Lilian Darcy Books In Order

Cinderella Conspiracy Books In Order

  1. Cinderella after midnight (2001)
  2. Saving Cinderella (2001)
  3. Finding Her Prince (2002)

Glenfallon Books In Order

  1. The Midwife’s Courage (2003)
  2. The Honourable Midwife (2003)
  3. The Doctor’s Unexpected Family (2004)
  4. The A and E Consultant’s Secret (2004)

Wanted Outback Wives Books In Order

  1. The Runaway and the Cattleman (2006)
  2. Princess in Disguise (2006)
  3. Outback Baby (2006)

McKinley Medics Books In Order

  1. A Marriage Worth Fighting For (2012)
  2. Daddy on Her Doorstep (2012)
  3. A Doctor in His House (2012)

Cherry Sisters Books In Order

  1. The One Who Changed Everything (2013)
  2. The Baby Made at Christmas (2013)
  3. It Began with a Crush (2013)

River Bend Books In Order

  1. Late Last Night (2014)
  2. The Sweetest Thing (2014)
  3. The Sweetest Sound (2014)
  4. After The Rain (2014)
  5. Long Walk Home (2014)


  1. Bright Crystals (1981)
  2. New Caledonian Nurse (1982)
  3. New Doctor at the Boronia (1983)
  4. Nurse at Twin Valleys (1984)
  5. Patience and Dr. Pritchard (1985)
  6. Sister Madeleine (1985)
  7. Flying Doctor (1986)
  8. Valentines for Nurse Cleo (1987)
  9. Calling Air Doctor Three (1988)
  10. Sister Page’s Past (1989)
  11. Unwilling Partners (1990)
  12. Practical Marriage (1991)
  13. Challenge of Doctor Blake (1991)
  14. Closer to a Stranger (1992)
  15. The Beckhill Tradition (1992)
  16. A Private Arrangement (1993)
  17. Heart Call (1993)
  18. No More Secrets (1994)
  19. Running Away (1994)
  20. Conflicting Loyalties (1994)
  21. Demi’s Diagnosis (1996)
  22. Full Recovery (1997)
  23. A Gift for Healing (1997)
  24. Misleading Symptoms (1997)
  25. A Specialist’s Opinion (1997)
  26. Making Babies (1997)
  27. Miracle Baby (1998)
  28. Tomorrow’s Child (1998)
  29. The Courage to Say Yes (1999)
  30. The Marriage of Dr. Marr (2000)
  31. Winning Her Back (2000)
  32. Her Sister’s Child (2000)
  33. The Surrogate Mother (2000)
  34. The Truth About Charlotte (2000)
  35. Raising Baby Jane (2000)
  36. A Nurse in Crisis (2001)
  37. The Paramedic’s Secret (2001)
  38. Midwife and Mother (2001)
  39. The Doctor’s Mistress (2002)
  40. A Mother for His Child (2002)
  41. Incurably Isabelle (2003)
  42. Balancing Act (2003)
  43. Caring for His Babies (2004)
  44. Their Baby Miracle (2005)
  45. The Doctor’s Fire Rescue (2005)
  46. The Father Factor (2005)
  47. The Millionaire’s Cinderella Wife (2005)
  48. The Life Saver (2005)
  49. Sister Swap (2006)
  50. A Mother in the Making (2008)
  51. The Millionaire’s Makeover (2008)
  52. The Children’s Doctor and the Single Mum (2008)
  53. The Heiress’s Baby (2010)
  54. Cafe du Jour (2011)
  55. The Mommy Miracle (2011)
  56. All Dressed Up (2011)
  57. The Mummy Miracle (2012)
  58. Saving Gerda (2012)
  59. The Children’s Doctor and The Single Mom (2016)


  1. The Midnight Hour (2004)
  2. Verdict / What’s A Dad to Do? / Father Factor (2005)
  3. Heart of a Hero (2006)
  4. Australian Affairs (2007)
  5. Confessions Bundle (2008)
  6. Jet-Set Tycoons (2008)
  7. Riches to Rags Bride / The Heiress’s Baby (2011)
  8. The Australians’ Brides (2012)
  9. Daddy on Her Doorstep / Courting His Favourite Nurse (2012)
  10. Harlequin Special Edition November 2013 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2013)
  11. Cherish Collection January 2014 (2014)
  12. Harlequin Special Edition January 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  13. The Australian’s Desire (2015)
  14. By Request Collection (2015)
  15. The Family He Craved (2015)
  16. Surrender To The Single Dad (2019)
  17. Sexy Single Dads Collection (2019)
  18. A Hero for the Twins (2022)


  1. Emergency: Expecting (2005)


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Lilian Darcy Books Overview

Winning Her Back

After losing her baby, Dr Grace Gaines’ marriage was under threat, and Marcus had gone away for six months. Now he was coming back, expecting a decision from Grace would they stay married or not? But until Grace could find out what Marcus had been holding back from her, how could she make that choice?

Balancing Act

Four days ago, Libby McGraw had never even heard of Brady Buchanan. But if his claim was true, her carefully constructed life was about to be blown apart. One glance at the silky haired baby cradled in Brady’s arms told Libby more than any blood test could. Her adopted daughter had an identical twin sister!

A Mother in the Making

Unexpectedly expecting! Carmen O’Brien has a lot on her plate including raising her orphaned siblings. And if that isn’t enough, a gorgeous, sexy new man has just entered her life Jack Davey…
But who has time for gorgeous, sexy new men? It’s fantastic to have a bit of fun for a change, but Carmen has to put family first. Except then she discovers she’s bound to Jack for good. She might have been a mom in the making for years but Carmen is to become a mom for real in nine months’ time and she needs Jack more than ever…

The Millionaire’s Makeover

When successful millionaire businessman Ben Radford first met Rowena, he thought her frosty and uptight. But once Rowena started designing his garden, he was determined to discover why she’d put up such steely barriers by taking them down, layer by layer…
. Discovering the beautiful, sensual woman underneath was a revelation! It was just as he hoped; he would help her overcome the past and then he would move on. After all, his divorce had taught him that he couldn’t offer more than a temporary affair. But Rowena had come along way from mousy wimp she’d once been. She decided that she could help Ben believe in love again: she’d give him the makeover of a lifetime!

The Heiress’s Baby

It should have been Nate Ridgeway’s promotion. Instead his hotelier boss had given the job to his pampered, flighty daughter, Atlanta Sheridan, and now Nate had to ‘babysit’ her in her new role!

Although Atlanta Sheridan Lannie to her friends looked every inch the society heiress, Nate soon discovered it was just a front. Poised perfection masked the warm, intelligent, funny person beneath. Nate didn’t want to even like her, let alone find her attractive. For a man famous for always Doing The Right Thing, sleeping with the boss’s daughter seemed so wrong! And then the bombshell, which he suspected could be distinctly career limiting–the heiress was now expecting his baby!

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