Linda Lael Miller Books In Order

Corbins Books In Publication Order

  1. Banner O’Brien (1984)
  2. Corbin’s Fancy (1985)
  3. Memory’s Embrace (1986)
  4. My Darling Melissa (1990)

Beyond the Threshold Books In Publication Order

  1. Here and Then (1992)
  2. There and Now (1992)

Australian Books In Publication Order

  1. Moonfire (1988)
  2. Angelfire (1989)

Orphan Train Books In Publication Order

  1. Lily and the Major (1990)
  2. Emma And The Outlaw (1991)
  3. Caroline and the Raider (1992)

Man Of The World Books In Publication Order

  1. Wild about Harry (1991)

Tremayne VampireBooks In Publication Order

  1. Forever and the Night (1993)
  2. For All Eternity (1994)
  3. Time Without End (1995)
  4. Tonight And Always (1996)
  5. Into the Night (2002)

Quade Books In Publication Order

  1. Yankee Wife (1993)
  2. Taming Charlotte (1993)
  3. Princess Annie (1994)

Springwater Seasons Books In Publication Order

  1. Springwater (1998)
  2. Rachel (1999)
  3. Savannah (1999)
  4. Miranda (1999)
  5. Jessica (1999)
  6. A Springwater Christmas (1999)
  7. Springwater Wedding (2001)

Women of Primrose Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Bridget (2000)
  2. Christy (2000)
  3. Skye (2000)
  4. Megan (2000)
  5. The Last Chance Cafe (2002)

McKettricks Books In Publication Order

  1. High Country Bride (2002)
  2. Shotgun Bride (2003)
  3. Secondhand Bride (2004)
  4. McKettrick’s Choice (2005)
  5. Sierra’s Homecoming / A Rancher’s Honor (2006)
  6. McKettrick’s Luck / The Honourable Millionaire (2007)
  7. McKettrick’s Pride / The Millionaire’s Pride (2007)
  8. McKettrick’s Heart / The Millionaire’s Duty (2007)
  9. The McKettrick Way (2007)
  10. A McKettrick Christmas (2008)
  11. Tate (2010)
  12. Garrett (2010)
  13. Austin (2010)
  14. A Lawman’s Christmas (2011)

Clare Westbrook Books In Publication Order

  1. Don’t Look Now (2003)
  2. Never Look Back (2004)
  3. One Last Look (2006)

Mojo Sheepshanks Books In Publication Order

  1. Deadly Gamble / Arizona Wild (2006)
  2. Deadly Deceptions / Arizona Heat (2008)

Stone Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. The Man From Stone Creek (2006)
  2. A Wanted Man (2007)
  3. The Rustler (2008)
  4. A Stone Creek Christmas (2008)
  5. The Bridegroom (2009)
  6. At Home In Stone Creek (2009)
  7. Holiday in Stone Creek (2011)

Montana Creeds Books In Publication Order

  1. Logan (2009)
  2. Dylan (2009)
  3. Tyler (2009)
  4. A Creed Country Christmas (2009)
  5. A Creed In Stone Creek (2010)
  6. Creed’s Honor / The Heart of a Cowboy (2011)
  7. The Creed Legacy (2011)

Parable, Montana Books In Publication Order

  1. Big Sky Country (2012)
  2. Big Sky Mountain (2012)
  3. Big Sky River (2012)
  4. Big Sky Summer (2013)
  5. Big Sky Wedding (2013)
  6. Big Sky Secrets (2013)

The Brides of Bliss County Books In Publication Order

  1. The Marriage Pact (2014)
  2. The Marriage Charm (2014)
  3. The Marriage Season (2015)
  4. Christmas in Mustang Creek (2015)

The Carsons of Mustang Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Once a Rancher (2016)
  2. Always a Cowboy (2016)
  3. Forever a Hero (2017)
  4. A Snow Country Christmas (2017)

Painted Pony Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Country Strong (2020)
  2. Country Proud (2021)
  3. Country Born (2022)

Griffon Fletcher Books In Publication Order

  1. Fletcher’s Woman (1983)
  2. Courting Susannah (2000)

Two Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Two Brothers (1998)
  2. The Lawman (1999)
  3. The Gunslinger (1999)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Desire and Destiny (1983)
  2. Snowflakes on the Sea (1984)
  3. Willow (1984)
  4. State Secrets (1985)
  5. Ragged Rainbows (1986)
  6. Lauralee (1986)
  7. Wanton Angel (1987)
  8. Used-To-Be Lovers (1988)
  9. Just Kate (1989)
  10. Only Forever (1989)
  11. Escape from Cabriz (1990)
  12. Glory, Glory (1990)
  13. Daring Moves (1990)
  14. Mixed Messages (1990)
  15. Daniel’s Bride (1992)
  16. Part of the Bargain (1994)
  17. Pirates (1995)
  18. Knights (1996)
  19. Together (1996)
  20. My Outlaw (1997)
  21. The Vow (1998)
  22. One Wish (2000)
  23. My Lady Wayward (2001)
  24. A Midsummer Day’s Dream (2006)
  25. My Lady Beloved (2008)
  26. Untameable. (2012)
  27. Cowboy Country (2018)
  28. The Blue and the Gray (2018)
  29. The Wager (2018)
  30. Cowboy Homecoming (2019)
  31. The Yankee Widow (2019)
  32. Forever and a Day (2019)
  33. The Way Back To You (2021)
  34. The McKettrick Way and A Baby and a Betrothal (With: Michelle Major) (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Resurrection (1995)
  2. The 24 Days of Christmas (2004)
  3. Batteries Not Required (2005)
  4. One Last Weekend (2007)
  5. Christmas of the Red Chiefs (2012)
  6. Interlude (2015)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. A Christmas Collection (1992)
  2. To Love and to Honor (1993)
  3. Summer Love (1997)
  4. Always and Forever (1997)
  5. Heart’s Desire (1998)
  6. In Our Dreams (1998)
  7. Deck the Halls (2004)
  8. Beach Blanket Bad Boys (2005)
  9. Sun, Sand, Sex (2007)
  10. More than Words Volume 4 (2008)
  11. He’s the One (2013)
  12. Cowboy Ever After (2018)

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Linda Lael Miller Books Overview

Banner O’Brien

In 1886, lovely Banner O’Brien overcame every obstacle and won her coveted medical diploma. Still she longed to escapefrom Oregon…
and the nightmares that left her shaking, screaming one man’s name. Banner fled to the Washington Territory to accept a position with Dr. Adam Corbin…
arrogant, handsome and rumor said, violent. Although Banner respected his skills, she was unnerved by the very nearness of this moody, powerful man, His past was a mystery that would challenge her to her utmost…
for Banner wad determined to win Adam Corbin’s heart.

Corbin’s Fancy

When a traveling carnival left Fancy Jordan stranded in the rugged Washington Territory, she thought her luck had run out. Alone, penniless, she welcomed a most intriguing offer to live in the home of Jeff Corbin’s brother, and coax the wounded, withdrawn Jeff back to health and happiness. But a villainous attack on his ship had hurt only his body a far deeper sorrow tortured him, heart and soul. For as the beautiful gamine fell deeply in love with his handsome, brooding man, she faced a phantom rival…
one that only the most splendid, most heartfelt passion could conquer!

Memory’s Embrace

In the wilderness of 1880s Oregon, beautiful Tess Bishop was captivated by the most fascinating stranger ever to drift into her small lumbertown a man as handsome and cultured as he was mysterious.

Soon she discovered he was really Keith Corbin torn by a terrible grief, fleeing his memories and the rich privilege his former life. Bravely, Tess helped him hide his identity, and willingly, she joined him on his flight. A to make him forget that kept him on the run…
and free his soul at last for the sweet fullness of her love!

My Darling Melissa

Devastated on her wedding day by a shattering revelation, Melissa Corbin turned to a stranger with a brazen bargain: she would take his name in exchange for the power of the Corbin empire. Quinn Rafferty was shockingly handsome and used to command. His bold, generous heart was quickly roused to laughter, to anger…
and to white hot desire for the head strong, sable maned beauty. Quinn’s caresses kindled blazing starlight in Melissa’s pounding blood…
and soon there was no turning back. But above their happiness loomed a bitter man’s vengeance that could destroy all that Quinn most cherished. Now Melissa and Quinn would risk their very lives for the glorious heights of ecstasy…

Here and Then

In the wrong place at the wrong time. When her cousin dissappeared without a trace, Rue Claridge volunteered to find her. But by retracing Elisabeth’s steps, Rue never dreamed she’d wind up in 1892. And she certainly wasn’t prepared for Marshal Farley Haynes. He arrested her and threw her in jail, But discovering how dangerous the Old West was, Rue needed his help. Especially when, at any moment, fate can intercede and destiny can be changed by a singel bullet. From the author of There and Now.

There and Now

Seeking refuge, Elisabeth McCartney returned to her centuries old family home, never dreaming stepping over the threshold would take her one hundred years into the past and into the sweet, sensual embrace of Dr. Jonathan Fortner. He wants forever, but she knows forever is the one thing they don’t have. Because even if she can prevent the tragedy she knows will strike him, they are separated by two worlds, denied by destiny.

Unless love can find a time of its own.


Stranded by a shattered promise on Australia’s vast shores, Maggie Chamberlin vowed to shape a new Iife for herself in Sydney. Then she encountered arrogant, wealty Reeve Mckenna, a man as ruggedly splendid as the Australian wilderness. Though he thrilled Maggie’s senses and held her proud, untried heart captive, Reeve could not be hers alone. For he was obsessed by a lifelong hope to find his beloved brother James, lost two decades before. Torn between the clash of their wills and the sweet dark rush of desire, they rose time and again to rapture. But Reeve’s fierce hunger for the Yankee beauty was not yet love, and Maggie would have the pleasure of his passion and the full surrender of his heart or nothing at all!


Shocked by the threat of an arranged marriage to an aging magistrate, Bliss Stafford fled through the rugged New Zealand countryside. But chance and the barrel of her father’s pistol wed her to Jamie McKenna, a handsome, headstrong rancher whose bold touch flamed her innocent senses…
In his embrace she discovered the wonder of desire, and the passionate man who would be her destiny. Yet his heart was captive to a beauteous widow and a hidden, bitter sorrow. Only a rare courage would drive Bliss to face the secrets of Jamie’s past…
to defy death itself for the radiant prize of a lifetime of tomorrows…

Lily and the Major

In his arms, she discovered how tender and how bold true passion could be…
. Lily Chalmers wanted only two things from life a farm of her own, and to find the sisters she hadn’t seen since they were all little girls heading West on the orphan train…
. She certainly had no desire for a husband. Yet proud, innocent Lily had no idea what desire meant until she met Major Caleb Halliday, a man who could ignite her very being with a single touch…
a glance…
a whisper. Sheltered in his arms, Lily rode the crest of a wild, helpless passion. And though she struggled against her own willful heart, she knew she could never choose between the dazzling man who had claimed her love so completely, and her bold, long cherished dream…

Emma And The Outlaw

Despite her unconventional upbringing she’d been adopted off the orphan train by the local ‘madam’ Emma Chalmers was the most prim and proper young lady in all of Whitneyville. Why, she wouldn’t even permit Fulton Whitney to kiss her, and they were practically engaged!

But when Steven Fairfax landed in her home, wounded in an explosion at the town’s raunchiest saloon, his lazy smile made Emma’s blood race. Slowly, Steven stilled her fears with his gentle, insistent caresses…
until at last she gave herself unashamedly to the splendid passion that was their destiny. Yet now Emma faced a new terror for the drifter she loved so desperately was a wanted man, and his past was about to catch up with him!

Caroline and the Raider

Holding her lovely head high, Wyoming schoolmistress Caroline Chalmers did what no lady should: she marched right into the local saloon to see the dashing and reckless Guthrie Hayes. Worse still, she went to ask him for help. She needed the former Confederate raider to plan a jailbreak to rescue her fiance, Seaton Flynn, from the hangman’s noose. An orphan by spinster sisters, Caroline was prepared do almost anything to save her beloved Seaton. So why did her breath suddenly become a shivery sigh when she looked into Hayes’s twinkling green eyes? Too late Caroline knew how perilous her request really was, for this strong and daring ex soldier would refuse her nothing no matter how dangerous…
but first he intended to teach her everthing about the power of a man’s love, beginning with a shameless odyssey to ectasy in his arms…

Forever and the Night

0425140601 While Trick or Treating with her young nephew in her small Connecticut town, Neely Wallace meets reclusive millionaire Aidan Tremayne. Unable to resist his charm, she falls hard for the tall, pale young man. With his dark hair and piercing blue eyes, he seems both angel and devil, tender and sensitive yet powerfully erotic. As they become closer, Neely discovers that Aidan is tormented by a terrible secret. A vampire, damned agains his will, Aidan Tremayne is doomed to a bloodthirsty immortality. Aidan longs desperately for Neely but his passion for a mortal is forbidden. Still, he remembers a Gypsy’s prophecy long ago; that someday a woman would either be his salvation or his damnation. Will Neely dare to risk all and surrender to a temptation that may destroy them both?

For All Eternity

Maeve Tremayne must risk everything, including her love for compassionate army doctor Calder Holbrook, to save her fellow vampires and humanity from a tyrannical vampire queen. By the best selling author of Forever and the Night.

Time Without End

Witnessing the rebirth and subsequent death of his beloved Brenna century after century, the vampire Valerian vows that the next time he sees Brenna, he will make her immortal at any cost.

Tonight And Always

The immortal and beautiful daughter of vampire lovers Maeve and Calder, Kristina possesses the ability to move things with her mind and experiences the terrible irony of her bloodline when she falls in love with a mortal man.

Into the Night

In Time Without End, vampire Valerian has surrendered his soul to the haunting solitude of endless night. But once every century, his lost beloved returns in human form, reigniting sparks in him.

In Tonight and Always, second generation vampire Kristina will remain forever young. Little good it does her, though the one time she dared give her heart to a mortal man, she suffered painful loss, vowing never to love again. That is, until now.

Yankee Wife

Lydia McQuire’s courage had never wavered during the bloodiest days of the Civil War. A year later, the pretty former Union Army nurse was alone, three thousand miles from home, gamely scraping out an honest living. But now, as she said yes to marrying a stranger, her knees gave way with fear. Mr. Devon Quade had seemed polite and handsome when she answered his ad for a wife. Only after Lydia had set sail for his family’s settlement in Washington did she learn the truth: her bridegroom wasn’t the sweet Devon Quade, but his older brother Brigham, a widower with shoulders a yard wide, hands as strong as steel, and an arrogant belief that he was lord and master of his lumber empire, the town Quade’s Harbor, and the woman he married. Lydia’s dilike of him was both ardent and instantaneous…
yet she also wanted him to kiss her until he took her breath away. And when Brigham wrapped her in his strong embrace, he awakened in her a white hot passion, and a firm resolve: before she would share his bed, tough, hard headed Brigham Quade would have to surrender himself, heart and soul, to love…

Taming Charlotte

Kidnapped and confined in a harem — that’s not the scenario Charlotte Quade envisioned when she prayed for just one grand adventure before sailing home to Washington Territory from Europe. While exploring the ancient, exotic island kingdom of Riz, Charlotte foolishly lost her way. In a dizzying moment, she was snatched, bound up in a sack and unceremoniously dumped — completely naked! — in the ship’s cabin of the very same man who had caught her fancy as a young girl in Seattle: Captain Patrick Trevarran.

But Charlotte’s dream lover turned out to be no gentleman! He had once gallantly fetched her, as a mischievous teenager,from the riggings of his ship, but now he appraised her with exasperation and quickly packed her off to the harem of a sultan friend. When they were reunited — as much by mercy as by fate — it was clear that Patrick wished merely to tease and trifle with this pretty, rebellious American. But, through their adventure, Charlotte had discovered a provocative man torn between recklessness and devotion, between storm and calm. Now, with all the strength and passion she possessed, Charlotte would chart a course that would sweep them at last to their destiny — a glorious and resounding love.

Princess Annie

Annie’s visit to the castle of Bavia’s royal family is supposed to be idyllic and romantic, but instead Annie finds a slightly tarnished Prince, a peasant rebellion, an arranged wedding and a chance to lose her heart.


Evangeline Keating came west because she had to: after her husband’s passing, she needed to build a new life for her young daughter, and marrying a stranger from Montana Territory was her best chance. After a difficult winter journey, she arrives at an isolated outpost called Springwater Station. But the handsome man who’s come for her is not her husband to be, and Evangeline soon finds herself thrust into a most inconvenient and highly improper arrangement. Scully Wainwright never intended to be left alone with his ranching partner’s fianc e. But his partner’s not due back until spring, and he can’t leave a defenseless woman and her child unguarded not with wolves and Indians threatening. Biding his time with the lovely Evangeline begins to feel dangerously close to setting up a real home. But as a reckless passion sparks between them, Scully and Evangeline discover a destiny and a passion as boundless as the open frontier.


Linda Lael Miller returns to the world of her triumphant Western romance, Springwater, to create a delightful new series. Each thrillingSpringwater Seasons novel takes place in the tiny stagecoach stop calledSpringwater, as it blossoms into a bustling Montana town. For a pretty schoolteacher who is new to Springwater, an unexpected love turns up in the most unlikely place. Rachel English as traveled to Springwater to take a post as the frontier teacher. Although the ramshackle schoolhouse and her half wild pupils are not what she had envisioned, Rachel spiritedly makes the best of her new surroundings. But when she takes a stand against the scandalous saloon across the road from the school, she is more that surprised by her own powerful attraction to the bar’s part owner, handsome widower Trey Hargreaves. The father of a beautiful part Lakota Sioux girl, Trey appears to be everything that Rachel, with her proper Eastern upbringing, should avoid. When Rachel‘s fianc died during the Civil War, she turned her passions to teaching, and closed a door in her heart. Now Trey, with his troubled past, is the the only man who can soothe her hidden sorrow, and give Rachel a chance to embrace the love of a lifetime.


Linda Lael Miller returns to the world of her triumphant Western romance, Springwater, to create a delightful new series. Each thrilling Springwater Seasons novel takes place in the tiny stagecoach stop called Springwater, as it blossoms into a bustling Montana town. For a dance hall girl who’s never had much luck with dreams, Springwater may hold the happiness she seeks. Savannah Rigbey has made a living pouring whiskey and singing in saloons since she was sixteen years old. She’s come to Springwater to take up her half ownership of the local bar but her work begins before she even sets foot in town. On the stagecoach to Springwater, a young girl goes into labor and Savannah, with her level head and steady hand, aids a gruff doctor in abating a crisis. Dr. Prescott Parrish has never met a woman like Savannah. Despite her rouge and bangles, she is a virtuous though decidedly stubborn woman, who ignites his most infuriating emotions. But behind his prickly exterior, Pres harbors painful memories of the Civil War, heartache that may be soothed by a new and fulfilling love. Slowly, Pres and Savannah begin to see each other for who they truly are, with masks removed and with passion flaring unexpectedly…


Strong minded spinster Jessica Barnes is summoned to Springwater by her ailing brother Michael to help him run his newspaper. This is the fifth title in an interconnected series that culminates with ‘A Springwater Christmas’, a full length novel that will be published in November 1999.

A Springwater Christmas

Come home to the heart of a frontier town…
. Linda Lael Miller created magic in five novels set in Springwater, Montana and in the delightful characters whose lives and hearts entwine in each of her enchanting tales. Now, come back to Springwater for an unforgettable holiday and join in the tears and the smiles when a prodigal son returns to find love at long last. When Jack McLaughlin drifted into Springwater, he carried little more with him than his bitter memories of the Civil War and the shattering secret of a promise betrayed in the heat of battle. Wounded soul deep, and fearing the wrath of his own parents, Jack has hidden his identity and come to Springwater to see his mother and father from afar, even if he can’t bear to face them. Taking odd jobs and keeping a low profile, Jack finds a safe haven at the town’s new rooming house. Olivia Darling had never done anything impulsive until she left the east and opened a boarding house in Springwater. But still an outsider at heart, and struggling to make a success of her business, Olivia finds herself turning to the other newcomer in town, the rough hewn and embittered man she’s taken in. As the Christmas season brings them together, Olivia finds in Jack’s arms a passionate sweetness she never knew existed. And with the stunning revelation of Jack’s true identity, all of Springwater witnesses a heartwarming reunion that will change their lives forever.

Springwater Wedding

Linda Lael Miller returns to an unforgettable Montana town for a very special occasion…
. Springwater Wedding Once a frontier stagecoach stop, tiny Springwater has grown and changed and entered the twenty first century. Cattle rustlers may still be stirring up trouble, but now they’re high tech operators in a modern world. Where stagecoaches once rolled along muddy roads, the Internet is now the newest highway in town. But heartbreak is still heartbreak and love still love, and Springwater still boasts a rich legacy of joy, sorrow, and second chances as two childhood sweethearts discover when they rekindle a long ago passion in the place they will always call home. Maggie McCaffrey left her fast paced corporate job to take a chance on a more rewarding but riskier business venture: turning the dilapidated Springwater Station into a bed and breakfast. But Maggie didn’t count on running straight into J.T. Wainwright, the hometown boy who stole her heart many years before. A tough former New York City cop, J.T. survived a grave gunshot wound and returned to Springwater to find a better way of life. Now, as deputy town marshal, he’s facing off with modern day cattle thieves who are plaguing local ranchers. Stronger than ever, J.T. seems ready for anything except, of course, Maggie. As Maggie’s B&B begins to take root, a delightful new cast of Springwater locals pas*ses through its doors. Maggie’s parents, Kathleen and Reece, are finding that their forty year marriage requires a little renegotiating now and then. Cindy, a teenage newlywed with a baby on the way, is learning about love and sacrifice for the first time. And town marshal Purvis Digg is turning Springwater upside down by dating a woman he met on the Internet. As always, Linda Lael Miller enchants readers with her portrayal of the complex tangle of life and love in a small town. With her trademark sensuality and her flair for wit, she once again brings Springwater to life this time, at the dawn of a new era.


They are the women of Primrose Creek, and their strength and passion is a match for the Nevada frontier they call home. Linda Lael Miller masterfully captures the hardships and dangers of a country swept by the winds of war and the daring and determination, the hopes and dreams of four unforgettable women in a thrilling new series.

When Bridget McQuarry comes to settle in Primrose Creek, she has nothing to lose; her husband, Mitch, was killed in the Civil War, and she has lost her family farm to ruinous Reconstruction taxes. With her baby son and a sister to care for, Bridget vows to make a new start out West. But when Mitch’s best friend reappears in her life, he sparks a forbidden passion she thought was forever buried.

Trace Qualtrough grew up with Bridget and Mitch three happy childhood friends. But the attraction that fluttered between him and Bridget was silenced when she married Mitch. Now, Trace has come to fulfill Mitch’s final wish to watch over the lovely, spirited Bridget. And now, Bridget and Trace must discover if their restless desire is a shattering betrayal or something sweeter the second time around.


They are the women of Primrose Creek, and their strength and passion is a match for the Nevada frontier they call home. Linda Lael Miller masterfully captures the hardships and dangers of a country swept by the winds of war and the daring and determination, the hopes and dreams of four unforgettable women in a thrilling new series.


An elegant jewel from an English finishing school, Christy McQuarry was bound to turn heads when she and her younger sister, Megan, came to settle in Primrose Creek. Town marshall Zachary Shaw knows that Christy sees what few men in the rugged pioneer town can provide: a secure future and a comfortable home. But he is not immune to Christy‘s charms…

A wild attraction sparks between the lady and the marshal, but Christy left penniless after her mother’s death cannot afford the distraction of such an unpredictable and reckless passion. Promising her hand to the local lumber baron, lovely Christy stubbornly tries to ignore the lawman who makes her heart pound wildly at every glance. But Zachary Shaw is just as determined to win her love for a lifetime.


They are the women of Primrose Creek, and their strength and passion is a match for the Nevada frontier they call home. Linda Lael Miller masterfully captures the hardships and dangers of a country swept by the winds of war and the daring and determination, the hopes and dreams of four unforgettable women in a thrilling new series. Skye McQuarry’s heart belongs to one man Primrose Creek’s lumber baron, Jake Vigil. After a shattering heartbreak in his past, Jake vowed to never again take a chance on love until he came to know beautiful Skye. But their delicate bond faces the ultimate test when a business deal threatens to tear them apart and battle lines are drawn between two passionate hearts. Skye is determined to stand her ground. Then a surprise from Jake’s past unexpectedly comes to her a discovery that may be just the key to unlocking the true, deep, and trusting love that she knows lives deep within Jake Vigil. Be sure to read all of Linda Lael Miller’s splendid Primrose Creek novels!


Megan McQuarry returned to Primrose Creek after attempting to become an actress and innocently losing both her heart and her beloved land. But instead of the healing homecoming she needs, Megan is met with a shocking revelation that changes everything she believed about her family. Feeling lost and betrayed, she finds herself befriending Webb Stratton, the handsome new owner of her land. Webb can see this lovely lady is in need of refuge, and he could certainly use her help around his ranch. He offers her a position as his housekeeper and soon, Megan and Webb find themselves falling head over heels in love. But Webb is haunted by a tragic incident from the past…
and when he leaves to confront his own family betrayals, Megan now faces her heart’s greatest challenge: trusting that Webb’s devotion is truly a promise for a lifetime.

The Last Chance Cafe

New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller captures the passionate heart of America in this powerful contemporary novel set in a small Western town. Seeking shelter from the storms of life, a woman who is down on her luck finds an unexpected refuge at The Last Chance Cafe With acres of land and a house that have been in his family for generations, rancher Chance Qualtrough has deep roots in Primrose Creek. Now, at the local diner, he is about to encounter his future. Perhaps it was fate that brought Hallie O’Rourke and her two young daughters to The Last Chance Cafe. More likely, it was the blinding Nevada snowstorm and a broken down truck that forced the desperate single mother inside. Hallie couldn’t know that she would find not just a hot meal and a few hours’ rest, but the start of a new life. And Chance doesn’t know that Hallie is fleeing a danger so threatening she dares not ask anyone for help. Even his kind offer of his aunt’s house as lodging seems like too great a risk for Hallie. But her fierce protection of her children wins out, and she knows she has no choice but to accept Chance’s invitation. Slowly, as Chance and Hallie break down barriers of fear and doubt, trust takes hold. Hope replaces despair. And a fragile attraction grows into an undeniable passion. From the moment she took a chance with a handsome stranger in a country diner, everything Hallie has ever believed about home and family is seen through new eyes. But Hallie can never forget that just one careless word could bring back the past with full force, and could destroy all that she has made her own. With a richly emotional storytelling style that has enchanted readers worldwide, Linda Lael Miller explores the secrets and wishes that push a woman’s heart to new tomorrows and forever and always to lasting love.

High Country Bride

One ranch. Three sons. Only one will inherit…
and on one condition. Tired of waiting for his sons to settle down, Arizona territory rancher Angus McKettrick announces a competition: the first son to marry and produce a grandchild will inherit Triple M ranch. Now, three distinctly different, equally determined cowboys are searching high and low for brides. If Emmeline Harding knows one thing, it’s that she can’t hold her liquor. And though she’s not sure how she came to wake up next to a stack of gold coins in a brothel, she fears the worst. Fleeing town as a mail order bride, she wonders: how will she ever confess her past to her handsome new husband? Freedom loving Rafe McKettrick is a man of strong beliefs and stronger passions and he’ll do anything to win the Triple M even marry a stranger. To his surprise, Emmeline’s charms beguile him even as the secrets he senses she’s hiding ignite jealousy and suspicion. But when a visitor from the past enters the high country, the newlyweds have no choice but to give up on a marriage in name only and seek a union that satisfies them body and soul.

Shotgun Bride

One special lady will help this cowboy lawman win his father’s ranch — and steal his heart in the bargain…

Kade McKettrick’s got five mail-order brides-to-be camped out at the local hotel, all more than eager to provide him with the heir that will win him the Triple M ranch. But Kade, the newly appointed marshal, has his hands full with a troublesome outlaw gang. Why, then, is he so easily distracted by pretty ‘Sister Mandy’ — who most assuredly is not the nun she claims to be?

On the run from her outlaw stepfather, Mandy Sperrin hides beneath her solemn disguise, and vows to keep her wild, passionate nature from the respectable citizens of Indian Rock. Yet when the handsome marshal makes it clear that he wants her, Mandy gives in to her heated desires…

Despite the secrets that may lure them both perilously close to danger, Kade knows that proposing marriage may be the only way to keep this spirited woman by his side. But are her ties to a shadowed past more threatening — and closer — than Kade knows? His strong, sensual embrace may charm Mandy’s wild heart — but will she surrender to a lifetime of his deep and powerful love?

Secondhand Bride

To win his father’s ranch, a hard-living cowboy settles down and takes a wife — another man’s wife!

The youngest McKettrick brother, Jeb, is the wild one who never could stay out of trouble. And trouble is what he gets when he proposes to Chloe Wakefield. No sooner had he and the pretty schoolteacher tied the knot than Jeb discovers she’s already married! After a major dustup with Chloe in a Tombstone barroom, an irate Jeb hightails it back to the Triple M Ranch, certain that his chances of winning the spread in a marriage race with his brothers are dashed.

Now Chloe has come to Indian Rock, hoping to find her beloved uncle John and a much-needed teaching post. But when she unexpectedly crosses paths with Jeb, her rage — and passion — flare even stronger than back in Tombstone. Chloe never intended to mislead Jeb about her previous marriage to a scoundrel of a man. But when she finds out Jeb needs a bride and a baby in order to inherit the Triple M, she is livid.

Learning to trust will be the hardest part of this mixed-up marriage — until a stagecoach robbery and the return of a dangerous stranger prove to Jeb and Chloe that they need each other to love and honor as long as they both shall live.

McKettrick’s Choice

When news came that there was trouble back in Texas…
Holt McKettrick left a mail order bride and his family on the spot!

And he never looked back. He just prayed he’d be in time to save the man who raised him as a son and to keep his best friend from the gallows. He knew he’d encounter rustlers, scoundrels and thieves. But he’d never expected to find a woman like Lorelei Fellows.

Setting fire to her wedding dress in the town square probably wasn’t the best way to stand her ground.

But Lorelei had had enough. She was sick of men and their schemes. All she wanted was to stake her claim on her own little piece of Texas. And with Holt McKettrick as a neighbor, things were beginning to look up. The man was a straight shooter with a strong will, a steady aim and a hungry heart.

Sierra’s Homecoming / A Rancher’s Honor

When she moved to her family’s ancestral ranch, single mom Sierra McKettrick was disconcerted by the Triple M’s handsome caretaker, Travis Reid. But when her son claimed to see a mysterious boy in the house, and an heirloom teapot started popping up in unexpected places, Sierra wondered if the attraction between herself and Travis might be the least of her worries.

In 1919, widowed Hannah McKettrick lived at the ranch with her son and her brother in law, Doss. Her confused feelings for Doss and her son’s health problems occupied all her thoughts until the family teapot started disappearing.

Could Sierra and her ancestor, Hannah, be living parallel lives?

McKettrick’s Luck / The Honourable Millionaire

A new generation of McKettrick men stake claim to their land and the women they love…

Like his celebrated ancestors who tamed the wilds of Arizona, Jesse McKettrick’s Indian Rock ties run deep. The triple M Ranch is in his blood, along with the thrill of risk. But with his land at stake, Jesse won’t get involved in Cheyenne Bridge’s scheme despite the temptation she brings.

Cheyenne grew up in Indian Rock and left its painful memories behind to become a self made woman. Now her job is to convince Jesse to sell his property. Jesse’s not the kind of man Cheyenne could ever forget, but he’s too wild and dangerous for a woman committed to playing it safe. Yet sparks of attraction fly, tempting Cheyenne to lay it all on the line for the passion she sees in Jesse’s eyes.

McKettrick’s Pride / The Millionaire’s Pride

The only wide open space Rance McKettrick wants to see in his future is his hometown in his rearview mirror. The down to earth ex rancher is determined to make a fresh start with his two young daughters and leave his heartbreaking loss and family’s successful corporation far behind.

He sure doesn’t need Indian Rock’s free spirited new bookstore owner Echo Wells confusing his choices and raising memories he’d rather forget. But her straightforward honesty and reluctance to trust is challenging everything Rance thought he knew about himself. And when their irresistible attraction puts their hearts on the line, Rance and Echo must come to grips with who they really are to find a once in a lifetime happiness.

McKettrick’s Heart / The Millionaire’s Duty

From Publishers Weekly In the third and final act of her contemporary McKettrick romances, Miller McKettrick’s Pride is at her steamiest. Ladies’ man Keegan McKettrick has sworn off love following his divorce, but saucy newcomer Molly Shields may just be the woman to change his mind even if, at first, she stirs up only resentment. The ‘other woman’ to Keegan’s longtime friend Psyche Ryan, Molly conceived a child with Psyche’s now dead husband two years ago, and reluctantly turned the baby over to him and Psyche after the birth. Now, suffering from terminal cancer, Psyche asks Molly if she’ll raise the toddler. Molly is overjoyed to be reunited with her son, but less than thrilled over Psyche’s conditions: Molly must raise the child in Indian Rock, Ariz. meaning the end of Molly’s successful L.A. literary agency and she must share parenting duties with the stubborn, forceful Keegan, who’s convinced that Molly harbors sinister motives. The complex, conflicting dynamics in this artificially extended clan make for high drama, spiked with intense romance, as Keegan and Molly slowly break down each other’s defenses. This should delight any fan of family centric romance, and followers of the McKettricks will be pleased to find Miller corralling all the series’ characters together and tying up all their loose ends with grace and conviction. Apr. Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

The McKettrick Way

Meg McKettrick longs for a baby-husband optional. Perfect father material is gorgeous Brad O’Ballivan, old flame and new owner of his family’s ranch in Stone Creek. But Meg-as strong, proud and stubborn as her ancestors on Indian Rock’s Triple M ranch-wants to do things her way…The McKettrick Way. And Brad feels just as strongly about the O’Ballivan way… Love, marriage, babies and a lifetime to share-that’s what Brad wants. Not a single night of passion, an unexpected pregnancy and a woman who won’t budge. For a rugged rodeo cowboy who never gives up, it’s a battle of wills he intends to win…and nothing matters more than claiming Meg’s wild McKettrick heart. McKettrick Women: Sisters reunited at the Triple M

A McKettrick Christmas

Lizzie McKettrick is coming home for Christmas. And Indian Rock’s new schoolteacher has a surprise in store for her family a special young man, Whitley Carson. He might seem a little too interested in the McKettrick money, but Lizzie’s certain Whitley cares for her deep down.

Yet fate has a surprise of its own for Lizzie: Dr. Morgan Shane. When their homebound train is halted by a massive avalanche, injuring and stranding its passengers, the handsome doctor takes charge with Lizzie by his side.

Despite their growing bond, Lizzie and Morgan know time is running out. With another avalanche looming and the train’s food supply dwindling, it’s going to be a bleak Christmas Eve. But with faith, hard work and a little extra help from a most unexpected source, they just might find their way home to celebrate a McKettrick family Christmas after all.


There are barely enough hours for divorced dad Tate McKettrick to run the Silver Spur ranch, do the suit and tie thing for his business and run herd on his beloved six year old twin daughters. But time stands still at the sight of Libby Remington. When they were high school sweethearts, the wealthy McKettrick couldn’t convince Libby he loved her. But now they’re both back in Blue River, Texas. And cattle rustlers, a manipulative ex wife and a killer stallion can’t keep him from trying again. Libby has her hands full taking care of her mother and running the Perk Up Coffee Shop. Caffeine, she needs. Tate McKettrick, with his blazing blue eyes and black hair? No. Oh, heck yes. But can they really hope for a second chance?


Fast track up the political ladder, fast cars, fast women that’s Garrett McKettrick. Make that was. A scandal has brought him home to Blue River, Texas, a place where a man can slow down, take stock and plan his next move. Which doesn’t include staying at the family ranch with his brothers. A city boy, Garrett doesn’t think he has the land in his blood. But Blue River has other attractions, like his former high school nemesis, Julie Remington. Now a striking woman, Julie comes complete with a four year old cowboy, a three legged beagle and deep ties to the community. Good thing they have nothing in common except their undeniable attraction and a future brighter than the Texas sun.


World champion rodeo star Austin McKettrick finally got bested by an angry bull. His career over, his love life a mess, the lone maverick has nowhere to go when the hospital releases him. Except back home to Blue River and the Silver Spur ranch. But his overachieving brothers won’t allow this cowboy to brood in peace. They’ve even hired a nurse to speed his recovery. Paige Remington’s bossy brand of TLC is driving him crazy. As is her beautiful face, sexy figure and silky black hair. Paige has lost count of how many times Austin has tried to fire her. She’s not going anywhere till he’s healed body and heart. And by then her place in his life just might become permanent .

A Lawman’s Christmas

The sudden death of the town marshal leaves Blue River, Texas, without a lawman and twenty five year old Dara Rose Nolan without a husband. As winter approaches and her meager seamstress income dwindles, she has three options. Yet she won’t give up her two young daughters, refuses to join the fallen women of the Bitter Gulch Saloon and can’t fathom condemning herself to another loveless marriage. Unfortunately she must decide soon because there’s a new marshal in town, and she’s living under his roof. With the heart of a cowboy, Clay McKettrick plans to start a ranch and finally settle down. He isn’t interested in uprooting Dara Rose and her children, but he is interested in giving her protection, friendship and passion. And when they say ‘I do’ to a marriage of convenience, the temporary lawman’s Christmas wish is to make Dara Rose his permanent wife .

Don’t Look Now

New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller turns up the heat in this sizzling tale of suspense and re kindled passions set against the blazing skies of Arizona’s lush desert landscape where a killer is determined to exact his revenge. When hard working attorney Clare Westbrook learns that her ambulance chasing boss has been murdered, she’s shocked but not exactly surprised. Harvey Kredd was known for his less than ethical business dealings, and even his acts of generosity were tinged with greed; Clare, working at Kredd and Associates to pay off the law school loan Harvey had granted her several years before, knows she’s got no choice: indentured servitude, twenty first century style. But Harvey’s death doesn’t let Clare out of her contract with the firm; instead it brings her a new, odious multimillionaire client, and Tony Sonterra, homicide detective and local heartthrob, who’s not above using a murder investigation to get back into Clare’s life. Jump starting her affair with Tony is the last thing Clare needs she’s got enough on her plate raising her niece, Emma, without throwing a bull headed cop into the mix. Then Clare gets the news that may convince her Tony is exactly what she needs: Emma’s father has been released from prison, and he’s intent on seeing his daughter. Though she could never persuade the police to believe her, Clare is convinced that James Arren murdered her sister. Clare is determined to find evidence that will put James Arren away for good, but Tony is just as determined to keep her safe, after another murder clearly meant to target Clare rocks the law firm. With no real leads, too many suspects, and a growing chain of menacing violence, Clare finds that teaming up with the devil she knows is her only option one that’s just too attractive to resist. With the same rich storytelling style that has captivated readers worldwide, Linda Lael Miller delivers a page turning blend of heated passion and captivating suspense.

Never Look Back

A New York Times BestsellerCan the man who sparks her passion be trusted with her life? Or is someone using Clare, the one person Tony has dared to get close to, to get to him? Either way, someone plans to make her pay for the past…
A multi million dollar inheritance from the father she never knew has allowed devoted defense lawyer Clare Westbrook to start her own practice. And with her teenage niece, Emma whom she has raised as a daughter on a school trip to Europe, Clare has been able to focus on turning a storefront in a tough Phoenix neighborhood into the legal firm of her dreams, and offering her services to the troubled community. But just as she opens her storefront, shots take out her windows and nearly take her life. Clare doesn’t know who did it or why, but she knows she must surrender to sexy homicide detective Tony Sonterra’s protection if she wants to survive. Linda Lael Miller lives in rural Arizona A New York Times Bestselling Author Linda Lael Miller is the New York Times bestselling author of more than fifty novels, including her recent bestselling romantic suspense novel, Don’t Look Now This novel is the second in a series set in Arizona that features Clare Westbrook Although Miller has written successfully in other genres, she is best known for stories set in the West like her first novel, Fletcher’s Woman There are more than 14 million copies of her books in print

One Last Look

Miller concludes her bestselling romantic suspense trilogy Don’t Look Now; Never Look Back with more slick sleuthing featuring blunt, resourceful attorney Clare Westbrook and her fianc , homicide detective Tony Sonterra. After a string of personal and professional troubles, Clare, four months pregnant and desperate for peace and quiet, leaves Phoenix and follows Sonterra to the Arizona hill town of Dry Creek, where he is to be sworn in as police chief. But the small town turns dangerous when a mysterious driver viciously totals Clare’s Escalade. Sonterra tries to keep track of an immigrant smuggling ring of coyotes, and Dry Creek’s secrets slowly begin to reveal themselves. Clare takes a job with the shady county prosecutor just as a case of domestic abuse escalates to murder and a child goes missing, sending her snooping around a local trailer park and a gossipy book club for clues. Clare and Sonterra survive several more violent attempts to scare them off, including gunshots that turn their wedding day into a bloodbath, but the daring duo manage to make it all in a day’s work, including a revelation about Clare’s family lineage. Miller delivers a serviceable and mostly engaging windup to the three part series, complete with a happily ever after ending. Jan. Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Deadly Gamble / Arizona Wild

Mojo’s got an uncanny knack for winning at slots, but her home sweet home is Bad Ass Bert’s Biker Saloon. She’d love to go undercover with an irresistibly hot cop, but he’s got baggage as big as his biceps. Mojo survived a mysterious childhood tragedy, but she’s never quite figured out who she really is or how to get on with her life. Now the wisecracking Mojo is seeing ghosts the ectoplasmic kind and turning up baffling clues to her real identity. And she’ll need all her savvy and strange new talent to keep someone from burying her and the truth for keeps.

Deadly Deceptions / Arizona Heat

Mojo is trying to enjoy her posh new home, but she’d rather be back living over Bad Ass Bert’s Biker Saloon, where life was simpler. Her sexy cop boyfriend can’t let go of his past, while her wealthy sister is being blackmailed for secrets in hers. And Mojo’s smack in the middle of it all.

As the murders pile up, Mojo is starting to uncover secrets that even the dead don’t want disturbed.

The Man From Stone Creek

There was trouble in Haven, Arizona, and Ranger Sam O Ballivan was determined to sort it all out. Badge and gun hidden, he arrived posing as the new schoolteacher, and his first order of business was to bring the rough ranchers children under control. To that end, he called on Maddie Chancelor, the local postmistress, whose younger brother was in firm need of discipline. Sam wasn t sure what to expect but it was definitely not this graceful woman whose prim, proper stance was so at odds with the fire in her eyes. Working undercover to capture a dangerous band of rustlers and train robbers was a job that had always kept him apart from other people. He was a man with his heart firmly in check until Maddie. Now she was unwittingly tempting him down a path he swore he d never travel.

A Wanted Man

The past has a way of catching up with folks in Stone Creek, Arizona. So schoolmarm Lark Morgan and Marshal Rowdy Rhodes are determined to hide their secrets and deny their instant attraction. That shouldn’t be too hard, since each suspects the other of living a lie.

Her too fancy clothes and big city ways inspire gossip all over town; his blond good looks and impudent grin belong to a man sporting a gunfighter’s coat.

But Rowdy and Lark have one truth in common: the very real dangers they face. Like the gang of robbers wreaking havoc on the railroad heading toward Stone Creek the men Ranger Sam O’Ballivan expects Rowdy to nab. And as past and current troubles collide, Rowdy and Lark must surrender their stubborn pride to the greatest power of all an undying love.

The Rustler

Where does an outlaw go when he’s ready to turn straight? For Wyatt Yarbro, reformed rustler and train robber, Stone Creek is his place of redemption. And lovely Sarah Tamlin is the perfect angel to help him clean up his act.

But Sarah keeps a dark secret behind her prim and proper facade, even as her heart is lost to charming, sexy Wyatt. When a vengeful enemy prepares to unleash havoc on the peaceful town, Wyatt and Sarah will discover that they can’t hide from the past. To win the fight, they must believe in something they never trusted before the hope of tomorrow.

A Stone Creek Christmas

Stone Creek veterinarian Olivia O’Ballivan communicates easily with animals, but men are another story. Especially rugged architect turned rancher Tanner Quinn. Olivia’s uncanny bond with his daughter Sophie’s pony, Butterpie, has him questioning her sanity, while she wonders if he’s not just a drugstore cowboy. Then twelve year old Sophie conspires with Olivia to get Tanner into the spirit of Christmas with all the trim*mings, including a tree lighting ceremony and a man named Kris Kringle in a sleigh driven by seven reindeer and a donkey. But will a holiday miracle transform the globe trotting Tanner into a rancher and family man for all seasons?

The Bridegroom

Undercover agent Gideon Yarbro is renowned for stopping outlaws almost before they commit a crime. But now he must stop a wedding despite the bride’s resistance. Lydia Fairmont will lose everything if she doesn’t honor her betrothal to a heartless banker. Unless she marries someone else instead whether it’s a love match or not.

Determined to honor his own decade old promise to help Lydia, Gideon carries her off to Stone Creek and makes her his reluctant wife. Forget a honeymoon for ‘show’ not with a vengeful ex fianc on their trail and a hired gun on the loose. But there just might be hope for the marriage and two hearts meant for each other.

At Home In Stone Creek

The only single woman in Stone Creek Everyone in Ashley O’Ballivan’s life is marrying and starting families except her. But what date can compare to Jack McCall, the man who broke her heart years ago? And now he’s mysteriously back. But he isn’t who she thinks he is. After a dangerous mission, security expert Jack McCall rents a room in Ashley’s bed and breakfast. For her sake, he must keep his distance. But his feelings for her are so powerful that only his heart remains off limits. To protect her from his enemies and himself he has to leave…
vowing to fight his way home to her and Stone Creek forever.

Holiday in Stone Creek

A Stone Creek ChristmasStone Creek veterinarian Olivia O’Ballivan communicates easily with animals, but men are another story. Especially rugged architect turned rancher Tanner Quinn. Olivia’s uncanny bond with his daughter Sophie’s pony has him questioning her sanity, while she wonders if he’s not just a drugstore cowboy. Then twelve year old Sophie conspires with Olivia to get Tanner into the spirit of Christmas. But will a holiday miracle transform the globe trotting Tanner into a rancher and family man for all seasons?At Home In Stone CreekEveryone in Ashley O’Ballivan’s life is marrying and starting families except her. But why bother dating when no one can compare to Jack McCall, the man who left her heartbroken years ago? Now he’s back in town and maybe he isn’t who she thinks he is. While recovering from a dangerous mission for the DEA, security expert Jack rents a room in Ashley’s bed and breakfast. For both their sakes, he tries to keep his distance, though neither can deny the growing spark between them. But when his past catches up with him, he’ll have to leave again just as he realizes where he’s always belonged in Stone Creek.


Descendants of the legendary McKettrick family, the Creeds are renowned in Stillwater Springs, Montana for raising hell

After years of wandering, Logan Creed, a cowboy with a dusty law degree, has returned home. To put down roots, to restore his family’s neglected ranch to have kids of his own proudly bearing the Creed name.

Divorced mom Briana Grant has heard the stories about her gorgeous neighbor. So Logan‘s kindness with her young boys is a welcome surprise, especially when her ex reappears. And when an unknown enemy vandalizes her home, Logan shows Briana and the folks of Big Sky country just what he’s made of.


Hailed as ‘rodeo’s bad boy’ for his talent at taming bulls and women, Dylan Creed likes life in the fast lane. But when the daughter he rarely sees is abandoned by her mother, Dylan heads home to Stillwater Springs ranch. Somehow the champion bull rider has to turn into a champion father and fast. Town librarian Kristy Madison is uncharacteristically speechless when Dylan Creed turns up for story time with a toddler in tow. The man who’d left a trail of broken hearts including her own is back and this time Kristy’s determined to tame his wild ways once and for all.


Whether winning championship belt buckles or dealing with Hollywood types for endorseme*nt deals, former rodeo star Tyler Creed can handle anything. Except standing on the same patch of land as his estranged brothers. Yet here they are in Stillwater Springs, barely talking but trying to restore the old Creed ranch and family.

Lily Kenyon knows all about family estrangements and secrets. The single mom has come home to set things right, to put down roots for her daughter. What she doesn’t expect is Tyler Creed, whom she’s loved since childhood. Now the handsome, stubborn cowboy who left home to seek his fortune just might find it was always under the Montana sky.

A Creed Country Christmas

Celebrate the holidays with the Creed forefathers Montana men who built the family homestead and established a legacy of love In the unforgiving Montana wilderness of 1910, widowed rancher Lincoln Creed is up against more than rustlers, wolves and the coming winter storms. His young daughter has needs beyond the beans and bacon he can barely cook. Lincoln must find little Gracie a governess, a lady who can teach and cook yet won’t set her sights on him. Disowned for her refusal to marry, twenty five year old Juliana Mitchell shares the love in her heart with her young students at the underfunded Indian school. When she meets Lincoln and Gracie, her response to the handsome rancher makes her realize she’s not against marriage after all. She longs to help, yet the two orphaned brothers in her care need her. But in the season for miracles, Providence just might find a way to bring Juliana, the boys and the Creed family together for Christmas Eve .

A Creed In Stone Creek

When single attorney Steven Creed becomes guardian of an orphaned five year old boy, he trades his big city law firm for a ranch near his McKettrick kin in the close knit community of Stone Creek, Arizona. Taking care of little Matt and fixing up his run down ranch house with its old barn loosens something tightly wound inside him. But when Steven takes on the pro bono defense of a local teen, he meets his match in the opposing counsel beautiful, by the book county prosecutor Melissa O’Ballivan. It’ll take one grieving little boy, a sweet adopted dog and a woman who never expected to win any man’s heart to make this Creed in Stone Creek know he’s truly found home.

The Creed Legacy

Rough and tumble rodeo cowboy Brody Creed likes life on the move. Until a chance encounter with his long estranged twin brother brings him ‘home’ for the first time in years. Suddenly Brody is in Creed among family with deep ties to the land and each other. And a secret past haunts him as he tries to make plans for his future. Carolyn Simmons is looking for Mr. Right in Lonesome Bend, as the ticktock of her biological clock gets ever louder. The she falls for gorgeous Brody Creed, the opposite of everything she wants. Until lassoing his wild heart becomes everything both of them need.

Fletcher’s Woman

Washington’s rowdy lumber camps were no place for an innocent young beauty. And when lovely Rachel McKinnon caught the eye of Jonas Wilkes, she was truly in dire straits. Wilkes owned the lumber empire, the town, the people and now he wanted Rachel. Her only hope was the town’s darkly handsome doctor, Griffin Fletcher. In a promise to her dying mother, Fletcher had reluctantIly promised to protect Rachel from harm. But the smoldering enmity he felt for Wilkes would erupt in passionate conflicts…
for the young doctor, who had forsworn any chance of loving again, was now desperately in love with his ward, and she with him.

Courting Susannah

When Susannah McKittrick leaves Nantucket for the boomtown of Seattle, she is hardly looking to strike it rich; she is headed west to care for a newborn left motherless after Susannah’s cousin died. Although the rigorous trip depletes all of her savings, Susannah is certain she is doing the right thing. She is less sure when she meets the infant’s father, wealthy businessman Aubrey Fairgrieve who seems embittered toward love and marriage, and indifferent toward the precious baby Susannah is so eager to care for. Gradually, Susannah discovers that Aubrey’s marriage to her cousin was far from perfect and she comes to see the brusque but handsome man in a new light. But when Aubrey makes her a most practical offer, it is a far cry from the heartfelt proposal Susannah desires. If he truly wants to win her hand, he will have to learn to trust once more and sweep her away with the bold passion of a man in love.

Two Brothers

The Lawman Marshal Shay McQuillan has a lot on his hands stagecoach robbers to hunt down, a murdered fianc e to avenge. He certainly doesn’t need an identical twin brother he never knew existed turning up out of the blue and telling him what to do. Even less does he want pretty Aislinn Lethaby trying to rescue him from danger. Because, to tell the truth, Aislinn is a sweet distraction from duty whom Shay just can’t resist. Aislinn Lethaby has a fine job at the town hotel. Soon, she’ll have saved enough to buy the broken down homestead she has her eye on and bring her young brothers west. She has no business jeopardizing everything when she sees Shay in danger. But something about the man makes Aislinn lose all the good sense she thought she had and follow the longings of her heart. The Gunslinger Now that he’s finally found his twin brother, all Tristan Saint Laurent wants is to be a peaceful rancher. What he gets is Miss Emily Starbuck, a determined package of trouble from back East. Tristan knows he should tell Emily and her aggravating sheep to move along, but he doesn’t have the heart. Suddenly this man of danger is dreaming of weddings and babies. But the life he’s left behind may yet come between him and the woman he’s growing to love. Emily Starbuck is making a fresh start by raising the sheep she’s bought with a meager inheritance. She’s willing to fight every cattleman in the West, but she can’t resist Tristan. His handsome face and lean, strong body make her knees buckle, and her thoughts move to sharing a blissful ranch life with the man. But what Emily doesn’t know about Tristan could jeopardize their dream of happiness.

Desire and Destiny

Two brothers adored her but only one was her heart’s true destiny…
. Devastated by the loss of her father, lovely Brynne McFarren returned to the Washington coastal town of her youth. Brynne was surprised to discover that her family name had a dark notoriety…
and alarmed to be caught in a triangle of sudden desire. Drew Tanner a wealthy, devil may care wastrel was captivated by her beauty. But his brother Joshua, the intense and powerful head of the Tanner shipping empire, was also drawn to Brynne. Now she must unravel the terrible secret that tarnished her father’s life a secret that tortures Joshua Tanner’s heart, one that could make her the target of his vengeance rather than his love…
. Weaving a bright passion with the dark currents of past secrets, Linda Lael Miller tells the tale of star crossed lovers bound by Desire and Destiny.


Dear Reader:Willow is a novel from early in my career, and it was originally shorter than many of my other historical romances. Now, I m delighted to be able to share this brand new edition with you. I ve taken the opportunity to expand Willow to include the subplots, love scenes, and deeper characterization that are possible with a longer book. I hope you enjoy reading this retelling as much as I have enjoyed visiting these characters and this story once again. In 1883, the railroad had only recently come to Montana Territory, and outlaws still lurked in the hills. Willow Gallagher, who spent her early childhood in an outlaw camp until her father finally found her, is torn by divided loyalties. Newly married to handsome railroad baron Gideon Marshall, she finds fiery passion in Gideon’s embrace, until she discovers he is on a mission…
a mission to capture Willow s outlaw brother, Steven. Now Willow must choose betray her brother, or risk the love she has found with Gideon, the love she has dreamed of all her life, to save Steven. It is a choice that could break her heart…
. May you be blessed,Linda Lael Miller

State Secrets

Cookbook author Holly Llewellyn is the last person who should be labeled an ‘enemy of the state’ or is she? After all, her brother is a missing traitor, and with her ties to the president, the Secret Service isn’t taking chances .

So they send in agent David Goddard, undercover. But after one glance, David knows Holly isn’t just an ‘assignment’ she’s a woman who’ll change his life.

Ragged Rainbows

She had lived in the shadow of her movie star mother. Now Shay Kendall is being forced to stand on her own and come to terms with her past.2 cassettes.


After his brother, a saloonkeeper, was found brutally slain, Jay McCallum came to town ready to accuse a winsome beauty — Lauralee Parker! If Lauralee had her way, all the saloons in the great Northwest would be closed down. Her crusade was successful — except for the prosperous saloon that McCallum was determined to save from her indignation. But their conflict could not quell their growing attraction for each other. Slowly, the proud, powerful man melted Lauralee‘s defiant heart…
yet as she surrendered to a rich and wild desire, her joy was shadowed by the haunting mystery of McCallum’s brother’s death…
a mystery whose shocking outcome could forever destroy their love!

Wanton Angel

When Bonnie McKutchen left her weathy husband in a storm of heartache and betrayal, she fled New York with nothing but the dress on her back. Eli McKutcben finally caught up with her in a Washington mining town, outraged to find his beautiful wife dancing for money in a gaudy saloon. Yet as his temper flared, so did his passion…
for nothing could extinguish Bonnie’s blazes once she set them. Tormented with desire by his every touch, Bonnie yielded to the wild delight of her husband’s embrace. Time and again she vowed to resist, and was sweetly defeated. But with savage pride, she denied her love…
even at the risk of losing him forever!

Used-To-Be Lovers

A married couple believes that they have everything in their marriage, children, and shared passions, but after a divorce, their frequent contact with each other reminds them of what first brought them together. Reissue.

Just Kate

Kate Blake has lived her life in the shadow of her powerful father. Now, after a wrenching betrayal, Kate is determined to reclaim her own future. It is the future that begins with rugged Sean Harris – the man that married her sister, a man who unleashed in Kate her primal desires she yearned to set free. In the ancient land of Australia, Kate discovers herself, the family secrets that have shadowed her and the love she’s been waiting for all her life… ‘Linda Lael Miller is one of the hottest romance authors writing today.’ – Romantic Times

Escape from Cabriz

On the eve of her wedding to the Crown Prince of Cabriz, Kristin Meyers is having more than prewedding jitters her childhood friend Jascha has become a cold, distant stranger. And when his palace comes under attack from angry rebels, Kristin is caught in the cross fire.

Then Zach Harmon arrives and everything changes. The ex secret service agent and Kristin had been lovers until circumstances tore them apart. Now Zach might be able to get her out of Cabriz alive, but who will save her heart from being broken by Zach one more time?

Glory, Glory

Ten years after deserting her lover in order to protect her family, Glory returns to confront Jesse and reclaim the daughter she was forced to give up, but the past proves more difficult than she expected. Reissue.

Daring Moves

Two complete novels. Two captivating authors. New York Times bestselling author LINDA LAEL MILLER Daring Moves An encounter with dashing widower Jordan Richards made Amanda Scott believe she could give herself to him heart and soul. But did she dare take a chance on love again with a man whose heart held wounds greater than her own? Plus a heartwarming story from reader favorite Susan Mallery MARRIAGE ON DEMAND Powerfully drawn to a wealthy loner Austin Lucas, Rebecca Chambers found herself a willing captive in his arms. Now pregnant with his child, she was about to do something even more startling marry the sexy stranger she’d shared sweet passion with!

Mixed Messages

She had the answers for everyone’s love life except her own. Carly Barnett’s lifelong dream was to be a journalist tracking down leads, interviewing important people, making a difference. A job offer at Portland’s Oregonian Times seemed like an ideal place to start, until she learned exactly what she’d be doing. Writing an advice column for lonely hearts wasn’t quite what she’d envisioned, but it was a beginning. Mark Holbrook did nothing to disguise his disdain for the new staff reporter if you could call Carly’s column ‘reporting.’ Still, he couldn’t deny his attraction to her. But that didn’t mean he’d take her advice not even if she held the key to his own lonely heart.

Daniel’s Bride

When a woman has to choose between death and marriage to a total stranger, she must be in a dire predicament…

And for Jolie McKibben, about to pay by hanging for a terrible crime she didn’t commit, salvation by marriage couldn’t come a moment too soon. Housekeeping for Daniel Beckham, a widower who invoked the town’s wedding ordinance to rescue Jolie from the gallows, is better than the alternative…
but understanding the silent stranger who is now her husband might just about kill her.

Daniel doesn’t believe in Jolie’s innocence. And despite his willingness to marry the pretty, defiant ‘outlaw’ on the spot, the prosperous farmer had little to say to her after ‘I do.’ But for Jolie, their arrangement of convenience soon deepens into a rich and vibrant attraction that sets her trembling with desire in Daniel’s presence. Somehow, she would win his love, body and soul. Unless the desperados on her trail shatter the fragile, trusting bond of husband and wife…

Linda Lael Miller’s beloved novel of the American West shimmers with the unbridled passion of two adventurous hearts!

Part of the Bargain

Wealthy Montana rancher Jess Barlowe has his peaceful existence turned upside down by the return of his foreman’s beautiful daughter, Libby Kincaid. Reissue.


New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller writes the kind of high spirited, totally absorbing novels that captivate us right to the last line. Known for her fast paced stories and delightful Katharine Hepburn Spencer Tracy blend of wit and sexual tension, she creates characters who ‘walk right off the pages and into your heart’ Rendezvous. Now Linda Lael Miller sweeps readers away and through time itself when a thoroughly modern woman encounters a dangerous, dashing eighteenth century buccaneer. The result is a sensuous, joyous, utterly heartwarming tale of love…
. Phoebe Turlow needs to get out of Seattle and forget about the man she just divorced, her dwindling finances, and the lonely nights that stretch ahead of her. But she can’t foresee what awaits her on Paradise Island…
. Duncan Rourke is known to historians as ‘the pirate patriot.’ He’s been dead for two centuries or at least he’s supposed to be, until Phoebe Turlow steps out of a van, into a run down island hotel, and into his world. Neither Phoebe nor her pirate can envision the glorious adventure that is about to unfold. They understand only that they have found each other, and a grand passion, across the chasm of time…
and they fear only the moment when it may vanish. Passionate, emotional, and completely entrancing, Pirates will steal your heart.


In medieval England, Gloriana, Lady of Kenbrook, awaits her husband, Dane St. Gregory, whom she has not seen since childhood. She is stunned to discover that he has returned with a betrothed; beautiful Gloriana is to be cast into a nunnery. Dane’s mysterious sister in law, Elaina, counsels her to win Dane’s heart or see the entire Kenbrook line imperiled. Entranced by her passionate will, he cannot resist Gloriana’s potent charm, while she falls ever more deeply in love with Dane, her valiant swordsman. But their newfound happiness is brief suddenly, Gloriana is swept across the chasm of time to a dazzling future. Trapped centuries apart, Gloriana and Dane suffer the torment of their longing, knowing that only their love for one another and the strength of their desire can reunite them at last.


In all seasons and times, love blossoms in this magnificent quartet of stories from one of today’s most beloved authors of romantic fiction tales of unexpected love, sensual love, ennobling love, love triumphant and for always, that celebrate the wonder of two hearts joining…
and the glorious rapture that can only be experienced…

My Outlaw

Seven-year-old Keighly Barrow never forgot the night she spied a boy her own age at her grandmother’s Redemption, Nevada, mansion. He was staring at her from an antique mirror in the ballroom, standing among gaudily dressed women in an old-time western saloon. Keighly could only discover that his name was Darby Elder — and that he lived a century ago.

Twenty years later, engaged to be married, Keighly inherited her grandmother’s house. Back before the ballroom mirror, she faces a handsome cowboy whose roguish air radiates trouble. Keighly senses the spirit of Darby Elder — along with an electric charge of passion passing through the glass…
and into her heart. But old news clips declare this outlaw son of a local madam would die in a shoot-out. Keighly’s magical connection to Darby is too strong not to try and save his life or, if history will not bend, to love him as fiercely as the fleeting moments will allow.

The Vow

After twelve years, the headstrong Annabel McKeige is back in the frontier town of Parable, Nevada. Back to face the husband she left behind…
the son she never saw grow to manhood…
and the home where her heart broke when she lost a beloved daughter. But her intentioins regarding their marriage are soon clear even if her motives are not. Gabe McKeige loved Annabel too fiercely to let a chance like this slip away. But the iron willed rancher is also too proud to beg he didn’t twelve years ago, and he won’t now. So, Gabe sets out to woo Annabel the only way he knows…
with passion filled kisses and sensual touches that conjure the sweet firestorm of their marriage bed. And Annabel is finding that the man she once left is unbearably hard to resist…

One Wish

New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller gave readers ‘a gift to treasure’ Romantic Times with her acclaimed Springwater Seasons novels. Now, once again capturing the spirit of early America, she delivers a marvelous tale of love, family loyalty, and passionate desire on the Western frontier where fairy tales sometimes do come true. She was the only child of a rich and powerful rancher. He was the son of a drunken ne’er do well. But when eleven year old Luke Shardlow rescued eight year old Charity Barnham from drowning, she promised him One Wish
any wish his heart might desire. Fifteen years later, Charity and Luke meet once more, but the gulf between them seems as wide as ever. Charity is engaged to a neighboring rancher her father has chosen for her. Luke still seems to be a Shardlow to the core a drifter, maybe even an outlaw, on a road to nowhere. But things are not always what they appear, for Luke has a few secrets to hide. And as a sweet, sensual passion begins to grow between them, Luke and Charity discover that the only wish either of them long to fulfill is to spend a sweet eternity in each other’s arms no matter the cost.

My Lady Beloved

Bestselling author Linda Lael Miller has captured the magic of love in more than thirty magnificent novels. Now, writing as Lael St. James, she embarks on a charming adventure of courtly love and loyalty in glorious medieval England. Sweet, sheltered Gabriella Redclift is betrothed to Sir Cyprian Avendall, whom she has met but once. When Gabriella is abducted in the Devonshire countryside en route to her nuptials, her innocence and her dream of true love hang in the balance. Morgan Chalstrey is not the rogue bandit that he appears. Seeking vengeance on Avendall for his role in the undoing of Morgan’s beloved Rebecca, he means Gabriella no harm; her possible ruin is unavoidable, if unfortunate. But as Gabriella discovers that her fianc is far from chivalrous, she might become a willing participant in her own corruption. And Morgan, who had sworn off love forever, may find that innocent Gabriella’s love, and not revenge, is the one thing worth fighting for.

A Christmas Collection

A collection of romance stories features the tale of a Cornish maid who finds love with the help of a kindly nanny; a gallant gentleman begins anew with the woman who spurned him years before; and others.

To Love and to Honor

A collection of four short stories from contemporary romance writers features contributions from Stella Cameron, Judith E. French, Linda Lael Miller, and Anne Stuart.

Summer Love

A quartet of Summer Love stories by four best selling authors features Janelle Taylor’s ”Straight from the Heart,” ”Summer Fantasy” by Jill Marie Landis, ”Early in the Morning” by Stella Cameron, and Anne Stuart’s ”Sultry.”’

Heart’s Desire

Indulge your Heart’s Desire with your most beloved authors in this very special collection. Selected from the heartwarming anthology Everlasting Love,these remarkable tales are treasures to cherish and reminders that love is always just a heartbeat away…

Jayne Ann Krentz

‘One of the hottest writers in romance today’ USA Today continually lends her master touch to tales of grand passion laced with intrigue. Here she again delights readers with her ‘tremendous talent’ Detroit Free Press, as in modern day Washington, treachery ignites an unlikely affair of the heart in ‘Connecting Rooms’…

Linda Howard The celebrated author who ‘knows what romance readers want’ Affaire de Coeur and whose ‘unforgettable novels are richly flavored with scintillating sensuality and high voltage suspense’ Romantic Times, now whisks you to a bewitching country ‘Lake of Dreams,’ where a woman is lured into a dangerous embrace…

Linda Lael Miller

In ‘Resurrection,’ the writer whose ‘talent knows no bounds’ Rendezvous, travels back to 1880s Montana, where an abandoned bride searches for a love she thought forever lost in a story that makes it easy to see that ‘the sweetest kind of magic comes from the pen of Linda Lael Miller!’ The Literary Times.

In Our Dreams

Imagine you’re a princess in ancient Greece, cursed by the gods and imprisoned; you’ve given up hope, when suddenly you’re rescued by Hercules. Or you go for a joy ride in an ore trolley through an old silver mine; at the end of the ride, you find you’ve somehow landed in the Old West and you’re lying at the feet of a handsome Spanish grandee. Or you’re trapped in a foreign country, smack in the middle of a terrorist staged coup; you’re sure you’re going to die until you discover that your unassuming dinner partner is really a secret agent who’s there to protect you. Fantasies like these are what lie at the heart of the fabulous short story collection In Our Dreams. Forget everything you know about anthologies. In Our Dreams truly is unique. Why? Because these ten terrific stories were inspired by your favorite heroes of movies and television, men who’ve captured the attention and hearts of women around the world. Mary Kirk, coordinator of the collection, says, ‘All of us, at one time or another, have fallen for a hero we met in a movie or on TV. And all of us have indulged in a fantasy or two about those men who make our hearts race and our senses spin. It’s the man who embodies the heroic who inspires a romance writer’s imagination.’ Ms. Kirk gathered a stellar group of authors into collaboration with her: Linda Lael Miller, Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Potter, Susan Wiggs, Patricia Gardner Evans, Ruth Glick writing as Rebecca York, Corey McFadden, Barbara Cummings, and Courtney Henke. Pulling out all the stops, these creative ladies asked themselves the question, ‘Who are the men of our dreams?” And their answers? In Linda Lael Miller’s ‘Never Been to Anphar,’ Maggie Ellington is caught on the wrong side of the ocean when war begins; lucky for her, the man who rescues her conjures visions of Jack Ryan as played by Harrison Ford. Courtney Henke’s daydreams about the gorgeous Kevin Sorbo, who plays Hercules, led to the creation of the half god hero in ‘Moon Over Miranda,’ a love story full of mythic creatures and god inflicted curses, blended nicely with a hearty dose of campy humor. Set in an ancient Celtic land, ‘Legend’ grew out of author Mary Kirk’s fascination with the concept of immortality and her crush on Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander Adrian Paul. A leap into the future, to the distant planet Jalar, sets the stage for ‘Conquest,’ by Ruth Glick writing as Rebecca York; here, meet Rohan, a fierce alien warrior who was inspired by that sexy Klingon Worf. ‘Nobody’s Angel,’ by Barbara Cummings takes you to the Old West, to mine silver and fall in love with Fernando de la Hoya, who sprang to life in Ms. Cummings’ imagination as she pictured her favorite star, Jimmy Smits, in the role of a Spanish nobleman. Lingering in the Old West, pay a visit to New Hope, the dusty Texas town where gunslinger Jared Walker decides to hang up his Colts and bury his past; spend five tense minutes with Jared in his final ‘Showdown,’ as told by Patricia Potter, who was inspired by Kevin Kline in SILVERADO. Then, shake off the dust and let Mary Jo Putney take you to Camelot to meet who else? Arthur Pendragon, King of Britain, inspired by the incomparable Sean Connery; in ‘Avalon,’ Ms. Putney gives Arthur a love worthy of his valiant heart and she gives romance readers a deliciously satisfying ending to one of history’s most beautiful legends. While in the British Isles, spend some time in Regency England with author Corey McFadden; as Colin Firth brought life to Mr. Darcy in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, he brought inspiration to Ms. McFadden; the result is ‘Little Beast.’ You’ll chuckle heartily as the proud Gavin Broward watches the troublesome girl he’s been fond of since childhood mature into a beautiful woman. Turn the page and laugh some more as you read ‘The Growing Season,’ by Patricia Gardner Evans; put yourself in Annie Reeves’ shoes when she goes to see the new doc in town to talk about artificial insemination and discovers he has the soul deep brown eyes of ER’s Dr. Doug Ross, who was Ms. Evans’ inspiration for Dr. John Haney. Finally, travel to modern day Paris, and let author Susan Wiggs put you on Pont Neuf, a ‘Bridge of Dreams’; wait with the hero*ine to see if the man she met ten years earlier will keep their appointed rendezvous. The man, a world famous musician, was inspired by Daniel Day Lewis, who Ms. Wiggs believes imbues all the characters he plays with tremendous energy and passion. So you see, it’s true: In Our Dreams really is unique. More than that it’s one of the best collections of romantic tales you’ll ever read. Don’t miss it or the chance these ten talented storytellers are offering you to meet the man of your dreams.

Beach Blanket Bad Boys

Linda Lael Miller ‘Batteries Not Required’: The only boyfriend Gayle Hayes has is the battery operated kind. But when she returns to her small Montana hometown, rodeo bad boy Tristan McCullough gives her a whole new lesson in power surge…
Alison Kent ‘Sara Smiles’: Six months ago, Sara Wade has turned down her boyfriend Jax’s proposals. Now, it’s her turn to convince the hunk she wants it all, starting with a steamy fantasy weekend in sultry Puerto Vallarta…
Lucy Monroe ‘Seducing Tabby’: Everybody always wants Tabby Payton’s beautiful sister. But not sexy English spy Calder Maxwell. He wants Tabby, body and soul, and he’s willing to take the seduction to new levels to prove it…
Jill Shalvis ‘Captivated’: James Scott warned his investigator ex wife Ella to be more careful. Now he finds the irate woman nearly naked and handcuffed to the towel rack in his Mexican vacation condo. He should release her. Then again…
Susanna Carr ‘Sister Switch’: Tracy Parks is in control of every situation. But on the eve of her society wedding, Tracy runs into her nemesis and ex lover Nick…
gorgeous, impossible Nick. And control is the last thing on her mind…
Morgan Leigh ‘Spencer For Ever’: Heiress Arden Prescott is determined to turn her family summer home into a bed and breakfast. Fisherman Kip Spencer doesn’t think she can handle the rustic life. After all, she can’t handle him…

Sun, Sand, Sex

College sweethearts Teague and Joanna Darby, once passionately in love, are on the brink of divorce. When a ferry strike leaves them stranded together at their beloved beach cottage, it could be the most awkward weekend ever. Or the perfect chance to fall for each other all over again one steamy encounter at a time…
Lexie Rollins is a wedding planner on the lam. All she did was defend herself with a staple gun against a sleazy groom who knew the Assault and Battery charges would stick? Now Lexie’s ‘vacation’ at an exclusive resort has put her at the top of gorgeous bounty hunter Nick Vardolous’ list. And Nick always gets his woman every which way imaginable…
Deputy Kyle Treharne of seaside Smithville, North Carolina, hates Yankees even exotically beautiful ones like Emma Lucchesi. The sexy New Yorker’s got trouble written all over her, and she knows more than she’s telling about the increasingly strange goings on in his town. But if the lady’s got a few tricks up her sleeve, so does the lawman. And it’s high time for every wicked thing to be deliciously revealed…

More than Words Volume 4

You might meet them at the coffee shop, the grocery store, or walking down the street. They’re women across North America committed to reaching out and changing lives one good deed at a time. Five of these exceptional women have been selected as this year’s recipients of Harlequin’s More Than Words award. And once again five New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors have kindly offered their creativity to write original short stories inspired by these real life hero*ines. We hope More Than Words will touch your heart and inspire the hero*ine living inside you.

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