Lee Killough Books In Order

Brill and Maxwell Books In Order

  1. Dragon’s Teeth (1990)
  2. The Doppelganger Gambit (1979)
  3. Spider Play (1986)
  4. Shadow Maze (2020)

Blood Hunt Books In Order

  1. Blood Hunt (1987)
  2. Bloodlinks (1988)
  3. Blood Games (2001)


  1. A Voice Out of Ramah (1978)
  2. The Monitor, the Miners and the Shree (1980)
  3. Deadly Silents (1981)
  4. Liberty’s World (1985)
  5. The Leopard’s Daughter (1987)
  6. Wilding Nights (2004)
  7. Killer Karma (2005)
  8. Ancient Enemy (2013)


  1. Aventine (1981)


  1. Aftershock (2010)

Anthologies edited

  1. Seeds of Vision (2000)

Non fiction

  1. Checking On Culture (2007)

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Lee Killough Books Overview

Blood Hunt

When San Francisco Homicide Inspector Garreth Mikaelian begins hunting a mysterious red haired woman who appears involved in the murders of two out of town businessmen, he faces a killer unlike any he has investigated before. For unknown to him, Lane Barber is a vampire. When Garreth comes too close, she attacks him and turns him into a vampire, too. Now, even as he struggles to cope with this devastating change in his life without betraying to others what he has become, he is back on Lane’s trail…
this time with a vengeance. But can he find her, and find a way to bring her to justice, before she decides to attack again, and this time finish him off?

Blood Games

From Lee Killough, the author of BloodWalk, Meisha Merlin presents the new Garreth Mikaelian vampire novel Blood Games Garreth Mikaelian has an enemy Time. He thought he knew all about being a vampire. After all, he has had fifteen years in the life to learn. But now he discovers that while Time ignores him, he cannot ignore it. Around him everyone he knows is aging: fellow officer and periodic lover Maggie Lebekov, friends, parents. His own son now looks more like a brother. The price of his existence, he realizes, is standing rooted while Time carries everything away from him. But suddenly he has more urgent matters to worry about. Baumen’s comfortable peace is shattered by sudden death and a lethal trio playing ever escalating Blood Games. Garreth finds himself racing time to learn whether the trio’s leader is the vampire he appears to be and find a way to deal with him. Garreth must locate the suspects before other law enforcement officers do, to be sure they are captured alive because if not yet vampires, they have drunk vampire blood and if killed will rise again even more deadly, and unstoppable.

The Leopard’s Daughter

In an ancient Africa of verdant Sahara plains, warrior woman Jeneba Karamoke has grown up scorned by her people because her father was a leopard man. When she rescues a party of fellow warriors from cannibalistic monster half men, she hopes it will finally win acceptance for her. But no…
in order to prove she isn’t lying about the vanished hero Tomo Silla’s part in their capture by the half men she must make Tomo face the tribe. Can she find him, and then survive more monsters, foreign tribes, and a curse laid on a fabled city to bring him back alive?

Killer Karma

One fine afternoon, Inspector Cole Dunavan finds he has been murdered and has become a ghost with no idea how to be a ghost. No one sees or hears him; he can’t move objects; and initially, he can’t even walk through doors or walls. He learns, to his horror, that his body has not been found and the circumstances of his disappearance make it appear he betrayed his marriage and was killed by his mistress…
who has also disappeared. But the truth is that the woman was an informant and he is still on earth because his obsession with finding evidence against her boss put her in mortal danger. While he works at saving her, he struggles to communicate with his old partner and to get straight with his wife. All while trying to learn the identity of his killer.


A resort for the super rich and the super sophisticated on a bucolic planet at the crossroads of the civilized galaxy; where lifestyle and living quarters are limited only by imagination; where furniture changes shape and color to match the owner’s mood, where the statuary moves and the stones sing; where split personalities live without pressure to become normal…

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