Lee Charles Kelley Books In Order

Jack and Jamie mystery Books In Order

  1. A Nose for Murder (2003)
  2. Murder Unleashed (2004)
  3. To Collar a Killer (2004)
  4. Twas the Bite Before Christmas (2005)
  5. Dogged Pursuit (2006)
  6. Like a Dog With a Bone (2007)


  1. Bark M for Murder (2006)

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Lee Charles Kelley Books Overview

A Nose for Murder

Meet Jack Field: Dog’s Best Friend Ex cop Jack Field abandoned New York to run a canine kennel in the rustic Maine woods. But murder and mayhem still seem to hound him wherever he goes…
Jack’s a dog trainer and a behavioral specialist not to mention the ‘main squeeze’ of smart and sexy, part time medical examiner, Jamie Cutter. That’s why he’s standing in a secluded cabin by alike on an icy December evening, with Allison DeMarco lying dead on her kitchen floor, and her high strung Airedale, Ginger, going ape in the corner. You can’t teach an old dog or cop new tricks, so this homicide has Jack hooked…
especially since poor Ginger seems to be the only witness! In a world of misbehaving mutts and pesky purebreeds, a killer may be waiting to make Jack, Jamie, and their puppy pals roll over and play dead.

Murder Unleashed

Perpetrator Pooch Kennel owner and ex big city cop Jack Field cares more about dogs than he does about people with the exception of his lady love, sexy local medical examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter. That’s why he can’t stand around and do nothing when a helpless canine is unfairly accused…
of murder! The police up here in the Maine boondocks have discovered the body of a State Supreme Court Justice in his car his throat ripped to shreds and they’re sure the culprit is Roark, the seemingly vicious boxer in the back seat. Jack, however, has serious doubts. So, after first rescuing Roark from the authorities, Jack is determined to sniff out the real culprit with the help of his partner in crime solving Jamie and a passel of playful beagles, including an especially talented dog named Maggie. But sticking his nose where it isn’t welcome could prove a most deadly game indeed…

To Collar a Killer

In this delightful and witty third book in our wonderful series created by veteran dog trainer Lee Charles Kelley, a clever kennel owner, his lady love, and his loyal canines must solve their most sinister mystery yet!

One of Maine kennel owner Jack Field’s favourite pastimes is spending quality time with a fun loving pooch which is why he’s playing fetch with a Corgi named Tipper instead of mingling at a July 4th shindig. But when Tipper returns with a bloodstained boating cap in his teeth, the ex New York cop decides to investigate…
and finds an anonymous dead body clutching the tennis ball Jack tossed away moments before. The local law think Jack’s the killer, since he had the opportunity and, as it turns out, a motive. Even his loyal and lovely fianc e, sometime medical examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter, is troubled by evidence that contradicts Jack’s tale. Someone’s going to great lengths to frame Jack Field, and he’s determined to find out why even though everyone, from a powerful tycoon to a Miami drug lord to a whole passel of professional killers, is equally determined to see him doggoned dead!

Dogged Pursuit

In this suspenseful fifth book in our wonderful series created by veteran dog trainer Lee Charles Kelley, a clever kennel owner, his lady love, and his loyal canines must solve their most disturbing mystery yet!

It’s October in Maine and ex cop/criminologist turned dog trainer Jack Field and his fianc e, Chief State Medical Examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter, are getting married in a few weeks. But fate puts a wrench in their plans when the police find a young woman’s body in a secluded lake. Jamie asks Jack, who’s been appointed her civilian advisor, to come to the scene. Seeing the body sparks a memory of a case Jack studied while taking a seminar at the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. He suspects the death is the work of a serial killer and as the mystery unfolds, it becomes clear that suspects abound, including a sleazy private detective, a well respected botanist, recruits in the upper echelons of the FBI, and even the wealthy husband of Jack’s ex girlfriend. Add an adorable Dalmatian named Daisy and a wedding ceremony like no other you’ve ever seen, and you’ve got Kelley’s most touching, heartbreaking, suspenseful, and downright hilarious book yet!

Like a Dog With a Bone

Returning to Maine after a blissful honeymoon in Mexico, kennel owner Jack Field and his smart and sexy bride, chief medical examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter, are ready to fulfill a promise made to a new friend they met there. The daughter of retired general Lamar MacLeary asked dog expert Jack to help her father ‘rewire’ his wired wire haired fox terrier, Molly, whose incessant digging is driving the general crazy. But Jack arrives to find Molly’s most recent excavation has unearthed something nobody expected: the bones of a human hand belonging to the general’s wife, who supposedly ran off to Mexico twenty years ago.

The police think the distraught World War II hero killed her in a jealous rage, but Jack and Jamie aren’t so sure. And in their dogged determination to dig up the truth, the newlyweds begin unearthing hints of corporate fraud, high level corruption, the terrifying return of a cold blooded killer, and some buried MacLeary family skeletons that could lead to more death…
Jack’s and Jamie’s included.

Bark M for Murder

Who let the dogs out? Evildoers beware! Four of mystery fiction’s top storytellers are setting the hounds on your trail in an incomparable quartet of crime stories with a canine edge. Man’s and woman’s best friends take the lead in this phenomenal collection of tales tense and surprising, humorous and thrilling: New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance’s spellbinding saga of a scam busting septuagenarian and her two golden retrievers; Anthony Award winner Virginia Lanier’s pureblood thriller featuring bloodhounds and bloody murder; Chassie West’s suspenseful stunner about a life saving German shepherd and a ghastly forgotten crime; rising star Lee Charles Kelley’s edge of your seat yarn that pits an ex cop/kennel owner and a yappy toy poodle against a craven killer.

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