Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett Books In Order

Booktown Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder is Binding (2008)
  2. Bookmarked for Death (2009)
  3. Bookplate Special (2009)
  4. Chapter and Hearse (2010)
  5. Sentenced to Death (2011)
  6. Murder on the Half Shelf (2012)
  7. Not the Killing Type (2013)
  8. Book Clubbed (2014)
  9. A Fatal Chapter (2015)
  10. Title Wave (2016)
  11. A Just Clause (2017)
  12. Poisoned Pages (2018)
  13. A Killer Edition (2019)
  14. Handbook for Homicide (2020)
  15. A Deadly Deletion (2021)

Jeff Resnick Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder on the Mind (2005)
  2. Dead in Red (2008)
  3. Cheated By Death (2010)
  4. Cold Case (2010)
  5. Bound by Suggestion (2011)
  6. Room at the Inn (2012)
  7. Dark Waters (2013)
  8. Eyewitness (2015)
  9. Happy Holidays (2015)
  10. Shattered Spirits (2016)
  11. A Part of the Pattern (2017)

Jeff Resnick Short Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. Bah! Humbug (2010)
  2. When the Spirit Moves You (2011)
  3. Spooked! (2014)
  4. Crybaby (2015)

Jeff Resnick Collections In Publication Order

  1. Evolution: Jeff Resnick’s Backstory (As:L.L. Bartlett) (2014)

Life On Victoria Square Books In Publication Order

  1. Carving Out A Path (2017)
  2. A Basket Full of Bargains (2017)
  3. The Broken Teacup (2017)
  4. It’s Tutu Much (2018)
  5. The Reluctant Bride (2019)
  6. Tea’d Off (2019)
  7. A Look Back (2020)
  8. Tea For You (2020)
  9. Davenport Designs (2021)

Victoria Square Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. A Crafty Killing (2010)
  2. The Walled Flower (2012)
  3. One Hot Murder (2013)
  4. Dead, Bath, and Beyond (With: Laurie Cass) (2016)
  5. Yule Be Dead (With: Gayle Leeson) (2018)
  6. Murder Ink (With: Gayle Leeson) (2019)
  7. A Murderous Misconception (With: Gayle Leeson) (2020)
  8. Dead Man’s Hand (With: Gayle Leeson) (2021)

Lotus Bay Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Panty Raid (2014)
  2. With Baited Breath (2015)
  3. Christmas at Swans Nest (2016)
  4. A Reel Catch (2018)
  5. The Best From Swans Nest (2019)

Tales of Telenia Books In Publication Order

  1. Stranded (2012)
  2. Journey (2013)

Tales from Blythe Cove Manor Books In Publication Order

  1. A Dream Weekend (2016)
  2. A Final Gift (2016)
  3. An Unexpected Visitor (2016)
  4. Grape Expectations (2018)
  5. Foul Weather Friends (2019)
  6. Blythe Cove Seasons (2019)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Prisoner of Love (2010)
  2. An Unconditional Love (2010)
  3. We’re So Sorry, Uncle Albert (2010)
  4. Sabina Reigns (2020)

Short Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. Abused: A Daughter’s Story (As:L.L. Bartlett) (2010)
  2. Love Heals (2011)
  3. Blue Christmas (2013)
  4. Off Script (As:L.L. Bartlett) (2016)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Love & Murder (2013)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Recipes to Die For (2011)
  2. The Cozy Chicks Kitchen (With: Ellery Adams,Leann Sweeney,Maggie Sefton,Kate Collins,Deb Baker,Heather Webber) (2012)

Cozy Chicks Kitchen Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Cozy Chicks Kitchen (With: Ellery Adams,Leann Sweeney,Maggie Sefton,Kate Collins,Deb Baker,Heather Webber) (2012)
  2. Tea Time with the Cozy Chicks (By:Ellery Adams,Kate Collins) (2015)

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Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett Books Overview

Murder is Binding

The streets of Stoneham, New Hampsire are lined with bookstores…
and paved with murder.

When she moved to Stoneham, city slicker Tricia Miles met nothing but friendly faces. And when she opened her mystery bookstore, she met friendly competition. But when she finds Doris Gleason dead in her own cookbook store, killed by a carving knife, the atmosphere seems more cutthroat than cordial. Someone wanted to get their hands on the rare cookbook that Doris had recently purchased and the locals think that someone is Tricia. To clear her name, Tricia will have to take a page out of one of her own mysteries and hunt down someone who isn’t killing by the book.

Bookmarked for Death

Tricia Miles, owner of the Haven t Got a Clue bookstore, must solve her own mystery when a bestselling author is found dead in the washroom.

Bookplate Special

Bookstore owner Tricia Miles has put up and put up with her uninvited college roommate for weeks. In return, Pammy has stolen $100. But the day she’s kicked out, Pammy’s found dead in a Dumpster, leaving loads of questions unanswered.

Chapter and Hearse

Mystery bookstore owner Tricia Miles has been spending more time solving whodunits than reading them. Now a nearby gas explosion has injured Tricia’s sister’s boyfriend, Bob Kelly, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, and killed the owner of the town’s history bookstore. Tricia’s never been a fan of Bob, but when she reads that he’s being tight lipped about the ‘accident’, it’s time to take action.

Murder on the Mind

A mugging in Manhattan, leaves former insurance investigator Jeff Resnick with broken bones and a fractured skull and completely dependent on his rich estranged half brother Dr. Richard Alpert and his girlfriend Brenda Stanley. Visions of a hunt and and a hunter stalking his deer prey terrify Jeff. The doctors diagnose brain damage. Days later, a local banker is found dead, his murder eerily similar to the details of Jeff’s nightmares. Jeff believes the attack has left him with a sixth sense, a psychic ability to see murder before the event. Jeff uses his visions and his investigative skills to try to solve the crime but as he gets closer to the killer, danger arises from all corners. Will the police trust his revelations are due to psychic visions or attribute his knowledge to a more nefarious means? As Jeff becomes closer to his half brother, dangerous past secrets emerge touching his traumatic childhood. Somewhere danger lurks and Jeff must work hard and fast if he doesn’t want to become a victim to one of the dark secrets he uncovers.

Dead in Red

Sometimes it seems like murder and mayhem follow Jeff Resnick, challenging his psychic sixth sense to solve crimes. Since the vicious mugging that changed his life, he’s tried to keep his unwanted gift in check. But when a bartender at his favorite watering hole is murdered, visions of a sparkling red woman s high heeled shoe and a pair of bloody hands linger in his mind and hit too close to home. When Jeff s older brother, Richard, last helped him with an investigation, it nearly cost him his life. Still, Richard is determined to tag along as Jeff is drawn into the seamy world of fetishes and drag queens to find a murderer before another life is taken. About the Author: L.L. Bartlett has done it all from drilling holes for NASA to typing scripts in Hollywood. She writes the Jeff Resnick mysteries. Bartlett also writes traditional mysteries under the name Lorraine Bartlett The Victoria Square Mysteries A Crafty Killing and the New York Times bestselling and Agatha nominated Booktown Mysteries as Lorna Barrett. Dead in Red was originally published by Five Star/Cengage in 2008.

Cheated By Death

In this third in the series, Jeff Resnick faces a new dilemma: someone is stalking his sister-in-law, Brenda, who fears that violence from pro-life supporters will escalate near the women’s clinic where she works. Or could the vandalism, threatening phone calls, and letters against her have come from her abusive ex-husband? Meanwhile, Jeff grapples with meeting his estranged father and the sister he never knew existed. Could Patty Resnick be the key to Brenda’s stalker? And what has that got to do with the death of his brother Richard’s colleague?

A Crafty Killing

The last thing Katie Bonner wanted was to become the manager of Artisans Alley. But when her business partner, Ezra Hilton, is found bludgeoned to death, she has no other choice. Business under Ezra has been faltering-but was it enough to provoke someone to murder? Only Kate can find the answer.

The Walled Flower

If Katie Bonner’s late husband hadn’t invested all their savings in the crafts fair Artisans Alley, the Webster mansion could have been hers to remodel into a bed and breakfast. Instead that dream belongs to another young couple. But that dream becomes a nightmare when a skeleton is discovered sealed in the walls of the mansion. The bones belong to Helen Winston, who went missing twenty two years ago. Heather’s aunt, a jewelry vendor at Artisans Alley, asks Kate for help finding her niece’s murderer. The case may be cold, but the killer is very much alive and ready to go to any lengths to keep past secrets buried…

Dead, Bath, and Beyond (With: Laurie Cass)

Audio CD, Tantor and Blackstone Publishing

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