Leanne Banks Books In Order

Pendleton Brothers Books In Order

  1. The Fairest of Them All (1992)
  2. Dance With the Devil (1993)
  3. More Than a Mistress (1994)
  4. Playing With Dynamite (1994)
  5. For the Love of Sin (1996)

Masters Brothers Books In Order

  1. A Date with Dr. Frankenstein (1995)
  2. Expectant Father (1996)

How To Catch a Princess Books In Order

  1. The Five-minute Bride (1997)
  2. The Troublemaker Bride (1997)
  3. The You-can’t-make-me Bride (1997)

Rulebreakers Books In Order

  1. Millionaire Dad (1998)
  2. The Lone Rider Takes a Bride (1998)
  3. Thirty-day Fiance (1998)

Logans Books In Order

  1. Her Forever Man (2000)
  2. The Doctor Wore Spurs (2000)
  3. Expecting His Child (2000)

Million Dollar Men Books In Order

  1. Expecting the Boss’s Baby (2000)
  2. Millionaire Husband (2001)
  3. The Millionaire’s Secret Wish (2001)

Royal Dumonts Books In Order

  1. Royal Dad (2001)
  2. His Majesty, M.D. (2002)
  3. Princess in His Bed (2003)

Sisters Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Some Girls Do (2003)
  2. When She’s Bad (2003)
  3. Trouble in High Heels (2005)

Bellagio Books In Order

  1. Feet First (2005)
  2. Underfoot (2006)
  3. Footloose (2006)

Billionaires Club Books In Order

  1. Bedded By The Billionaire (2008)
  2. The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain (2008)
  3. Billionaire Extraordinaire (2009)

Medici Men Books In Order

  1. From Playboy to Papa! (2010)
  2. The Playboy’s Proposition (2008)
  3. Secrets of the Playboy’s Bride (2010)

Royal Babies Books In Order

  1. Royal Holiday Baby (2010)
  2. The Prince’s Texas Bride (2011)
  3. The Doctor Takes a Princess (2011)
  4. The Princess and the Outlaw (2012)
  5. A Home for Nobody’s Princess (2012)
  6. How to Catch a Prince (2013)
  7. A Royal Christmas Proposal (2014)
  8. A Princess Under the Mistletoe (2015)

Honeymoon Mountain Books In Order

  1. Honeymoon Mountain Bride (2016)


  1. Never a Bride (1991)
  2. Where There’s a Will (1991)
  3. Guardian Angel (1992)
  4. Hot Stuff (2007)


  1. The Romance Collection (2000)
  2. Love Song for a Raven / The Five-Minute Bride (2001)
  3. Tempting the Boss (2001)
  4. Labor of Love (2001)
  5. Millionaire Bachelors (2002)
  6. Millionaire Marriages (2002)
  7. So This Is Christmas (2002)
  8. Royal Dad / Her Texan Tycoon (2003)
  9. His Pregnant Bride / Her Texan Tycoon (2003)
  10. His Majesty, MD / A Cowboy’s Pursuit (2003)
  11. Amber by Night / Princess in His Bed (2003)
  12. The Playboy and Plain Jane AND Sleeping Beauty’s Billionaire (2003)
  13. Almost to the Altar (2004)
  14. Between Duty and Desire / Persuading the Playboy King (2004)
  15. Rancher in Her Stocking / Italian’s Virgin Bride (2004)
  16. Royal Dad / Unmasking the Maverick Prince (2004)
  17. Between Duty and Desire / Meeting at Midnight (2005)
  18. Terms of Surrender / Shocking the Senator (2005)
  19. Expecting Baby (2006)
  20. Billionaire’s Proposition / Taking Care of Business (2006)
  21. The Barones: Nicholas, Colleen & Gina (2008)
  22. One-Click Buy: January 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009)
  23. Bedded by the Billionaire / Tycoon’s One-Night Revenge (2009)
  24. Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain / Rich Man’s Fake Fiancee (2009)
  25. Dark, Devastating & Delicious! (2009)
  26. From Playboy to Papa! / Tempting the Texas Tycoon (2010)
  27. The Desert Prince / The Playboy’s Proposition (2011)
  28. Bachelors Bought Bride / CEO’s Expectant Secretary (2011)
  29. Billionare, M.D. / Secrets of the Playboy’s Bride (2011)
  30. Billionaire, M.D. / Secrets of the Playboy’s Bride (2011)
  31. The Elliotts: Mixing Business with Pleasure (2011)
  32. The Prince’s Texas Bride / The Reluctant Princess (2012)
  33. The Doctor Takes a Princess / Pregnant with the Prince’s Child (2012)
  34. The Princess and the Outlaw / Stand-In Wife (2012)
  35. A Home for Nobody’s Princess / The Prince She Had to Marry (2013)
  36. Billionaires Galore! (2013)
  37. How to Catch a Prince / Tammy and the Doctor (2013)
  38. The Maverick & the Manhattanite / A Very Special Delivery (2013)
  39. Christmas Gifts (2013)
  40. A Maverick for Christmas / Her Montana Christmas Groom (2013)
  41. Dark Fire / Expecting His Child (2013)
  42. Happy New Year, Baby Fortune! / Bound by a Baby (2013)
  43. Cherish Collection January 2014 (2014)
  44. Harlequin Special Edition January 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  45. Island Promises (2014)
  46. Flirting with Fortune (2014)
  47. Harlequin Special Edition September 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  48. A Proposal at Christmas (2014)
  49. A Royal Christmas Proposal / Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (2014)
  50. Harlequin Special Edition December 2014 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2014)
  51. One Night with a Tempting Playboy (2015)
  52. Mother’s Day Treats (2015)
  53. Mistress to the Magnate (2015)
  54. Harlequin Special Ediition December Box Set 2 of 2 (2015)
  55. A Princess Under the Mistletoe / Christmas Kisses with Her Boss (2015)
  56. Fortune’s Heart (2016)
  57. Rags To Riches (2017)
  58. Sweet and Sassy (2017)
  59. Harlequin Special Edition June 2017 Box Set 1 of 2 (2017)
  60. The Italian Bachelors Collection (2017)
  61. Italian Bachelors: Brooding Billionaires (2017)
  62. A Marriage Worth Saving / Honeymoon Mountain Bride (2017)
  63. Rags To Riches: At His Bidding: (2017)
  64. Italian Bachelors: Ruthless Propositions (2017)
  65. Royals: A Dutiful Princess (2017)
  66. Royals: Wed To The Prince (2018)
  67. Royal Weddings (2019)
  68. The Royal Collection (2019)
  69. Royal Families Vs. Historicals (2019)
  70. Doctors in Love: Passionate and Dedicated (2020)
  71. Mistresses: Mistress Of Convenience (2020)
  72. Dynasties Collection (2020)
  73. One Season And Dynasties Collection (2020)
  74. Sweet and Sassy Summertime – Volume 1 (2020)
  75. Mistresses And Midwives On Call Collection (2020)
  76. Steamy Contemporary Nights (2021)
  77. Royal Rebels: Forbidden To The Crown (2021)
  78. The Royal Rebels And After Hours Collection (2021)
  79. The Royal Rebels Collection (2021)
  80. A Home with the Sheriff (2022)


  1. Tall, Dark and Royal / Maternally Yours (2003)
  2. Home for the Holidays (2003)
  3. Red Hot Santa (2005)
  4. Daniel, Brett and Catherine (2007)
  5. Book Bites 7 (2016)
  6. Book Bites 9 (2017)
  7. Book Bites 12 (2018)
  8. Book Bites 11 (2018)
  9. Suddenly a Family (2021)


  1. We Need A Little Christmas (2016)

Non fiction

  1. Favorite Holiday Recipes (2018)

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Leanne Banks Books Overview

The Fairest of Them All

Although he has always been like a brother to Carly Pendleton, Russ Bradford grows to love her and makes plans to transform his friend into his lover.

Dance With the Devil

Despite his attraction to beautiful Erin Lindsey and his growing feelings for her young son, bad boy Garth Pendleton wonders if this woman can soothe the pain inside him.

More Than a Mistress

Haunted by visions of Sara, Daniel, a blue eyed heartbreaker, vows to pursue her, but Sara resists his invitations, certain that getting close to him will mean revealing her dark past.

The You-can’t-make-me Bride

Jenna Jean Anderson knew that Stan Michaels was not husband material. She’d known him when he was one of the bad boys in town, and Jenna prided herself on being very, very good. But that didn’t mean she hadn’t noticed his wickedly handsome grin, or the seductive gleam in his eyes…
Now that Jenna Jean was all grown up and gorgeous, Stan longed to get next to his childhood nemesis. But he knew he wasn’t dealing with a small town princess anymore. Because only a queen could bring this confirmed bachelor to his knees!

Her Forever Man

‘Telling a Logan he can’t do something is a surefire invitation for him to prove he can.’–Brock Logan, irresistibly rugged ranch owner

All single dad, ranch owner, Brock Logan wants is peace. When Manhattan heiress, Felicity Chambeau, shows up on his doorstep, Brock might as well kiss his peace good-bye. Despite her best intentions, Felicity disrupts his ranch, his home, and most of all his heart.

Adrift after the loss of her parents, she longs to feel more useful. Being with Brock and his children gives her a sense of belonging she has never experienced. She starts to fall for Brock, but the Logans have a history of bad luck in matters of the heart, and in order to get through to Brock, Felicity must love him enough to break the Logan curse.

Expecting His Child

Martina Logan dangerously shared a passionate affair with her family’s nemesis, handsome Noah Coltrane. But when she became pregnant, Martina was determined to have the baby alone. So, armed with baby booties, she stood her ground. Seeing this vulnerable beauty, swollen with his child, made Texas bachelor Noah fall head over spurs, and ring in hand, he stormed her door. This was one Logan he was determined to make a Coltrane!

Expecting the Boss’s Baby

The Silhouette Romance Series, like the Harlequin Series, is a well loved romance line offered by Thorndike Press in a library hardcover format. Featured authors include Nora Roberts, Maureen Child, Beverly Barton and Diana Palmer. Actual Large Print covers may be different from those shown.

Millionaire Husband

‘I’m certainly not a choice candidate for marriage or anything involving kids.’ Justin Langdon, top stock jock and confirmed bachelorMillionaire Justin Langdon had sworn off marriage…
it could only cost him money. Until the day preschool teacher Amy Monroe literally saved his life. She was a woman with sunshine eyes and dangerous curves and, even more dangerous, dependents! So why was Justin getting an inexplicable urge to show Amy he was man enough for anything she might need including a husband?

Some Girls Do

Katie Collins, a tycoon’s personal assistant, is assigned to find a suitable husband for his too shy daughter. But in an unexpected turn, sparks soon fly between Katie and the tycoon’s bodyguard much to Katie’s dismay.

Trouble in High Heels

Heiress Lori Granger looks like a million bucks and is famous for giving much of her fabulous fortune away. But her generosity has outstripped her checkbook, and not even her glamorous image and come hither eyes can save her now. Certainly not with Jackson James in the picture…
Hired by her dad’s estate to control her spending, this CPA with linebacker shoulders and gray flannel suits invades her space, insults her dog, and refuses to loosen his grip on her trust fund. Worse, he seems immune to her charms unless she’s close enough to kiss. Not a man to cross the line with a client, even when the attraction is hotter than a pair of Lori’s highest sling backs, Jackson agrees to help her find a husband to fulfill a condition of her father’s will. Yet sharing her dreams with him makes Lori wonder: Could this infuriating Mr. Straight be the one to make them all come true?

Feet First

It’s all about the shoes! Designing footwear is Jenny Prillaman’s life, so getting the plum assignment to create a socialite’s wedding shoes is a dream come true. Dealing with the heiress is another story. So is staying away from her dreamy new boss, a man too hot to deny for long, despite Jenny’s best intentions of keeping her business away from his pleasure. Making Ballagio, Inc. an international success is executive Marc Waterson’s career ambition. But his life’s desire is to find the right woman and settle down. Too bad Jenny would rather follow in his corporate footsteps than try on the glass slippers of a company wife. At least Marc’s got one thing going for him the way to a woman’s heart is through a really great pair of shoes!


Even on a tropical getaway, a girl’s got to watch out for the sharks…

Think working for a leading international shoe company sounds like a dream job? Not if you’re Amelia Parker, an overworked, downtrodden temp working for Bellagio, Inc.’s grande dame, Lillian Bellagio. But things are looking up for Amelia. She’s just been given the assignment of accompanying Ms. Bellagio to her estate in the Keys. Trading pumps for flip flops and a cell phone for a conch shell could be worse, right?

Especially when life on the island includes her very own mysteryy man one Jack ‘The Shark’ O’Connell, dashing venture capitalist. He dares Amelia to use this time to do something wild: drink a hurricane, go skinny dipping…
have an affair with a dangerously attractive man. But Jack may have ulterior motives for his attentions, and Amelia will have to decide…
should she kick Prince Charming to the curb, or step into that glass slipper?

Bedded By The Billionaire

Duty demanded Max DeLuca take care of pretty and very pregnant Lilli McCall. She was carrying his late brother’s baby, and every DeLuca instinct cried out for Max to protect her unborn child. But the cost of bringing Lilli under his roof was Max’s carefully controlled emotions. Never had the billionaire experienced such searing passion and such a desire to cherish a woman. Then Max detected a secret Lilli seemed determined to keep hidden. Would the truth bring him to his knees…
or send him running for the door?

The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain

Marry Alex Megalos? Though tempted by the Greek billionaire, Mallory James knew his exploits were legendary. Involving herself with a man like Megalos could only lead to heartbreak. But she hadn’t counted on Alex’s determination to bed and wed the one woman he couldn’t have.

Forced to the altar by scandal, Mallory found herself almost believing that her new husband was committed to their vows. Until she discovered their marriage was the result of a bargain with her as the ultimate prize.

Billionaire Extraordinaire

Mr. May: Damien Medici, berbillionaire

Mission: Revenge through any means

Method: Seduction, of course!

Finally he could avenge his family. And the key to achieving all Damien desired lay in the hands of his sweet new secretary, Emma Weatherfield. She could reveal the privileged information he so desperately wanted. But in order to gain Emma’s trust, he had to win her love. Romancing his way into Emma’s heart was easier than he’d imagined. Doing so without entrapping himself, however, was not something this risk taker had ever anticipated.

Man of the Month: A select member of The Billionaires Club self made men rich in everything but love!

From Playboy to Papa!

Mr. January: Rafe Medici, extremely eligible millionaireStatus: Power is his only partnerSituation: He’s a papa, and the last to knowFatherhood was not on his agenda. Yet once Rafe learned he had an heir, he was determined to get the child under his roof. Only the boy’s guardian, Nicole Livingstone, stood between him and his desire. No one denied a Medici, and if it took seduction to win over Nicole, Rafe was happy to try. But in getting the beautiful woman to soften, this wealthy bachelor had best be certain she didn’t get him to change his no love rule.

The Playboy’s Proposition

Even in the wide open spaces of Texas, secrets fi nd a place to hide in the heart of a shy, determined woman; behind the hard, rugged exterior of a DEA agent; and in the dangerous world of drug smuggling.

Rodrigo Ramirez is sent undercover as an itinerant laborer on Gloryanne Barnes’s stepbrother’s farm in Jacobsville, where he’s looking to bust a new and vicious cartel operating south of the border. Gloryanne is smart, savvy and fi ercely independent, but her job has put her in danger from the same criminal Rodrigo is investigating. She’s drawn to the enigmatic new farmhand, Rodrigo, a man who is much more than he seems, and who stirs a desire that leaves her breathless. But secrets are about to shatter all their lives, for better, for worse and maybe forever.

Gloryanne’s sweet innocence is too much temptation for a tormented man. Confused and bitter about love, driven by his dangerous job and searching for answers, Rodrigo is not sure if his reckless offer of marriage is just a means to completing his mission or something more. But as Gloryanne’s bittersweet miracle and Rodrigo’s double life collide, two people learning just what it means to trust must face the truth about each other, and decide if there’s a chance for the future they both secretly desire.

Secrets of the Playboy’s Bride

Success was one thing acceptance, another. All his life, Leonardo Grant had yearned to be more than his rough beginnings had allowed. Now, after making millions, he believed marriage to the right woman could secure him the respect no amount of money could. When Leo spotted Calista French, he knew he’d found his foil. But their chance meeting had actually been carefully orchestrated and not by him. Just what was his ‘perfect’ society wife planning?

Hot Stuff

Dear Reader, Cate Madigan isn t asking for trouble. Her wacky Irish family is constantly playing matchmaker for her with men who leave much to be desired. All she wants is peace and quiet and a nice place to live while she saves her money from tending bar in a lively Boston pub. Okay, so what if her roommate is a cross dressing lounge singer named Marty Longfellow? In exchange for cheap rent, all she has to do is take care of his plants and collect his mail when he’s out of town. And then Marty disappears. At the same time, a bullmastiff named Beast shows up with instructions from Marty to take care of him. Can Cate handle this 120 pound bundle of joy who wants to devour everything in sight? Ex cop Kellen McBride has decided to make Cate s bar his nightly hang out. But is he just there for the beer? Or does he have an ulterior motive for getting close to Cate? When Cate comes home to a ransacked apartment, she realizes Kellen knows more than he s saying. Problem is, he s turning up the heat in her life in more ways than one. Soon Cate finds herself in deep trouble with mysterious stalkers, a lovesick would be boyfriend named Patrick Pugg, two friends who are looking for love, and the very sexy, possibly dangerous Kellen McBride. The south side of Boston has never been wilder…
. Happy Listening! Janet and Leanne Evanovich serves up consistently craveable goodies. People When everything goes wrong with your day, you need a dose of loving warmth from favorite author Leanne Banks! Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Love Song for a Raven / The Five-Minute Bride

Two complete novels. Two captivating authors. New York Times bestselling author. ELIZABETH LOWELL LOVE SONG FOR A RAVEN He had saved her life, and now that Carlson Raven was stranded in a deserted paradise with Janna Moran, the rugged loner was powerless to resist her beauty. But would the brooding Raven open his heart to the power of love? Plus a highly sensual romance from reader favorite LEANNE BANKS THE FIVE MINUTE BRIDE She had fled her own wedding, flowing gown and all, hoping small town life would mend her broken heart. But once under the tender loving care of sexy sheriff Beau Ramsey, sweet Emily St. Clair found out just how good true loving could be…

So This Is Christmas

Celebrate the season with three brand new stories by three USA Today bestselling authors! Sherryl Woods ‘The Perfect Holiday’ What was a holiday without a handsome husband? To Aunt Mae, it wasn’t very festive at all! So she sent the perfect man to her single niece, Savannah Holiday. But would wealthy bachelor Trace Franklin become a groom to be by Christmastime? Beverly Barton ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ After one passionate night, Faith Sheridan found herself pregnant with her sexy bodyguard’s child. Now she hoped the news of their secret child would be a welcome gift to Worth Cordell this holiday and the beginning of a lifetime of love…
Leanne Banks ‘A Rancher in Her Stocking’ This Christmas, spirited schoolteacher Army Winslow was sharing a home with a ruggedly handsome rancher! Now if only she could teach tight lipped Lucas Bennett that the holidays were meant to be merry. And that he was made for love!

Home for the Holidays

Texas style passion awaits three sisters this Christmas. Share their celebration with these brand new love stories by bestselling authors Leanne Banks, Dixie Browning and Kathie DeNosky. Faith’s Sugar Plum Daddy by Leanne Banks Romance and happily ever after aren’t on Faith Donner’s Christmas list. But when a handsome oil mogul responds to her children’s plea for a new daddy, this top chef at the Mission Creek Caf can’t bring herself to turn him away. Christmas Eve Reunion by Dixie Browning Ann Elise Baker hadn’t looked back since she left for the bright lights of Dallas. Now, stranded in her hometown, her old flame comes to her rescue. She’d forgotten how he’d made sleepy little Mission Creek sizzle, and now she longs for the chance to spend this Christmas and future ones by his side. New Year’s Baby by Kathie DeNosky When Marilou Baker decides she can’t face her sisters in her condition eight months pregnant and abandoned she enlists the help of a sexy stranger as her pretend fiance. But this holiday charade has more surprises than she expected.

Red Hot Santa

This holiday season, four bestselling authors give the gift that keeps on giving: gripping tales of special agents in a covert agency, out to protect the innocent…
by any means necessary. Snowball’s Chance by Cherry Adair Kendall decks the halls, unaware that a serial killer has her on the top of his list. Of course, being naughty with the sexy good guy sent to protect her would be so nice. Santa Slave by Leanne Banks After her best friend disappears, Hilary takes matters into her own hands and finds herself caught in the throes of danger, while a hunky male operative hopes to mix pleasure with business. Runaway Santa by Pamela Britton Biologist Kaitlyn Moneypenny s research is finally leading to a big scientific breakthrough…
and mortal peril. When bullets start to fly, so do the sparks between Kaitlyn and her Santa clad rescuer. Killer Christmas by Kelsey Roberts When several Santas are murdered at a swanky department store, the new CEO, Meghan Beckham, had better watch out, had better not cry because a serial killer has come to town.

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