Lori Foster Books In Order

Buckhorn Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Sawyer / Finally Home (2000)
  2. Morgan (2000)
  3. Gabe (2000)
  4. Jordan (2000)
  5. Casey / The Buckhorn Legacy (2002)
  6. Animal Attraction (With: Maisey Yates,Jules Bennett,Heidi Betts) (2013)
  7. Shohn (2013)
  8. Garrett / Back to Buckhorn (2014)
  9. A Buckhorn Bachelor (2016)
  10. A Buckhorn Baby (2017)
  11. Gray (2017)
  12. Tucker (2018)
  13. Boone (2019)
  14. Jax (2020)

Body Armor Books In Publication Order

  1. Under Pressure (2017)
  2. Hard Justice (2017)
  3. Close Contact (2017)
  4. Fast Burn (2018)

Brava Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Too Much Temptation (2002)
  2. Never Too Much (2002)
  3. I’m Your Santa (2007)

Brava Girlfriends Books In Publication Order

  1. All Through The Night (By:Shannon McKenna) (2001)
  2. I Love Bad Boys (By:Janelle Denison) (2002)
  3. I Brake For Bad Boys (By:Shannon McKenna) (2002)
  4. Kiss Me Again (2005)
  5. Truth or Dare (2005)

Carlisle Books In Publication Order

  1. Built for Love (2016)

Dean Brothers & Friend Books In Publication Order

  1. When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys (By:HelenKay Dimon) (2006)
  2. Yule Be Mine (2009)
  3. Give it Up (2015)

Edge of Honor Books In Publication Order

  1. Ready, Set, Jett (2011)
  2. When You Dare (2011)
  3. Trace of Fever (2011)
  4. Savor the Danger (2011)
  5. A Perfect Storm (2012)
  6. What Chris Wants (2013)

Law Books In Publication Order

  1. Murphy’s Law (2006)
  2. Jude’s Law (2006)

Love At The Resort Books In Publication Order

  1. Cooper’s Charm (2018)
  2. Sisters of Summer’s End (2019)

Love Undercover Books In Publication Order

  1. Run the Risk (2012)
  2. Bare It All (2013)
  3. Getting Rowdy (2013)
  4. Dash of Peril (2014)

McKenzies of Ridge Trail Books In Publication Order

  1. No Holding Back (2021)
  2. Stronger Than You Know (2021)
  3. Watching Over You (2021)

Men Of Courage Books In Publication Order

  1. All Riled Up (2011)
  2. Tailspin (2015)
  3. An Honorable Man (2015)

Men to the Rescue Books In Publication Order

  1. Beguiled (1999)
  2. Wanton (1999)
  3. Caught in the Act (2001)
  4. Treat Her Right (2001)
  5. Mr. November (2001)
  6. Riley (2003)
  7. Fallen Angels (2004)
  8. Heartbreakers (2008)
  9. Uncovered (2009)
  10. Up In Flames (2014)

Road to Love Books In Publication Order

  1. Driven to Distraction (2018)
  2. Slow Ride (2019)
  3. All Fired Up (2019)

Sawyers Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Little Miss Innocent? (1999)
  2. Annie, Get Your Guy (2001)
  3. Messing Around with Max (2017)

SBC Fighters Books In Publication Order

  1. Causing Havoc (2007)
  2. Simon Says (2007)
  3. Hard To Handle (2007)
  4. My Man, Michael (2009)
  5. Back in Black (2009)
  6. Tails of Love (With: Stella Cameron,Dianne Castell,Sarah McCarty,Donna MacMeans,Marcia James) (2009)
  7. Double the Heat (By:Christie Ridgway) (2009)

Servant Books In Publication Order

  1. The Awakening (2007)
  2. The Acceptance (2008)
  3. The Kindred (2009)

Trade Duology Books In Publication Order

  1. Don’t Tempt Me (2016)
  2. Worth the Wait (2017)
  3. Colt (2021)

Ultimate Books In Publication Order

  1. Hard Knocks (2014)
  2. No Limits (2014)
  3. Holding Strong (2015)
  4. Tough Love (2015)
  5. Fighting Dirty (2016)
  6. Will’s True Wish (2016)

Visitation, North Carolina Books In Publication Order

  1. Fantasy (1998)
  2. Say No to Joe? (2003)
  3. The Secret Life of Bryan (2004)
  4. When Bruce Met Cyn… (2004)
  5. Just A Hint Clint (2004)
  6. Jamie (2005)
  7. Unbelievable (2009)

Winston Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Tangled Sheets (1999)
  2. Tangled Dreams (2000)
  3. Wild (2001)
  4. The Winston Brothers (2001)
  5. Wildly Winston (2002)
  6. Hart and Soul (2020)
  7. Deuces Wild (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Impetuous (1995)
  2. Outrageous (1997)
  3. Tantalizing (1998)
  4. Taken! (1998)
  5. Unexpected (1999)
  6. In Too Deep (2000)
  7. Say Yes (2000)
  8. Married To The Boss (2000)
  9. Sex Appeal (2001)
  10. The Watson Brothers (2008)
  11. Scandalous (2009)
  12. Scandalized! (2015)
  13. Shelter from the Storm (2018)
  14. Twice the Hero (With: Annabeth Albert) (2019)
  15. The Somerset Girls (2020)
  16. Sweet Surrender (With: Jules Bennett) (2021)
  17. The Summer of No Attachments (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Christmas Candi (2009)
  2. Luring Lucy (2010)
  3. Body Heat (2017)
  4. Love Unleashed (2019)
  5. In Bloom (With: Fern Michaels,Carolyn Brown) (2022)

Wounded Warriors Books In Publication Order

  1. Real Men Last All Night (With: Lora Leigh,Cheyenne McCray,Heidi Betts) (2009)
  2. Legally Hot (By:Lora Leigh,Cheyenne McCray) (2012)
  3. Hot Alphas (By:Lora Leigh,Kate Douglas,Shiloh Walker) (2015)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Charmed (1999)
  2. Men of Courage (2003)
  3. Perfect for the Beach (2004)
  4. The Truth About Cats & Dogs (2004)
  5. Men of Courage II (2005)
  6. The Night Before Christmas (2005)
  7. A Very Merry Christmas (2006)
  8. Santa, Baby (2006)
  9. Unbelievable (2009)
  10. Bodyguard (2009)
  11. Bewitched (2010)
  12. The Guy Next Door (2011)
  13. All Riled Up (2011)
  14. The Promise of Love (2011)
  15. Animal Attraction (2013)
  16. Charade (2014)
  17. On the Naughty List (2014)
  18. All For You (2014)
  19. Trapped! (2018)

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Lori Foster Books Overview

Sawyer / Finally Home

Honey Malone was on the run, fleeing a dangerous predator, when she lost control of her car, drove into a lake and found herself up to her neck in breathtaking men. After the brothers nursed her through her injuries, she tried to leave, but she hadn’t bargained on their stubborn protectiveness. Or the passionate bond that tied her to Sawyer.


Morgan Hudson commanded a lot of respect as Buckhorn’s biggest, baddest sheriff. How one petite city woman could turn him on his head was a mystery, not to mention being downright aggravating. But Misty Malone did just that, and Morgan couldn’t wait till she went back where she belonged. But then he discovered why she’d come in the first place. Misty Malone had hoped to take refuge with her sister, who’d just married into a family of sinfully attractive brothers. They all treated her like gold all but one. Morgan seemed to think she was some sort of femme fatale, out to seduce his brothers. But seduction was the last thing on her mind. Foremost was the baby she was secretly carrying. And then, how to avoid the sexual sparks flying between her and Morgan.


Gabe Kasper, heartthrob of Buckhorn County, could have had any woman he wanted if he’d had a mind to settle down. Which he didn’t. The freedom of being a jack of all trades with no one to answer to suited him just fine. And then a prickly, uptight, red haired college woman showed up. Elizabeth Parks needed Gabe to complete her thesis on heroism, but he didn’t seem to think saving a couple of lives made him a hero. She was inclined to agree that he seemed like the exception to the rule. Until he rescued her heart and soul with his fearless passion.


Jordan Sommerville was a healer of helpless animals, rescuer of strays, a man who could seduce a woman with his voice alone. Yet he didn’t use that power often. His brothers kidded that he was holding out for a paragon of virtue and not many in Buckhorn qualified. But then he met Georgia, and broke all his own rules. Georgia Barnes supported herself and her kids as a dancer an exotic dancer. If Jordan Sommerville didn’t like it, he could take a hike. So what if he was the most caring, gentle, desirable man she’d ever known he was still a man like all the rest. Surely he couldn’t be as perfect as he looked or could he?

Casey / The Buckhorn Legacy

Remember Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe and Jordan? The sexiest brothers in Buckhorn County. Now meet Sawyer’s son, Casey…
Like father like son! Emma Clark was back in Buckhorn. As a teen she’d been the girl with the bleached blond hair, too much makeup and a bad reputation and she’d tried everything she could to get Casey Hudson into bed. He’d been the cutest guy in town, and the only one who seemed to really care about her. As a hot blooded teen it had been hard for Casey to resist Emma. But now, eight years later, it was impossible. Emma’s adult sensuality was more subtle, more beguiling. He had to have her. But Emma was dong her best to shut him out. Casey had to convince her the attraction wasn’t just leftover teenage lust, but his real love for a real woman…

Too Much Temptation

Grace Jenkins has had little experience with men feeling too awkward and insecure to free the passionate woman inside her. But that hasn’t stopped her from dreaming about Noah Harper. Gorgeous, strong and darkly sexy, his rough edge beneath the polish promises no mercy in the bedroom. When Grace learns Noah’s engagement has ended in scandal, she shyly offers him her support and her friendship. But Noah’s looking for something extra…
Noah wants Grace badly. He wants to possess those curves that go on forever, to savor her sweet innocence, to take her to the limits of white hot desire…
again and again. What he doesn’t want is anything more complicated than that, and he knows Grace is a woman who deserves better. Grace, however, knows exactly what she wants the kind of ecstasy only Noah can give her. Brazenly, she accepts, and Noah promises to make all her secret fantasies come true…

Never Too Much

A confirmed bachelor, Ben Badwin has had his share of women, and he likes them as sexy, wild, and uninhibited as his desires. Nothing at all like the brash, dirt covered, wholesomely cute woman who just strutted into his diner. But something about Sierra Murphy’s independent attitude makes Ben’s fantasies run wild. He’d love to dazzle her with his prized sensual skills…
to make her want him as badly as he suddenly wants her. Sierra doesn’t need a man in her life, not even one as sinfully tempting as Ben. But the more she keeps her distance, the more Ben wants her. And the more Ben wants her, the harder it is for Sierra to steer clear of his teasing touches and enticing eyes. To get him into her bed and out of her system Sierra makes him a proposition: she’ll sleep with him, but for one night only. Now, it’s up to Ben to turn one night of pure ecstasy into a lifetime of passion.

I’m Your Santa

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice and he’s hoping you’re more naughty than nice. He’s your own personal Saint Nick sans beard, belly, and red suit and he’s coming special delivery in this sizzling collection…
Lori Foster The Christmas Present When Beth Monroe catches her fianc fooling around, she’s out for revenge…
and the sweetest kind comes courtesy of Levi, the cheater’s best friend. But when their one hour tryst stretches to an entire weekend, holiday cheer takes on a whole new meaning…
Karen Kelley It’s a Wonderful Life Hollywood hottie Jeremy Hunter needs to get serious about his acting career, and that means Christmas spent researching his upcoming role. But going incognito as a preacher in a tiny Texas town soon brings wicked temptation in the form of beautiful Bailey Tanner…
Dianne Castell Home for Christmas A philandering boyfriend plus an empty wallet add up to LuLu Cahill’s worst Christmas ever, until she heads home to O’Fallon’s Landing and crosses paths with jilted groom Sebastian Moore. Sebastian is determined to go through with his pre wedding holiday bash. All he needs is LuLu to fill in for the bride…

All Through The Night (By:Shannon McKenna)

Contents: Stranger in Her Bed by Suzanne Forster No Mercy by Thea Devine Satisfy Me by Lori Foster Something Wild by Shannon McKenna

I Love Bad Boys (By:Janelle Denison)

The men who can’t be tamed reveal their wicked ways in this contemporary erotic romance anthology. I Love Bad Boys explores the forbidden and passionate world of the bad boys who elicit unbridled desire and the good girls who would do anything to have them.

Truth or Dare

When a sophisticated sex shop opens in their small town, Asia Michaels and her friends find themselves fascinated by its sensual possibilities. And now it’s time for Truth or Dare
Asia is about to meet a man who holds the key to her fantasies and to desires she never even knew she had. Shy Becky Harte has a wild side, one she can’t wait to explore, which is how she ends up in her local sex shop buying bondage gear. She just never thought that someone she knew would see her, someone she’s secretly desired, like George Westin. Twelve years her senior, George is far more experienced than Becky, and more than intrigued at her purchases. He would love to teach the blushing Becky a thing or two about surrender. But it’s George who loses control when fantasy becomes reality, and it’s the not so innocent Becky calling the shots. Strong, assertive, and wisecracking, Erica Lee is used to having the upper hand in business and in her love life. The problem is, most men are too intimidated by her to stick around for long. When her best friends dare her to find a sex slave to fulfill her every whim, Erica sets her sights on sexy, mischievous Ian Conrad. The dominating Ian isn’t afraid of a strong woman like Erica and he’s been waiting for an opportunity to indulge in a few fantasies with her. Soon, he’s got Erica at his mercy, turning every request into request into a tantalizing match of seduction that leaves her begging for more and loving every minute of it.

When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys (By:HelenKay Dimon)

‘Playing Doctor’ is written by Lori Foster. Attitude makes a huge difference in bed. It could be Axel Dean’s motto. The sexy physician likes his women with sensual moxie, and Libby Preston definitely seems to fit that bill. There’s that naughty grin. That hot bod. Her eager kisses and cheeky insults. Her…
admitted virginity. Whoa. Okay, cue cold shower. Axel may not be an honorable man, but he has his limits. Except Libby won’t take no for an answer. She’s determined to have someone show her what she’s been missing, and suddenly, Axel can’t bear to think of Libby playing doctor with anyone else…
‘Lady Of The Lake’ is written by Erin McCarthy. Pro baseball player Dylan Diaz is pretty sure he’s going to hell. When you rescue a drowning woman from a lake your first thought should be, ‘Are you okay?’ not, ‘Can I make mad, passionate love to you?’ But the minute sputtering kindergarten teacher Violet Caruthers is on Dylan’s boat, that’s all he can think about. Maybe it’s the potent combo of a nun’s personality inside a stripper’s body. Maybe it’s the way she drives him crazy with desire and laughter. Or maybe, Dylan’s finally found what’s been missing in his life, and he’s not about to let go…
‘Hardhats And Silk Stockings’ is written by HelenKay Dimon. Hannah Bridges is the most infuriating woman architect Whit Thomas has ever met and the sexiest. If he could just get the tough contractor to stop proving herself at very turn, they might have time to discuss more important things, like his hands on her…
blue prints. What Hannah needs is a night of pure bliss that’s all about her: no regrets, no control, no limits. Now, in a private room where pleasure is the only goal, Hannah is about to receive a delicious education in total ecstasy…
Join three of today’s hottest romance authors for a trio of sinfully sexy stories where good things come in deliciously bad boy packages…

Yule Be Mine

Sparkling days, crackling fires, long steamy nights…
Christmas is all about making memories. In four delicious tales of seduction and romance, New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster brings you all the pleasures of the season and then some…
Booker Dean knows exactly what he wants for Christmas: his next door neighbor, Frances Kennedy. And he’s got a gift planned for her that involves lots of delicious unwrapping. Officer Parker Ross hates Christmas, while Lily Donaldson lives for it. But he’s willing to be converted, especially when Lily is the one doing the persuading. Sergeant Osbourne Decker suspects pet psychic Marci Churchill is barking mad, but she’s also a knockout. And when she’s accused of stealing a donkey from the local nativity scene, he can’t stop thinking about frisking her. Furious at her cheating fianc , Beth Monroe decides to enjoy a payback tryst with his gorgeous best friend, and finds that revenge is best served hot and sweet…
‘Foster writes smart, sexy, engaging characters.’ Christine Feehan

Savor the Danger

She may be aloof, and more pretty than gorgeous, but Alani Rivers is the kind of woman a hot blooded mercenary can’t forget, no matter how hard he tries. So when Jackson Savor wakes up next to the naked, sleeping beauty with no memory of what happened he knows he’s been drugged even if Alani doesn’t. After she was kidnapped, Alani vowed never to trust another man again. Still, something about this strong, sexy hero with the tender touch makes her want to believe him. As Jackson hunts down a mysterious intruder, he swears he’ll move heaven and earth to keep Alani safe. But what really happened that night? And will the truth bring them closer than they ever thought possible or put Alani squarely in harm’s way again?

Murphy’s Law

Nothing is going to go wrong. Ashley Miles has worked too hard for her independence to let some Bentley driving hunk named Quinton Murphy interfere with her plans or her freedom. Yes, the chemistry is phenomenal. Kind of scary, actually. But that’s it. No emotional commitments. But he’s so wonderful a woman could fall in love…
How did that happen? That wasn’t part of the plan! But can she trust him? Really trust him? The man is just so mysterious. There’s only one solution: put it all on the line and see what Quinton does when she tells him how she feels. And hope everything that can go wrong…

Jude’s Law

There’s only so much frustration a guy can handle before he gets a little nutty. For Jude Jamison, his frustration has a name May Price. She’s everything the former Hollywood bad boy actor came to Stillbrook, Ohio, hoping to find: open, honest, lovable, and full of those luscious curves you don’t find on stick figure starlets curves May doesn’t seem to appreciate in herself. Every time Jude tries to get close to the skittish business woman, to take her in his arms, she thinks he’s joking. Joking? Joking does not involve lots of cold shower therapy. It’s time for new tactics. If May can’t respond to his sly compliments and sexy innuendos, he’ll just have to spell it out for her. Jude Jamison is going to lay down the law for May Price. And, after that, she’ll have no delusions about just how much he wants her…

Caught in the Act

COINCIDENCE? Not. Mick Dawson, undercover cop. He’s got his hands full with a pushy broad who claims she’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Except all the perps seem to know everything there is to know about her. Who’re you going to believe? Only one way to find out. Get real close. Lela DeBraye aka Del Piper, mystery writer. She’s as confused as he is, but mostly because he’s got the sweetest smile, when he smiles. Still, he’s sticking with her twenty four/seven is this love or duty? Is he her protector or her captor?

Treat Her Right

Paramedic Zack Grange was in the market for a wife, but not just any wife. He wanted the perfect role model for his little girl. When Wynn Lane moved in next door, he could state exactly what he didn’t want in a wife. No brash, unorthodox amazons need apply! But that was just the father in him talking; the man said ‘bring it on!’Wynn was no shrinking violet and she wasn’t about to change for Zack Grange. Not that he’d asked her. Still, she would have liked to think he saw her as more than a sexy playmate…
maybe even loved her half as much as his daughter did…


Men who risk their lives…
and their hearts. THE BAD GUY Regina Foxworth has no clue why an unknown assailant is out to get a small town reporter like her. Or why the police won’t take her concerns seriously. So Regina gets a guard dog make that a four pound ‘guard’ Chihuahua! and signs up for self defense clas*ses. But defending herself is not on her mind when sexy instructor Riley Moore has her pinned to the mat. THE GOOD GUY With Regina vulnerable beneath him on his gym floor, Riley breaks out in a possessive sweat. He wants her, but first he has to protect her. She needs more than her ‘don’t muss myhair’ style of defense and that ridiculous so called dog. Riley is ex SWAT and his new life as an evidence tech hasn’t softened his lethal training one bit. But Regina isn’t quite the princess she seems, and she’s about to catch him off guard!

Fallen Angels

These Women Are No Angels…
Neither Are The Men They Love. Beguiled P.I. Dane Carter assumed his murdered twin’s identity to find his killer. Angel Morris was his main suspect a woman his twin had betrayed. Now Dane could destroy her trust again. By falling in love with her…
Wanton Passion had clouded P.I. Celia Carter’s judgment once. Never again. Now she took on dangerous undercover assignments to deal with her guilt. But P.I. Alec Sharpe was determined to reawaken Celia’s sexuality…
before she got herself killed. Uncovered an original story Firefighter Harris Black stumbled across nude photos of a woman, and handwritten notes…
about him. Who was this mystery woman? Harris hired a P.I. to trace her…
never suspecting he’d already found her.


Treat Her RightGorgeous, statuesque fitness expert Wynn Lane can’t help but fall for her sexy neighbor, paramedic Zack Granger, and his adorable daughter. But brash, outspoken Wynn is not Zack’s idea of mommy material, even though she’s making daddy’s libido do flip flops. Still, the laws of attraction rule and Wynn is a force of nature all her own!Mr. November Creating a beefcake calendar for charity, Amanda Barker has found the perfect Mr. November, super buff firefighter Josh Marshall. But the notorious ladies’ man is a hard sell, and she’s forced to negotiate with the only collateral he’ll accept: a date with her! Josh knows where there’s smoke, there’s fire but this could burn completely out of control.

Causing Havoc

Orphaned and torn from his sisters as a boy, sexy extreme wrestler Dean ‘Havoc’ Conor gets a letter revealing how much his siblings want him back in Harmony, Kentucky. To stop his sister from marrying a sleazeball, Dean finds himself teaming up with her pretty but smart mouthed friend Eve who’s heard of Havoc’s reputation and doesn’t need some hunk trampling on her heart. Now all Dean has to do is protect his sisters, win Eve over, and expose a devious criminal. And he thought winning the heavyweight belt was hard.

Simon Says

Sexy ex fighter Simon Evans has the perfect life until he catches his girlfriend cheating. To work off his rage, he goes back into the ring full force. But a gutsy and gorgeous P.I. is about to send him reeling with a secret about his family and one about her heart.

Hard To Handle

Sometimes Fate delivers a left hook. After Fate deals Supreme Battle Challenge SBC fighter Harley Handleman a sucker punch, his uncle secretly hires a pretty lifecoach to get Harley back in the ring of life. Anastasia Kelley has actually known Harley for years, but never as well as she’s going to now. Hot for his fighter’s form, she has trouble keeping it professional, especially since Harley doesn’t know she was hired. And when Anastasia turns the tables on him, it’s as if he’s been hit below the belt. But that’s also where is uncontrollable lust for her burns.

My Man, Michael

Knocked out in one world, he ll take on another. On the verge of a title shot match, fighter Michael Mallet Manchester is injured in a car accident. And just as quickly as his career was taking off, it’s over. Then Kaylie Raine appears, offering him a second chance at becoming whole. Even though Mallet thinks it s the pain medication talking, he accepts her challenge. And on an extraordinary journey with Kaylie, he ll get a chance to fight again to save the woman who has saved him.

Back in Black

Never before published from the New York Times bestselling author Gillian is a PR expert hired to smooth out the rough edges on hot headed sports club president Drew Black. He’s rough, raw and ready for any challenge Gillian throws his way. But which one’s going to end up on top?

Tails of Love (With: Stella Cameron,Dianne Castell,Sarah McCarty,Donna MacMeans,Marcia James)

Ten all new stories that celebrate our animal friends, by bestselling and award winning authors.

From Seeing Eye dogs to the cat who cuddles in your lap, animals are there for us in more ways than we can count. Helping us get through the day with a wag of the tail and a tilt of the head, they let us know that someone is on our side no matter what. They also have an amazing ability to break down barriers between people; bringing families and loved ones closer, and giving strangers an excuse to strike up a conversation. In Tails of Love, each writer draws from her own unique perspective on our loyal friends exploring the many mysterious ways they bring love into our lives.

Double the Heat (By:Christie Ridgway)

Sizzling all new stories, including a brand new Winston novella from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster. New York Times bestselling sensations Lori Foster and Deirdre Martin and USA Today bestselling authors Elizabeth Bevarly and Christie Ridgway join together for this enticing anthology. With authors like this, readers get double the pleasure and double the heat. In these four sexy stories of mixed up couples and mistaken identities, it’s not about winning, but how much you like to play. With a brand new novella featuring Hart Winston, whose switch with his identically hot twin brother has landed him in some serious foul play, it’s a safe bet that in the game of love no one is going to follow the rules.

The Awakening

Urban paranormal fantasy featuring Gabrielle Cody:Servant. Slayer. Seducer. Gabrielle Cody has the ability to see the demons among us as they really are and the responsibility to destroy them. She can’t allow anyone to get in her way, even the magnetic Detective Luther Cross. Sensing a malevolent presence watching and stalking her, Gaby is drawn again and again to an abandoned hospital surrounded by an aura of sickness and suffering and unimaginable evil.

The Acceptance

Gabrielle Cody has accepted her destiny as God’s warrior, charged to destroy all evil, but she wasn t prepared to see Detective Luther Cross ever again. He s the beacon of reality in her life, the one thing that makes her feel human, like a real woman. But Gaby must resist involvement with Luther now, for she is protecting streetwalkers. Her life of retribution is far too dangerous, and this time, it s not just their hearts that won t come out unscathed.

The Kindred

Gabrielle Cody is a paladin God’s enforcer on earth. But she’s not sure she can endure the life of a holy warrior. Her relationship with Detective Luther Cross is under constant strain already, and its going to get worse. There is a monster feeding off of human blood, flesh, and souls and Gaby must stop him. But her passion for Luther distracts her from the terrible connection she has with her quarry and the creature’s desire to devour her.

Say No to Joe?

Joe Winston has a routine with women he exists, they swoon roll credits. With his smouldering looks, macho style, and irrepressible charm, Joe can have any woman except the one he really wants. Secretly, Luna Clark may lust after Joe, but she’s made it clear that she’s too smart for him.

The Secret Life of Bryan

Bounty hunter Bryan Kelly has a few rules. Rule 1: Women are for fun, not commitment. He’s been jilted too many times for that. Rule 2: He’ll do anything for his twin brother, even switch places in order to find out who wants to sabotage the naive preacher’s charity organization. Playing benefactor to a bunch of sassy, flirtatious prostitutes means that Bryan will have to be his brother in every way that counts. But then, he hadn’t counted on Shay Sommers. Keeping his cool around the luscious lady of the night with the big heart is doing nothing to keep his thoughts pure, which brings him to Rule 3: If you can’t avoid temptation, succumb with abandon…
Being mistaken for a hooker. Well that’s certainly a new one for Shay. The society pages icon has made her name in charity work. Still, this could be her chance to help these girls from the inside out, if she can play the part just right. It certainly won’t be hard to act the street siren with the gorgeous preacher who runs the place, even if he does seem less like a shepherd and much more like a wolf in a clerical collar…
one with a hungry look that’s making Shay feel she might be his next dinner…

When Bruce Met Cyn…

Bruce Kelly has spent most of his life helping people who are down on their luck, guiding them toward making better lives. Compassionate and kind, Bruce understands that everyone makes mistakes, even if he’s never actually done anything just colour inside the lines. Nobody’s perfect, but Bruce is about to meet a woman who’s perfect for him. He’s determined to show her that he can be trusted. And if that means proving it by being an absolute gentleman at all times, then so be it. Cyn Potter is a survivor, with a sassy, gallows wit and a fierce independent streak to show for it. She’s used to men wanting only one thing, and this girl is no longer taking applications from big bad wolves in sheep’s clothing, thank you very much. But Bruce Kelly is actually different. Totally hands off. Sometimes she can se a hint of fire when he looks at her, but the guy treats her with the respect she’s always wanted. Maybe too much respect, because truthfully? The guy is fine. Worth taking down a few defences for…
and a few other things. And maybe somebody needs to help Bruce start over and discover just how perfect being imperfect can be

Just A Hint Clint

That’s what crosses Clint Evans’ mind the minute he takes on the four thugs holding heiress Julie Rose hostage. It isn’t the danger that has Clint in a lather, but Julie herself. The pretty, petite schoolteacher he’s been hired to return to her wealthy fiance is no fainting trust fund baby. She’s more of a hellcat, one who won’t be deterred when she sets her sights on something. And her sights are set on Clint. The one rule Clint never breaks is this don’t get involved with the client. He can look, but he definitely cannot touch even if it’s driving him crazy. Keeping Julie safe until he can figure out who’s behind her kidnapping means never letting her out of his sight. And the closer he sticks to the feisty, seductive woman who makes him feel alive…
the harder it gets for him to ever consider letting her go…


Carrying a naked woman up a mountain in a driving storm now there’s a way for a man to start the day. But for Jamie, the unconscious redhead in his arms is an intruder, one who could bring him harm. He has his reasons for hiding out in this mountain cabin; for keeping his emotions hidden; for never, ever getting too close to anyone. And he’s not about to stop now. Before she passed out in his bed, she said her name was Faith an appropriate name since he has to take her at her word. Who is she? Why is she here? Who sent her? And what is she doing to him? Jamie‘s used to feelings of wariness, isolation, of being on guard. What he’s not used to is this dangerous, nearly uncontrollable new emotion raging through him. Jamie wants Faith, as a man wants a woman…
and it may already be too late to turn back…


Two steamy classics from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Lori FosterFantasyBrandi really means it when she says ‘Oh, you shouldn’t have’ to her sister’s outrageous birthday gift a five day dream vacation to a lovers’ retreat lover included. Just what is she going to do in paradise with sexy stranger Sebastian Sinclair? Anything and everything she wants. TantalizingJosie Jackson was growing tired of a constant stream of yawn inducing blind dates, courtesy of her dear, meddling sister. But Nick Harris wasn’t the stuffy, straitlaced workaholic that Josie had come to expect. In fact, he was just the opposite tall, dark and ready to give little Miss Josie Jackson a night to remember.

Tangled Sheets

With delectable stories by USA Today bestselling authors Suzanne Forster and Lori Foster and national bestselling authors Elda Minger and Fayrene Preston this popular anthology is sweet, steamy, and very satisfying.

Tangled Dreams

Four sizzling hot authors show how a simple piece of lingerie can be the key to unlocking a woman’s deepest desires…
Four stories of silken fantasy including Lori Foster’s Tangled Images, in which a female photographer comes undone during a men’s underwear spread. Maggie Shayne’s Leather and Lace finds a prim young beauty leading a double life as a lingerie model. In Suzanne Forster’s Unbuttoning Emmalina, modesty is overrun by desire. And in Kimberley Randell’s Sinderella, a tomboy discovers how a red teddy can turn her life around.


In her deliciously steamy novellas, Lori Foster introduced the sinfully attractive Winston brothers. Now, in Wild, she continues their story as sexy Zane Winston falls for an exotic lady who may not be at all what she seems. ‘Interesting characters and an original plot. You can pick up any Lori Foster book and know you’re in for a good time.’ New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard

The Winston Brothers

Lori Foster enchanted legions of romance readers with her seductive novellas featuring The Winston Brothers. Now, these tantalizing tales are available for the first time in one volume. ‘Lori Foster writes about real people you’ll fall in love with.’ Stella Cameron

Wildly Winston

Four brothers, one wildly sexy collection from the New York Times bestselling author. All four Winston brothers are scorchingly handsome, sensually passionate and stubbornly proud. Left alone in the world after their parents’ deaths, they learned to depend on each other and to cherish the bond that holds them together. Now, with their disarming charm and sexy smiles, they will inspire readers’ wildest, most sensuous fantasies and will surely become the men of their dreams.


She was his obsession. When she was bad, she was better! On the outside, Carlie McDaniels was a shy, no nonsense schoolteacher. But on the inside, there was another Carlie a sultry, sexy femme fatale burning to get out. One night, she did. And lady killer Tyler Ramsay didn’t know what or who hit him! Tyler had a problem. He was obsessed with a mystery woman and fascinated by prickly Carlie McDaniels. How could he desire two women at the same time? And what was he supposed to do when he found out they were one and the same?


Eli Conners expected hired mercenary Ray Vereker to be a tank of a guy with forty tattoos not a gorgeous creature with considerable karate skills. While Eli certainly needs Ray’s help, he thinks she could use a little of what he’s offering…
a down and dirty, body scorching passion of the forever kind. Ray’s as good as any man when it comes to storming enemy compounds and loading an AK 47, but Eli’s strong sensuality and gentle touch leave her shaken and stirred. And really, who could blame a girl for succumbing to mind blowing temptation in the steamy jungle? But now it’s back to business. If only Ray wasn’t feeling hot, bothered, dizzy, and just a little bit, well, queasy. The last thing either of these unlikely lovers expects is to be expecting. Suddenly, Ray’s precise, no nonsense mission is veering wildly off course, derailed by raging hormones, out of control desire, and a delirious love that is completely Unexpected.

Sex Appeal

Shadow Callahan was simply trying to corral ten to die for men when she propositioned Brent Bramwell. All the specialty shops in the mall agreed that hosting a ‘sexiest man’ contest would bring in female shoppers. Of course, she couldn’t blame Brent for getting the wrong idea, since her shop, Sex Appeal, featured interesting…
toys and such. Brent had always been an in control kind of guy, with no time for playing games. But after meeting Shadow, he realized he was missing out on things. Fun things. Things he only wanted to do with her…

The Watson Brothers

In ‘My House, My Rules’, sweetly sexy and extremely determined Ariel drives tough, rugged cop Sam Watson over the edge. When Ariel’s headstrong ways nearly wreck one of Sam’s sting operations ruining her dress in the process he offers her a ride to his place to clean up. But Ariel seems to have her own agenda, and Sam decides it’s time to show the lady that if she wants to play games of seduction, he’ll be calling the shots…
‘Bringing Up Baby’: Gil Watson’s wild night on a business trip two years ago resulted in a daughter he never knew he had. Now that the girl’s mother is gone, he wants to do right by his little girl, even if it means a marriage of convenience with the woman who’s been raising her. Anabel Truman is totally wrong for him. But the sensations she rouses in Gil feel totally right. ‘Good With His Hands’: As best friends, Pete Watson and Cassidy McClannahan have a ‘no sex’ relationship. ‘No sex’ equals continuing friendship. ‘Ohmygodyes’ sex equals big problems. It may be a rigid rule, but it works until Pete decides he wants to push the line and transform himself into the perfect guy he thinks Cassidy wants.


Lori Foster doubles the spice in this two in one treat…
Scandalized!Can passion challenge cool, levelheaded reason? Knee melting kisses spark more than hotelier Tony Austin or boutique owner Olivia Anderson ever planned. He wanted an heir, not a wife. She wanted a no strings affair…
and delicious memories. Scandalous? Perhaps. And it was all going perfectly until love got in the way. Sex AppealShadow Callahan sizes up sexy, successful Brent Bramwell as perfect hunk material, ideal for her shopping mall’s contest. But take charge Brent is much more interested in gorgeous, irrepressible Shadow, whose Sex Appeal shop and its, uh, eclectic merchandise make this in control guy realize he’s been missing out. He’s got a wild side. And Shadow makes him want to misbehave…

Real Men Last All Night (With: Lora Leigh,Cheyenne McCray,Heidi Betts)

Today’s top erotic romance writers come together for a steamy read of four sexy stories about women who discover that real men last all night…
Luring Lucy by Lori FosterAll Lucy was looking for when she went to her vacation home was in innocent fling to quell the yearning she had felt since her husband died four years ago. She never expected her longtime friend Bram to lure her into a love affair so hot. Cooper s Fall by Lora LeighFormer ranger turned bar owner Ethan Cooper never expected to get an eyeful of prim Miss Sarah Fox from his attic window one hot summer afternoon. But now his blood is on fire for the delicious little minx. The Edge of Sin by Cheyenne McCrayZane Steele lives a life of extraordinary danger as a government agent and has never let anyone get too close. Then he sees the one woman who changes his life forever. Wanted: A Real Man by Heidi BettsClaire left her high school sweetheart Linc, in search of a better life. Ten years later she needs his help as a U.S. Marshal to find her missing daughter Linc’s daughter. Reeling with the knowledge of a daughter he s never known, Linc sets out to claim what s his.

Legally Hot (By:Lora Leigh,Cheyenne McCray)

Three of today’s top writers of romantic suspense want you to meet a few good men who are so HOT, it s criminal Lora Leigh The One Nick was wounded in combat and watched his buddies die around him. Since his return to civilian life, he s been plagued by nightmares until Sheila comes along and makes it her business to ease his mind and fill his nights with endless pleasure. Cheyenne McCray Night As a government agent, Noah lives a life of extraordinary danger and he knows better than to let anyone get too close. But when it comes to one passionate stranger, he ll do whatever it takes to hold her in his arms and never let go. Red Garnier Caught After his parents were murdered, young Cody was put into foster care and Megan has thought about him ever since. Now that Cody is back he has three things to tell Megan: He s a police officer, he s found his parents killer, and he wants to be her man until death do they part.

Men of Courage

These men are heroes strong, fearless…
Fireman Ethan Winters ran headlong into a burning building to find Rosie Carrington. Rescue worker Brett Gannon defied the aftershocks of a San Francisco earthquake to prevent Haley Brubaker from entering her collapsing home. And emergency room doctor Matt Walker braved gale force winds and rising floodwater to rescue scientist Molly Stanton. And impossible to resist! For Rosie, the heat in Ethan’s eyes was enough to start a three alarm blaze! As for Haley, being trapped amidst the rubble with Brett meant heightened tension and heightened passion. And sheltering together from the storm, Molly needed Matt to make love to her. It was the only way for her to know she was still alive…
and that she’d stay that way. More than just life and death intimacy…
Their love was the real thing.

Perfect for the Beach

Some Like It Hot Lori Foster. Family practitioner Cary Rupert wants Nora Chilton so badly he can barely keep a hold of his stethoscope. But what Nora wants is someone who will love her forever, and Cary’s ready to show her that he’s definitely the man for the job…
One Wilde Weekend Janelle Denison. Alex Wilde is crazy about Dana Reed. Too bad the career driven Dana only wants him as a lover, not a husband. In a last ditch attempt to prove he’s the right man for her, Alex kidnaps Dana and whisks her away to a private beach house where he’s prepared to use every forbidden desire to make her his…
Blue Crush Erin McCarthy. Dr. Sara Davis wants to lose her reputation as boring. Instead, she loses her bikini top to a powerful wave and finds herself in the arms of gorgeous lifeguard Kyle Vanderhoff who thinks she’s drowning. She should correct him. Then again, a little mouth to mouth just might resuscitate her love life…
My Thief Mary Janice Davidson. While trying to insert his key card in his hotel room door, john Crusher is grabbed and hauled into the room only to come face to face with a stunning redhead who orders him to strip. Naked. Now. But when the room service is this superb, what’s a guy to do but show his heartfelt appreciation…
Hot And Bothered Kayla Perrin. Marrying impossible Trey Arnold after a whirlwind summer romance was the dumbest thing jenna Maxwell ever did. Determined to really find Mr. Right, Jenna flies to Key West to get a divorce. Simple. But once she sees Trey’s sexy bedroom smile again, things get a lot more complicated…
and very, very hot…
Murphy’s Law Morgan Leigh. Kat Murphy is in love with her lawyer boss, Sam Parrish, but the handsome widower’s heart may never heal. Needing a fresh start, Kat quits her job and heads for the beach. But when Sam follows her there, the sensual heat they generate is hotter than either of them ever imagined…

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

Two Chihuahuas, a crime solving cat and three homeless mutts are about to become matchmakers…
Sadie Harte’s Chihuahua is head over heels for the Chihuahua next door. It’s impossible for Sadie and neighbor Buck Boswell to keep them apart. And soon Sadie and Buck are finding it impossible to stay away from each other, too. Clever Chihuahua!Three homeless dogs, an old van, a six hundred mile rescue mission. What could possibly go wrong? As Jessica Hall finds out…
everything. Now Jessica needs rescuing, too. And her canine friends know just the man to be her hero. When Mack Sanders’s little girl, Miranda, goes missing, Penny Jameson’s friend Familiar, the feline sleuth, senses there’s more to Miranda’s disappearance than her search for a lost cat. And Familiar also senses there’s more to Mack and Penny’s attraction than they realize…

Men of Courage II

Ready to risk it all Three men come face to face with physical danger Their courage, their choices, will make these men heroes…
Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton Wulf’s career ambitions cost him the one woman he ever wanted Liv Avery. Now he’s determined to win back her love…
even if it means risking his life. Helicopter pilot Wyatt Stone attempts to rescue his former high school sweetheart, Leah Taylor stranded on a houseboat in the path of a tornado. And vows he’ll give their love another chance…
if they make it out alive. Tornado chasers Cooper Harrison and Marty McKenna once spent an incredible night of passion taking shelter from a twister. Now a tornado has Marty in Cooper’s arms again. Only this time Cooper isn’t about to let her go.

The Night Before Christmas

‘White Knight Christmas’ is by ‘New York Times’ bestselling author Lori Foster. Officer Parker Ross hates Christmas; Lily Donaldson lives for it. She’s determined to introduce him to the pleasures of the season, and he’s looking forward to being deliciously converted…
‘Snowed Under’ is by Erin McCarthy. Justin Fairbanks has always been attracted to Claire Robbins. When she gets soaked by a snowplough and asks him to help remove her wet clothes, well, what sane man could possibly say no? ‘Ms. Humbug’ is by Jill Shalvis. Wild, daring, a complete rebel, Matt is the man no woman can tame until he kisses his nemesis, Cami, at the office holiday party, and suddenly, all bets are off…
and running…
‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ is by Kathy Love. Seven years ago, Rob Marsten chose work over the love of his life, Erica. Now, a snowstorm and a car rental mix up leads to a reunion, and this time, Rob will show Erica exactly how much he wants her…
‘Seducing Scrooge’ is by Katherine Garbera. It’s Christmas Eve, and workaholic Jackson Peters is annoyed that his staff has left early. Only Krista Miller is still there, but from the look on her face, she doesn’t seem to have work on her mind…
‘ The Good Girl’s Guide To A Very Bad Christmas’ is by Kylie Adams. Peri Knight has had it with being good. She’s made a list of her top five sexiest fantasies, and in the week before Christmas, she’s going to live out every single one…

A Very Merry Christmas

‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ is by bestselling author, Lori Foster. The Christmas season heats up when Sergeant Osbourne Decker is asked to watch over pet psychic Marci Churchill. The woman is nutty, but she’s also a knockout, and he’s more than happy to keep his eyes on her…
‘Bah Humbug, Baby’ is by Gemma Bruce. The last thing ad exec Allison Newberry wants is to spend Christmas with her unreliable, totally sexy ex. But, when a blizzard hits, there’s only one way to keep warm…
‘By Firelight’ is by Janice Maynard. Madison Tierney is feeling blue this Christmas, until she gets stranded with a gorgeous mountain man in his secluded cabin, and feels her Christmas spirit and her temperature start to rise…

Santa, Baby

Get ready for a holiday season you’ll never forget with three of today’s most sensational writers who know what every woman wants for the holidays. You’ll believe in Santa all over again with these seductive stories from: JENNIFER CRUSIEMayhem ensues under the mistletoe as a determined shopper grabs the very last hot toy action figure off the shelf, only to find herself plunged into the middle of a real life spy game in the arms of a sexy secret agent…
LORI FOSTERTwo dedicated coworkers with a lot of secrets and fantasies! between them must plan a Christmas party side by side and discover a love worth celebrating in this steamy office romance. CARLY PHILLIPSA ‘mistletoe moment’ begins when a no nonsense lawyer intent on seducing her boss meets his twin instead after giving him a scintillating kiss that leaves him begging for more…


Judd Sanders couldn’t believe it when the beautiful, wide eyed woman he rescued from some drunk hoodlums started poking her gorgeous little nose into his business. She was obviously a menace to herself not to mention to his libido. Worse, she’d blow his cover. For little did Emily Cooper know that Judd was really a cop whose cover left him a little too ‘uncovered’ for his liking . Regina Foxworth has no clue why an unknown assailant is out to get a small town reporter like her. Or why the police won’t take her concerns seriously. So Regina gets a guard dog make that a four pound ‘guard’ Chihuahua! and signs up for self defense clas*ses. But defending herself is the last thing on her mind when sexy instructor Riley Moore has her pinned to the mat.


Two steamy classics from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Lori FosterIn Too DeepP.I. Harry Lonnigan wasn’t fooled by her disguise. The waif dressed as a boy, who was about to blow his cover and maybe get herself killed, was every inch a woman. His first priority should have been reuniting Charlie with her estranged father but her first priority was to seduce Harry, and before Harry knew it, he was in too deep. Married to the BossDana Dillinger had been R.J. Maitland’s right hand for years loyal, dependable and hopelessly, secretly in love with him. So when he popped the question to prove he wasn’t the playboy the press labeled him, she accepted his ‘proposal.’ But where R.J. envisioned a marriage in name only, Dana refused to settle for anything less than his heart .

The Guy Next Door

Three sexy new spring fling novellas from three of today’s hottest contemporary romance authors!Ready, Set, Jett by Lori FosterA vacation from her no strings romance with her sexy next door neighbor. That’s what Natalie Alexander needs to get her head and heart together. But her solo trip south turns into a disaster when gorgeous Jett Sutter turns up with another challenge. Gail’s Gone Wild by Susan DonovanSingle mom Gail Chapman insists on chaperoning her teenage daughter’s spring break trip to Key West. But she never expects to face temptation in the hunky form of Jesse Batista, the mysterious man in the cottage next door. Just One Taste by Victoria DahlAll work and no play businessman Eric Donovan won’t be distracted by a ‘businesswoman’ who’s all wrong for him. Beth Cantrell owns a women’s erotica shop! And she has a juicy little secret. Can she tempt him to put pleasure before business for once?

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