Lynette Eason Books In Order

Amazon Adventure Books In Publication Order

  1. Lethal Deception (2008)
  2. River of Secrets (2008)
  3. Holiday Illusion (2008)

High Stakes Books In Publication Order

  1. A Silent Terror (2009)
  2. A Silent Fury (2009)
  3. A Silent Pursuit (2009)

Women Of Justice Books In Publication Order

  1. Too Close to Home (2010)
  2. Don’t Look Back (2010)
  3. A Killer Among Us (2011)
  4. Gone in a Flash (2012)

Rose Mountain Refuge Books In Publication Order

  1. Agent Undercover (2011)
  2. Holiday Hideout (2011)
  3. Danger on the Mountain (2012)

Texas Ranger Justice Books In Publication Order

  1. Threat of Exposure (2011)

Deadly Reunions Books In Publication Order

  1. When the Smoke Clears (2012)
  2. When a Heart Stops (2012)
  3. When a Secret Kills (2013)
  4. Retribution (2015)

Fitzgerald Bay Books In Publication Order

  1. The Black Sheep’s Redemption (2012)

Family Reunions Books In Publication Order

  1. Hide and Seek (2013)
  2. Christmas Cover-Up (2013)
  3. Her Stolen Past (2014)

Hidden Identity Books In Publication Order

  1. No One to Trust (2013)
  2. Nowhere to Turn (2014)
  3. No Place to Hide (2015)

Wrangler’s Corner Books In Publication Order

  1. The Lawman Returns (2014)
  2. Rodeo Rescuer (2015)
  3. Protecting Her Daughter (2016)
  4. Classified Christmas Mission (2016)
  5. Christmas Ranch Rescue (2017)
  6. Vanished in the Night (2018)
  7. Holiday Amnesia (2018)

Classified K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Agent-in-Training (By:Terri Reed) (2017)
  2. Guardian (By:Terri Reed) (2017)
  3. Sheriff (By:Laura Scott) (2017)
  4. Special Agent (By:Valerie Hansen) (2017)
  5. Bounty Hunter (2017)
  6. Tracker (By:Lenora Worth) (2017)

Elite Guardians Books In Publication Order

  1. Always Watching (2016)
  2. Without Warning (2016)
  3. Moving Target (2017)
  4. Chasing Secrets (2017)

Elite Guardians Collection Books In Publication Order

  1. Driving Force (2022)

Sins of the Past Books In Publication Order

  1. Sins of the Past (With: Dee Henderson,Dani Pettrey) (2016)
  2. Blackout (2016)

Blue Justice Books In Publication Order

  1. Oath of Honor (2018)
  2. Called to Protect (2018)
  3. Code of Valor (2019)
  4. Code of Ethics (2019)
  5. Vow of Justice (2019)

Rookie K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Protect and Serve (By:Terri Reed) (2016)
  2. Seek and Find (By:Dana Mentink) (2016)
  3. Honor and Defend (2016)
  4. Secrets and Lies (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2016)
  5. Search and Rescue (By:Valerie Hansen) (2016)
  6. Rookie K-9 Unit Christmas: Surviving Christmas & Holiday High Alert (By:Lenora Worth,Valerie Hansen) (2016)

Military K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Tracking Danger (By:Terri Reed) (2018)
  2. Mission to Protect (By:Terri Reed) (2018)
  3. Bound by Duty (By:Valerie Hansen) (2018)
  4. Top Secret Target (By:Dana Mentink) (2018)
  5. Standing Fast (By:Maggie K. Black) (2018)
  6. Rescue Operation (By:Lenora Worth) (2018)
  7. Explosive Force (2018)
  8. Battle Tested (By:Laura Scott) (2018)
  9. Valiant Defender (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2018)
  10. Military K-9 Unit Christmas: Christmas EscapeYuletide Target (By:Valerie Hansen,Laura Scott) (2018)

Danger Never Sleeps Books In Publication Order

  1. Collateral Damage (2020)
  2. Acceptable Risk (2020)
  3. Active Defense (2021)
  4. Hostile Intent (2021)

Extreme Measures Books In Publication Order

  1. Life Flight (2022)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Gift of Grace (2004)
  2. Dark Obsession (2010)
  3. Protective Custody (2010)
  4. Missing (2010)
  5. Dark Prophecy (2019)
  6. Holiday Homecoming Secrets / Christmas Homecoming Secrets (2019)
  7. In the Crosshairs (With: Dana Mentink) (2020)
  8. Peril on the Ranch (2021)
  9. Mountain Fugitive (2021)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. My Deadly Valentine (2010)
  2. Protecting Tanner Hollow (2019)

Capitol K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Protection Detail (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2015)
  2. Dangerous Justice (By:Terri Reed) (2015)
  3. Duty Bound Guardian (By:Terri Reed) (2015)
  4. Trail of Evidence (2015)
  5. Security Breach (By:Margaret Daley) (2015)
  6. Detecting Danger (By:Valerie Hansen) (2015)
  7. Proof of Innocence (By:Lenora Worth) (2015)
  8. Capitol K-9 Unit Christmas (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2015)

True Blue K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Shield of Protection (By:Dana Mentink) (2019)
  2. Justice Mission (2019)
  3. Act of Valor (By:Dana Mentink) (2019)
  4. Blind Trust (By:Laura Scott) (2019)
  5. Deep Undercover (By:Lenora Worth) (2019)
  6. Seeking the Truth (By:Terri Reed) (2019)
  7. Trail of Danger (By:Valerie Hansen) (2019)
  8. Courage Under Fire (By:) (2019)
  9. Sworn to Protect (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2019)
  10. True Blue K-9 Unit Christmas (By:Maggie K. Black,Laura Scott) (2019)
  11. Brooklyn Christmas (By:Maggie K. Black,Laura Scott) (2020)

K-9 Search and Rescue Books In Publication Order

  1. Desert Rescue (By:Lisa Phillips) (2021)
  2. Trailing a Killer (By:Carol J. Post) (2021)
  3. Mountain Survival (By:Christy Barritt) (2021)
  4. Search and Defend (By:Heather Woodhaven) (2021)
  5. Following the Trail (2022)
  6. Dangerous Mountain Rescue (By:Christy Barritt) (2022)
  7. Dangerous Mountain Rescue (2022)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Writing Right to Success (With: ,DiAnn Mills,Susan May Warren,James Scott Bell) (2016)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. The Cost of Betrayal (2018)
  2. Danger Trail (2018)

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Lynette Eason Books Overview

Lethal Deception

Who wanted her dead? Having rescued Cassidy McKnight from kidnappers in South America, Gabe Sinclair thought his job was done. Not that the former Navy SEAL could ever forget the brave, beautiful single mother. But when the danger followed her home, Gabe promised to protect her. Why anyone would want to kill Cassidy was a mystery. Was the motive related to the orphaned toddler Cassidy was raising, a sweet little girl who brought out the father figure in maverick Gabe? Or did a newly revealed family secret have killer consequences?

River of Secrets

The amnesiac patient in the makeshift Amazon hospital looks familiar to visiting American nurse Amy Graham. This isn’t the first time she’s seen those blue gray eyes, the hard lines of his handsome face. When Amy sees his birthmark, she knows exactly who he is: Micah McKnight, the presumed dead Navy SEAL. Her best friend’s brother. The man her own mother set up to die.

Amy can’t bear to tell him the dangerous truth about his hidden past. But her secrets are about to explode, because now someone is after them both.

Holiday Illusion

To save a sick, orphaned boy, Anna Freeman must risk her own life. Little Paulo desperately needs a new heart. It’s his only Christmas wish well, that and building his first snowman. For the surgery, Anna must take him to a hospital in the city she once called home. A place she fled in fear years ago. Which means telling Dr. Lucas Bennett that the woman he’s known all this time as a caring orphanage worker is really someone else. Someone with a very frightening past. And that the danger stalking all of them won’t take Christmas Day off.

A Silent Terror

When Marianna Santino’s roommate is killed, Detective Ethan O’Hara can’t fathom the motive. Then he realizes the deaf teacher was the intended target. Marianna must have something the murderer desperately wants. But what? Digging for the truth, the guarded cop tries to learn everything he can about Marianna. Her world. Her family. Her beauty, faith and fierce independence. In spite of himself, Ethan finds that he can’t keep his feelings at bay. Soon, he’s willing to risk everything including his heart to lay the silent terror stalking Marianna to rest.

A Silent Fury

Tragedy strikes Palmetto Deaf School twice. With one student murdered and another missing, it’s up to homicide detective Catelyn Clark to find the killer and probable kidnapper fast. She’ll even work with her ex boyfriend, FBI agent Joseph Santino, to solve the case while keeping her distance. Relationships between cops never work; her parents taught her that. They also taught her that the only one she can rely on is herself. But when the killer starts targeting Catelyn, it’s only by opening her heart to faith and love that she can finally bring the silent fury to an end.

A Silent Pursuit

She’d been told her fianc died in a military training accident, but Gina Santino’s gut told her otherwise. Still, she never imagined his killers would come after her. Now she is dodging bullets and running for her own life, not sure who to trust. Her fianc had left specific instructions for her to contact fellow U.S. Army Ranger Ian Masterson should anything happen to him. But how could she trust a man who abandoned his team years ago? With no other choice, Gina must place her life in his hands in order to stay alive long enough to find the truth.

Too Close to Home

The FBI has a secret weapon. But now the secret’s out. When missing teens begin turning up dead in a small Southern town, the FBI sends in Special Agent Samantha Cash to help local chief Connor Wolfe find the killer. Conner is already having relationship issues with his daughter, and the fact that Cash looks just like his late wife doesn’t help. As they get close to an answer the case becomes personal when the killer starts to take an interest in his daughter.

Don’t Look Back

Twelve years ago, forensic anthropologist Jamie Cash survived a brutal kidnapping, torture, and rape. After years of therapy, she has made a life for herself though one that is haunted by memories of her terrifying past. She finally lets herself get close to a man, FBI agent Dakota Richards, when signs start appearing that point to one frightening fact her attacker is back and ready to finish the job he started all those year ago. Can she escape his grasp a second time? And will she ever be able to let down her guard enough to find true love? Filled with heart stopping suspense, gritty realism, and a touch of romance, Don’t Look Back is the second book in the WOMEN OF JUSTICE series. Readers will be hooked from the beginning, finding that once you are in Lynette Eason’s world, you’re trapped until you turn the very last page.

When the Smoke Clears

As a member of the North Cascades Smokejumpers, Alexia Allen always takes care of the equipment that keeps her safe. So when she nearly dies in a fire due to equipment failure, she knows something is up. Ordered to take time off while the investigation continues, Alexia makes a last minute decision to recuperate at her mother’s home and attend her high school reunion. Yet trouble seems to be following her, and within hours of arriving home she’s involved with murder, arson and a handsome detective. But the conflicts ahead are nothing compared to the ghosts of her past. As she strives to remember and forgive her family history, she must also decide if the secret she’s been guarding for the last ten years must finally come to light. Chock full of the suspense and romantic tension readers have come to expect from Lynette Eason, When the Smoke Clears is the explosive first book in the Deadly Reunions series.

Gift of Grace

David Walton is mad at God and on the run with his daughter. Kristi Henderson must find the child who has a special gift. Falling in love wasn’t in the plan.

Protective Custody

Guarding witnesses? All in a day’s work for deputy U.S. marshal Carly Masterson. Protecting the judge who was indirectly responsible for her mentor’s death? That’s another story. Still, she won’t let harm come to Judge Nicholas Floyd, or the niece and nephew in his care. She’s determined to do the job right, and not let her emotions take over–no matter how wonderful it feels to be accepted by the little family. Can she let go of the past and learn to trust again before danger finds them once more?

My Deadly Valentine

Dangerous Admirer by Valerie HansenSomeone’s stalking Rachel Hollister. With suspects at every turn, it’s deputy Jase Morgan’s job to halt the menace shadowing her steps. As the most romantic holiday of the year approaches, can she trust this charming officer with her life…
and her heart?Dark Obsession by Lynette EasonHang up calls, graffiti, break ins at her shop right before Valentine’s Day…
Someone wants to scare Holly Maddox and it’s working. Her high school sweetheart, Eli Brody, comes to the rescue, but surely the handsome detective doesn’t really plan to stay. There’s nowhere for Holly to turn as danger and heartbreak start closing in.

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