Loren L Coleman Books In Order


  1. Army Issues (2011)


  1. The Glittering World Anthology (2020)
  2. Love Me Always (2020)
  3. Savage Bloodline (2022)


  1. Five by Five (2012)

Game Books

  1. Chronomancer (1995)


  1. Drink, Drank, Drunk (2011)
  2. First Position And Falling (2011)
  3. Jupiter Falling (2011)
  4. Last Valley ‘Til Home (2011)
  5. Present Perfect (2011)
  6. Sisters of the Blade (2011)
  7. Stalking The Void (2011)
  8. There Will Be Gods (2011)

Anthologies edited

  1. Wizards, Inc. (2007)
  2. Crime Spells (2009)
  3. First Strike: BattleCorps Compilation Vol. 2 (2010)

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Loren L Coleman Books Overview

Wizards, Inc.

15 original stories about those who earn their living through spellcraft From a boy who discovers life can be an illusion…
to a man who maintains company security through enchantment…
to a young woman who inherits a real magic shop…
to a gambler who needs a sure way to beat the odds…
to a woman who creates unique chocolates here are 15 imaginative tales that run the whole gamut of wizardly professions.

Crime Spells

Sixteen original stories about magic fueled crimes and those who investigate them When magic is used for criminal purposes, all sorts of ethical and logistical questions arise beyond the realm of everyday law and order. Now, sixteen top tale tellers offer fascinating new stories of those who commit magic crimes, those who investigate them, and those who prosecute them. From a young woman who uses out of body excursions to research paranormal crimes to a bookie who’s been paying for hex protection against magical interference to an artist who does divination through his sketched visions which may lead to a murderer s undoing, here are powerful tales of magical crimes and punishments.

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