Lillian Stewart Carl Books In Order

Sabazel Books In Order

  1. Sabazel (1985)
  2. The Winter King (1986)
  3. Shadow Dancers (1987)
  4. Wings of Power (1989)

Ashes to Ashes Books In Order

  1. Ashes to Ashes (1990)
  2. Dust to Dust (1991)

Jean Fairbairn / Alasdair Cameron Mystery Books In Order

  1. The Secret Portrait (2005)
  2. The Murder Hole (2006)
  3. The Burning Glass (2007)
  4. The Charm Stone (2009)
  5. The Blue Hackle (2010)
  6. The Mortsafe (2011)
  7. The Avalon Chanter (2014)


  1. Garden of Thorns (1992)
  2. Memory and Desire (2001)
  3. Shadows in Scarlet (2001)
  4. Time Enough to Die (2002)
  5. Lucifer’s Crown (2003)
  6. Blackness Tower (2008)


  1. Along the Rim of Time (2000)
  2. The Muse and Other Stories of History, Mystery and Myth (2007)

Anthologies edited

  1. The Sound and the Furry (2013)

Non fiction

  1. The Vorkosigan Companion (2008)

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Lillian Stewart Carl Books Overview


In a world rooted in Mediterranean history and mythology, a warrior king forms a more than political alliance with an Amazon queen. ‘A marvelous sense of romantic adventure unusually literate and intelligent strong characterizations complimented by an evocative magical poetry in the imagery use of Classical background assured and distinctive.’Borderland

The Winter King

Andrion is born into a world rooted in Mediterranean history and mythology, the son of warrior king and an Amazon queen. He loses his kingdom and has to regain it inch by inch, heart by heart.’A marvelous sense of romantic adventure…
unusually literate and intelligent…
strong characterizations complimented by an evocative magical poetry in the imagery…
use of Classical background assure and distinctive.’& 0151Borderland

Shadow Dancers

In a world rooted in Mediterranean history and mythology, Andrion, son of a warrior king and an Amazon queen, thinks his crown is secure. But he has no heir, and mysterious figures are attacking his allies. He must set aside his crown to face not only a supernatural enemy but a precocious child, his own nephew Gard. These books are a fine series which shows a good historical background. Timothy Lane Fantasy that is woven upon a weft of solid classical knowledge, yet is also colored by a creative imagination of great scope and power. An alternate reality that will live inside the mind long after the book is finished. Ardath Mayhar

Wings of Power

In a world rooted in Mediterranean and Indian history and mythology, Gard is descended from both gods and demons. When he steps over the line once to often, he’s sent into exile. After discovering his magical abilities at a desert monastery, he lands on his feet in the valley of the Mohan, where he inadvertently starts a war. An interesting re telling of an old legend. The ending is full of twists, unpredictable. Timothy Lane An intense tale leavened by bits of humor. A complex and fascinating plot exploring the resonances between lust and love, interior and exterior beauty, faith and skepticism. The prose is crafted with a jeweler s precision and the use of imagery is masterful. Ardath Mayhar.

Ashes to Ashes

Rebecca comes to a replica of a Scottish castle in Ohio to catalog a collection of historical artifacts. But she’s not wanted there, either by her Scottish co-worker or by the ghosts of the past.

‘Fans will be overjoyed!’ –Rave Reviews

‘Not your common romance, but then, who said a romance should be common?’-Heartland Critiques

Dust to Dust

Michael and Rebecca meet again at the excavation of a medieval priory in Scotland. Hints of buried treasure, ghostly manifestations, co-workers with too many secrets and annoying habits, and a murder almost succeed in breaking them up.

The Secret Portrait

Fleeing an academic scandal and a broken marriage, Jean Fairbairn has come to Scotland to work for an Edinburgh based history and travel magazine. Writing about the Scottish national pastime of playing illusion off reality is just the quiet, scholarly pursuit she needs to soothe her burned out emotions.

But when Jean heads for the Highlands to investigate the 18th century mystery of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s lost treasure, she finds herself involved in a contemporary murder case and not as an innocent bystander, either.

Alasdair Cameron, the police detective in charge, has his own perspective on reality and illusion. The American dot com millionaire living out his tartan fantasies in a restored mansion is the loosest of loose cannons. His trophy wife isn’t necessarily standing by her man. Their housekeeper knows what’s going to happen before it does. And their youth piper is a kilted daydream, even though his parents are nightmares.

At Glendessary House, old wounds and old glories aren’t distant memories evoked over a glass of single malt, to the skirl of the pipes. Here, they are up close, personal, and deadly.

It’s a good thing Jean has back up in Edinburgh. Because if butting heads not to mention hearts with Cameron isn’t enough to do her in, then a killer is waiting and watching, with a motive for murder not hidden nearly deeply enough in the past.

The Murder Hole

Book 2 of the Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron series: America’s exile and Scotland’s finest on the trail of all too living legends. Cross genre mysteries featuring Michael and Rebecca Campbell Reid from Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust in cameo roles. Jean heads to Loch Ness on the trail of Ambrose MacKintosh, a disciple of self styled black magician Aleister Crowley, who owned a house above the loch. Ambrose claimed Crowley called the monster, Nessie, from another dimension. But Ambrose himself more or less invented Nessie by publishing the first ‘sightings’ in 1933 the same year his wife disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Soon after Jean’s arrival, MacKintosh’s daughter, Iris, an ardent environmentalist, is accused of causing the death of a member of an expedition searching for the monster. The expedition is headed by Roger Dempsey, an entrepreneur with a strong willed wife and a shady past of his own. When Alasdair appears to investigate the death, he and Jean not only have to work together again, but also pick up their reluctant relationship where they left it. A murder hole is the hole in the ceiling of a castle’s entrance passage through which defenders could shoot at attackers. There are altogether too many murder holes, Jean tells herself, in the psychic passages of life. ‘The Murder Hole is…
not a frothy mystery to gulp down in one sitting, it’s a book to save for a lazy weekend or relaxing vacation when there’s time to savor the complexities of the story and take in the scent and sense of Scotland. I don’t mean to imply that The Murder Hole is a story readers will have to slog through. Not at all. The author has a wonderful sense of humor and gives us a story that moves right along and a hero*ine who doesn’t take herself too seriously.’ Diana Vickery, The Cozy Library

The Burning Glass

Alasdair and Jean are making a deliberate effort to put together a relationship. Leaving Edinburgh to the crowds attending the annual Festival, they move into the caretaker’s cottage of an old and spooky castle near Rosslyn Chapel. Rosslyn has been made so famous by The Da Vinci Code that only tour groups are admitted. It’s a medieval church where the Holy Grail or the treasure of the Knights Templar is rumored to be hidden. Ferniebank Castle includes a small chapel that’s very similar and obviously related to Rosslyn, but is off the beaten path. Or so they think. Even before Jean meets Alasdair at Ferniebank, she hears that trouble is brewing there and in the nearby village of Stanelaw: a local councillor has disappeared, a precious artifact has been stolen, and the castle’s former caretaker has died under circumstances that make Alasdair’s police whiskers twitch. It’s a bad time for this sort of thing to be happening, since the owner of a popular New Age travel company has just bought the chapel and its healing well, intending to build a spa there, something that will revive the village economy. As though Jean and Alasdair’s plans aren’t thrown enough of a curve when the New Age guru turns out to be his ex wife, other crimes and then another death occur right on their doorstep. And everything seems to track back to the former Mrs. Cameron. Even though Alasdair is no longer a formal member of other police force, he and Jean must roll up their sleeves and wade in to yet another mystery. ‘Authentic dialect…
detailed descriptions of the castle and environs, and vivid characters recreate an area rich in history and legend. The tightly woven plot is certain to delight history fans with its dramatic collision of past and present.’ Publishers Weekly ‘A little romance, a dash of mystery and a soupcon of history make a hearty…
dish.’ Kirkus Reviews

The Charm Stone

Beneath the hanging tree…

Witches weren’t burned in the colony of Virginia. They were hanged. But in the twenty-first century no one should be hanging from the trees of historic Williamsburg.

Jean Fairbairn’s significant other, ex-Scottish cop Alasdair Cameron, might sometimes wish he could pass judgment on the dingbats Jean writes about. Especially when her current subjects, a set of batty conspiracy theorists, may be involved in the theft of a Williamsburg-crafted replica of the sixteenth-century Witch Box. It was stolen from a Scottish castle for which Alasdair has been supervising security-even though the original Witch Box is safe in a Williamsburg museum.

The Charm Stone went missing from the original Witch Box three hundred years ago. Perhaps it was not a traditional healing stone at all but a cursing stone. Perhaps it was lost somewhere in the colony of Virginia. Perhaps someone will kill to find it.

Can Jean maintain her resolve to abandon the academic battlefield forever, or will she be tempted back into combat by an appealing former colleague, Matthew Finch? And what about Alasdair, who is supposedly retired from the rigors of law enforcement, but who is now confronted not only by a theft but two murder cases-and by Stephanie Venegas, the detective in charge.

Amid the falling leaves and autumn shadows, Jean and Alasdair must deal again with murder most grotesque, its roots deep in history and myth. With ghosts only they can see. And with things going bump in the night of their own relationship.

It’s All Hallows Eve in historic Williamsburg, Virginia.

Traveling from Scotland to Williamsburg, VA, Scottish ex-cop Alasdair Cameron and reporter Jean Fairbairn combine overseeing the security of a 16th-century Witch Box with a little vacation. When murder gets in the way and a Williamsburg-crafted replica is stolen, they find that quotes from
Shakespeare and a missing charm stone lead them into a real-life tangle.

Library Journal

Carl’s well-crafted fourth Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron mystery takes Jean, a journalist for travel magazine Great Scot, and Alasdair, a former detective, from Edinburgh to historic Williamsburg, Va…
cozy fans should be satisfied.

Publisher’s Weekly

manages to tie up the loose ends, renew Jean and Alasdair’s shaky relationship and describe Williamsburg in a manner that will delight former visitors and intrigue those who have never been there.


Lillian Stewart Carl pens an extraordinary mystery. Her richly detailed writing style, her unique slant to the ordinary mystery, and her quirky characters make for an exceptional and entertaining read. While Jean is a fabulously fun amateur sleuth who seems to fall into trouble at the drop of a hat and Alasdair is a retired professional who cannot seem but to follow his hunches, it is obvious that they make a great team both at solving crime and belonging together. The Charm Stone incorporates a blending of the past and present to create a delightfully suspenseful read.

Melissa Kammer for Noveltalk

Ms. Carl is skilled at crafting tiny details that speak volumes…
the author intertwines several plot lines seamlessly, deftly depicts the beauty and mystery of Williamsurg, and weaves in an accurate, interesting, and well-researched history lesson, creating a beautiful tapestry.

Shirley Wetzel for Overmydeadbody. com

Carl’s Jean Fairbairn and Alasdair Cameron Mysteries are clever, witty, historically interesting and, even with their bit of paranormal ability on the part of the protagonists, realistic. The Charm Stone gives readers an in-depth look at Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding area, as well as a taste of its history. How could any reader resist a good mystery, romance, interesting characters, historical tidbits, and a darn good story?

Gayle Surrette, Gumshoe Review

Garden of Thorns

romantic suspense. Mark and Hilary, who met at an excavation in Scotland, get back together in Fort Worth, Texas. He’s excavating a mysterious turn of the century house, she’s working at an art gallery on artifacts recovered from the Na*zis. Soon their jobs intersect, as they both run afoul of a prominent local family who resorts to murder to keep its skeletons in its closets.

Memory and Desire

/ Claire came to the English village to find her best friend, Melinda, who’d vanished after performing in a play which re creates a seventeenth century witchcraft trial. / What she found was a murder mystery and a man. / A man who, like her, is trapped between Memory and Desire. / The play takes place at the manor house where the protagonists lived and died, a house where the past is still a haunting presence. Did Melinda ask too many questions about the village’s tragic history? To find her, Claire, too, must ask questions. What she learns is that everyone in the village is playing a role not just in the melodrama, but in real life. / Claire must walk a fine line between repeating the past and surviving the present. For if she puts one foot wrong she won’t be seeing the future at all, let alone spending it with the man she’s not only come to trust but to love.

Shadows in Scarlet

Shadows in Scarlet

Amanda Witham sees her new job at an eighteenth century house as a career move, just part of the history business, nothing personal. Then archaeologists find a man’s skeleton buried in the garden behind the house.

That night James Grant s ghost introduces himself to her. And a handsome and charming ghost he is, in the tartan kilt and scarlet coat of King George s Highland Regiment. Suddenly Amanda finds history to be up close and very personal indeed.

Like many handsome and charming men, James puts Amanda in a difficult position. She can hardly tell her friends and co workers of her hands on original source. And yet she promises James she ll reveal the truth about his death just as soon as she figures out what the truth is.

So why was he buried in the garden when eighteenth century records say he died in battle?

Amanda s quest begins in Colonial Williamsburg and ends at James s ancestral castle in Scotland, which, she discovers, is still very much in the family. But nothing, not time and space, not illusion and reality, not love and death, turns out to be what she anticipated. And when James s past finally catches up with her present, Amanda finds her future held at sword s point.

There s more than one glint of scarlet in the shadows of the past and in the shadows of the heart as well. Shadows in Scarlet is stunning. Lillian has an uncanny ability to charm her readers with a hypnotic plot and a delightful romp through otherworldly events, cast with an intrepid hero*ine, a cunning ghost, a strong and seductive hero, and many more memorable characters. The story is smashing, the ending exciting! Pure magic! Robyn Carr, Deep in the Valley

Time Enough to Die

Matilda Gray is an expert on antiquities, especially the Roman and Celtic artifacts found in Great Britain. But one thing Matilda has learned is that such relics of time past are not valued only by museums but also by unscrupulous collectors, and the illegal trade in such treasures can be deadly. Gareth March is a Scotland Yard detective who must work reluctantly with Matilda to solve the murder of a woman who knew too much about stolen antiquities. Solving the murder will earn him a promotion. And more perhaps a greater treasure than Celtic gold is a relationship appearing when he least expects it…
The murder case, the case of the stolen antiquities, and the treasure coming to light at the excavation of a Roman fort are tied inextricably together. At last Matilda and Gareth have to stop arguing and begin a race against time to prevent another murder. They do, after all, agree on one thing: the risk of death makes life and love all the sweeter. There’s always Time Enough to Die.

Lucifer’s Crown

Lives change drastically when they enter myth haunted Glastonbury. Over them looms Robin Fitzroy, formerly Robert the Devil, father of William the Conqueror. Now immortal, he serves Lucifer himself. Only Thomas Becket, the great English saint, knows who Robin really is. Now, he discovers that it’s up to him to save the souls of mankind from Robin’s clutches. 20021201

Blackness Tower

For years, Lauren Reay has experienced vivid dreams of a castle keep and a chapel overlooking the sea. Then she finds the real place: a restored 16th century Blackness Tower on the coast of northern Scotland. Inside the tower, owned by handsome but reclusive Douglas Sutherland, she finds a 19th century portrait of a 16th century woman…
who has Lauren’s face. Blackness Tower holds strange powers and elemental presences that will change Lauren’s life forever.

Along the Rim of Time

Eleven protagonists find themselves skirting the often uncertain boundary between this world and others, by choice, by chance, or by coercion. Warriors fight battles they didn’t sign on to fight. Androids grapple with humanity, their own and that of the people around them. Teachers, artists, scientists, and even a housewife encounter realities they never knew existed. From ancient Britain to the moons of Jupiter, from Scotland to Tibet to your own back yard, from this world to the ones that never existed, these eleven stories take you for a wild ride Along the Rim of Time, space, and the imagination.

The Muse and Other Stories of History, Mystery and Myth

In The Muse and Other Stories of History, Mystery and Myth, Lillian Stewart Carl sweeps you through a magical mystery tour of history. Thirteen stories take you from the British colonies in America and India to medieval England and revolutionary Scotland. Vividly realized worlds include Shakespeare’s timeless Illyria and the very real twenty first century. People on screen and off include Thomas Becket and Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Bonnie Prince Charlie, Queen Elizabeth I at her height and Ann Boleyn, her mother, at her depth. Carl’s slaves and soldiers, sorcerers and sinners and even a striped cat or two are often sleuths and always good company. Humankind’s great passions greed, love and hate, the rights of man and woman provide motives for murder and more. And lives are touched by fantasy, because along that shore between the present and the past, nothing is certain. Lillian Stewart Carl is the author of twenty four short stories and fifteen novels, with more to come. The Muse and Other Stories includes twelve stories especially commissioned for theme anthologies and a story from a magazine, plus new Author’s Notes and an essay on writing short historical mystery. ‘Topnotch entries include…
Lillian Stewart Carl’s ‘Way Down in Egypt’s Land,’ a marvelous tale about 19th century slavery.’ Publishers Weekly ‘Inspired contributions include…
Lillian Stewart Carl’s ‘The Necromancer’s Apprentice,’ which presents an interesting solution to the actual mystery surrounding the death of Amy Robsart, wife of Elizabeth I’s favorite lord, balancing wizardry with astute deductions about the political motives of those who stood to benefit.’ Publishers Weekly

The Vorkosigan Companion

Lois McMaster Bujold’s best selling Vorkosigan series is a publishing phenomenon, winning record breaking sales, critical praise, four Hugo Awards and a Nebula award. And the thousands of devotees of the series now have a book that will be a goldmine of information, background details, and little known facts about the Vorkosigan saga. Included are an all new interview with Bujold as well as essays by her on crafting the Vorkosigan universe, articles on the biology, technology and sociology of the planet Barrayar, appreciations of the individual novels by experts, maps, a complete timeline of the series, and more. Readers can t get enough of the Vorkosigan series and they ll jump at the chance to read this story behind the stories. Baen has a new novel in the Vorkosigan series under contract.

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