Lucy Dillon Books In Order


  1. The Ballroom Class (2008)
  2. Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts (2009)
  3. Walking Back to Happiness (2010)
  4. The Secret of Happy Ever After (2011)
  5. A Hundred Pieces of Me (2013)
  6. One Small Act of Kindness (2015)
  7. All I Ever Wanted (2016)
  8. Where The Light Gets In (2018)
  9. Unexpected Lessons in Love (2019)
  10. The First day of the rest of my Life (2022)

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Lucy Dillon Books Overview

The Ballroom Class

For the millions addicted to Strictly Come Dancing a debut tapping into the world’s latest craze. When three couples join a new ballroom class, they’re all looking for some magic in their lives. Lauren and Chris are getting married, and Lauren’s dreaming of a fairytale wedding with a first dance to make Cinderella proud. Not wanting to be shown up on the dancefloor, her parents Bridget and Frank have come along too. They normally never put a foot wrong, but Bridget’s got a secret that could trip them up unexpectedly. Meanwhile Katie and Ross are looking for a quick fix solution to their failing marriage even though neither is quite sure who’s leading who anymore. As friendships form over the foxtrot, the rumba rocks relationships, and the tango leads to true love, all the students in The Ballroom Class are about to face the music and dance…

Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

When the abandoned strays from a local dogs’ home are matched with brand new owners, it turns out it might not just be the dogs who need rescuing. Rachel’s aunt has left her a house, a Border Collie and, despite knowing nothing about dogs, a crowded kennels. But since her life has collapsed she’s not sure she can deal with any more lost souls. Zoe’s ex husband has given their children a puppy. The kids are in love, but she’s the one stuck training Toffee the impossible Labrador. She’s nearly at the end of her tether until Toffee leads her to a handsome doctor…
Meanwhile Natalie and Johnny’s marriage hasn’t been easy since they started trying for a baby. But is a fridge raiding, sofa stealing Basset hound like Bertie really the child substitute they’re looking for? As the new owners’ paths cross on the town’s dog walking circuits, their lives become interwoven. And they and their dogs learn some important lessons about loyalty, companionship and unconditional love…

Walking Back to Happiness

Juliet’s been in hiding. From her family, from her life, but most of all from the fact that Ben s not around anymore. Her mother Diane has run out of advice. But then she insists Juliet look after her elderly Labrador and it becomes apparent that Coco the dog might actually be the one who can rescue her daughter. Especially when it leads to her walking dogs for a few other locals too, including a spaniel, Damson, who belongs to a very attractive man…
Before she knows it, Juliet realises she has somehow become the town s unofficial pet sitter. A job which makes her privy to the lives and secrets of everyone whose animals she s caring for. But as her first winter alone approaches, she finally begins to wonder if it s time to face up to her own secrets? To start rebuilding her own life? And maybe just maybe to fall in love again?

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