Lesley Glaister Books In Order

Chimera Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Aphra’s Child (2018)


  1. Honour Thy Father (1990)
  2. Trick or Treat (1991)
  3. Digging to Australia (1992)
  4. Limestone and Clay (1993)
  5. Partial Eclipse (1994)
  6. The Private Parts of Women (1996)
  7. Easy Peasy (1997)
  8. Sheer Blue Bliss (1999)
  9. Now You See Me (2001)
  10. As Far as You Can Go (2004)
  11. Losing it (2007)
  12. Nina Todd Has Gone (2007)
  13. Chosen (2010)
  14. Little Egypt (2014)
  15. The Squeeze (2017)
  16. Blasted Things (2020)


  1. The Lesley Glaister Collection Volume One (2018)
  2. The Lesley Glaister Collection Volume Two (2018)
  3. The Lesley Glaister Collection Volume Three (2018)


  1. Stories of Hope and Wonder (2020)

Anthologies edited

  1. Are You She? (2004)

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Lesley Glaister Books Overview

Honour Thy Father

In a remote, crumbling house in the Fens live four sisters Agatha, Milly, and Ellen and Esther, identical twins so closely linked as to be almost one person. They have lived there all their lives, trapped still by the fear of their dead father, who governs his daughters’ lives from beyond the grave. And then there is George, another inhabitant, imprisoned in the cellar. Bit by bit macabre events come to light; events that transformed an idyllic country childhood into a world of eccentric isolation.

Trick or Treat

All Nell’s life, Olive has lived next door but one. And all her life, Nell has hated her. Even at school she had sparkled indecently, unladylike, turning heads. But that was before she gave in to gravity. Oh, she might have been a beauty once, Olive Owens, but now she is a fright a fat old spinster, childless, senile, nursed by the lackey she calls a lodger. Nell has a son, her pleasure and her shame, though now she lives alone. She watched her husband die in the dressing table mirror, and she talks to him still, at times has to slip him over to shut him up. Nell is sharp, in all the places Olive is round. When Wolfe moves into the house in between them, their quiet street is transformed. A lonely, spirited, eight year old boy, he knocks on their doors at Halloween and invites them to his bonfire party. As the ashes smoulder and the fireworks flare, he finds himself in the middle of an ancient conflict, grudges bared, and burning with a fury he could never have imagined.

Digging to Australia

Jennifer is a girl on the brink of adolescence. With no real friends, she retreats into the world of her imagination. When she discovers that her parents are actually her grandparents she seeks her escape and finds herself having her own adventures, with terrifying consequences.

Partial Eclipse

Jennifer is in solitary confinement. Through the world of memory and imagination she lives in, two stories emerge; her romantic relationship with a jazz musician and the link this has with her imprisonment, and the experiences she imagines her ancestor has whilst bound for Botany Bay.

Easy Peasy

Zelda is terrified that her love affair is about to end, and she prays for something anything to prevent the inevitable heartbreak. Then she is told that her father has hanged himself. His death brings back intense memories of her childhood and all that remains unspoken in her family. Zelda hides much from her mother, even the lover she would give anything to keep. With questions she can no longer ignore, Zelda for the first time begins to search for her father’s truth and pieces together clues to his suffering. And by confronting her dark and disturbing memories, she opens up to intimacy with her family, with her lover, with herself.

Now You See Me

Since walking out on her life at sixteen, Lamb has lived alone in the gaps between other people’s lives. Secretly inhabiting the cellar of an elderly man for whom she cleans, she keeps herself to herself, her life a precarious balancing act until she meets Doggo, a young criminal on the run. Both strangers to the concept of truth, Doggo and Lamb are drawn together, glimpsing in one another the possibility of finding solace and maybe even love. But with secrets too dark to admit to even themselves, let alone someone else, first they must just learn to trust in each other.

As Far as You Can Go

Opportunity for the Right Applicants. Housekeeper/companions required. Would suit young couple. Remote, rural location. Cooking, cleaning, gardening and caring duties. Applicants must be self sufficient and resourceful. It seems like the perfect job for Cassie and Graham. She wants an adventure before she has a child. A year away might convince Graham to settle down, curb his roving eye. Graham seeks inspiration for his painting. He wants Cassie but he wants freedom too a balancing act as difficult as the ladder trick he tries to perfect. This could be the answer. But Woolagong Station, at the edge of the desert, is eeriely further away from civilisation than they expected. Larry, their smooth, enigmatic employer, runs his house in a discomfiting fashion. Why is there no radio? Why is there no post from home? Why does Mara, his wife, live sedated in a shed? And how does Larry intuit things he could not possibly know? Everything warps under the blazing Australian sun their sense of direction, their sex drives, even their sense of right and wrong. And the freedom to roam soon begins to feel like a dangerous prison Brilliantly evoking the paranoia and menace lurking behind the most innocent seeming landscape, Lesley Glaister writes of human behaviour at its most edgy and unnerving. As Far as You Can Go sees her at the top of her form darkly erotic and utterly riveting.

Losing it

When Jo moves into the house next door with her little boy Luke, Marion is delighted. But soon Jo starts to take advantage, always asking Marion to babysit. Worse, she shows a bit too much interest in Marion’s husband, David. As for David, he says he thinks Jo’s a pest but does he really? Is Jo the neighbour from hell, or is David hiding something?

Are You She?

Award winning novelist Lesley Glaister presents a selection of stories by four accomplished women writers two exceptional short stories from each. Imaginative, intriguing stories ranging from wintertime in small town Canada to a family settling in 1960s Nigeria; the strange intensity of a mother daughter relationship in contemporary Birmingham to the shocked silence of New York in autumn 2001. Four talented short story writers explore themes of anger, love, isolation and change. With author photos by young music scene photographer Mark Johnson. Mandt Sutter’s Lasiren evokes the other worldly atmosphere of a young girl’s growing up in Africa a perceptive, gently comic story of how the spirit of the sea overcomes Sarah’s fear of the immense Atlantic. Polly Wright’s Shropshire Gold remembers the tangle of a girl’s longings and how they churn into a middle aged woman’s resentments when she rediscovers the tarnished white boots that once represented her teenage dreams of escape. Sidura Ludwig’s sensual, tenderly optimistic Interlake Evergreens pinpoints late love in a prairie gift shop. A new future opens up for Cathy and David as they balance guilt and hopefulness at a watershed in their relationship. Myra Connell’s Hero tackles powerful American themes the intimate repercussions of world events. A starkly topical story which explores the significance of love and loss against a backdrop of 9/11 terror

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