Lesley Grant-Adamson Books In Order

Rain Morgan Books In Order

  1. Patterns in the Dust (1985)
  2. The Face of Death (1985)
  3. Guilty Knowledge (1986)
  4. Wild Justice (1987)
  5. Curse the Darkness (1990)

Jim Rush Books In Order

  1. A Life of Adventure (1992)
  2. Dangerous Games (1994)


  1. Threatening Eye (1988)
  2. Flynn (1991)
  3. The Dangerous Edge (1993)
  4. Wish You Were Here (1995)
  5. Evil Acts (1996)
  6. The Girl in the Case (1997)
  7. Lipstick and Lies (1998)
  8. Undertow (1999)

Non fiction

  1. A Season in Spain (1995)
  2. Writing Crime and Suspense Fiction (1996)
  3. Teach Yourself Writing Crime Fiction (2003)

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Lesley Grant-Adamson Books Overview

Dangerous Games

A young American wrongly accused of murder by the British police flees to the Caribbean, gets involved with hustlers claiming knowledge of sunken treasure, and is soon wanted for murder again with no chance of easy escape this time.

Threatening Eye

A thriller from the author of ‘Patterns in the Dust’, ‘The Face of Death’, ‘Guilty Knowledge’ and ‘Wild Justice’.

The Girl in the Case

MysteryLarge Print EditionLesley Grant Adamson is rapidly turning the genre into an art form. CosmopolitanMaddy Knewton thinks there is nowhere shed rather be than her Cotswold village in spring. But then a womans body is discovered and her cherished dream begins to dissolve. The stream of gossip that flows through the village touches the lives of Maddy and her lover, but never tells the whole truth. Was the womans death a domestic murder? Is someone stalking Maddy? The Girl in the Case is a portrait of a village under pressure and a masterpiece of suspense.

Teach Yourself Writing Crime Fiction

‘What makes a good crime story and how do I write one?’ Teach Yourself Crime Fiction answers these questions for aspiring writers. It analyzes the elements of crime fiction, including classic detective fiction, comic crime fiction, the feminist sleuth, and more. And it leads readers through the process of crafting a piece, showing them how to recognize a good idea for a novel, set a scene, shape characters, develop a plot, research background, use literary techniques and maintain a style, and dig out when they get stuck. It also includes advice on how to sell a novel.

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