Margaret Mahy Books In Order

Cousins Quartet Books In Order

  1. The Good Fortunes Gang (1993)
  2. A Fortunate Name (1993)
  3. A Fortune Branches Out (1993)
  4. Tangled Fortunes (1994)


  1. Bus Under the Leaves (1975)
  2. The Pirate Uncle (1977)
  3. The Great Piratical Rumbustification (1981)
  4. The Haunting (1982)
  5. The Pirates Mixed-Up Voyage (1983)
  6. The Changeover (1984)
  7. The Birthday Burglar (1984)
  8. The Tricksters (1986)
  9. The Catalogue of the Universe (1986)
  10. Aliens in the Family (1986)
  11. Memory (1987)
  12. The Blood-and-Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak (1989)
  13. Raging Robots and Unruly Uncles (1990)
  14. The Seven Chinese Brothers (1990)
  15. Dangerous Spaces (1991)
  16. Underrunners (1992)
  17. The Greatest Show Off Earth (1994)
  18. Tingleberries, Tuckertubs and Telephones (1995)
  19. The Other Side of Silence (1995)
  20. Midnight Story (1996)
  21. The Five Sisters (1996)
  22. Operation Terror (1997)
  23. The Horribly Haunted School (1997)
  24. Down in the Dump with Dinsmore (1998)
  25. A Villain’s Night Out (1999)
  26. Twenty-four Hours (2000)
  27. The Riddle of the Frozen Phantom (2001)
  28. Alchemy (2002)
  29. The Gargling Gorilla (2003)
  30. The Very Wicked Headmistress (2006)
  31. Maddigan’s Fantasia (2006)
  32. Portable Ghosts (2008)
  33. Heriot (2009)
  34. Magician of Hoad (2009)
  35. Organ Music (2010)
  36. Tale of a Tail (2014)


  1. Great Piratical Rumbustification / Librarian and the Robbers (1986)
  2. Birthday Burglar / Very Wicked Headmistress (1987)


  1. Story Book (1972)
  2. Story Book No. 2 (1973)
  3. The Third Story Book (1975)
  4. Leaf Magic (1976)
  5. The Second Margaret Mahy Story Book (1977)
  6. Nonstop Nonsense (1977)
  7. The Chewing-gum Rescue and Other Stories (1982)
  8. The Downhill Crocodile Whizz and Other Stories (1986)
  9. Mahy Magic (1986)
  10. The Horrible Story and Others (1987)
  11. Leaf Magic and Five Other Stories (1988)
  12. The Boy Who Bounced and Other Magic Tales (1988)
  13. The Door in the Air and Other Stories (1988)
  14. Chocolate Porridge and Other Stories (1989)
  15. Bubble Trouble (1991)
  16. A Tall Story and Other Tales (1991)
  17. The Girl with the Green Ear (1992)
  18. The World in 1492 (1992)
  19. A Lion in the Meadow and Other Favourite Stories (1993)
  20. Tick Tock Tales (1993)
  21. The Puffin Book of Five-minute Stories (1998)
  22. Wonderful Me! (2002)
  23. Wait for Me! (2003)
  24. Watch Me! (2004)
  25. Shock Forest (2004)
  26. Don’t Read This! (2004)
  27. Free? (2009)

Picture Books

  1. A Dragon of an Ordinary Family (1969)
  2. A Lion in the Meadow (1969)
  3. Mrs. Discombobulous (1969)
  4. Pillycock’s Shop (1969)
  5. The Procession (1969)
  6. The Little Witch (1970)
  7. Sailor Jack and the Twenty Orphans (1970)
  8. The Princess and the Clown (1971)
  9. The Boy With Two Shadows (1971)
  10. 17 Kings and 42 Elephants (1972)
  11. Railway Engine and the Hairy Brigands (1973)
  12. Stepmother (1974)
  13. The Witch in the Cherry Tree (1974)
  14. Rooms to Let (1974)
  15. Rare Spotted Birthday Party (1974)
  16. Clancy’s Cabin (1974)
  17. Rooms for Rent (1974)
  18. Ultra-violet catastrophe! (1975)
  19. The Great Millionaire Kidnap (1975)
  20. The Boy Who Was Followed Home (1975)
  21. The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate (1976)
  22. David’s Witch Doctor (1976)
  23. The Wind Between the Stars (1976)
  24. Shopping with a Crocodile (1983)
  25. The Great Grumbler and the Wonder Tree (1984)
  26. The Spider in the Shower (1984)
  27. Ups and Downs (1984)
  28. Jam (1985)
  29. The Adventures of a Kite (1986)
  30. The Cake (1986)
  31. The Catten (1986)
  32. Clever Hamburger (1986)
  33. The Earthquake (1986)
  34. How Mr. Rooster Didn’t Get Married (1986)
  35. Kangaroo from Woolloomoolloo (1986)
  36. Lavender the Library Cat (1986)
  37. Let’s Get a Pet (1986)
  38. Little Brown House (1986)
  39. Magician’s Lunch (1986)
  40. Morning Dance (1986)
  41. Most Scary Ghost (1986)
  42. Mouse Monster (1986)
  43. Plants of My Aunt (1986)
  44. Sophie’s Singing Mother (1986)
  45. Ten Loopy Caterpillars (1986)
  46. Terrible Armadillo (1986)
  47. Train That Ran Away (1986)
  48. A Very Happy Bathday (1986)
  49. The Yuckadoos (1986)
  50. The Man Who Enjoyed Grumbling (1986)
  51. Moppy’s Ball (1986)
  52. My Wonderful Aunt (1986)
  53. Baby’s Breakfast (1987)
  54. Feeling Funny (1987)
  55. The Funny, Funny Clown Face (1987)
  56. The Garden Party (1987)
  57. Mr. Rumfitt (1987)
  58. Muppy’s Ball (1987)
  59. The New House Villain (1987)
  60. A Pet to the Vet (1987)
  61. The Pop Group (1987)
  62. Tai Taylor Is Born (1987)
  63. The Terrible Topsy-Turvy, Tissy-Tossy Tangle (1987)
  64. The Tree Doctor (1987)
  65. Trouble On the Bus (1987)
  66. Arguments (1987)
  67. Beautiful Pig (1987)
  68. The Fight On the Hill (1987)
  69. Jacko, the Junk Shop Man (1987)
  70. Long Grass of Tumbledown Road (1987)
  71. Mouse Wedding (1987)
  72. The Robber Pig and the Ginger Beer (1987)
  73. Robber Pig and the Green Eggs (1987)
  74. Squeak in the Gate (1987)
  75. Tinny Tiny Tinker (1987)
  76. The Girl Who Washed in Moonlight (1987)
  77. Tai Taylor Goes to School (1987)
  78. When the King Rides by (1988)
  79. Guinea Pig Grass (1988)
  80. The Great White Man-eating Shark (1989)
  81. White Elephants (1990)
  82. Making Friends (1990)
  83. The Pumpkin Man and the Crafty Creeper (1990)
  84. Iris LA Bonga and the Locked Door (1990)
  85. Iris La Bonga and the Boomerzoomer (1990)
  86. Keeping House (1991)
  87. The Queen’s Goat (1991)
  88. The Dentist’s Promise (1991)
  89. The Fiddle and the Gun (1992)
  90. The Horrendous Hullabaloo (1992)
  91. The Dragon’s Birthday (1992)
  92. A Busy Day for a Good Grandmother (1993)
  93. Iris La Bonga and the Helpful Taxi Driver (1993)
  94. The Rattlebang Picnic (1994)
  95. The Christmas Tree Tangle (1994)
  96. The Greatest Binnie in the World (1995)
  97. Solar Systems: Fact or Fiction (1996)
  98. Boom Baby, Boom Boom! (1996)
  99. The Three Magicians (1997)
  100. Beaten by a Balloon (1997)
  101. A Good Knee for a Cat (1997)
  102. A Summery Saturday Morning (1998)
  103. Simply Delicious! (1999)
  104. Down the Dragon’s Tongue (2000)
  105. Dashing Dog! (2002)
  106. The Three-legged Cat (2004)
  107. Down the Back of the Chair (2006)
  108. Stop That Stew! (2009)
  109. The Man from the Land of Fandango (2012)
  110. Mister Whistler (2012)
  111. The Green Bath (2013)
  112. Footsteps Through the Fog (2013)

Chapter Books

  1. Chocolate Porridge (2014)
  2. The Witch Dog (2014)
  3. The Boy Who Made Things Up (2014)

Non fiction

  1. New Zealand (1975)
  2. My Mysterious World (1995)
  3. A Dissolving Ghost (2000)

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Margaret Mahy Books Overview

The Good Fortunes Gang

Pete Fortune joins the rest of his family in New Zealand and must spend the night in the graveyard in order to join his cousins’ club, The Good Fortunes Gang. By the author of Memory.

A Fortunate Name

The unruly tree house gang from The Door in the Air returns in a second book in which the Fortune family kids discover what is and is not in a name.

Tangled Fortunes

Siblings Tracey and her younger brother Jackson discover that growing up, changing, and discovering their own interests does not mean that they cannot remain friends. By the author of The Good Fortunes Gang.

The Haunting

The family of Barney’s dead mother are aware that there is something special about this particular boy. As he resigns himself to being haunted again, Barney’s sister and brother set out to discover the reason behind his supernatural attraction. This book is a winner of the Carnegie Medal.

The Pirates Mixed-Up Voyage

Captain Lionel Wafer and his fellow pirates Toad, Brace and Bit and Winkle set off in a converted teashop of a ship renamed ‘The Sinful Sausage’. Excitement mounts as the Captain soon forms a plan to kidnap a famous inventor, but they land on the wrong island and then their troubles begin.

The Changeover

Carnegie medal winning supernatural romance from Margaret Mahy. The face in the mirror. From the moment she saw it, Laura Chant knwe that something dreadful was going to happen. It wasn’t the first time she’d been forewarned. But never before had anything so terrible happened. The horrifyingly evil Carmody Braque touched and branded her little brother and now Jacko was very ill, getting steadily worse. There was only one way to save him. Laura had to change over: had to release her supernatural powers. And that meant joining forces with the extraordinary and enigmatic Sorenson Carlisle!

The Catalogue of the Universe

Opposites attract!? Angela May and Tycho Potter couldn’t be more different: she is tall and beautiful, confident and carefree; he is short and serious, plain and self conscious. Angela is popular and sexy, with many boyfriends; Tyke prefers the company of his books and watching the skies through his telescope. Tyke has a huge crush on Angela, yet these two 18 year olds are unlikely best friends. He loves and is mentally tortured by her in roughly equal measure. Angela acts out her burning desire to find and confront her father, whom her mother describes as having been the love affair of her life, but the truth is a very different story which shatters all her childhood imaginings. After a dramatic confrontation it is to Tycho she turns for support, and as their very different worlds collide they begin to understand the unpredictability of life as the repercussions touch everyone around them.

The Blood-and-Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak

Relates the tangled events that lead the students of the Unexpected School on Hurricane Peak to foil the wicked Sir Quincey and his accomplices and to solve several mysteries.

Raging Robots and Unruly Uncles

The arrival of two single minded robots convinces twin brothers, wicked Jasper and virtuous Jason, that their own children, who have run away, aren’t so bad after all.

The Seven Chinese Brothers

Bold, colorful, and historically accurate illustrations adorn a classic Chinese folktale, in which seven brothers use their supernatural gifts to overpower a cruel emperor. SLJ. AB.


When he wants to forget about his life, Tris visits the Underrunners, the vast network of underground tunnels near his home. It’s a fantasy world he tells no one about until he meets Winola, whose escape from the Children’s Home makes her Tris’s perfect partner. Then they discover someone is watching them suddenly their imaginary adventure turns horrifyingly real. An ALA Notable Children’s Book and Booklist Editor’s Choice.

The Greatest Show Off Earth

Delphinium spends her tenth birthday aboard a traveling space circus, fighting against the dark forces who are bent on stamping out fun.

The Other Side of Silence

In her brilliant but argumentative family, Hero is different, because she doesn’t speak. Instead, she prefers the silence and solitude she finds climbing the trees high above her neighbors stately old house. But everything changes when Hero starts to do odd jobs for the neighbor and discovers a shocking secret high up in the tower of the house. ‘Mahy is a writer who just keeps getting better with every book.’ Kirkus Reviews, pointer review ‘Mahys exceptional imagination and storytelling prowess will make it difficult for readers to leave this book behind themhers is a tale with staying power.’ Publishers Weekly, starred review New Zealand author Margaret Mahy won the Carnegie Medal for The Changeover and The Haunting. Her most recent novel for Viking is Tingleberries, Tuckertubs, and Telephones.

The Five Sisters

Facing the harsh elements aboard their small ship, five courageous sisters become even more determined to find the mysterious island on the edge of the sea no matter how difficult the journey.

The Horribly Haunted School

Monty is allergic to ghosts-if there’s one around, he sneezes. That’s how he discovers a ghost-girl called Lulu haunting an old vintage car at the bottom of the garden. Unfortunately, Monty’s mother doesn’t believe in ghosts, so she sends him away to the Brinsley Codd School for Sensible Thought, where, she hopes, Monty will learn there are no such things as spirits. But Monty has only been inside the school a minute when he starts to sneeze…
Margaret Mahy, a versatile and world-renowned author, has won the Carnegie Medal twice and New Zealand’s Esther Glen Award five times. She lives in New Zealand. Robert Staermose lives in England.

A Villain’s Night Out

Audio Cassette, Chivers Children’s Audio Books

Twenty-four Hours

Compelling drama in which 17 year old Ellis comes to terms with the meaning of death! Ellis is an ordinary 17 year old; someone who’s planning to finish school and go to university like any other teenager. The difference is that four months ago, his best friend Simon killed himself. Still that was four months ago. Ellis has now ‘got over it’. Except, of course, he hasn’t. Returning to his home town, he gets drawn into a situation in which the ‘old’ Ellis would never have become embrangled. He gatecrashes a party and persuaded to ‘rescue’ two sisters Ursa and Leo, driving them back to the Land of Smiles the ex motel where they live. From that moment on, nothing is the same again. The story is narrated hour by hour, as Ellis packs a life time of experiences into the next twenty four hours. Giving in to high spirits and booze, Ellis wakes next morning in a strange bed, with a stonking hangover and a shaven head! He learns that a child has been kidnapped, and is persuaded to help in her rescue! This is a bizarre, surreal and powerful novel in which the reader is taken on the same roller coaster ride as Ellis.


When Roland’s teacher gives him an unusual assignment instead of punishment for shoplifting, he thinks he is home free. All he has to do is find out what he can about a classmate, Jess Ferret, and report back to his teacher. But there is something less than straightforward about this request, especially because the more Roland learns about Jess, the more confused he becomes. Her house is sinisterly tidy, her parents are never home, mysterious books line the bookshelves, and, most intriguing of all, Jess is apparently a student of Alchemy. Why is Roland’s teacher so interested in Jess? Why has a shady magician from Roland’s past suddenly come back into his life? What exactly are the voices in Roland’s head cautioning him against? And what is the reason for Jess Ferret’s knowledge about Alchemy? In searching for answers Roland finds himself trapped in a mysterious web of magic, power, and greed. This is the story of a terrifying war of magic versus willpower, told only as award winning author Margaret Mahy can.

The Very Wicked Headmistress

When the wicked Miss Taffeta notorious cheater and blackmailer, and former trapeze artist and human cannonball opens a selective school for rich young ladies, everything seems perfectly normal. But as strange occurrences at the school begin to make the students suspicious, Headmistress Taffeta’s true identity comes into question.

Maddigan’s Fantasia

When twelve year old Garland Maddigan asks Timon and Eden where they have come from, she is overwhelmed by their answer: the future. In a post apocalyptic time, Garland’s family’s traveling circus troop, Maddigan’s Fantasia, leaves the city of Solis once a year to perform and earn a living. However, this year Solis has given the Fantasia the crucial task of obtaining a new solar converter, the only power source in Solis, because the old one is failing. Misfortune finds the Fantasia in their travels, and Garland’s father dies in an attack by Road Rats. Then suddenly two mysterious boys, Timon and Eden, appear with their baby sister, claiming to be from the future a world in which the Fantasia has failed in its mission and the evil Nennog has taken power. The boys have come to help the Fantasia, but danger has followed them across time. Can the Fantasia protect Timon and Eden, and succeed in their quest to save their world? Internationally renowned author Margaret Mahy spins a vivid tale of time travel, adventure, and magic that no reader will soon forget.

Magician of Hoad

Heriot Tarbas was born with a gift. Visions wake him in the middle of the night, and others’ thoughts invade his head. Heriot’s mind already feels torn apart when the King of Hoad decides to tear him away from his family. Heriot quickly discovers that life in the royal court is much more difficult and complex than life on the farm. Being at the beck and call of a King who expects him to read friends’ and foes’ minds alike is no small challenge, but neither is being caught in a power struggle among three princes and an intimidating Hero of Hoad. As Heriot hones his skills and grows into the role of the Magician of Hoad, the number of people he can trust becomes smaller. Loneliness threatens to engulf him until a chance encounter brings a street urchin named Cayley into his life. Heriot feels inexplicably drawn to Cayley, someone he sees so much of himself in, yet at times feels like he does not understand at all. But even amidst the turmoil, Heriot is certain that his ever developing power is the key to his destiny…
if only he could figure out exactly what that destiny is supposed to be. Award winning author Margaret Mahy conjures a faraway, majestic land where truth is an illusion, freedom is a battle, and pure magic may be the only saving grace.

Great Piratical Rumbustification / Librarian and the Robbers

Wild and wonderful, these stories will appeal to all readers of fine children’s literature, and Blake’s illustrations, full of spirit and exuberance, are the perfect accompaniment of Mahy’s vigorous tales. The Great Piratical Rumbustification introduces us to Alpha, Oliver, and Omega Terrapin, alone for an evening of devilish fun and none other than Orpheus Clinker, a reformed pirate cleverly transformed into a respectable babysitter. Or has he reformed? Before you can say ‘Yo Ho Ho’ the Terrapin household has become headquarters of the century’s biggest pirate party. The Librarian and the Robbers is an equally tickling tale of a band of wicked robbers who one day carry off Serena Leburnum, a beautiful librarian. Follow what happens as the lovely and learned Miss L. not only outwits the robbers, turning them into outstanding citizens, but also teaches them the everlasting pleasures of the Dewey Decimal System.

Birthday Burglar / Very Wicked Headmistress

In The Birthday Burglar, Bassington is surely the world’s most fortunate boy, with his own island and no parents to spoil his fun. But Bassington is bored until when he realizes what he really wants is a few birthdays. In the second story, listeners meet Tatiana Taffeta, the wicked girls school headmistress. Things start to go wrong for Taniana when she sets out to marry her neighbor, ex farmer Fendalton Bassett. 2 cassettes.

Leaf Magic

Six short stories about not so wicked stepmothers, magic leaves, a measle y birthday party, and other not so ordinary things.

Nonstop Nonsense

Readers meet the man from Fandango who pays a visit once every five hundred years, the word wizard who casts her spell over the Delmonico family, and many other unforgettable characters in this veritable carnival of stories and poems.

Bubble Trouble

Another hilarious rhyming romp from the team who brought us the popular DOWN THE BACK OF THE CHAIR. When little Mabel’s bubble gets away from her, it s her baby brother who gets into trouble. Soon he s floating out of the house, above the fence, and all over town! And it s up to Mabel, Mother, and the rest of the townspeople to get him safely back down. Who knew that so much trouble could come from one little bubble?

The Girl with the Green Ear

A collection of nine stories in which characters encounter talking plants, a pine tree man, a merry go round with flying horses, mystical midnight birds, and a cake eating tree.

The World in 1492

Six prominent authors tell the story of what was happening all over the world during the time of Columbus. To the majority of the earth’s inhabitants of 500 years ago, Renaissance Europe was not the center of the world everywhere were societies on the rise or in decline, and now this book reveals their accomplishments. Photographs and illustrations.

The Puffin Book of Five-minute Stories

A collection of 19 five minute stories. This anthology contains a mixture of old and new, including Perrault’s ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, Mahy’s ‘Horrendous Hullabaloo’ and King Smith’s ‘Blessu’.

Shock Forest

Margaret Mahy is renowned for creating vivid fantasy landscapes that enthral readers of all ages. In each of these five stories fantasy is at work in unusual and powerful ways. There’s also a common theme of the pull that buildings have over people, whether they become houses in which characters find safety and comfort or prisons that can trap and oppress. These enchanting stories by turns hilariously funny and unsettlingly spooky have been taken from some of Margaret Mahy’s best collections that are sadly no longer available. Their return to print will be welcomed by parents and teachers and will also be an exciting introduction to the work of a master storyteller for children themselves.

Don’t Read This!

Featuring stories by 11 renowned writers from Australia, Israel, Zimbabwe, England, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Canada and Spain, here is an anthology of creepy stories just for children that have never been published in the United States.


This is a celebration of human rights. To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Walker Books and Amnesty International have joined together to create a short story collection for young adults, celebrating what it means to be Free?. Hosting a variety of talented children’s authors from all around the globe, the anthology embraces such themes as asylum, law, education and faith in a way that will both inspire and entertain.

The Boy With Two Shadows

A young boy who agrees to take care of a witch’s shadow while she is on vacation finds that having two shadows creates some unexpected problems.

17 Kings and 42 Elephants

Where those kings are headed is a mystery, but no travelers ever had such a jolly time. Here is a royal romp through a tongue twisting paradise. 32 full color illustrations.

The Witch in the Cherry Tree

One damp, dull day, David’s mother is baking cakes. Everything is fine until a naughty old witch comes to settle in the cherry tree in the garden. She tries to outwit David and persuade his mother to part with the cakes.

Rooms for Rent

Hoping at first to drive his tenants away by overcharging them, grumpy Mr. Murgatroyd discovers almost too late that he has grown accustomed to the happy furor.

Ultra-violet catastrophe!

Sally’s walk with Great Uncle Magnus brings pleasure to both, but horrifies fastidious Aunt Anne.

The Boy Who Was Followed Home

When a hippo follows Robert home one day, he is delighted. Understandably his parents are not. Then more and more hippos begin to crowd into the garden and they are obliged to seek the help of a witch. Her solution is to give Robert an anti hippo pill, which has some surprising results.

The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate

Sam is an ordinary person who wears an ordinary suit and ordinary shoes. He works in an ordinary, neat office writing down figures all day and underlining them. But Sam’s mother is definitely not an ordinary woman, Sam’s mother is a pirate and she wants to sweep him away to sea…
Written by a best selling author, this is a lively and enchanting tale with wonderfully exuberant illustrations to match.

My Wonderful Aunt

Four episodes in the adventurous life of a wonderful aunt, who socializes with zoo animals, sails with a pirate, bakes pies you can wind up like music boxes, and builds a house in the forest.

When the King Rides by

Oh what a fuss everyone makes When the King Rides by! Find out what happens when the king’s parade marches through town. The refrain and colorful illustrations help young children feel the excitement of this joyous parade.

The Great White Man-eating Shark

Norvin is a very good actor, but rather plain. In fact, he looks very like a shark, and more than anything, he loves to shoot through the water like a silver arrow. But his cunning plan to clear the water at Caramel Cove badly misfires…
This funny tale written by best selling author, Margaret Mahy, will amuse and delight children everywhere.

Keeping House

Ashamed to let the housekeeper see how untidy her house has become, Lizzie Firkin cleans it herself.

The Rattlebang Picnic

The McTavishes have piled into their old rattlebang car for a picnic on the top of Mount Fogg. But when the mountain starts to shake and red hot lava erupts, the McTavishes hope that the old rattlebang can stay together long enough to save them from disaster! ‘An original tall tale with an outrageously bizarre plot…
Mahy’s writing is vivid, funny, and full of details that will be dear to a child’s heart’. School Library Journal, starred review

A Summery Saturday Morning

Things don’t go quite as planned when the family dogs come along for a trip to the beach…
. In this lively read aloud romp, Mahy takes the rhythm from ‘This is the way we wash our clothes’ and transforms it into a rollicking walking tune for a summery morning adventure, complete with children, dogs, geese, and plenty of mud! The geese chase the children, the children chase the dogs, the dogs chase everything, and all share in the fun. With its catchy cadences and cheerful illustrations, this is one wild goose chase you won’t forget.’A wittier, more whimsical read aloud will be hard to find.’ Smithsonian

Simply Delicious!

A resourceful father engages in all kinds of acrobatic moves to keep an assortment of jungle creatures from getting the double dip chocolate chip and cherry ice cream cone he is taking home to his son.

Down the Dragon’s Tongue

Harry and Miranda can’t wait to climb up to the top of the slide that looks just like a dragon’s tongue, but their Dad isn’t so sure. After all, a businessman wearing a white shirt, polished shoes and a hand painted tie can’t go sliding down a dragon’s tongue slide or can he?

Dashing Dog!

Dashing Dog! Dashing Dog!Oh, what a sight to see!’When a dashing dog gets into messy mischief, his family is exasperated. Then baby Betty falls off the jetty, and it’s up to the brave dashing dog to save the day. Can this bedraggled puppy prove that looks aren’t everything?Award winning author Margaret Mahy’s canine caper will tickle young readers until they sit up and beg for more!

The Three-legged Cat

Tom dreams of roaming the world. Mrs. Gimble dreams of having a cat that doesn’t roam or eat her out of house and home. Danny dreams of keeping his head warm on his last around the world jaunt. Strange things can happen and dreams can come true when Danny mistakes the tabby cat for his orange hat. An IRA/CBC Children’s Choice Award. Full color illustrations.

Down the Back of the Chair

When Dad loses his car keys, little Mary suggests they might be Down the Back of the Chair. Join in the fun as Dad begins the search, finding everything from a hairy string to a diamond ring and much, much more! Could the solution to all the family’s problems be Down the Back of the Chair?A lively rhyming text and quirky art come together in this visual explosion of fun and imagination.

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