Lisa Banim Books In Order

Mysteries in Time Books In Order

  1. A Spy in the King’s Colony (1994)
  2. A Thief On Morgan’s Plantation (1995)
  3. The Hessian’s Secret Diary (1996)


  1. Drums At Saratoga (1993)
  2. American Dreams (1993)

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Lisa Banim Books Overview

A Spy in the King’s Colony

In British occupied Boston in 1776, eleven year old Emily Parker is determined to find out if a family friend is a traitor to the American patriots.

A Thief On Morgan’s Plantation

After being sent to live on her uncle’s plantation in Maryland at the start of the Civil War, Constance Morgan finds herself defending a slave child accused of stealing a family heirloom.

The Hessian’s Secret Diary


Drums At Saratoga

Lured by the glamour and excitement of a soldier’s life, eleven year old Nathaniel follows the British army down the Hudson Valley during the American Revolution and witnesses the true hardships of war firsthand.

American Dreams

Developments in World War II force Amy Mochida and her family to move from Hollywood to an internment camp with other Japanese Americans, changing Amy’s friendship with eleven year old Jeannie.

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