Lawrence Sanders Books In Order

Edward X. Delaney Books In Publication Order

  1. The Anderson Tapes (1970)
  2. The First Deadly Sin (1973)
  3. The Second Deadly Sin (1977)
  4. The Third Deadly Sin (1981)
  5. The Fourth Deadly Sin (1985)

Peter Tangent Books In Publication Order

  1. The Tangent Objective (1976)
  2. The Tangent Factor (1978)

Commandment Books In Publication Order

  1. The Sixth Commandment (1978)
  2. The Tenth Commandment (1980)
  3. The Eighth Commandment (1986)
  4. The Seventh Commandment (1991)

Timothy Cone Books In Publication Order

  1. The Timothy Files (1987)
  2. Timothy’s Game (1988)

Archy McNally Books In Publication Order

  1. McNally’s Secret (1991)
  2. McNally’s Luck (1992)
  3. McNally’s Risk (With: Vincent Lardo) (1993)
  4. McNally’s Caper (1994)
  5. McNally’s Trial (1995)
  6. McNally’s Puzzle (1996)
  7. McNally’s Gamble (With: Vincent Lardo) (1997)
  8. McNally’s Dilemma (With: Vincent Lardo) (1999)
  9. McNally’s Folly (With: Vincent Lardo) (2000)
  10. McNally’s Chance (With: Vincent Lardo) (2001)
  11. McNally’s Alibi (By:Vincent Lardo) (2002)
  12. McNally’s Dare (By:Vincent Lardo) (2003)
  13. McNally’s Bluff (With: Vincent Lardo) (2004)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Pleasures of Helen (1971)
  2. Love Songs (1972)
  3. The Tomorrow File (1975)
  4. The Marlow Chronicles (1977)
  5. Caper (As: Lesley Andress) (1980)
  6. Dark Summer (As: Mark Upton) (1980)
  7. The Case of Lucy Bending / The Case of Lucy B. (1982)
  8. The Seduction of Peter S. (1983)
  9. The Passion of Molly T. (1984)
  10. The Loves of Harry Dancer / The Loves of Harry D. (1985)
  11. The Dream Lover (1986)
  12. Capital Crimes (1989)
  13. Stolen Blessings (1989)
  14. Sullivan’s Sting (1990)
  15. Private Pleasures (1992)
  16. Guilty Pleasures (1998)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Tales of the Wolf (1988)

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Lawrence Sanders Books Overview

The Anderson Tapes

This suspenseful novel represents the first appearance of Lawrence Sanders’ most famous character, Edward X. Delaney, and the masterpiece of murder and suspense that launched Sanders’ career. Reissue.

The First Deadly Sin

A well dressed man stalks the high class neighborhoods of New York City. He is armed with an ice ax. His victims are strangers. And one cop, Captain Ed Delaney, must solve a series of bizarre murders that defy logic. Commemorating their 25th anniversary, the ‘Deadly Sins’ novels have been repackaged with a slick new look.

The Second Deadly Sin

First time in a trade edition Lawrence Sanders’s masterpiece, The 1st Deadly Sin, set a standard for today’s novels of psychological suspense. Now, retired Captain Ed Delaney returns to a distinctly urban milieu of paranoia and impulsive violence to solve a brutal murder that shocks New York’s unshockable art world. The victim is Victor Maitland. Long considered one of the world’s greatest artists, he excelled in capturing the beauty of life on canvas. In private, he destroyed whomever he pleased: his wife, his son, his mistress, his dearest friends and family. Fittingly, Maitland has paid for his sins. But in a world where self delusion is rewarded, where greed triumphs, and where murder is just another art, who else will pay the price?

The Third Deadly Sin

The bone chilling story of the ‘Hotel Ripper’ who stalks New York’s streets after hours and the retired cop who must stop him.

The Fourth Deadly Sin

The gripping story of a brutally murdered New York psychiatrist, the ex cop who must crack the case, and only six suspects the doctor’s own patients. The Fourth Deadly Sin is not to be missed. Kansas City Star

The Tangent Objective

The negotiator for a large petroleum exploration project in Africa becomes embroiled in a hotbed of international intrigue and violence when he finds himself caught up in a political coup d’etat. Reissue.’

The Tangent Factor

The story of two men divided by greed and honor but united by the one woman who loves them both.

The Sixth Commandment

Bingham Foundation field investigator Samuel Todd discovers a conspiracy of silence surrounding the research being conducted by Telford Gordon Thorndecker, the head of the well to do senior care facility, Crittenden Hall. Reissue.

The Tenth Commandment

When a millionaire leaps to his death from the top floor of his Manhattan townhouse, private detective Joshua Bigg is called in to investigate by the law firm representing the dead man’s estate. Reissue.

The Eighth Commandment

When the Damaretion, the prized Greek coin from Archibald Havistock’s collection, disappears and appraiser Mary Lou ”Dunk” Bateson comes under suspicion, Bateson, a cop, and an insurance investigator set out to solve the crime. Reissue.

Timothy’s Game

The unforgettable detective introduced in The Timothy Files returns in a game of scandals, scams, and gangland massacres.A WINNER! New York Times

McNally’s Secret

When detective Archy McNally is called to retrieve a set of rare stamps known as ‘Inverted Jennies’ from one of Palm Beach’s wealthiest and most curvaceous matrons, he unexpectedly becomes entangled in something far more dangerous. A local collector is slain, and all roads lead Archy back to the original crime scene. But before he can put the pieces together, he faces another murder and all to real romance.

McNally’s Luck

Just when you thought you knew all the dirt about Palm Beach…
Archy McNally returns to confront glitz, ghosts and gore in McNally’s Luck, Lawrence Sanders’s masterful new thriller. With McNally’s Secret, Sanders fans were introduced to a south Florida sleuth whose high spirits and nose for clues endeared him to readers. Now diehard playboy Archy McNally is back, in a kinky caper the likes of which south Florida’s elite has never seen. McNally’s Luck begins as a search for a purloined pet but quickly becomes far more lethal. As investigator for his father’s prestigious law firm, McNally regularly sees a side of elegant Palm Beach that’s best described as seamy. But even he is shocked by the Pandora’s box of lust and larceny slowly opening before him. On the heels of the catnapping, a prominent woman is brutally murdered, and in some cryptic way, the acts are linked. As he fits the many pieces of the puzzle into a single, lurid truth, Archy crosses paths with mediums, murderers, impostors and adulterers and learns at an eerie seance that there are scandals even death can’t hide. Intricate, unguessable, and sensual as a sultry Florida afternoon, McNally’s Luck is blue chip Lawrence Sanders.

McNally’s Risk (With: Vincent Lardo)

The unbeatable master of suspense returns, in a wickedly wayward case of artists, models, and murder. If larceny is good for the soul, Palm Beach must be confidence heaven so discovers Lawrence Sanders’s sleuth about town Archy McNally in his third boffo baffler, McNally’s Risk. Hired by a formidable matron to investigate the shadowy bona fides of her bubble headed son’s beloved, Archy is wowed by the enigmatic innamorata’s purity and pulchritude. But when the artist for whom she posed is killed, McNally’s job takes on a decidedly dangerous turn, and he begins to suspect the demure damsel might be both a poser and a poseur. Fighting his way through copious deaths and fiendish scams, Archy pieces together elements of a strange and grisly puzzle, including: a sealed letter containing a horrifying secret; a nude dancer who knows more than she reveals; a missing portrait someone would kill for; and a butterfly tattoo in a very private place, which could be the key to the murder spree. Lawrence Sanders’s latest Palm Beach thriller fairly sizzles with greed, glitz, gals, and gore. And it proves, once again, that Archy McNally is, as Cosmopolitan described him, ‘as amusing and rich as Dorothy Sayers’ great creation, Lord Peter Wimsey.’

McNally’s Caper

While trying to find out which of the Forsythe clan has been stealing the family jewels, Archie McNally must fend off all the Forsythe women who have been throwing themselves at him. Read by Boyd Gaines.

McNally’s Trial

As an investigator for his father’s Palm Beach law firm, Archy McNally has discreetly handled scores of unusual cases for the firm’s upscale clientele. But when Sunny Fogarty, the attractive comptroller for Whitcomb Funeral Homes, approaches McNally & Son to investigate an unexplained rise in her company’s fortunes, Archy soon finds himself conducting a most peculiar investigation.

McNally’s Puzzle

MysteryLarge Print Edition A New York Times BestsellerWealthy widower and bird store owner Hiram Gottschalk is convinced his life is in danger, so he turns to McNally & Sons for answers. Archy and his sidekick pose as a salesman and cage cleaner, but nothing happens until Hiram is murdered in his sleep, his manic depressive son the prime suspect. Suddenly, tow clerks are abducted from the store and their bodies found in the Everglades. It remains for McNally to put his detection skills to the test to piece the puzzle together and to stay alive in the process.

McNally’s Gamble (With: Vincent Lardo)

While investigating a wealthy widow’s possible purchase of an Imperial Faberge a7 egg, the strange behavior of family advisors, her children, and an aged antiques dealer plunges Archy McNally into a mess of greed, passion, and murder.

McNally’s Dilemma (With: Vincent Lardo)

Palm Beach private investigator Archy McNally takes on the murder of a socialite and uncovers a thorn*y tangle of blackmail and deceit, south Florida style. Playboy Geoffrey Williams is dead. But it’s not a search for the killer that brings Archy McNally to the case; the lovely Melva Williams readily admits to the crime passionnel. After finding Geoff in a precarious position with an attractive young lady, she pulled the trigger on husband number two. It sounds like an open and shut case for McNally & Sons’ Department of Discreet Inquiries until Melva asks Archy to shield her daughter, Veronica, from the press and paparazzi. Gallant Archy takes the case and escorts grown up and gorgeous Veronica home to the McNally manse. Rumors fly, and some of them may be true. Veronica is no damsel in distress though, and she’s certainly not sorry her stepfather is in the grave. When her story doesn’t match Melva’s, which doesn’t match Geoff’s, Archy realizes he does indeed have a dilemma on his hands. Someone’s lying, and the one person who knows the truth Geoff’s perky playmate has gotten away. A delectable combination of high society and high jinks, and featuring some of the most eccentric characters to populate Florida’s Gold Coast, McNally’s Dilemma is as witty and charming as Archy McNally himself.

McNally’s Folly (With: Vincent Lardo)

South Florida’s premier sleuth about town strikes again in a deliciously daffy caper that takes a decidedly deadly turn. When the Palm Beach Community Theater needs a director for their production of Arsenic and Old Lace, Archy tosses his megaphone into the ring. After all, Hollywood legend Desdemona Darling will lend her considerable talents to the production. And while resident grand dame Lady Cynthia Horowitz wants a little of the spotlight to fall on her latest live in hunk, Buzz Carr, she has no intention of letting Buzz rehearse all day with the actress who, like Lady C, has made marriage a cottage industry. For poor Archy, there’s more drama backstage than onstage and plenty of confusion everywhere, especially with the fuzzy headed Binky Watrous serving as stage manager. But when an actor takes a sip of prop wine and drops dead, the Palm Beach police suddenly take a special interest in the local theater scene. In a play filled with murderers, only Archy can separate the actors from the genuine article, clear Binky, and bring down the curtain on the latest and most enjoyable of McNally’s follies.

McNally’s Chance (With: Vincent Lardo)

Palm Beach’s premier man about crime returns, in a delightfully raucous romp among South Florida’s fabulous and felonious. When Sabrina Wright, bestselling author of sumptuous tales of loves lost and found, asks for Archy McNally’s help in finding her missing husband, Archy quickly discovers it’s not a simple domestic case. Sabrina’s husband did not disappear: rather, her daughter, Gillian, ran off, and Sabrina sent the man, not her father, to find her and he seems to have gotten lost, too. Gillian Wright fled to Palm Beach when she learned the true story of her birth: Sabrina had the baby out of wedlock, put her up for adoption, then adopted her. Sabrina has never revealed the name of Gillian’s father, having received a large sum of money to keep the whole thing quiet. But when local gossips get wind of the story, three different Palm Beach gents come to Archy to confess their paternity and beg him to protect them from any scandal. Sabrina had committed indiscretions with all three and collected from all three. When she turns up dead, however, Archy must take a chance and hope to discover which of these men would kill to conceal his secret.

McNally’s Alibi (By:Vincent Lardo)

A mysterious collector, a missing manuscript, and a troika of lovely ladies challenge Archy McNally, South Florida’s most famous Discreet Inquirer. When Decimus Fortesque, the millionaire collector of wives and rare manuscripts, hires Archy McNally to locate the Holy Grail of missing tomes the complete text of Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers Palm Beach’s premier P.I. uncovers nothing but scandal. Luscious Claudia Lester declares that her lover, Matthew Harrigan, ran off with it. Harrigan says Claudia is lying. When the supposed owner of the manuscript meets with misadventure in a sleazy motel, and Archy awakens in his Miata with a baseball sized bump on the head, there is no end to the finger pointing. To add to Archie’s woes, his favorite gal, Connie Garcia, is being courted by the dashing Alejandro Gomez y Zapata, who has vowed to liberate Cuba from Castro and Connie from Archie. But fear not, for should Archie loose Connie, there just might be a fair haired lass ready to fill the void so what if she is packing heat? Romance might have to take a backseat until Archy can sort out who’s who among this felonious band of ne’re do wells and flimflam artists.

McNally’s Dare (By:Vincent Lardo)

The dowager duchess of Palm Beach dies, leaving behind a fabulous fortune and a handsome young heir and Archy McNally is left trying to figure out who’s who. When a young waiter working Malcolm ‘Nifty’ MacNiff’s annual Tennis Everyone! benefit is found dead in Nifty’s otherwise pristine swimming pool, it’s Archy McNally, south Florida’s most famous Discreet Inquirer, who rushes in to salvage the town’s reputation and solve the unfortunate crime. Palm Beach is already in a tizzy over the arrival of its newest millionaire, Lance Talbot, just in from Switzerland to claim his inheritance after the demise of his grandmother. Poor Jeff Rodgers has barely been pulled from the water when Palm Beach’s rumor mill goes into overdrive. Why has Dennis Darling, crack reporter for Bare Facts magazine, descended on the fair island? Just how did handsome Lance escape that avalanche that took his mother’s life, and brought him back to his Florida family? And just who is the alluring Baroness Holga von Brecht, the well preserved woman on Lance’s arm whose ageless features have Palm Beach matrons lu*sting after her beauty secrets? When an old school chum of Holga’s is made redundant, Archy works overtime to snare a double murderer.

McNally’s Bluff (With: Vincent Lardo)

Secrets, surprises, and at least one dead body come out of the closet in the Palm Beach P.I.’s most twisted case yet. When self styled impresario and former human cannonball Matthew Hayes rents a luxury villa on Palm Beach’s famed South Ocean Boulevard, the locals roll their eyes. But when he scuttles the traditional backyard accoutrements of swimming pool and tennis court in favor of a grand garden hedge maze modeled after the one at Hampton Court, the South Florida smart set can’t wait for their invitations to the gala opening of the Amazin’ Maze of Matthew Hayes. The big night arrives and gasps of wonder and delight are replaced by those of horror, as Hayes’s ladylove is discovered at the center of the maze, very dead indeed. The authorities are stumped, as Hayes’s carnival background gives rise to a number of possible suspects. Or are there other forces and more devious minds at work? Hayes’s flair for the dramatic only complicates a mystery that has more false leads than his Amazin’ Maze. It’s up to Archy McNally to see through the scam and catch a killer.

Love Songs

A storm of passion, betrayal and violence explodes in the world of a talented and tormented pop singer.

The Tomorrow File

The bestselling master of sex and suspense at his thrilling best!Here is the million copy seller that conjures a what if vision of America as a nightmarish world of planned sex and casual terror, where a man and a woman who dare to love each other are hunted as dangerous criminals…
.’Brilliant, horrifying a suspense novel with a diabolical plot twist.’ Mario Puzo

The Marlow Chronicles

Lawrence Sanders is today’s superstar storyteller. In this drama of revenge and desire, he introduces what is perhaps the deadliest twist of all: a brilliant actor, cast in the most demanding role of his career his own death.

The Case of Lucy Bending / The Case of Lucy B.

The 1 master of suspense…
Case closed!In the sun and rum drenched inner circles of Florida’s Gold Coast, evil disguises itself as a precocious eight year old with unnatural desires and murderous intentions…
One of Sanders’ most provocative bestsellers!’A master of suspense!’ Washington Post

The Seduction of Peter S.

From the 1 New York Times bestselling author a shocking thriller about one man’s erotic obsession…
and the deadly price of pleasure. ‘Totally engrossing.’ Kansas City Star’Sanders is one of our great ones.’ Pittsburgh Press’A master of suspenses.’ The Washington Post’Classic Sanders.’ Dallas Morning News

The Passion of Molly T.

Sex, suspense and violence all come together in this erotic spine-tingler in which Lawrence Sanders unveils the passions of an extraordinary woman–and the loves and hatreds that consume her.

‘A surefire mix of violence, action and intrigue.’–Buffalo Evening News

The Loves of Harry Dancer / The Loves of Harry D.

In this masterful erotic thriller, two dangerously predatory women compete for one man’s heart. But seduction is a double edged sword when the man in the middle means to come out on top. Lawrence Sanders is…
‘A master.’ The New Yorker’A pro.’ Los Angeles Times’A huge talent.’ Mystery Scene

The Dream Lover

The setting is Hollywood. And a delicious obsession lures one haunted man into the most dangerous dream of all the seductive nightmare of betrayal.A master of suspense. Washington Post

Capital Crimes

When his son requires a life saving cure, the president of the United States falls prey to power crazed faith healer Brother Kristos, who quickly rises to nightmarish political heights. Reissue.

Stolen Blessings

In this New York Times bestseller, Lawrence Sanders rips the lid off the private life and public scandal of a Hollywood superstar. A story as wicked and wild as the tabloid headlines…
as only Sanders could tell it. Lawrence Sanders is a 1 New York Times bestselling author Stolen Blessings was a New York Times bestseller’A master of suspense!’ Washington Post

Sullivan’s Sting

A beautiful cop goes undercover and under the sheets to catch one of the biggest con artists in Florida in a sexy, steamy bestseller from the master of the erotic thriller. ‘Fascinating.’ Wall Street Journal’Perhaps the best such one since Silence of the Lambs.’ Mystery SceneFrom the New York Times 1 bestselling author of McNally’s Dilemma and McNally’s Risk

Private Pleasures

The shocking story of love, lust, and violence unleashed by a miracle of science.

Guilty Pleasures

Only Lawrence Sanders could have created this saga of a family that breaks all the rules both God’s and man’s. Moving from the seventies to the nineties, Guilty Pleasures invites readers into the affluent arena of shocking acts and stunning revelations that is the South Florida world of the Folsby clan. Emmet Richard Folsby: Founder of a mighty publishing empire, a patriarch to be admired with one unspeakable exception Constance Louise Folsby: Emmet’s wife and cofounder of the empire, now an invalid dying by degrees resolutely blind to the moral missteps of those she cares for Barbara Ann Folsby: The wildcat daughter a fiercely ambitious businesswoman inexorably lured to love at its most forbidden Brett Sherwood Folsby: The dashing playboy son, his sister’s most bitter antagonist and a man with sexual secrets of his own Through two decades, the Folsbys embrace their checkered destinies as Barbara and Brett battle for future control of the empire never guessing that a trusted family friend with a hidden agenda is quietly manipulating them all. Lawrence Sanders’s Guilty Pleasures flawlessly blends suspense and scandal to create a unique reading experience that jolts even as it fascinates.

Tales of the Wolf

With over 25 million copies of his books in print, Lawrence Sanders is the 1 master of suspense. Featuring his most intriguing character since Edward X. Delaney Wolf Lannihan his latest work, Tales of the Wolf, offers non stop thrills and is sure to please his legions of fans.

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