M John Harrison Books In Order

Viriconium Books In Order

  1. The Pastel City (1971)
  2. A Storm of Wings (1980)
  3. In Viriconium (1982)
  4. Viriconium Nights (1984)

Light Books In Order

  1. Light (2002)
  2. Nova Swing (2006)
  3. Empty Space (2012)


  1. The Commited Men (1971)
  2. The Centauri Device (1974)
  3. Climbers (1989)
  4. The Course of the Heart (1992)
  5. Signs of Life (1997)
  6. The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again (2020)


  1. Anima (2005)


  1. The Machine in Shaft Ten (1975)
  2. The Ice Monkey (1983)
  3. Travel Arrangements (2000)
  4. Things That Never Happen (2002)
  5. You Should Come With Me Now (2017)
  6. Settling the World (2020)

Graphic Novels

  1. The Luck in the Head (1991)


  1. Cave & Julia (2013)

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M John Harrison Books Overview


In M. John Harrison’s dangerously illuminating new novel, three quantum outlaws face a universe of their own creation, a universe where you make up the rules as you go along and break them just as fast, where there s only one thing more mysterious than darkness. In contemporary London, Michael Kearney is a serial killer on the run from the entity that drives him to kill. He is seeking escape in a future that doesn t yet exist a quantum world that he and his physicist partner hope to access through a breach of time and space itself. In this future, Seria Mau Genlicher has already sacrificed her body to merge into the systems of her starship, the White Cat. But the inhuman K ship captain has gone rogue, pirating the galaxy while playing cat and mouse with the authorities who made her what she is. In this future, Ed Chianese, a drifter and adventurer, has ridden dynaflow ships, run old alien mazes, surfed stellar envelopes. He went deep and lived to tell about it. Once crazy for life, he s now just a twink on New Venusport, addicted to the bizarre alternate realities found in the tanks and in debt to all the wrong people. Haunting them all through this maze of menace and mystery is the shadowy presence of the Shrander and three enigmatic clues left on the barren surface of an asteroid under an ocean of Light known as the Kefahuchi Tract: a deserted spaceship, a pair of bone dice, and a human skeleton. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Nova Swing

Set in the unique world first featured in the award winning Light, here is a story of love, murder, and intergalactic noir on the razor’s edge of the imagination, as envisioned by the incomparable M. John Harrison. Not far from Moneytown, in a neighborhood of underground clubs, body modification chop shops, adolescent contract killers, and sexy streetwalking Monas, you ll find the Saudade Event Site: a zone of strange geography, twisted physics, and frightening psychic onslaughts. Vic Serotonin is an illegal travel agent into and out of Saudade. His latest client is a woman as unpredictable as the site itself and maybe as dangerous. She wants a tour inside Saudade just as a troubling new class of biological artifacts have started leaving living algorithms that are transforming the real world in unsettling ways. Pursued by a detective intent on collaring him for his illegal tours, and hunted by a gangster convinced that the travel agent has infected him with a rogue artifact, Vic must make one final trip as the universe around him rapidly veers toward viral chaos.

The Centauri Device

John Truck was to outward appearances just another lowlife spaceship captain. But he was also the last of the Centaurans or at least, half of him was which meant that he was the only person who could operate The Centauri Device, a sentient bomb which might hold the key to settling a vicious space war. M. John Harrison’s classic novel turns the conventions of space opera on their head, and is written with the precision and brilliance for which is famed.

The Course of the Heart

The author of Things That Never Happen starred review, Publishers Weekly and Light Tiptree Award winner delivers an extraordinary, genre bending novel that weaves together mythology, sexuality, and the troubled past and present of Eastern Europe. It begins on a hot May night, when three Cambridge students carry out a ritualistic act that changes their lives. Years later, none of the participants can remember what exactly transpired; but their clouded memories can’t rid them of an overwhelming sense of dread. Pam Stuyvesant is an epileptic haunted by strange sensual visions. Her husband Lucas believes that a dwarfish creature is stalking him. Self styled Sorcerer Yaxley becomes obsessed with a terrifyingly transcendent reality. The seemingly least effected participant in the ritual who is haunted by the smell of roses attempts to help his friends escape the torment that has engulfed their lives.


When a writer like M. John Harrison looks at love, you know the results will be unusual and compelling, evocative and imaginative, dark, depressing and transcendent. In SIGNS OF LIFE, the beautiful Isobel Avens dreams of flying like a bird; Mick ‘China’ Rose runs a fast and sometimes illegal courier service to the genetics industry. When they meet and become lovers, it sets off an unstoppable train of events. Set in London and Budapest, against a backdrop of cosmetic surgery, genetic engineering and medical waste dumping, SIGNS OF LIFE is both a sparely written thriller and an unforgettable love story. THE COURSE OF THE HEART follows three students whose lives are changed forever by the ritual they carry out one May night in a Cambridge meadow. To escape the consequences, they seek out the Coeur, a country which emerges from the shifting borders of Europe under only the most special conditions. In the Coeur anything is possible: even hope; even redemption.

Things That Never Happen

John Harrison is one of the most critically acclaimed writers in England. Over the last 30 years Harrison has been inspiring readers and writers alike on both sides of the Atlantic. Despite this, Harrison’s fiction is almost entirely unavailable in the United States. This book collects 24 of Harrison’s best pieces of short fiction, including several which have never before seen publication in the United States. Things That Never Happen features an introduction and extensive story notes by the author, as well as an introduction by China Mieville Perdido Street Station.

The Luck in the Head

This eerie and visually arresting tale is set in the grotesque city of Uroconium, where Ardwick Crome dreams of a strange ritual from his childhood. The women of his village pursue a ‘lamb’; to eat a pie made from its head is considered good luck. But in his dream, the living animal itself is offered to Ardwick Crome, and the gift’s significance makes it too dangerous to accept…
In that city and at that age of the world, it would have been safer for Crome to seek the source of his dream within his heart. Instead he went out and searched for it in Uroconium.

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