Liza Gyllenhaal Books In Order


  1. Local Knowledge (2008)
  2. So Near (2011)
  3. A Place For Us (2013)
  4. Changes of Heart (2014)
  5. Heart and Soul (2014)
  6. Bleeding Heart (2014)

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Liza Gyllenhaal Books Overview

Local Knowledge

From an exciting debut author a novel about three people haunted by the mistakes of their past and their plunge into an uncertain future.

Maddie Alden has always longed for more than her small town could offer. Now that it’s being overrun by wealthy New Yorkers looking for a respite from the city, Maddie has gotten herself a lucrative new job in real estate. And her first sale brings her a charismatic new friend who is everything Maddie longs to be. Little does Maddie realize that the glamorous Anne will shake up her quiet marriage and will force Maddie to face the truth about the past, and the terrible secret she shares with her husband and his best friend

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