Lucy Monroe Books In Order

By His Royal Decree Books In Publication Order

  1. One Night Heir (2013)
  2. Prince of Secrets (2013)

The Chatsfield, One Books In Publication Order

  1. Rebel’s Bargain (By:Annie West) (2014)
  2. Playboy’s Lesson (By:Melanie Milburne) (2014)
  3. Tycoon’s Temptation (By:Trish Morey) (2014)
  4. Billionaire’s Secret (By:) (2014)
  5. Playboy’s Lesson (By:Melanie Milburne) (2014)
  6. Socialite’s Gamble (By:) (2014)
  7. Sheikh’s Scandal (2014)
  8. Heiress’s Defiance (By:Lynn Raye Harris) (2014)
  9. The Chatsfield Box Set One (2014)

Children of the Moon Books In Publication Order

  1. Moon Awakening (2007)
  2. Moon Craving (2010)
  3. Moon Burning (2011)
  4. Dragon’s Moon (2012)
  5. Warrior’s Moon (2013)
  6. Viking’s Moon (2019)

Children of the Moon – Contemporary Books In Publication Order

  1. Come Moonrise (2006)

Corporate Information Systems Books In Publication Order

  1. Come Up and See Me Sometime / Change the Game (2005)
  2. Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It / Win the Game (2005)

DiRinaldi Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Prisoner of Passion (By:Lynne Graham) (1996)
  2. The Italian’s Suitable Wife (2004)

Goddard Project Books In Publication Order

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed (2007)
  2. Deal With This (2007)
  3. The Spy Who Wants Me (2009)
  4. Watch Over Me (2009)
  5. Close Quarters (2010)
  6. Silver Bella (2012)
  7. Heatseeker (2013)

Kouros Brothers Duo Books In Publication Order

  1. The Greek’s Innocent Virgin (2005)
  2. The Greek’s Christmas Baby (2005)

Langley Family Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Touch Me (2005)
  2. Take Me (2006)
  3. Tempt Me (2006)

Marrying a Tycoon Books In Publication Order

  1. The Magnate’s Tempestuous Marriage (By:Miranda Lee) (2017)
  2. The Tycoon’s Outrageous Proposal (By:Miranda Lee) (2017)
  3. The Tycoon’s Scandalous Proposition (By:Miranda Lee) (2018)

Mediterranean Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. Bought: The Greek’s Bride (2006)
  2. Taken: The Spaniard’s Virgin (2007)

Mercenary Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Ready (2005)
  2. Willing (2005)
  3. And Able (2006)

Northern Fire Books In Publication Order

  1. Wild Heat (2015)
  2. Flash Point (2016)
  3. Hot Alaska Nights (2019)

Princesses by Royal Decree Books In Publication Order

  1. Queen by Royal Appointment: An Uplifting International Romance (2021)
  2. His Majesty’s Hidden Heir (2021)
  3. The Cost of Their Royal Fling (2022)

Royal Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. The Sheikh’s Bartered Bride (2004)
  2. Wedding Vow Of Revenge (2005)
  3. The Prince’s Virgin Wife (2006)
  4. His Royal Love-Child (2006)
  5. The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain (2006)
  6. Forbidden: The Billionaire’s Virgin Princess (2007)
  7. Hired: The Sheikh’s Secretary Mistress (2008)
  8. For Duty’s Sake (2011)
  9. Heart of a Desert Warrior (2012)

Ruthless Russians Books In Publication Order

  1. An Heiress for His Empire (2014)
  2. A Virgin for His Prize (2014)

Sunshine Springs Duo Books In Publication Order

  1. The Rancher’s Rules (2006)
  2. What the Rancher Wants (2007)

3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys Books In Publication Order

  1. Rand (2005)
  2. Colton (2005)
  3. Carter (2005)

Traditional Greek Husbands Books In Publication Order

  1. The Shy Bride (2010)
  2. The Greek’s Pregnant Lover (2010)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Real Deal (2004)
  2. Annabelle’s Courtship (2007)
  3. Valentino’s Love-Child (2009)
  4. Not Just the Greek’s Wife (2012)
  5. Million Dollar Christmas Proposal (2013)
  6. The Spaniard’s Pleasurable Vengeance (2018)
  7. The Maharajah’s Billionaire Heir (2020)
  8. After the Billionaire’s Wedding Vows… (2021)
  9. Blackmailed by the Billionaire (2022)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Beach Blanket Bad Boys (2005)
  2. He’s the One (2013)

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Lucy Monroe Books Overview

Moon Awakening

Book One of the Children of the Moon paranormal series. Emily Hamilton volunteers to marry a Scottish laird in order to save her younger sister. But she can’t save herself from being kidnapped by a werewolf clan and its wild hearted leader.

Moon Craving

New from the national bestselling author of Moon Awakening When Talorc laird of the Sinclair clan and leader of his werewolf pack must wed an Englishwoman, he’s shocked to find that she is his mate. Deaf since childhood, Abigail hopes to keep her affliction from Talorc as long as possible, just as he has no intention of telling her that he’s a werewolf. But when Abigail learns that the husband she’s begun to love has deceived her, it will take all his warrior’s strength and his wolf’s cunning to win his wife back.

Moon Burning

On a mission to save her people from extinction, Sabrine pretends she has no memory in order to gain access to her enemies: the Donegal clan. A raven shifter, she is determined to retrieve the sacred stone that rightfully belongs to her people. But soon she’ll be engulfed in her burning desire and growing love for the Donegal laird who believes he saved her and the dangerous and inescapable secrets destined to keep them apart.

Come Up and See Me Sometime / Change the Game

In a high stakes game of love, attraction, and desire, two people playing for all the wrong reasons are about to discover how delicious it can be when plans go deliciously awry and love is all that matters.

Like father, like daughter.

That’s what businessman Alex Trahern thinks about Isabel Harrison. If the prestigious headhunter thinks she can steal his top employee, just like her father stole his dad s ideas, she s dead wrong. Alex is always a man with a plan, and his plan is to get revenge on John Harrison through his daughter. But there s no contingency plan for the impact Isabel s sparkling green eyes and honey brown hair have on the decidedly non business side of his brain

If at first you don t succeed, change the game.

After some relationship flameouts, Isabel s decided to leave love out of it and approach her search for a husband like finding a suitable job candidate. And according to her list of requirements, Alex Trahern certainly has potential. He s sexy. Check. Forceful and fascinating. Check, check. Also arrogant, obnoxious, and way too hot for her own good. Erase. Start over. Now, if only she could find out what he s really after

Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It / Win the Game

The last woman business consultant Marcus Danvers expects to find at Kline Electronics is Veronica Richards. He’s supposed to be rooting out a corporate spy, not rehashing an old love affair with the woman who sold out the company they both used to work for and then took off without so much as a kiss goodbye. All the clues point to Ronnie as the firm’s newest mole, which means he’ll have to spend time with the stubbornly reticent woman he hasn’t been able to forget, and uncover every last thing she has to hide…
It’s just Ronnie’s luck. The one man she’d hoped never to see again is suddenly everywhere she looks and taking up a starring role in her daydreams, too. Remembering the passion she and Marcus once shared certainly isn’t going to help, though, not when she has so many secrets, and no explanation for the way she left him eighteen months ago or at least not one he’ll want to hear. The problem is, when Marcus is around all her good intentions go up in smoke…

Prisoner of Passion (By:Lynne Graham)

P for predator,P for passionate,P for prey!These words came to mind when Bella thought of Rico da Silva. The international financier was definitely a predator hadn’t he pounced when her defenses were down? Passionate? Their lovemaking had certainly been that when Bella was inadvertently caught up in Rico’s kidnapping. And now she was Rico’s prey: he was determined to seduce her once more. Bella might have been forcibly imprisoned with Rico before, but she was a free woman now free to meet Rico on her own terms!Romantic Times on A Savage Betrayal by Lynne Graham:’A sizzling love story featuring dynamite characters and hot, hot sensual tension.’

The Italian’s Suitable Wife

Enrico DiRinaldi still wants a wife and children, even though an accident has left him unable to walk. So he proposes a marriage of convenience to Gianna Lakewood. Having always longed for a baby herself and having secretly loved Rico since she was a teenager Gianna can’t say no…
The passion Rico ignites in his innocent bride leaves her breathless. But when she realizes that Rico’s full recovery from his injuries is imminent, and his beautiful ex fiancee is waiting in the wings, Gianna is sure he won’t want her any more. So why is Rico so intent on keeping his convenient wife by his side?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Anytime, anyplace, Ethan Crane’s your man. An agent’s agent, he’s tough, smart, and fearless. Exactly the guy you want when the stuff hits the fan and precisely the kind Beth Whitney avoids like the plague. It took a fianc make that ex fianc in the business to teach her, but she’s learned her lesson: Don’t. Date. Agents. Ever. It’s this little rule that’s kept her gainfully employed at the agency, doing her part for world security from behind a desk. So when a case throws the two together, Beth’s determined to keep it strictly professional. So far, so good except for the steamy kisses, the red hot phone sex, and…
What was that rule again?

To Ethan, Beth couldn’t be less his type if her father ran the agency, which, oh yeah, her father does run the agency. Still he can’t help but be impressed by her inspired work in the field a total turn on. Off the field it’s even better. Seems the old adage that opposites attract happens to agents too. Even if Beth insists it’s just a fantasy. But hot pursuit of a notorious information broker is what they should focus on not each other. That can wait until they’ve accomplished a job well done. Or can it?

Deal With This

Alan Hyatt could do his job in his sleep, and when the Goddard Project sends him to investigate a case of high tech espionage in the Vancouver film industry, he finds a perfect reason to work in bed. But sizzling actress Jillian Carlyle also happens to be his landlady, and she’s got a hard and fast so to speak rule that keeps her from dating her renters. While Alan’s cover as a reporter gets him close to all the suspects on the set of Jillian’s sci fi show, playing a background actor at her suggestion to get his story?Well, that’s something else but he’s not about to turn down a red hot redhead, even if she keeps throwing him curves…
Jillian just can’t understand it. Sure, Alan is six feet something of chiselled ruggedness with grey eyes and an irresistible growl in his voice. But hello? She doesn’t do relationships even of the casual kind with men who impact more than her senses. No one is getting a chance at her heart. Especially not one of her renters. Still, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying Alan from afar but not too far, or she wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate his rock hard abs when he’s working out in the home gym. If only he didn’t make her feel safe and oh so right when they touched…

The Spy Who Wants Me

Elle Gray looks like a supermodel, thinks like a super agent, and can kill a man with her bare hands. But when she meets Dr. Beau Ruston, the brilliant scientist and ex college football star in charge of the project she’s been sent to protect, she wants more of her bare self around him than just her hands. If his muscular grace and quick wit hadn’t turned her on, there would still be those big brown eyes…
watching her suspiciously. With a man this smart and sexy questioning her cover, the bad guys are the least of her problems. Beau Ruston knows Elle is a government spy, and he doesn’t like to be spied on or lied to, no matter how charming the liar happens to be. Wait, did he say ‘charming’? Damn hot is more like it. He should know, chemistry is his business, whether it’s in the lab or in the bedroom, but the reaction Elle is setting off might be too much for even him to control…

Watch Over Me

Super spy Mykola Chernichenko comes from a family of geniuses, and though he’s no idiot himself, he’d rather be where the action is than analyze it to death. That’s why his vacation has just been cut short by a call to get two of his siblings out of some serious trouble while protecting a nerdy scientist who’s latest project could change the world…
and get her killed. The guy who’d rather act than think guarding an egghead in a lab coat? Myk would appreciate the irony more if he weren’t so busy trying to figure out how, exactly, to get under said lab coat. Because Lana Ericson just happens to be the hottest thing working the scientific method since, well, ever. Myk has a feeling Lana’s laser like focus would translate to something equally intense in the bedroom. And if she’s as curious about him, Myk might just be willing to donate his body to science each and every night…

Close Quarters

To some, he is an assassin. To others, he’s merely the man who gets the job done when no one else can. Now politico military black ops leader Roman Chernichenko has to take out the leak in an espionage plot that could destabilize all of Africa. Nothing will distract him from his mission. Not even the deliciously appealing blonde who’s awoken his deepest desires and just happens to be his target…
Tanya Ruston is a beautiful and brainy do gooder and now Roman is supposed to dispose of her when all he really wants to do is seduce her. Soon it’s clear Tanya’s no information agent and now that his conscience has gotten the better of him, he and Tanya are on the run from the good guys and bad. If they’re going to make it out alive, Roman will have to act fast and stop thinking about how he’s going to get his feisty new charge down the aisle…


Always ready, always deadly. That’s the motto of the Atrati a mercenary organization of black operatives who specialize in doing what no one else can.A former sergeant in the Marine special forces, Kaden Marks dreams of one day having a family. But he s haunted by the deeds of his past and won t let anyone get close. Then a new mission comes his way. A fellow operative has had her cover blown and it s up to Kaden s team to bring her out safely. What he doesn t realize is that the beautiful but stubborn Rachel Gannon has no intention of letting herself be rescued Rachel will come out only when she can promise adequate protection for her unwitting informant. As a former DEA agent, Rachel still blames herself for her sister s death and is unwilling to let someone else get hurt because of her. But she hadn t counted on falling for Kaden Marks, and falling hard. Now she must convince him to help her bring down the enemy s entire organization without risking the life of the man she s come to love

The Greek’s Innocent Virgin

Greek tycoon Sebastian Kouros thinks he knows all about Rachel Long: she’s a scheming money grabber who deserves nothing from him or his family. Rachel has come to Sebastian s island to claim her inheritance but although the bitterness between them is ripe, neither is expecting their searing sexual chemistry. Sebastian takes Rachel to his bed, but it appears she s not the virgin she claims to be. Perhaps now is the time to take her as his mistress, and discard her when he sees fit Only Rachel is telling the truth she s an innocent and a virgin

The Greek’s Christmas Baby

The only proof that Greek tycoon Aristide Kouros has that he is married is a piece of paper. Aristide has no memory of his beautiful wife Eden ‘ although his body remembers the desire he feels every time she comes close Eden loves her husband and it’s breaking her heart that he has no recollection of their love But Eden is keeping a secret one that will bind Aristide to her forever

Touch Me

Together, Thea Selwyn and Pierson Drake embark on an extraordinary voyage from a tropical paradise to the glittering ballrooms of London. But will Thea’s dark secrets destroy their illicit passion?

Take Me

Jared, Viscount Ravenswood, has no choice but to honor the deathbed wish of his ailing servant. All she asks is that Jared introduce her soon to be orphaned daughter to the notorious and reclusive Calantha, Duchess of Clairborne. No ordinary request, for this is no ordinary child. She is, in fact, the key to the Duchess’s most private secrets, and to Jared’s own past one that has branded him Lord Beast among the ton.

But when the Viscount meets the Duchess, he finds not the pitiless dowager he expected, but a lovely and wary angel survivor of a brutal marriage left now with only her roses and the breathtaking mystery that is her life. For Jared, to solve it is to fall in love, to make her believe in the impossible, and to follow the promise that comes with the most intimate whisper of all…
Take Me

Tempt Me

Humiliated by his family’s indiscretions, Lucas, Lord Ashton nicknamed ‘The Saint’ wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with the prim and proper bride of his choice. And if the innocent young lady in question gives him some decidedly devilish urges, he is determined to control himself much to her dismay. Lady Irisa Langley is at her wit’s end. Much as she loves her exasperatingly perfect fianc , she’s starting to think it would be wrong of her to marry him. For Irisa has a secret that would shock even the world weary denizens of the Ton, and someone who doesn’t want her anywhere near Lucas knows it. Lucas never knew that he could desire more in a bride than impeccable manners and an unblemished pedigree. But even as scandal looms, a loyal little spitfire with heated kisses and silken skin is making him forget every rule of etiquette he’s ever known…

Bought: The Greek’s Bride

Greek billionaire Sandor Christofides was born in shame, and has fought his way to the top. Now he has wealth and acclaim all he needs is Eleanor to be his bride. The scene is set, vintage champagne, red roses a dazzling diamond ring! But does Sandor really want to cherish Ellie or is she just a pawn in a ruthless game?

Taken: The Spaniard’s Virgin

Amber Taylor looked innocent and that interested Spanish billionaire Miguel Mendez. But as a model he sold her innocence every day. The seduction was relentless…
. Miguel’s Mediterranean charm made Amber feel beautiful for the first time in her life. It was supposed to be a quick fling with a top model. But now Miguel had taken the most precious gift of all her innocence!


They re the good guys fighting the bad guys. They ll get the job done if the price is right and so is the cause. And what cause could be nobler than the heart’s desire? Rough and Ready, tough and tender when it comes to love and security, these hunks are definitely for hire…

As a writer, Lise Barton is used to coming up with wild scenarios for her characters, but the one that s playing out for her right now is no fiction it s frighteningly real. Someone is stalking her, someone who knows where she lives and what she does. Someone who has even threatened her family her brother, his wife, and their precious baby girl. Lise isn t about to let someone hurt them, so she packs up and leaves Texas for the anonymity of Seattle. And then the threats start again

Joshua Watt s mission is simple: Go to Seattle and bring Lise home for Thanksgiving or he ll never hear the end of it from his sister. It s not like ‘Aunt Lise’ to stay away from their adorable niece, and Joshua s pretty sure he s the reason for it. He s spent months trying to forget the taste of her lips, the feel of her soft hair in his fingers. Yeah, okay, he wants her badly but family comes first. But the minute he sees the fear in Lise s eyes, his survival instincts kick in. The former Army Ranger isn t about to let some creep terrorize an innocent woman not on his watch. He s going to do what it takes to protect Lise and try to keep his personal feelings out of it. Because if there s one thing he s learned, it s that sex and work don t mix. Not ever. So far


They re the good guys fighting the bad guys. They ll get the job done if the price is right and so is the cause. Meet three sexy men who individually are READY, Willing, and ABLE to go the distance and together, are unstoppable

Josie McCall has been raised to be a soldier, and she could be the best if she wanted it. Instead, she left her dad’s mercenary school behind for a normal job in computers. But now that someone has torched the school and her dad is MIA from the hospital, Josie s going to use every bit of her merc training to find him and hunt down the culprits who took him. Josie knows a lot about explosives, hand to hand combat, and tracking. What she doesn t know about is sex. She has no idea what to do with the volcanic attraction she feels for her dad s new partner, Daniel Black Eagle. And that feels more dangerous than any bomb

Daniel knows exactly what he d like to do about that attraction. The brooding explosives expert can t get within five feet of Josie without wanting to touch, taste, and protect her even if he s sure she would happily drop kick him if she knew one sizzling moment of his fantasies. But he ll save it for later. Right now, he s got his hands full figuring out who set that bomb and took Josie s dad. Daniel s sure of one thing, though he s not letting Josie McCall out of his sight for a single second. Convincing the cutest, most desirable trained soldier he s ever met that she needs a bodyguard isn t going to be easy. But if she ll let him, he ll show her he s Willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, and along the way, he ll make her feel every inch a woman

And Able

Claire Sharp trusts few people and relies on no one. But after her life is threatened, ex mercenary Brett Adams blows into her self contained world, full of southern charm, rugged good looks, and enough sexual experience to write a how to manual…
experience he makes it clear he’d like to use on Claire. She wants help fighting the bad guys, but she’s not about to fall into Brett’s bed. For one thing, the guy has a no commitment clause better than most big shot attorneys and for another, despite her response to his too sensual kisses, in her experience sex isn’t exactly fireworks and brass bands. Definitely not worth getting all excited over…

Brett plans to prove her wrong. He’s never felt such a powerful combination of lust and friendship with a woman. He’ll give her a white hot pleasure like nothing she s ever known and she’ll realize that some things in life are worth taking the risk for. When the threat to Claire grows dangerously close, pitting them against deadly odds, Brett will do whatever it takes to save her. Because Claire Sharp has just found herself a man who s ready to bring it on, willing to do what it takes, And Able to go the distance

The Sheikh’s Bartered Bride

After a whirlwind courtship, Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar proposes marriage. Shy, innocent Catherine Benning has already fallen head over heels in love and she accepts…
. After their wedding day and night when the sheikh claims his virgin wife, Catherine and Hakim travel to his desert kingdom. There Catherine discovers that this is no love match for Hakim he’s bought her!

Wedding Vow Of Revenge

The instant Angelo Gordon see stunning model Tara Peters he’s certain she will share his bed. But her innocent beauty isn t the only thing that attracts him he s out for revenge…
. Tara is not an easy conquest. When she pushes Angelo away he realizes the only way he can have her is if he plays a very different game. And Angelo is hapy to up the stakes he ll take the ultimate revenge marriage !!

The Prince’s Virgin Wife

‘If I find you naked in my bed, I will fire you on the spot.’Maggie didn’t need warning. She knew that Principe Tomasso Scorsolini, her gorgeous Italian boss, was way out of her league. But now Tomasso needs to marry. He’s had enough of gold diggers innocent Maggie will be the perfect convenient wife!Maggie doesn’t know exactly what her new royal duties will be. Though being naked in the prince’s bed is no longer a firing offense it’s a requirement!

His Royal Love-Child

The prince and his pregnant mistress…
Danette Michaels knew that when she became Principe Marcello Scorsolini’s secret mistress there would be no marriage, no future and no public acknowledgment. At the time it was enough. But Danette can’t be Marcello’s secret any longer. She wants him, all or nothing even if it means their affair is over. Until a pregnancy test changes the rules forever…

The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain

Claudio refuses to fall under the Scorsolini Curse. He hates what it did to his father and his own life as a child. He marries Therese for many good, practical reasons none of which are love. Therese loved Claudio from the moment they met and married him knowing his stilted view of tender emotion. She believes she will be content to be his wife and bear his children because she knows she can trust him to be faithful and though he does not love her, he respects and desires her. Her outlook begins to change when Claudio’s brothers remarry and show her what a Scorsolini man in love acts like. She doubts her importance in Claudio’s life as duty often takes him away from her and then she discovers she won’t be able to give Claudio the children they planned on. She knows for her sake and his, she has to end the marriage and let him go but Claudio isn’t ready to lose his convenient wife.

Forbidden: The Billionaire’s Virgin Princess

Sebastian Hawk is a master in business and in the bedroom. There is no place for emotion in his world. Lina is a headstrong and reckless princess in need of protection and Sebastian is called in to provide round the clock security. Her provocative innocence is too enticing, and Sebastian loses his legendary self control and beds her…
only to discover she’s still a virgin…

Hired: The Sheikh’s Secretary Mistress

Sheikh Amir bin Faruq al Zorha lives in New York, but the desert is where his heart lies. Now it’s time for him to marry . Grace Brown, Amir’s plain but indispensable assistant, isn’t exactly queen material. No matter how tempted Amir is to take her innocence, she’s off limits. Until he returns to his homeland, where the barbarian prince replaces the businessman and resolves that Grace will be his!

The Rancher’s Rules

The millionaire’s forbidden virgin Grant Cortez is rich, famous and seriously sexy. But although he arouses feelings in virginal Zoe that no other man ever has, as her best friend he’s strictly a no go zone. Grant wants Zoe badly, but knows he can’t have her. When they’re forced to live together the temptation is too much, and so Grant imposes some rules no kissing, and definitely no sex. But then there’s the best rule of all some rules are just made to be broken.

The Shy Bride

Thrust into the limelight, child star Cassandra timidly enchanted audiences night after night . But when her parents died, Cass retreated into her own world too shy to leave her home. Once a year she shares her musical passion by offering lessons in a charity auction . This year, money talks. The winning bid: $100,000!Enter Neo Stamos, arrogant Greek tycoon. He wants Cass with a burning desire, though he knows that, shy and sweet, she will need a gentle awakening . But Neo’s the master of seduction!

The Greek’s Pregnant Lover

Self made billionaire Zephyr Nikos has come a long way from the streets of Athens, but his heart is stone cold like marble. He can’t offer Piper Madison his love; instead he offers her his world fine dining, private jet, rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful . As their desire heats up and finally reaches boiling point, Zephyr and Piper must end their affair before one of them gets hurt. There’s just one small complication Piper’s pregnancy test just came back positive!

The Real Deal

Like a classic Spencer Tracy Katharine Hepburn/Doris Day Rock Hudson movie but with plenty of steamy heat Lucy Monroe’s debut novel introduces a pair of delightfully sparring opposites whose undeniable attraction is about to take them beyond the edge of reason…
and right into the throes of delicious passion…

The most important thing in Amanda’s life is negotiating a successful merger between her company and Brant Computers, a family held competitor. It should be a done deal: Company president Eric Brant is on board with the idea. But when Amanda arrives in Eric’s office, it is his cousin Simon Brant who greets her and Simon is anything but agreeable. He’s not about to give up control of the family company or lay off loyal workers. Squaring off against the sexy, brilliant, sexy, obstinate, sexy, eccentric, not to mention sexy Simon is completely frustrating and a total turn on. And when he walks out on her presentation, sidetracked by another one of his brilliant ideas, Amanda is shocked…
and intrigued…
no, furious!…
and so attracted she can barely enter data into her Palm Pilot…

Simon has never met a woman as passionate and driven as Amanda, or as devastatingly attractive. He can’t decide if he wants to put her on the next plane home in the cargo hold or kidnap her and spend a long weekend showing her exactly the kind of negotiating he likes best. Come to think of it, if the lady wants war, maybe they should engage in full on battle…
in the bedroom…
and see who will be the victor. But when intimacy leads to an explosive passion, it might be time to think of a different, more permanent kind of merger…
one that’s less about business and all about pleasure…

Annabelle’s Courtship

An inconvenient proposal. Ian MacKay, Laird of Graenfrae, has no use for love or marriage. However, his stepfathers will mandates that marriage is what he must haveto an Englishwoman. A sensible man, Ian develops a list of requirements in a wife: Plain, moderately dowered, older and practical. He thinks he has found the perfect candidate in Lady Annabelle. Labeled The Ordinary her first season, Annabelle longs for a man who will see her as beautiful and love her as her father loved her mother. When she meets Ian, she thinks she has at last found that man. Until his proposal, in which he has the audacity to list his requirements. She refuses his proposal. He informs her that she will marry him at the end of the season. The battle of wills is on.

Valentino’s Love-Child

Under the Sicilian sun, Valentino’s mistress tempts him like no other!

Their relationship is scorching, its intensity unmatched, the desire indescribable. Only, love can never be mentioned .

But Faith, his stunning, intriguing American lover, is testing his resolve. He said he’d never marry again, that his principles won’t allow it.

The one person to tame the untamable Valentino is Faith the woman who’s carrying his child .

Beach Blanket Bad Boys

Linda Lael Miller ‘Batteries Not Required’: The only boyfriend Gayle Hayes has is the battery operated kind. But when she returns to her small Montana hometown, rodeo bad boy Tristan McCullough gives her a whole new lesson in power surge…
Alison Kent ‘Sara Smiles’: Six months ago, Sara Wade has turned down her boyfriend Jax’s proposals. Now, it’s her turn to convince the hunk she wants it all, starting with a steamy fantasy weekend in sultry Puerto Vallarta…
Lucy Monroe ‘Seducing Tabby’: Everybody always wants Tabby Payton’s beautiful sister. But not sexy English spy Calder Maxwell. He wants Tabby, body and soul, and he’s willing to take the seduction to new levels to prove it…
Jill Shalvis ‘Captivated’: James Scott warned his investigator ex wife Ella to be more careful. Now he finds the irate woman nearly naked and handcuffed to the towel rack in his Mexican vacation condo. He should release her. Then again…
Susanna Carr ‘Sister Switch’: Tracy Parks is in control of every situation. But on the eve of her society wedding, Tracy runs into her nemesis and ex lover Nick…
gorgeous, impossible Nick. And control is the last thing on her mind…
Morgan Leigh ‘Spencer For Ever’: Heiress Arden Prescott is determined to turn her family summer home into a bed and breakfast. Fisherman Kip Spencer doesn’t think she can handle the rustic life. After all, she can’t handle him…

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