Leslie Tentler Books In Order

Chasing Evil Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Midnight Caller (2011)
  2. Midnight Fear (2011)
  3. Edge of Midnight (2012)

Rarity Cove Books In Publication Order

  1. Before the Storm (2015)
  2. Low Tide (2017)
  3. In Dark Water (2019)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Fallen (2014)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Cold Season (2020)

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Leslie Tentler Books Overview

Midnight Caller

Late night radio show psychologist Rain Sommers is used to the crazies who call in to rage from the back alleys of the French Quarter and the shadows of the bayou. But one caller’s chilling obsession with her and her long ago murdered mother an iconic singer beloved among the city’s Goth community has even the jaded Rain running scared as a sad*istic serial killer known as the Vampire prowls New Orleans. FBI agent Trevor Rivette is convinced her Midnight Caller and the killer are one and the same. As it becomes disturbingly clear that the Vampire has a sick bloodlust only Rain can satisfy, she allows Trevor to get closer and closer. But he soon discovers that his secretive past and troubled present are intertwined and that he may die trying to keep Rain’s fate out of a madman’s control.

Midnight Fear

‘I trusted you, Caity’The still of the night is once again shattered by Caitlyn Cahill’s recurring nightmare her brother standing before her, gripping a butcher knife, his eyes black with hatred. Two years ago, the former Washington, D.C., socialite defied her powerful senator father and risked the ruin of her family by helping the FBI link her troubled brother to a string of horrific murders. ‘The Capital Killer’ was sent to prison for life and Caitlyn’s entire world fell apart. Now, FBI agent Reid Novak is forced to rend the peace Caitlyn has found on a rural Virginia horse farm. A copycat killer is on the loose and slowly toying with Caitlyn his ultimate target in a terrorizing cat and mouse game. Almost destroyed two years ago by Caitlyn’s family, not to mention the Capital Killer’s haunting final murder, Reid vows to save the woman he’s never forgotten or die trying.

Edge of Midnight

The writer becomes the story when crime reporter Mia Hale is discovered on a Jacksonville beach bloodied and disoriented, but alive. She remembers nothing, but her wounds bear the signature of a sad*istic serial killer. After years lying dormant, The Collector has resumed his grim hobby: abducting women and taking gruesome souvenirs before dumping their bodies. But none of his victims has ever escaped and he wants Mia back, more than he ever wanted any of the others. FBI agent Eric MacFarlane has pursued The Collector for a long time. The case runs deep in his veins, bordering on obsession and Mia holds the key. She’ll risk everything to recover her memory and bring the madman to justice, and Eric swears to protect this fierce, fragile survivor. But The Collector will not be denied. In his mind, he knows just how their story ends.

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