Lisa Jewell Books In Order

Ralph’s Party Books In Publication Order

  1. Ralph’s Party (1999)
  2. After the Party (2010)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Thirtynothing (2000)
  2. One-Hit Wonder (2000)
  3. Roommates Wanted / 31 Dream Street (2000)
  4. A Friend of the Family (2003)
  5. Vince & Joy (2005)
  6. The Truth About Melody Browne (2009)
  7. The Making of Us (2011)
  8. Before I Met You (2012)
  9. The House We Grew Up In (2013)
  10. The Third Wife (2014)
  11. The Girls / The Girls in the Garden (2015)
  12. I Found You (2016)
  13. Then She Was Gone (2018)
  14. Watching You (2018)
  15. The Family Upstairs (2019)
  16. Invisible Girl (2020)
  17. The Night She Disappeared (2021)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Tart Noir (2003)

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Lisa Jewell Books Overview

Ralph’s Party

‘Lisa Jewell pulls off a rare trick which even the likes of Helen Fielding and Nick Hornby couldn’t quite manage. She has written a book about relationships, which appeals in equal measure to men and women.’ The Times London Meet the residents of the London brownstone on 31 Almanac Road who together weave a tangled web of romance. Ralph, a ne’er do well artist, suddenly realizes he’s head over heels in love with his new flatmate Jem, the most fun and sensible girl he’s ever encountered. Unfortunately, Ralph’s best friend, Smith, has already won Jem’s affections, although Smith has not entirely given up his passion for the femme fatale, Cheri, who lives upstairs. Across the hall, Karl and Siobhan have been happily unmarried for years, until Karl gets a smashing job as a London rush hour DJ and momentarily gets tempted into Cheri’s cozy lair. These six star crossed tenants become more enamored, and more confused, as the story progresses until their true destinies are revealed on one crucial night the evening of the extravaganza that is…
Ralph’s Party. This wonderfully hip new novel was an instant popular success when it was first published in England, and American readers are sure to be captivated by the debut of a talented new writer.

After the Party

From the internationally bestselling author of Ralph’s Party comes a delightful new novel about the power of starting over. Eleven years ago, Jem Catterick and Ralph McLeary fell deeply in love. They thought it would be forever, that they d found their happy ending. As everyone agreed, they were the perfect couple. Then two became four, and an apartment became a house. Romantic nights out became sleepless nights in. And they soon found that life wasn t quite so simple anymore. But through it all, Jem and Ralph still loved each other. Of course they did. Now Jem is back at work part time as a talent agent. Ralph, a successful painter, is struggling to come up with new, hopefully groundbreaking, work for his upcoming show. But the unimaginable has happened. Two people who were so right together are starting to drift apart And in the chaos of family life, Jem feels like she s losing herself, while Ralph, stuck on the sidelines, feels like he s lost his muse altogether. Something has to change. As they try to find a way back to each other, back to what they once had, they both become momentarily distracted but maybe it s not too late to recapture happily ever after


That’s the premise of the sparkling new romantic comedy from the author of the acclaimed international bestseller Ralph’s Party an irresistible novel about best friends, turning thirty…
and falling in love. The critics raved about Lisa Jewell’s bestselling debut novel, calling Ralph’s Party ‘addictively readable’ The Times, London; ‘like going to a great dinner party’ The New York Post. Thirtynothing brings together a charming quartet of modern men and women in pursuit of sex, love, friendship, and the perfect relationship. On his thirtieth birthday, Dig Ryan bumps into his first love Delilah, whom he hasn’t seen in twelve years. Delilah was the most beautiful girl in school and a constant thorn in the side of Nadine, who has been Dig’s best friend for the last fifteen years. Nadine isn’t about to let Delilah outshine and outmaneuver her again…
which is when she calls her first love, Phil…
.A buoyant novel about friendship, lust, growing up, and growing older, Thirtynothing is sure to delight fans of Ralph’s Party and to win this hip, thirtysomething author a wealth of new readers.

One-Hit Wonder

Shy and gawky, Ana has always daydreamed about living the life of her exotic half sister, Bee, a pop singer who had a 1 hit single before she inexplicably vanished from the celebrity scene. She gets her chance when Bee turns up dead, and Ana is dispatched to the big city to clear out her apartment. Instantly seduced by the secondhand glamour of Bee’s baubles, bangles, and bottles of Perrier Jouet, Ana takes up with Bee’s wild club hopping cronies, along with her sexy chauffeur. But news of a missing cat and a remote country cottage soon convince her that her sister was leading a secret life. Now Ana is on a mission to discover what really happened to Bee Bearhorn, the one hit wonder and what is about to happen to the unremarkable Ana Wills. An irresistibly entertaining tale of a woman who takes control of her life by temporarily taking on someone else’s, One Hit Wonder is this acclaimed author at her witty and captivating best.

Roommates Wanted / 31 Dream Street

1990. Please write and tell me why you should live here. Toby Dobbs received a big Victorian house with too many bedrooms to count as a wedding present from his father, but his marriage is over within a month. Very alone, and very lonely, Toby posts an advertiseme*nt seeking the ‘Unexpectedly Alone’ to become his roommates. Fifteen years later the wayward souls he takes in are still living with him, with no intention of leaving. 2004. Please tell me how I can convince you to move out. Toby Dobbs has met Leah Pilgrim from across the road, and they’re falling in love. But before they can begin a new life together, Toby and Leah must help Toby’s house of sweet slackers and lovelorn misfits grow up, solve their problems, and set themselves free. But can their new relationship survive the test?

A Friend of the Family

From the bestselling author of One Hit Wonder comes the irresistible tale of three brothers in search of love, meaning, and happily ever after. From her bestselling debut, Ralph’s Party, to her latest, One Hit Wonder, Lisa Jewell has captivated readers and reviewers alike. Brothers Tony, Sean, and Ned had the perfect upbringing. They adore their parents and actually look forward to coming home for Sunday lunch. But now that they’re grown up, real life is starting to get in the way. Tony’s dealing with divorce and a weight problem. Novelist Sean is up against a serious case of writer’s block and a shock announcement from his ‘perfect’ new girlfriend. Their parents have a new lodger, Gervase why is Bernie, their mother, so keen to give this unsavory waif a home? And what is the real reason for kid brother Ned’s surprise return from his travels in Australia? As effervescent as champagne, as addictive as chocolate, A Friend of the Family is a hilarious, dead on target story certain to delight Lisa Jewell’s growing legion of devoted fans.

Vince & Joy

Remember falling in love for the first time? Remember thinking, This is The One? Remember life getting in the way? From adolescent snogging to apartment shares, relationships, career crises, and children, Vince & Joy is the unforgettable story of two lives lived separately but forever entwined. Back in the 1980s, teenagers Vince and Joy met, fell desperately in love, and never quite said good bye. Now nearly twenty years later they’ve both begun to ask themselves if that long ago romance was the enduring love that they’ve been searching for.

Tart Noir

These are the bad girls we’ve been waiting for. They’re tough enough to take on thugs, tender enough to be moved to tears. Half Philip Marlowe, half femme fatale, their morals are questionable and their attitudes need adjustment. They’re tarts. And they are the hero*ines of this collection with stories by: Jessica Adams Jen Banbury Liza Cody Martina Cole Jenny Colgan Stella Duffy Liz Evans Sparkle Hayter Lauren Henderson Vicki Hendricks Lisa Jewell Laura Lippman Sujata Massey Val McDermid Denise Mina Karen Moline Katy Munger Chris Niles Jenny Siler Karin Slaughter

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