  2. Tempt Me With Kisses (2002)
  3. All My Desire (2002)

Kiss Me Books In Order

  1. Kiss Me Quick (2003)
  2. Kiss Me Again (2004)
  3. A Lover’s Kiss (2008)
  4. The Viscount’s Kiss (2009)

Brothers-in-Arms Books In Order

  1. Bride of Lochbarr (2004)
  2. Lord of Dunkeathe (2005)
  3. The Unwilling Bride (2005)
  4. Hers to Command (2006)
  5. Hers to Desire (2006)
  6. My Lord’s Desire (2007)
  7. The Notorious Knight (2007)
  8. Knave’s Honor (2007)

Gordon McHeath Books In Order

  1. Highland Rogue, London Miss (2010)
  2. Highland Heiress (2011)

Knights’ Prizes Books In Order

  1. Castle of the Wolf (2014)
  2. Bride for a Knight (2014)
  3. Scoundrel of Dunborough (2015)


  1. China Blossom (1992)
  2. The Duke’s Desire (2000)
  3. Gwyneth and the Thief (2002)
  4. The Warlord’s Bride (2008)
  5. A Marriage of Rogues (2017)


  1. Mistletoe Marriages (1994)
  2. The Christmas Visit (2004)
  3. Yuletide Weddings (2006)
  4. Confessions Bundle (2008)
  5. Highlanders Collection (2014)
  6. Harlequin Historical July 2014 – Bundle 2 of 2 (2014)
  7. Harlequin Historical January 2015 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2015)
  8. Harlequin Historical January 2016 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2016)
  9. Medieval Brides (2016)
  10. Harlequin Historical February 2017 Box Set 2 of 2 (2017)
  11. Regency Scandal: Infamous Rogues (2020)
  12. The Regency Scandal Collection (2021)


  1. The Knights of Christmas (1997)
  2. A Valentine from Harlequin (2012)


  1. The Welsh Lord’s Mistress (2009)

Non fiction

  1. Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life (2011)

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Margaret Moore Books Overview

A Warrior’s Way

Welshman Hu Morgan could scarce believe that Fate had granted him Liliana, a beauteous Norman wife and bountiful lands. Yet he was beginning to wonder if his rejoicing had been a little premature.

The Overlord’s Bride

Lady Elizabeth Perronet is given a choice: stay in the convent for the rest of her life enduring misery and deprivation at the hands of a woman who abhors her, or take her wayward cousin’s place and marry the infamous Lord Kirkheathe. Elizabeth has never had an easier decision to make in her life, and not even the first meeting with the intimidating, silent nobleman can dissuade her from her chosen course. Marrying for money and to produce an heir, Lord Kirkheathe trusts no one, and no woman most of all until Elizabeth Perronet forces her way into his lonely life, rekindling the embers of emotions he thought forever torn from his heart.

In the King’s Service

‘Twas said he could whisper a woman to bed…
and now Sir Blaidd Morgan had turned his considerable charms on Lady Becca Throckton. But could she trust his intent? A childhood injury had made her fit to be no man’s bride, and yet the Welsh warrior made her feel she’d a right to her woman’s heart. The Lady Becca surprised him, and that was rare, sir Blaidd mused. Indeed, she had a fire that stirred him in unexpected ways. Though he could ill afford a dalliance on this secret mission for his king, he found himself entranced. Surely this was no mere idyll. Nay, this had the feel of forever…

The Saxon

Endredi haunted his every waking thought.. a sun burnished Valkyrie with a beauty as wild as the open sea. But Adelar’s deepest passion was also his darkest secret. For the woman who held his heart belonged to his lord…
Always would Endredi remember the boy who had awakened her to love. Yet she cursed the fates who brought her face to face with Adelar the man, for she was now nothing more than a bartered bride ina Saxon stronghold rife with danger and deceit.

His Forbidden Kiss

Desperate Needs…
Beautiful orphan Vivienne Burroughs is determined to marry only for love and isn’t about to allow her uncle to marry her off for a noble title. But her plans to escape this fate are interrupted by a strong and masterful man walking out of the mist. He alone offers Vivienne salvation from her dilemma…
but will not reveal his identity. And when he kisses her Vivienne knows she won’t rest until she finds her mystery man. Desperate Measures…
When Robert Harding sees a young woman teetering on the edge the of the River Thames he is certain she’s a step away from plunging to her death. A man who knows what it is to be desperate, Robert has spent his life helping others but, there was something different about Vivienne. Her captivating beauty is too great a temptation to resist. Honor demands that Robert, let her go, even as he knows that ‘Vivienne: was, made to his bride. But can honor remain strong beneath the heat of a forbidden kiss?

The Maiden and Her Knight

Romantic Times: ‘Ms. Moore is a master of the medieval time period.’ Book Description: A Forbidden MarriageLady Allis nearly swoons when she first sees the tall, tempting knight at her father’s jousting tournament. As the eldest daughter of the family, she is duty bound to wed someone of wealth and privilege and Sir Connor, though mesmerizing, is not only penniless but in disgrace. To Connor this fiery, untouchable maiden is a prize worth fighting for. The onetime hero has little save his pride and his skill as a warrior and a lover. But will that be enough to survive castle treachereries, to know the rapturous passion the lady’s hungering gaze promises and to win her heart?

All My Desire

His Every Desire Seeking vengeance on the lord who robbed him of his birthright, Sir Alexander DeFrouchette set out to steal his enemy’s bride…
and, in his haste, carried off the wrong lady! Now it would be far too dangerous to release the exquisite Lady Isabelle whose sister was the true captive he sought. This bold, spirited hellion has enchanted him, and Alexander longs to tame her and taste the sweetness of her kiss. But she is related to his hated foe, and the noble knight will never know Isabelle’s love until she offers it willingly and this she dares never to do. All Her Dreams Gallant knights are supposed to protect fair maidens not kidnap them! Yet here is Lady Isabelle, a prisoner of Sir Alexander, who is strong, virile, handsome, everything she ever dreamed of in a man. But proud, fiery Isabelle will never succumb to force no matter how powerfully he inflames her passion…
or how quickly her heart beats when he’s near…

Kiss Me Quick

The instant Lady Diana Westover spies Edmond Terrington, Viscount Adderley, across a crowded room, the lovely, sheltered miss believes she’s found the man she’s been searching for. Though she knowsnothing of men, Diana longs to pen a romantic novel. So she resolves to study the darkly handsome, scandalously seductive lord’s every move, to experience the pleasures of his soft kisses and sensuous caresses…
all in the name of research. Who is this infuriating female who is everywhere he turns? Edmond is used to fawning admirers, but this attractive chit seems interested in something other than passion. And the more immune she remains to Edmond’s charms, the more enchanted he is by hers. Well, this calls for a serious seduction, for he will be bested by no woman, no matter how bright, witty and delightful! But once he sets Diana’s desires gloriously free, how will Edmond contain the yearnings of his own traitorous heart?

Kiss Me Again

Lady Francesca Cecilia Epping angrily tossed the gauntlet at Brixton Smythe Medway’s feet. The handsome, insolent rogue left the lady little choice after he wagered with friends that he wouldn’t marry until he was fifty and would never wed ‘mousy Fanny Epping.’ Though she has secretly adored Brix for years, Fanny means to make him pay dearly for his indiscretion with one blistering kiss.

Where on Earth did Fanny learn to kiss like that? One moment of intense, unexpected pleasure is forcing Brix to view his childhood friend with new eyes. When did she transform into this spirited and shockingly sensual beauty? But the ton is watching closely, and Brix’s pride insists that he not lose his own bet or Fanny’s. So he will not feel jealous when he sees her on another’s arm. And he will fight this sudden, irrepressible desire to kiss her again and again.

A Lover’s Kiss

Sir Douglas Drury was a spy during the Napoleonic war and has the scars, and enemies, to show for it. When he is set upon in a London street, he finds it hard to be grateful because his rescuer is not only a woman, but French into the bargain! Juliette Bergerine has learned to keep herself safe by avoiding undue attention, but now her life is also in danger and, together, she and Drury must take refuge in a mansion in Mayfair. There, this broodingly cynical man proves an irresistible temptation .

The Viscount’s Kiss

Lord Bromwell is used to breaking the Ton’s rules, but even he is shocked when he meets the beautiful but guarded ‘Lady Eleanor Springford’ and they share a soul searing kiss!

Bromwell has a strong sense of duty and when he realizes she’s fleeing a desperate situation, the only honorable thing he can do is offer her refuge at his country estate.

Except he has no idea Eleanor is really plain Nell Springley, an impoverished lady’s companion on the run, and their fledgling relationship is a scandal in the making .

Bride of Lochbarr

Lady Marianne scarce dreamed it possible her life could get any worse!That was before she found herself transplanted to the wild highlands of Scotland land of savage barbarians and the promised bride of a doddering old Scot. But when a boldly handsome warrior arrived at her door, she knew her prayers had been answered…
. Adair MacTaren had come in friendship, but one look at the comely lass standing before him addled the young man’s mind beyond repair. The tempting Norman lady lured him like a siren yet he had no wish to be rescued. And ’twas no time before the brash chieftain’s son had sworn to free Marianne from her loveless betrothal and claim her for his own ladywife!

Lord of Dunkeathe

Eligible ladies from throughout the land have come to vie for handsome Sir Nicholas Dunkeathe’s attention. So why is he drawn to lady Riona, the poor, sharp tongued and most completely unsuitable woman in the bunch?

The Unwilling Bride

Betrothed at birth…
Promised to Merrick of Tregellas when she was but a child, Lady Constance was unwilling to wed a man she remembered only as a spoiled boy. Sure he had grown into an arrogant knight, she sought to make herself so unappealing that Merrick would refuse to honor their betrothal. Yet no sooner had this enigmatic, darkly handsome man ridden through the castle gates than she realized he was nothing like the boy she recalled. And very much a man she could love…
Bound by desire…
Haunted by secrets from his past, Merrick was unwilling to return to Tregallas until he caught sight of his bride to be. Beautiful and spirited, Lady Constance was everything he wanted in a wife. She stirred his passion and his heart as no woman ever had before. But what would happen when she discovered the truth? When enemies begin plotting their downfall, only trust can save a match never meant to end in true love.

Hers to Command

She’d entrusted her lands to his skill, but her heart was another matter…

Sir Henry was a knight errant, capable of impressive prowess on the battlefield…
and in bed. Finding two sisters one stunningly beautiful, the other steadfast and determined waiting patiently in his chamber, he entertained their proposition: a generous sum in exchange for commanding their men at arms in a battle to save their lands.

Seduced by the beauty of Gisele, yet irresistibly drawn to the intelligence of Mathilde, a proud woman as complex as her secrets, Henry accepts their offer. But as invaders close in, it is Mathilde who must dare to trust her deepest desires…
and the man willing to fight for all he is worth to prove his honor.

My Lord’s Desire

A Scandalous Vow

She had sworn never to marry, never to allow any man to claim her or her lands. Nevertheless, Lady Adelaide fended off fortune hunters aplenty when she arrived at the king’s court. Yet when dark whispers in castle corridors threw her into the arms of a valiant knight seeking a wife, the beautiful heiress began to rethink her solemn vow.

A Brazen Betrothal

To ransom his captive brother, Armand de Boisbaston had great need of a wealthy and willing wife. Fate sent him the lady Adelaide instead. A woman who claimed she wished to avoid the marriage bed, yet whose lips told a different tale. Now dangerous intrigues forced them into a match as inescapable as the burgeoning passion that grew between them…

The Notorious Knight

She would have no man

Far from the intrigues of the king’s court, all Lady Gillian desired was to keep her family’s estate safe and to honor her vow never to marry. Then Sir Bayard de Boisbaston arrived at D’Averette castle to warn of possible danger and protect all within. Who was this man, to take over her castle? No matter that he was surely the handsomest knight in the realm, and made her rethink her steadfast vows.

He would have no other

Chivalry demanded Sir Bayard protect Lady Gillian. Though he never expected to do battle with the lady herself. Gillian was a woman of fire and spirit who soon had Bayard plotting a conspiracy. One to convince the Lady Gillian that a knight of her own was useful, not only on the battlefield but in the bedroom, as well!

Knave’s Honor

His arrow strikes true

bringing Lady Elizabeth d’Averette face to face with the decidedly intriguing Finn an outlaw with more honor than most knights. When he saves her from unspeakable violence, she agrees to reward his valorous actions. But would sharing his bed however chastely prove too high a price to pay?

Finn values courage, a quality Lizette displays in abundance. She joins him in a dangerous subterfuge to rescue his brother and expose the long held secrets of the royal court, her adventurous spirit seeming to be a true match to his own. But could a noble beauty really care for a common son of the hills of Eire?

Gwyneth and the Thief

GwynethWith her hand in marriage and the security of her beloved Haverleigh at stake, Lady Gwyneth is desperate. So when she comes upon a young man who might be the solution to her predicament, she does not hesitate to act, though it means entering into a dangerous deceit and inviting a thief into her castle. The ThiefAll Gavin has known is a life of lawless poverty. Left for dead and taken in by a very young, very determined lady, he has little choice but to entertain her request. Posing as a squire, he begins to train the farmers and craftsmen of Haverleigh in the art of combat. In doing so, Gavin begins to know a far different life and to crave all it has to offer. As Haverleigh is secured through their labor and collusion, sparks fly between Gwyneth and her thief. In a moment of rash indiscretion, a kiss nearly undoes them both. Love between a lady and a thief is unthinkable…
unless the truth can remain hidden.

The Warlord’s Bride

Lady Roslynn knows not what to expect of her future husband, the infamous ‘Bear of Brecon.’ Offered in marriage to the powerful Welsh lord by the king, Roslynn fears the worst. She has no right to hope for a love match, but in her heart the lady dreams of a home and family of her very own. One look at Lord Madoc of Llanpowell makes her blood run hot. The rugged warrior proves a passionate lover and attentive husband but too soon turns cold and aloof. And when secrets from Madoc’s past threaten to take him away from his bride, Roslynn knows their future together is at stake. Can she uncover the truth beneath her warlord’s armor and lay siege to his heart?

Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life

The key to a less hectic, less stressful life is not in simply organizing your desk, but organizing your mind. Dr. Paul Hammerness, a Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, describes the latest neuroscience research on the brain’s extraordinary built in system of organization. Margaret Moore, an executive wellness coach and codirector of the Institute of Coaching, translates the science into solutions. This remarkable team shows you how to use the innate organizational power of your brain to make your life less stressful, more productive and rewarding. You’ll learn how to: Regain control of your frenzy Embrace effective uni tasking because multitasking doesn’t work Fluidly shift from one task to another Use your creativity to connect the dotsThis groundbreaking guide is complete with stories of people who have learned to stop feeling powerless against multiplying distractions and start organizing their lives by organizing their minds.

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