Lillian O’Donnell Books In Order

Norah Mulcahaney Books In Publication Order

  1. The Phone Calls (1972)
  2. Don’t Wear Your Wedding Ring (1973)
  3. Dial 577 R-A-P-E (1974)
  4. The Baby Merchants (1975)
  5. Leisure Dying (1976)
  6. No Business Being a Cop (1978)
  7. The Children’s Zoo (1981)
  8. Cop Without a Shield (1983)
  9. Ladykiller (1984)
  10. Casual Affairs (1985)
  11. Shadow in Red (1986)
  12. The Other Side of Door (1988)
  13. A Good Night to Kill (1989)
  14. A Private Crime (1991)
  15. Pushover (1992)
  16. Lockout (1994)
  17. Blue Death (1998)

Gwenn Ramadge Books In Publication Order

  1. A Wreath for the Bride (1990)
  2. Used to Kill (1993)
  3. The Raggedy Man (1995)
  4. The Goddess Affair (1996)

Mici Anhalt Books In Publication Order

  1. Aftershock (1977)
  2. Falling Star (1979)
  3. Wicked Designs (1980)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Death Schuss (1963)
  2. Death of a Player (1964)
  3. Murder Under the Sun (1964)
  4. Babes in the Woods (1965)
  5. The Face Of The Crime (1968)
  6. The Tachí Tree (1968)
  7. Dive Into Darkness (1971)
  8. The Sleeping Beauty Murders (1973)
  9. Terror Under the Sun (1973)

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Lillian O’Donnell Books Overview

The Phone Calls

Three lovely young widows are terrified by a series of obscene telephone calls. They escalate into death threats and the threats into murder. Norah Mulcahaney, rookie policewoman, presents herself as bait to attract the killer.

Don’t Wear Your Wedding Ring

Norah Mulcahaney, rookie, makes detective and goes under cover joining a ring of suburban housewife prostitutes who earn extra cash while hubby is out of town. Prostitution leads to murder and Norah herself is threatened.

The Baby Merchants

Married six years, Norah Mulcahaney yearns for a child. Miscarriage after miscarriage convinces her that she is not able to carry to term. Adoption seems her only hope. But finding a child is not so easy. The sudden opportunity to adopt three year old Mark seems too good to be true. A brutal murder confirms Norah’s suspicions that the child’s background is tainted.


New York police officer Norah Mulcahaney uses all of her wits to solve the murder of an aged movie star and the subway death of a young woman. By the author of A Private Crime. NYT.

Blue Death

At forty-one, Norah Mulcahaney’s star is on the rise: She’s passed the rigorous NYPD’s captain’s exam, and she’s also succeeded in adopting a baby boy. But, her happiness is shattered when, within a month’s time, four of her fellow officers commit suicide, each man found dead of a wound inflicted by his own service revolver. When Norah’s longtime mentor, Chief James Felix, asks her to pay a visit to one of the grieving widows, Norah finds herself immersed in a controversial case that hits way too close to home. Chief Felix very nearly becomes the fifth victim, compelling Norah to prove the deaths are murder, not suicide. It’s a race against time–before another of New York City’s finest is laid to rest forever. With a plot that will keep O’Donnell’s fans guessing, Blue Death is a gripping addition to the Norah Mulcahaney series.

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