Linda Winstead Jones Books In Order

Sinclair Connection Books In Order

  1. Madigan’s Wife (2001)
  2. Hot on His Trail (2001)
  3. Capturing Cleo (2002)
  4. In Bed with Boone (2002)
  5. Wilder Days (2003)
  6. Clint’s Wild Ride (2003)
  7. On Dean’s Watch (2003)

Shades of Twilight Books In Order

  1. Shades of Scarlet (2002)
  2. Shades of Winter (2003)
  3. Shades of Midnight (2003)

Last Chance Heroes Books In Order

  1. Running Scared (2004)
  2. Truly, Madly, Dangerously (2005)
  3. One Major Distraction (2005)
  4. Lucky’s Woman (2006)
  5. The Guardian (2008)

Columbyana Books In Order

  1. The Sun Witch (2004)
  2. The Moon Witch (2005)
  3. The Star Witch (2006)
  4. Prince of Magic (2007)
  5. Prince of Fire (2006)
  6. Prince of Swords (2007)
  7. Untouchable (2008)
  8. 22 Nights (2008)
  9. Bride By Command (2009)
  10. Bride by Midnight (2013)
  11. Firebird (2014)
  12. Dragonstone Dance (2017)

Mystic Springs Books In Order

  1. Bigfoot and the Librarian (2019)
  2. Santa and the Snow Witch (2019)
  3. Beauty and the Beastmaster (2020)
  4. Ivy’s Fall (2021)

Christmas Music and Magic Books In Order

  1. Blue Christmas (2019)
  2. Always On My Mind (2019)


  1. No Angel’s Grace (1979)
  2. Guardian Angel (1994)
  3. Chase the Lightning (1995)
  4. West Wind (1995)
  5. In Enemy Hands (1996)
  6. Desperado’s Gold (1996)
  7. Every Little Thing (2000)
  8. Last of the Ravens (2009)
  9. Come to Me (2010)
  10. The Husband Recipe (2011)
  11. A Week Till the Wedding (2012)
  12. On a Wicked Wind (2018)


  1. Christmas Spirit (1998)
  2. Some Enchanted Evening (2002)
  3. Love Is Murder (2003)
  4. Fever / Billionaire Drifter (2004)
  5. One Major Distraction / Melting Point (2005)
  6. Beyond the Dark (2005)
  7. In His Bed (2007)
  8. Romancing the Crown / Max and Elena (2008)
  9. Holiday with a Vampire III (2009)
  10. Christmas with a Vampire (2010)
  11. The Heart of Winter (2011)
  12. A Week Till the Wedding / The Doctor’s Do Over (2012)
  13. Raintree: Oracle / Cursed (2015)
  14. Harlequin Nocturne March 2015 Box Set (2015)


  1. Moonlight Becomes You (2011)
  2. Haunted Honeymoon (2015)
  3. Midnight Moonlight (2016)
  4. Calling After Midnight (2018)
  5. Forever Mine (2018)
  6. Resolution (2018)
  7. Sundown (2020)

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Linda Winstead Jones Books Overview

Clint’s Wild Ride

Tracking a dangerous serial killer was all in a day’s work for Special Agent Mary Paris. She had the badge, the gun, the years of training, to handle it. What she couldn’t handle was Clint Sinclair. The sinfully sexy slow talkin’, bull ridin’ cowboy was responsible for helping her go undercover as a rodeo clown. There were just two small problems. One, the big city agent didn’t like bulls. And two, her new teacher was driving her to distraction. And if she couldn’t start keeping her head on her job and her hands off of Clint, she’d wind up with more than just a broken heart…

Shades of Scarlet

Ghost busters Eve Abernathy and Lucien Thorpe, finally married and longing for a child, are asked to investigate a house haunted by the ghost of a motherless young boy and meet the son that Lucien never knew he had.

Shades of Winter

Eve Abernathy knows that her fiance, paranormal expert Lucien Thorpe is terribly absentminded, but she can’t quite believe that he’s left her at the altar…
again. Eve is ready to call the whole thing off when a note delivered to the church chills her to the bone. ‘I didn’t forget’ it says…
in several frighteningly different hands none of them Lucien’s.

Shades of Midnight

Summoning the man who left her at the altar two years ago is definitely a last resort for Eve Abernathy. But paranormal expert Lucien Thorpe is the only person who can rid her house of the uneasy ghosts noisy, lovemaking ghosts, no less who haunt it, and Eve herself.

The Guardian

Dante Mangino was a man committed to one thing: his job. A top security specialist, he had no ties to anyone, just the way he wanted. Falling for a client was strictly taboo. But his latest assignment was about to remind him that even a man like Dante had a weakness. And her name was Sara Vance. Mayor of her hometown, Sara needed protection against a stalker. But having the man who’d loved her and left her prowling around on guard simply wouldn’t do. Dante was too intense. Too…
tempting. And that would make her stalker very, very angry…

The Sun Witch

For 300 years, the Fyne women have called the mountain Orianan their home, inheriting the supernatural arts from their mothers but a long ago curse makes true love unattainable for them.

When she meets the green eyed soldier of her dreams, youngest sister Sophie discovers that she has been gifted with abundant fertility.

Now, she and her lover must call on all their strengths, both earthly and supernatural, to fight the curse which promises to end their happiness.

The Moon Witch

Middle Fyne sister Juliet is kidnapped by the Emperor’s men only to be rescued by a man whose animal instincts tell him he’s found the only woman to call his own.

The Star Witch

The Sun Witch and The Moon Witch introduced the Fyne sisters, three different and engrossing witches coming into their own. Here, the eldest wonders how she can remain chaste with a sensuous enemy tempting her.

Prince of Magic

The firstborn children of the Fyne witches have finally come into their own, each with a special gift…

Independent Ariana Kane Varden, daughter of the Sun Witch, has never let family duty keep her from reaching her dreams. She learned the practice of her gift, the power to heal others, at her mother’s knee. And now she is the Palace healer, tending to her emperor…

The last prophecy of magician Sian Chamblyn’s late grandfather points to Ariana as the one to save Columbyana from a growing evil. Sian has hightailed it from lands afar to deliver the message. When he must prepare her for the fight of her life, Sian intends to remain undistracted by his sensuously beautiful prot g e. But in the heat of battle and passion diligence might be his downfall…

Prince of Fire

Following the acclaimed Sisters of the Sun trilogy comes the Children of the Sun, a trilogy about the sisters’ first born children. Here in its second installment, Keelia, Queen of the Anwyn, falls for her shape shifting kidnapper, but still cannot deny the ever looming Prophecy of the Firstborn: She will betray love in the name of victory.

Prince of Swords

In the last installment of the Children of the Sun trilogy, a shackled virgin must choose between the monster she knows and a sexy stranger who could spell doom or help her fulfill the Prophecy of the Firstborn.


A cause for celebration: a new series from the author of the Prince trilogy. For the Emperor of Colymbyana, no bride can compare to Sanura, an exotic slave with the power to see into men’s souls. To touch her brings incredible pleasure and certain death. Even for his brother, who loves her ardently. This is their story.

22 Nights

The emperor has his eyes on the lovely Belavalari as his future empress. Little does he know that Bela has spent the last five years intent on one purpose revenge.

And when the dashing general Merin is sent to collect Bela, he’s horrified to learn that she s already married to him.

Bride By Command

Disguised as a sentinel, the emperor of Columbyana is shocked that his next bridal candidate isn t interested in becoming an Empress. Determined to teach the haughty beauty a lesson, the Emperor strikes a bargain with her stepfather, and claims her as his bride.

Guardian Angel

Defying her father’s wishes that she find a suitor and marry, Melanie Barnett is well equipped to sharp shoot anyone who gets in her way in Paradise, Texas. She isn’t out to play the love game, but when a masked gunman rescues her from an attempted kidnapping, a stolen kiss overcomes her bristly facade. He is her Guardian Angel but since no one on the ranch welcomes his alter ego, he is prepared to remain disguised as long as it takes to protect Mel. But the more things heat up between the two, the more difficult it becomes for Gabriel Maxwell to continue on simply watching over her.

West Wind

Annabelle St. Clair has the voice of an angel and the devil at her heels. Running from a murder she didn’t commit, the world renowned opera singer is being reduced to singing in saloons until she finds a handsome gunslinger willing to take her to safety in San Francisco. A restless bounty hunter, Shelley was more at home on the range than in Annabelle’s polite society. Yet on the rugged trail, he couldn’t resist sharing with her a passion as vast and limitless as the Western sky. But despite the ecstasy, Annabelle trusts no one, especially not a man with dangerous secrets secrets that threaten to ruin their lives and destroy their love.

Come to Me

Of all the P.I. offices in all the world…
Why did Lizzie Porter have to waltz into his? Wary loner Sam Travers always had a soft spot for Lizzie and now she’s grown up, with the curves to prove it. But to move on his old partner’s daughter would be oh so wrong…
. Except that Lizzie won’t take no for an answer. She’s discovered that she might have a half sister. And she’s not going to let anyone stop her on her search even Sam!The plot thickens when someone takes a shot at Lizzie, and Sam volunteers to move in with her just to protect her, of course. And as they puzzle out the truth, he wonders just when he’ll dare move out…

Christmas Spirit

Sweet and uplifting stories that will warm even the coldest of hearts from three very talented writers. In Leigh Greenwood’s ‘Bah, Humbug!’, ad exec Nate Jerome longs for a holiday in the tropics, but finds heat right next door. In Elaine Fox’s ‘Christmas Present, ‘ Susannah Murphy returns home for Christmas to a late night savior who teaches her the meaning of true love. And in Linda Winstead’s ‘Blue Christmas, ‘ Jess Lennox realizes that her self imposed rule of not dating musicians may be holding back he ability to find happiness.

Love Is Murder

One murder three points of view. ‘To Die For’ by New York Times bestselling author, Rebecca Brandewyne Attending a society party was to be Paul and Lily Clothier’s last act as a married couple, until their participation in a parlor game ended in murder with Paul as the leading suspect! Only together could they find justice and love. ‘In Too Deep’ by Maureen Child Assistant D.A. Gina Palermo was a nice girl with a gangster family. And when a threat to her life put this law abiding daughter under the protection of her dad’s mob men, Gina wondered if she could resist the tempting embrace of sexy Nick Falcone…
‘Calling after Midnight’ by Linda Winstead Jones Late night radio host Veronica Gray never expected her advice to a lovelorn listener to lead to murder! And once handsome detective Eli Benedict was one the case, she was suddenly in need of guidance herself in the art of seduction…

Holiday with a Vampire III

Sundown by Linda Winstead JonesAfter distancing herself from a very attractive cop, vampire Abby Brown discovers she wants only one thing for Christmas Leo Stryker. But when a murder investigation endangers his life, she may be the one to give him a present…
. Nothing Says Christmas Like a Vampire by Lisa ChildsSienna Briggs never knew she had a guardian vampire. But, when she stumbles across the truth surrounding the Secret Vampire Society, her guardian the handsome Julian Vossimer has only one solution to save the woman he’s loved for so long. Unwrapped by Bonnie VanakAdrian Thorne never expected to see Sarah Roberts again. But she’s presented to him as a special gift. The vampire is elated to finally avenge the werewolf who broke his heart…
except Sarah may be the only one who can mend it!

The Heart of Winter

This trio of irresistible stories from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Maggie Shayne and USA TODAY bestselling authors Linda Winstead Jones and Day Leclaire touch the heart of who we are and what we desire….

Prepare to be…


Melinda Terwilliger is a mild-mannered teacher-until she accidentally becomes The Toughest Girl in Town. But she meets her match in an undercover cop determined to get to know the real Melinda…with kisses hot enough to melt any woman’s heart!


When law secretary Nell Rose is snowbound with a handsome stranger, keeping her New Year’s Resolution becomes nearly impossible. Why swear off men when a romantic weekend with a reclusive writer seems to be the ideal way to ring in the new year?

Swept Away

Plain Jayne Myleston seduced her office crush at a masked ball-and then found she’d turned up the heat with the wrong man! Even after the ball, she can’t say no to her Mystery Lover. That is, until Jayne finds out who he really is!

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