Lisa Harris Books In Order


  1. I Will Find You! (1994)
  2. Undercurrent (1994)
  3. Trouble in Paradise (1994)
  4. Sweet Revenge (2019)


  1. Love Afloat (2001)
  2. To Catch a Thief (2003)
  3. Cowboy Christmas (2004)
  4. Sweet Home Alabama (2006)
  5. Montana Mistletoe (2007)
  6. The New England Romance Collection (2014)
  7. Love Inspired Suspense March 2014 Bundle (2014)
  8. Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense July 2017 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2017)


  1. Christmas Novella Box Set (2017)


  1. Undercover Cowboy (2011)

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Lisa Harris Books Overview

Love Afloat

Time, tides, and the hand of God draw the hearts of four couples together in these delightful tales. Authors Kim Comeaux, Linda Goodnight, JoAnn A. Grote, and Diann Hunt weave four engaging stories of romance on the water. The Matchmakers won’t leave Maggie alone. She takes a cruise thinking she’s merely a companion for her great aunts. But those lively women have a plan to bring aboard the perfect man for Maggie a man who is all she wants and everything she fears. With trust shattered, Carrie’s marriage is adrift. An effort to reconcile goes awry when the couple’s plane crashes in the Bermuda Triangle. Even if Carrie and her husband are rescued from their life raft, will their marriage survive these Troubled Waters? A playful challenge becomes a journey of discovery when Chrissy accompanies her twin brother and his college roommate through the Boundary Waters. Paddling a canoe By the Silvery Moon, Chrissy is close to nature, close to God, and growing ever closer to Ryan. Victoria goes for the money; Ben goes for the sake of mercy. Can a selfish nurse and a soul scarred doctor find peace and love on a Healing Voyage as their medical mercy ship heads to the Philippines? Ride the waves as God leads His children through adversity and go with the flow as love floods the hearts of four young couples. This collection of inspiring romances will certainly be a treasure on your bookshelves.

To Catch a Thief

In a time when women find career options limited, four Chicago women get the chance of a lifetime busting a ring of train robbers for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Working undercover in Windmere Falls, Colorado, they begin to unearth clues overlooked by their male counterparts. Ruth Hunnicutt clothes mysterious characters in her dress maker’s shop. Could her interpretation of the clues destroy a blossoming romance? Sidney de Clermont falls off the train and back into the life of an old family friend. Can she keep her cover and protect her heart at the same time? Working on a ranch even though she’s terrified of horses, Moment Alexander filters a jumble of new clues. Can she overcome her fears to chase down thieves and at the same time lasso a husband? Despite what the other agents think, Lady Victoria Barrett Ames is convinced the real mastermind behind the train heists has yet to be caught. Is her boss the real suspect…
or a possible new love? Nobody’s expecting much from these female operatives but breaking the case may take only some womanly intuition and a little faith. Will they ride the rails to success…
and love?

Cowboy Christmas

This anthology contains three original novellas about cowboys, each revolving around the discovery of love at Christmastime. The feature story, ‘A Rancher’s Heart,’ is from best selling author Catherine Palmer with the remaining two stories from authors new to HeartQuest. Readers will soon discover that these two authors have a lot to offer in the area of love and romance as they read ‘Undercover Cowboy’ by Linda Goodnight and ‘The Outlaw’s Gift’ by Lisa Harris. $lt;p $lt;B ‘A Rancher’s Heart’ by Catherine Palmer $lt;/B A desperate Victoria Jennings returns to her family home to find Jesse Conroy, the man whose heart she broke, running the ranch. Will he be able to forgive and love her again, or will he lose her to another?

Sweet Home Alabama

Contemporary Romance: An anonymous, old fashioned love note a literature student’s homework assignment has been misplaced by its author. Jason finds the love note and mistakenly believes his new employee, Nicole, is hopelessly infatuated with him. When Zak finds the note on his tool cart at the garage, he’s convinced Ellen’s snobby friends and wealthy parents no longer pose an obstacle and plots an all out strategy to win her heart. A matchmaking sister uses the note to ignite romance between Samantha and friend Garrett. And the note causes a collision of mistaken identity for Callie and Darryl and results in true love for two lonely souls.

Montana Mistletoe

Contemporary Romance: Four girlfriends make a pact to find true love by their twenty eighth Christmas. As the deadline looms, each keeps busy with expanding career and experiences faltering Christmas spirit. Lori is a major struggling to bolster the small town’s economy, Madison runs a Christmas store and often travels to build up stock, Deanna is the town’s director of tourism on a campaign to put her town on the map, and Kathy is a writer living in California who has lost her small town faith. When romance arrives in Mistletoe, Montana, in unexpected Christmas packages, will each woman be able to accept the gift?

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