Leslie Kelly Books In Order

Night Whispers Books In Order

  1. Night Whispers (1999)
  2. Into the Fire (2002)
  3. Wicked and Willing (2003)

Santori Stories Books In Order

  1. Sheer Delights (2003)
  2. There Goes the Groom (2005)
  3. Don’t Open Till Christmas (2005)
  4. Asking For Trouble (2006)
  5. Overexposed (2007)

Walker Brothers Books In Order

  1. She Drives Me Crazy (2005)
  2. She’s Got the Look (2005)

Town of Trouble Books In Order

  1. Here Comes Trouble (2006)
  2. Asking For Trouble (2006)
  3. She’s No Angel (2007)

Temptation In The City Books In Order

  1. Bringing Down Sam (2013)
  2. Reforming Jake (2015)
  3. Kiss and Make Up (2015)
  4. Temptation In The City: Boxed Set (2015)

Trouble Books In Order

  1. Heading For Trouble (2019)

Once Upon a Kingdom Books In Order

  1. A Kiss From A Knave (2021)
  2. The Heart of a Hunter (2022)


  1. Relentless (2001)
  2. Killing Time (2004)
  3. Wickedly Hot (2004)
  4. Her Last Temptation (2005)
  5. Angel Baby (2011)
  6. Blazing Midsummer Nights (2012)
  7. Coming Home (2013)
  8. I Dare You (2019)


  1. Behind the Red Doors (2003)
  2. Reading Between the Lines (2003)
  3. Trick Me, Treat Me / Room…But Not Bored! (2004)
  4. Seduce Me / Wickedly Hot (2004)
  5. That’s Amore! (2005)
  6. Make Me Over / Really Hot! (2005)
  7. Give Me Fever / Don’t Open Till Christmas (2005)
  8. Her Last Temptation / Eleventh Hour (2005)
  9. Bootcamp (2006)
  10. Wedding Fever (2006)
  11. Boys of Summer (2006)
  12. Seduce (2006)
  13. Heat Wave (2007)
  14. Summer Fever (2008)
  15. Overexposed / Cold Case, Hot Bodies (2008)
  16. Sand, Sun…Seduction! (2009)
  17. Over the Edge / Slow Hands (2009)
  18. Dead Sexy / Heated Rush (2009)
  19. Her Sexy Valentine / Play with Me / Charmer (2010)
  20. Naturally Naughty / Wicked and Willing (2010)
  21. Not Another Blind Date… (2011)
  22. Too Hot to Handle / Play With Me (2011)
  23. Her Last Temptation / Show & Tell (2011)
  24. Once Upon a Valentine (2012)
  25. Take My Breath Away / Not Another Blind Date (2012)
  26. The Guy Most Likely To… (2012)
  27. Should’ve Been a Cowboy / Blazing Midsummer Nights (2012)
  28. Let It Snow… (2012)
  29. Weddings: The Nights (2013)
  30. Lying in Your Arms / The Bridesmaid’s Best Man (2013)
  31. Wicked Christmas Nights (2013)
  32. Love And Kisses Boxed Set (2013)
  33. A Soldier’s Christmas (2013)
  34. Sultry Escapes (2013)
  35. Bare Essentials (2014)
  36. Harlequin Blaze May 2014 Bundle (2014)
  37. White-Hot Reunion (2014)
  38. All She Wants… (2014)
  39. Harlequin Blaze November 2014 Box Set (2014)
  40. Scandalous Mistress (2014)
  41. Forbidden (2015)
  42. Wedding Vows: Just Married (2015)
  43. Harlequin Blaze September 2015 Box Set (2015)
  44. Harlequin Blaze December 2015 Box Set (2015)
  45. Men In Uniform: Burning For The Fireman (2017)


  1. SEAL of My Dreams (2011)
  2. Harlequin Holiday Collection (2011)
  3. New Year’s Resolution (2015)


  1. Hold On (2019)

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Leslie Kelly Books Overview

Night Whispers

Thanks to her sexy radio talk show, Night Whispers, DJ Kelsey Logan has become infamous! Suddenly, men all over Baltimore are desperate to discover the true identity of Lady Love, the sultry siren who keeps them up all night. But the only man Kelsey is desperate to have is stuffy Mitch Wymore. Mitch is having a hard time believing that his bratty childhood nemesis has grown into the temptress the whole city’s lu*sting after. A woman he’s lu*sting after. He might have been able to keep his libido under control if Kelsey hadn’t made it clear that she wanted to seduce him. But could Mitch make love to her knowing their desire might end up on the air?

Into the Fire

The only thing columnist Lacey Clark dislikes more than fellow columnist Nate Logan is her own boring existence. She wants to be spontaneous, spirited…
sexy. So when she meets a gorgeous stranger at a party and falls in lust at first sight, she figures she’ll never have a better chance to go for it. How could she guess that her first class lover would turn out to be her number one enemy?Nate Logan can’t believe it! How could he have had the best sex of his life with the woman who’s made his job a living hell? And how can he want her again…
and again? Worse, their publisher is suddenly insisting Nate and Lacey collaborate on a joint column. Which leaves Nate wondering if he’s going to seduce Lacey into changing her mind or give up and let the sexy blonde blow his…

Wicked and Willing

Bad Girl 1: Bartender/Heiress Venus Messina Her Motto: Attitude is everything! Venus Messina has seen it all. Growing up in the system, she’s learned how to take care of herself. So when she s approached by a stranger who claims she s the long lost granddaughter of a millionaire, she s wary. Especially when she meets her ‘grandfather s’ new business partner, sexy Troy Langtree, and falls in lust at first sight . With his latest fling having ended in disaster, bad boy businessman Troy Langtree is starting over in a new city, in a new job. He s hoping he ll be able to figure out what he wants from life. Only, once he meets bad girl Venus Messina, all he wants is to have his wicked way with her again and again! And if he s lucky, Venus will be as bad as she looks The Bad Girls Club Membership has its privileges!

Don’t Open Till Christmas

Leslie Kelly returns to the wickedly hot Harlequin Blaze line with one of her most sensual yet humorous books ever! You ve been asking for more of those Santori brothers of Chicago this is brother Mark’s book, and it s a wild one. DON T OPEN TIL CHRISTMAS will leave you laughing in your eggnog while also threatening to incinerate your Christmas stocking!

Asking For Trouble

It was a dark and sexy night, and she was in Trouble! Trouble, Pennsylvania, that is. Lottie Santori doesn’t realize when she arrives at the mysterious Seaton House that it’s inhabited by Simon Lebeaux, a sinfully sexy recluse. While wildly attracted to the dangerous stranger, she’s also determined to uncover the secrets of his past, and to find out whether Seaton House is merely a dark and dangerous inn on a mountain, or if it truly is inhabited by the ghost of a notorious serial killer…
and his victims! It’s gothic romance…
Blaze style…
and it’s Leslie Kelly at her best!


Isabella Natale is living a double life. By day she turns out desserts in the family bakery. But at night she transforms into The Crimson Rose, Chicago’s hottest exotic dancer, an enigmatic siren whose velvet mask and G string drive men wild. Nobody knows about her secret not even Nick Santori, the strip club’s hot new bodyguard and her first crush. He’d always treated little ‘Izzy’ as just another sweet kid. But there’s nothing sweet about his sizzling reaction to Rose…
So what’s a girl to do but show the man of her dreams that while it’s okay to look, it’s much better to touch?

She Drives Me Crazy

When she was good, she was very, very good…
When Emma Frasier returns home to joyful, Georgia, she’s greeted with the kinds of winks and lusty grins one might offer…
an adult film star? But when she was bad…
Thanks to small town gossip and citizens who clearly need to get a life, Joyful’s residents think Emma Jean is the ‘famous star’ building a strip club in town. And that her barely concealed…
uh, attributes are the ones gracing the new interstate billboard. She was better. As if being taken for a blue movie queen isn’t rattling enough, there’s Johnny Walker, the local bad boy turned good a man who tempts Emma to be just as wild and wicked as Joyful thinks she is.

Here Comes Trouble

Flight Information Aircraft ID: TA631 Status: Terminally single Temp: Smoking Altitude: Falling fast Departing: Los Angeles Former air force pilot Max Taylor has gained something of a reputation with the high society ladies he shuttles around on his charter airline service. And the rumor mill has been out of control since he’s become a chapter in the tell all book written by a late congressman’s widow! Looking to lie low while the courts restore his good name, Max has decided to hide out with his grandfather in the tiny town of Trouble, Pennsylvania. Arriving: Trouble Sabrina Cavanaugh isn’t the sultry, mysterious heiress she’s pretending to be. In fact, she’s a junior book editor who happens to be on a mission to nail Max Taylor for the womanizing creep he is. Having worked hand in hand with the loose lipped widow in writing her memoirs, there’s no way Sabrina’s going to let some spoiled and hot flyboy kill her career making project with a lawsuit. It looks as if the love of a lifetime is on the horizon.

She’s No Angel

It’s time for more Trouble!

Award winning author Leslie Kelly returns to her quirky little town of Trouble, PA for more zany, sexy fun. This time, Mortimer Potts’s super sexy youngest grandson is about to be brought down by true love.

When New York cop Mike Taylor arrives in Trouble, the last thing he expects to find is a gorgeous woman trudging up the road…
barefoot, armed, and threatening murder.

Her targets? Her two elderly aunts: the deliciously wicked Feeney sisters.

Jen Feeney has had enough of men, and, after her latest bestselling book, ‘Why Arsenic Is Better Than Divorce’ they seem leery of her, too! But tough guy Mike Taylor isn’t fooled by her prickly exterior. And the hotter than sin cop soon has her reconsidering her no romance policy.

But Jen’s no ordinary female…
she comes from a long line of deadly women. And when a little murder comes between them, Mike has to decide: solve the case, or get the girl?


From the back cover SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WANTED…
Wealthy Pamela Bradford is determined to lose her virginity, one way or another. Only, when her plan to seduce her faithless fiance backfires, she figures she might as well enjoy the sensual, decadent honeymoon she’d arranged even if she has to go alone. Then she finds herself in the arms of sexy Ken McBain and decides to put her seduction plan back into action…
One minute Ken McBain is comforting Pamela on the beach. The next he’s on a plane bound for The Little Love Nest, a no holds barred honeymoon resort! And as much as he wants Pamela really, really wants her he’s determined not to take advantage of her situation. Only, he hasn’t counted on Pamela’s determination to be his woman in every sense of the word!

Killing Time

From The Back Cover: She’s got TV ratingts and legs to die for! Killing Time IN A SMALL TOWN describes how bad boy Mick Winchester has been feeling about his life lately until a reality TV show by that name rolls into his hometown. And the producer is none other than Caroline Lamb…
Mick’s college sweetheart and his one true love. But gone is the sweet Southern girl with big city dreams. This Caroline is a Hollywood hotshot all wrapped up in a thousand dollar power suit and killer spike heels. Caroline isn’t the barracuda she pretends to be she’s just desperate to make her murder mystery reality show a hit. And when a real corpse turns up on the set, the network bosses are ecstatic. Think of the ratings! But actual murder is way too much reality even for Caroline. Especially when getting real with Mick is all that really matters.

Her Last Temptation

From the back cover: She could resist anything but Temptation Cat Sheehan is the wild child of the Sheehan family. But when her family bar closes, she decides it’s time to straighten up. She s going to reform and she s going to start by hooking up with a nice guy. But her resolution goes down the drain when bad boy musician Dylan Spencer walks in. Because he s a temptation no woman could resist . Dylan has a secret. Not only is he not a bad boy he s not a stranger, either. Though Cat doesn t recognize him, Dylan s been in love with her since high school. And for a chance to have Cat where he wants her in his life, in his bed he s willing to be whatever kind of man she wants…
‘Leslie Kelly’s books are the perfect blend of sass and class. Her cheeky style makes her one of the strongest voices in romance today.’ New York Times Best selling author Vicki Lewis Thompson

Behind the Red Doors

You’ll never guess which one leads to love. Door 1 Vicki Lewis Thompson Jamie Ruskin never considered using her knowledge of aromatherapy to help her attract men until now. This Valentine’s Day, she’s going to get the guy she’s lusted after for years rugged Dev Sherman. Armed with essential, sensual oils, Jamie’s planning to seduce Dev’s senses and then hope that the rest of him will follow…
Door 2 Stephanie Bond Faith Sherman never thought she’d set eyes on her firstand only love, gorgeous Carter Grayson, again. So she’ssurprised and privately thrilled when she discovers he’s the new security guard at The Red Doors. At least, until Carter asks Faith to help him pick out a diamond ring for another woman…
Door 3 Leslie Kelly Schoolteacher Meg O’Rourke never guessed when she agreed to let ‘Shear Delights,’ a trendy new Chicago salon, use her digital photo that her image would be displayed wearing the scantiest, sexiest underthings she’d ever seen. Or that one customer, in particular, would really like what he saw…
. There’s someone for everyone…
Behind the Red Doors

Reading Between the Lines

Sometimes reality can be hotter than fiction! Mr. Valentine by bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson Romance author Candy Valentine is actually the very rugged, very masculine Jack Killigan. But noboby knows that including his publisher! So when Jack discovers he’s just been signed up to do a book tour, he’s stuck…
until he convinces his best friend, Krysta Luekenhoff, to be ‘Candy’ for the week. Only, between sharing hotel rooms and reading Jack’s steamy novel, Krysta’s curiosity is at a fever pitch. Can Jack make love as well as he writes it? There’s only one way to find out…
Thrill Me A sassy new story by rising star Leslie Kelly Sophie Winchester is the all American small town girl except for her secret life creating mayhem as horror writer R. J. Colt. So when notes for her latest novel land on the desk of police chief Daniel Fletcher, he’s convinced someone’s out to murder her. How can she tell Daniel she’s not in danger especially when she’s so enjoying having Daniel protect her, day and night?


Warfield Bootcamp: A two week cure for a love life gone AWOL…
Trainee 1: Poor Little Heiress There’s no way Cassandra Devane can get her love life to stand at attention. She just keeps dating the wrong guys. Her only chance is to face her enemy er, make that ex husband head on. And she’ll get right on that…
once she’s out of his bed. Trainee 2: The ‘Iron Lady’ Rebecca Ironwood is a successful businesswoman who’s lost touch with men. And everyone else, for that matter. What she needs is just a teeny bit of softening up and some reconnaissance work. And maybe a little extra nudge nudge with a certain employee…
Trainee 3: From Country Bumpkin to Urban Sophisticate Barbara Powers knows all about image. She’s her own best example. But when she returns to her hometown, all she can think about and scope out is the one guy who didn’t want to be fixed.

Boys of Summer

From the back cover: Baseball. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd…
and the view of mouthwatering men in tight uniforms! A sport in which the men are men…
and the women like them that way. Join three of Harlequin Blaze’s bestselling authors in celebrating the men who indulge in this All American pastime and the women who help them indulge in other things. In Fever Pitch, Julie Elizabeth Leto introduces Callie Andrews, a woman who’s dying to have one last chance at bat…
with her ex husband! In Kimberly Raye’s The Sweet Spot, Babe Bannister discovers that striking out with a sexy shortstop isn’t so bad especially when it leads to hitting a home run with a delicious coach…
And in Leslie Kelly’s Sliding Home, we meet plain Janie Nolan. She’s been sitting on the bench so long, she doesn’t even realize she’s still in the game. That is, until a sexy pitcher tempts her to come up to the plate and take a swing…

Heat Wave

A little con Investigator Lucy Bell is looking for a runaway groom. Fortunately, the almost best man who’s tastier than a double chocolate cheesecake likely knows where he is. All Lucy needs is a little deception and a whole lot of hot ‘n’ sweaty persuasion! A little magic Single mom Allie Cavanaugh has played nice with others for too long. Then Allie finds herself kissing a powerfully magnetic hypnotist at a carnival in front of an audience! Sure, maybe she’s mesmerized, or maybe the ‘real’ Allie is finally waking up…
. And a little late night mischief! Abby Weaver abandons the cool haven of her pharmaceutical baseme*nt for a girls only week of sun, sand, and fruity drinks. That was the plan until Abby finds herself going solo. But the beach is a funny place you never know just what or who! will wash up onshore…

Sand, Sun…Seduction!

What is it about the wrong man that feels so right?Enticed by Stephanie BondAs if attorney Kimber Karlton’s life wasn’t stressful enough, she’s a day late and a boat short for her own romantic getaway at a secluded island retreat. Enter rugged rogue Finn Meyers: ship’s captain, jungle guide…
sex god. Propositioned by Leslie KellyLiz Talbot left her cheating husband and demanding career to tend bar in St. Lucia, and nothing could lure her back. Even handsome millionaire Jack Beaumont and his propositions business and otherwise can’t tempt her…
or can they?Fevered by Lori WildeInvestigative journalist Macy Gatwick wants Armando Cutler so badly she can taste it. For a story, of course a juicy expos? about the corporate wunderkind’s exile to Costa Rica. But her objectivity and inhibitions dissolve amidst the steam of the jungle.

Over the Edge / Slow Hands

Over the EdgeJeanie LondonExpert thief Mallory’s first meeting with Jake Trinity ten years ago ended in a steamy kiss and changed her life forever. So when he contracts her to help with a job that requires her cunning expertise, she figures it s time for a little risqu payback!Slow HandsLeslie KellySociety girl Maddy has just won a date with sexy rogue Jake at a charity bachelor auction. But she knows he s hiding a dirty little secret. And it should keep her from trying out her new boy toy. Too bad she can t stop herself from indulging in their red hot passion

Dead Sexy / Heated Rush

Dead Sexy Kimberly RayeJust when Nikki has given up on finding Mr Right, she meets seductive cowboy Jake. He may be tall, dark and delicious, but Jake has a deadly secret: he must seduce Nikki to cure the curse running through his veins. Yet he didn t expect her to steal his heart Heated Rush Leslie KellyWith a big family reunion looming, Annie needs a date fast or she ll never live it down. Her solution? Bidding on Sean at a charity bachelor auction. His drop dead gorgeous looks and captivating charm make him the perfect choice. But what secret is he hiding?

Her Sexy Valentine / Play with Me / Charmer

Great sex isn’t everything. But it’s not a bad way to start Her Sexy Valentine by Stephanie BondCarol Snow is no Scrooge but she’d rather get her heart racing by reading a sexy book than indulging in a messy, real life romance. Until playboy coworker Luke Chancellor shows her what she’s been missing . Play with Me by Leslie KellyAmanda Bauer has always craved a life of adventure sexual adventure, that is. And that’s why she and Reese Campbell get together every few months for days of fantasy and wild, no strings sex. It’s the perfect private indulgence until they find themselves on YouTube!The Charmer by Kate HoffmannWhen Tenley Marshall meets ultra yummy Alex Stamos, she knows he’s a player but she doesn’t care. He’s the ideal candidate to show her a sexy good time. Until Alex does the unthinkable and falls for her!

Not Another Blind Date…

These Valentine’s Day dates have all the markings of blind date disaster! Or do they?Skin Deep by Janelle DenisonWho says nice girls can’t have fun? And Jayne does dirty dancing and a lot more! with a hot bad boy one night. Still, it was a onetime thing. Really! But when she’s set up on a blind date with her sexy stranger, she realizes Cupid must have other ideas . Hold On by Leslie KellyShy Sarah Holt has a bad case of unrequited lust. She’s hopelessly enamored with a client sexy Steve Wilshire. So, when she gets the chance to impersonate the very kissable doctor’s blind date, she takes it . and has the most torrid night of her sheltered life. But will Steve still be ‘holding on’ when the truth comes out?Ex Marks the Spot by Jo LeighOh, no. Paige Callahan just got set up on a blind date arranged by her ex boyfriend! But potential catastrophe turns into flirty fun and then some! when she meets sexy, very wealthy Noah Hastings.

SEAL of My Dreams

True heroes who will win your heart. Honor, duty, courage, passion…
the men of the Navy SEALs are a special breed of hero, and in these stories by eighteen top romance authors the SEALs are celebrated not only as symbols of devoted service to their country but as the kind of man every woman wants to love. They’ll rescue a damsel in distress and her lap dog, too. They’ll battle hometown dramas and international bad guys. When it comes to giving away their hearts, they’ll risk everything. All proceeds from sales of SEAL of My Dreams goes to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non profit fundraiser for veterans’ medical research. Among them, the authors of SEAL of My Dreams have won dozens of writing awards including multiple RITAs from Romance Writers of America. Their nearly 600 published novels have sold at least 25 million copies worldwide. The SEAL of My Dreams roster includes many of the best known authors in modern romance fiction. In addition, many have strong family connections to the servicemen and women of our nation’s military, and many specialize in novels featuring heroes and hero*ines from all branches of service. Visit the authors at www. sealofmydreams. com.

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