Leslie O’Kane Books In Order

Molly Masters Books In Order

  1. Death and Faxes (1996)
  2. Just the Fax, Ma’am (1996)
  3. The Cold Hard Fax (1998)
  4. The Fax of Life (1999)
  5. The School Board Murders (2000)
  6. When the Fax Lady Sings (2001)
  7. Death of a PTA Goddess (2002)
  8. Death Comes eCalling (2014)

Allie Babcock Books In Order

  1. Play Dead (1998)
  2. Ruff Way to Go (2000)
  3. Give the Dog a Bone (2002)
  4. Woof at the Door (2014)
  5. Of Birds and Beagles (2015)
  6. Dog Drama (2017)
  7. Terrier Terror (2019)
  8. A Dog-gone Christmas (2014)

Body Shifters Trilogy Books In Order

  1. The Soul Shifters (2014)
  2. Mind Echoes (2014)

Life’s Second Chances Books In Order

  1. Going to Graceland (2015)
  2. Women’s Night Out (2015)
  3. Finding Gregory Peck (2015)
  4. By the Light of the Moon (2016)

Book Club Trilogy Books In Order

  1. How My Book Club Got Arrested (2017)

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Leslie O’Kane Books Overview

Death and Faxes

Cartoonist Molly Masters returns to her hometown and realizes that she cannot escape her high school past when she begins to receive death threats and then is accused of murder, in a humorous mystery. PW. ‘

The Cold Hard Fax

Gardening is not usually considered a blood sport, but whenever cartoonist Molly Masters is out in the yard she must contend with the harassing comments of her neighbor, Helen Raleigh, who once owned Molly’s house. Then, after a particularly unpleasant confrontation, Helen is shot dead on Molly’s property and a shocking secret is revealed. When Molly shoves her trowel into the dirt of the murder investigation, she starts receiving some threatening faxes and realizes that one determined killer could quiet her questions forever…

The Fax of Life

Violets are blue.
Roses are red.
One of you bit*ches
Will soon be dead.

Those lines weren’t quite what greeting-card entrepreneur Molly Masters had in mind when she encouraged her weekend workshop students to write a bit of verse, anonymously. Eerily, within hours, one of her aspiring writers is murdered, apparently without rhyme or reason.

Or so Molly thinks until a storm and a blackout isolate the group in their mountain retreat. Katherine the professor, Nancy the shrink, Lois the doting mom, Julie the dog breeder, and Celia the big pest. Behind each one’s suburban facade lurk passions unfit for family greeting cards, and a rage for life–and death…

The School Board Murders

Funding for sports or funding for the arts? There’s not enough money for both, and a ruthless battle is raging among the seven members of the Carlton school board. Sylvia Greene, the board’s unbalanced president, is even threatening to expose the members’ most private secrets if they don’t vote her way. But a sudden dose of poison takes care of Sylvia…
permanently. The bad news is that Molly Master’s dad, the board member who was Sylvia’s first blackmail target, is now the prime suspect for her murder. Shocked and furious, Molly hits the warpath, determined to find the real killer. A deadly field trip tells her almost all she needs to know except her own perilous fate…

When the Fax Lady Sings

Everybody agrees that talented mom Patty Birch is the perfect president to lead the Carlton Central School PTA to new accomplishments. Under her steady stewardship, the organization verges on winning a prestigious award. Her skills, however, are sorely tested when angry board members assemble to discuss a secret video that reveals their pettiness and ineptitude. Not long after the meeting adjourns, Patty’s tenure is cut short by a knife wielding killer. When Molly Masters, the town s unofficial sleuth, gets on the case, Perfect Patty turns out to be not so perfect after all. She not only instigated the notorious video but also some of its most humiliating episodes, many of which remain on the cutting room floor. It s no wonder someone in PTA land is ready to kill and Molly is destined to be the next victim…

Give the Dog a Bone

NO MERE MURDER IS GOING TO MAKE DOG THERAPIST ALLIE BABCOCK ROLL OVER AND PLAY DEAD. As canine shrink Allie Babcock knows, behind every neurotic dog stands a neurotic human. But the rambunctious golden retriever named Maggie can t even begin to compete with the nuttiness of her owner. Befuddled millionaire Ken Culberson insists that he killed his wife and that Maggie is channeling her spirit. He talks Allie into becoming the dog’s legal guardian in case he, too, should die which he promptly does, thanks to a murderer. Friends and relatives immediately gather to sniff after the fortune that will go to whomever Allie picks to be Maggie s new owner. Wondering who in the pack did the deed, sleuthhound Allie vows that Maggie and her millions will only go to a killer over her own dead body…

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