Lynne Murray Books In Order

Josephine Fuller Books In Order

  1. Larger Than Death (1997)
  2. Large Target (2000)
  3. At Large (2001)
  4. A Ton of Trouble (2002)

Falstaff Vampire Books In Order

  1. The Falstaff Vampire Files (2011)
  2. The Falstaff Vampire Ghosts (2016)
  3. The Falstaff Vampire Werewolves (2016)

Gravitas Valkyrie Books In Order

  1. Gravitas (2015)
  2. Valkyrie in the Demon Realm (2015)
  3. Valkyrie on Planet Fury (2016)

Dragon Planet Books In Order

  1. Runaway Dragonette (2016)
  2. Bachelor Dragon Blues (2017)
  3. Billionaire Dragon’s Secretary (2017)

Angie Faust Books In Order

  1. Cursing (2019)


  1. Termination Interview (1988)
  2. Bride of the Living Dead (2010)

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Lynne Murray Books Overview

Larger Than Death

Meet Josephine Fuller, a queen sized amateur sleuth out to tip the scales of justice. Introducing ‘Jo’ Fuller, a woman who’s full figured, full of attitude and always ready to use her sizable sluething skills. Jo’s just landed a new job as a philanthropic investigator, checking out potential charities for an eccentric socialite. But just as she gets her feet wet, Joe walks in on a terrible scene. Her best friend Nina a clothing designer for large ladies is lying dead in her own apartment. Could Nina be the latest victim of a killer targeting voluptuous women? Or is the murder personal? When Jo moves into Nina’s apartment to settle her affairs and take care of Nina’s cat, she encounters a bizarre host of neighbors and an unexpected romance. As fingers point in every direction, Jo races to stop a ruthless murderer from closing in on the big kill.

Large Target

While in San Diego, plus sized P.I. Jo Fuller does a favor for the worried and way too fashionably thin Sally Rhymer, by looking into her daughter Amy’s involvement with some new age do gooders. Jo, as sassy as she is statuesque, becomes the life of the family party when she tells off Mrs. Rhymer’s drunken and disorderly ex, Admiral Rhymer and unwittingly jumps from the fat into the fire. It seems the big, beautiful Amy’s problems are small compared to the rest of her larger than life family. The Admiral has disappeared and a ransom note confirms Jo’s worst suspicion: the old goat has been kidnapped. Then the quite unnatural death of the Admiral’s friend, a defense contractor, and the disappearance of some top secret documents turn the case into a full blown murder…
putting Jo in the crosshairs of a killer’s line of fire. AUTHORBIO: LYNNE MURRAY was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois and received a B.A. in psychology from San Francisco State University. Her first novel, Termination Interview, was published by St. Martin’s Press in 1988. She currently lives in San Francisco, California.

At Large

Reluctant sleuth Josephine Fuller is back, and this time she can’t resist throwing her weight around. Fuller is working as a philinthropic investigator at a women’s center in Seattle when she is faced with the mysterious death of her ex husband’s girlfriend, a woman that Fuller herself wouldn’t have minded seeing vanish. She also has other things to deal with, such as a haunted house and a love denied. But the death is intermingled with the women’s work center and ultimately this draws her into the case. At once the chief investigator and primary suspect Fuller has a lot in her large hands.

A Ton of Trouble

Set in the beautiful wine country of Napa Valley, A Ton of Trouble once again has plus sized sleuth Jospehine Fuller caught in the middle of a gruesome murder. When she receives a note from Wolf Lambert, the director of X rated films starring XXL women, Josephine decides to stop and visit him at his winery. Her spur of the moment impulse, however, leads her right into the middle of a murder investigation when a body is found in one of Wolf’s wine barrels and her friend Thelma, a supersized porn queen, is one of the leading suspects. Her investigation, however, has to take a backseat to her day job looking into a women’s clinic to see if it is a worthy cause for her wealthy boss to support. Josephine soon discovers that this women’s clinic is a cover up for extreme anti abortionists. Unfortunately, it’s headed up by a gun toting, self righteous, religious woman who has taken an instant dislike to Josephine. Soon Josephine is balancing her time between digging up the secrets of one of the most powerful wine families in the valley and uncovering what exactly is happening behind the closed doors of the clinic. As if that weren’t enough, her on again, off again relationship with Mulligan seems to have turned back on. If only she can convince him that her involvement with the porn industry is a purely professional interest. Filled with Josephine’s common sense approach to life and her ever present sparkling wit, A Ton of Trouble is a fast, fun, entertaining read.

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