Lauran Paine Books In Order

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Farthest Frontier (1957)
  2. The Long Law Trail (1957)
  3. Wagon Train (As: Mark Carrel) (1957)
  4. The Massacre At Mountain Meadows (1958)
  5. Rogue River Cowboy (1958)
  6. Case Of The Innocent Witness (As: Mark Carrel) (1959)
  7. Conquest of the Great Northwest (1959)
  8. The hangrope’s shadow (As: Mark Carrel) (1959)
  9. Northwest Conquest (1959)
  10. Range War (1959)
  11. Apache Trail (1960)
  12. Man Behind the Gun (1960)
  13. Quick shooter Beuhler (1960)
  14. Trail of the Freighters (1960)
  15. Wyoming Trails (1960)
  16. Carry a gun (As: Mark Carrel) (1961)
  17. The man from Wells Fargo (1961)
  18. Return of the Fast Gun (1961)
  19. The Short-Gun Man (As: John Kilgore) (1962)
  20. Sheriff of Cow Country (As: John Kilgore) (1962)
  21. Gunfighter (As: John Kilgore) (1963)
  22. Outpost (1963)
  23. This Time Tomorrow (1963)
  24. Lynch Law (1964)
  25. Man from Secret Valley (As: John Kilgore) (1964)
  26. Hidden Hills (1965)
  27. Johnny Colt (As: Concho Bradley) (1966)
  28. Land of Long Rifles (As: Concho Bradley) (1966)
  29. Man from the Cherokee Strip (As: John Kilgore) (1966)
  30. Nightrider’s Moon (1966)
  31. Oklahoma Fiddlefoot (1966)
  32. Texas Ben Thompson (1966)
  33. The Blood-Pit (1967)
  34. The Dark Edge of Violence (As: Mark Carrel) (1967)
  35. Lynch Town (1967)
  36. Winchester Hills (1967)
  37. The steel mask (1968)
  38. Death of a Doctor (1969)
  39. Love of a Banker (1969)
  40. Run with the Killer (1969)
  41. Time of Assassins (As: Reg Batchelor) (1969)
  42. Kill and be Damned (1970)
  43. The Murder Game (As: Reg Batchelor) (1970)
  44. Murderer’s Row (As: Reg Batchelor) (1970)
  45. Some Die Young (As: John Kilgore) (1970)
  46. Twilight People (As: Reg Batchelor) (1970)
  47. Emerald Heart (1971)
  48. A Gaggle of Ghosts (1971)
  49. A Crack In Time (1971)
  50. Cactus Country (1972)
  51. Witches in Fact and Fantasy (1972)
  52. Another View (1972)
  53. Counsel for the Killer (1972)
  54. Murder to Music (As: John Kilgore) (1972)
  55. The Undine (1972)
  56. The Hierarchy of Hell (1972)
  57. Legacy of Shadows (As: Reg Batchelor) (1972)
  58. A Killer’s Category (As: John Armour) (1973)
  59. One Last Time (As: Mark Carrel) (1973)
  60. Bannister’s Z Matter (1973)
  61. Triangle Murder (As: Reg Batchelor) (1973)
  62. Murder without Motive (1974)
  63. Witchcraft and the Mysteries (1974)
  64. Achilles’ Isle (As: Reg Batchelor) (1974)
  65. Assignment for Trouble (1974)
  66. Gunman’s Code (As: Concho Bradley) (1974)
  67. Octopus’ Shadow (1974)
  68. Killer’s Legacy (1975)
  69. Pawnee Butte (1975)
  70. The Assassins (1975)
  71. The Terrorists (1975)
  72. Underground Men (1975)
  73. The Assassins’ World (1975)
  74. The Blue Hills (As: Concho Bradley) (1976)
  75. South-west Law (1976)
  76. The Partnership (1976)
  77. Painted Pony (1976)
  78. Raider’s Moon (As: Concho Bradley) (1976)
  79. Juniper Shadow (As: Concho Bradley) (1977)
  80. Double Jeopardy (1978)
  81. Cody Jones (As: Reg Batchelor) (1979)
  82. Dakota Deathtrap (1979)
  83. Return to the South Desert (1980)
  84. Longlance Plain (1981)
  85. Punchbowl Range (1981)
  86. D Day (1981)
  87. Scarface (1981)
  88. Carter Valley (As: John Armour) (1982)
  89. Bannon’s Law (1982)
  90. The Lord of Lost Valley (1982)
  91. Copperdust Valley (As: Concho Bradley) (1982)
  92. Guns of Arizona (1982)
  93. Thunder Valley (1982)
  94. Adobe Wells (1982)
  95. Frontier Steel (1982)
  96. Guns of the Hunters (1983)
  97. Paloverde (As: John Armour) (1983)
  98. The Trail Drive (1983)
  99. Copperdust Hills (1983)
  100. Crow Range (1983)
  101. The Witness Tree (1983)
  102. South Desert Trail (1983)
  103. High Ridge Range (1983)
  104. The War Wagon (1984)
  105. The Bordermen (1984)
  106. Tanner (1984)
  107. Zuni Country (1984)
  108. Skye (1984)
  109. The Marshal (1985)
  110. The Homesteaders (1986)
  111. Moon Meadow (As: Concho Bradley) (1986)
  112. The Horseman (1986)
  113. Shadow Gunman (As: John Kilgore) (1986)
  114. The New Mexico Heritage (1987)
  115. Sun Devils (1987)
  116. The Peralta Country (1987)
  117. The Medicine Bow (1987)
  118. Spirit Meadow (1987)
  119. Deadwood Stage (1987)
  120. The Blue Basin Country (1987)
  121. Trail of the Hawks (1987)
  122. Three Silver Bullets (1987)
  123. Custer Meadow (1988)
  124. Arrowhead Cattle Company (1988)
  125. The Guns of Summer (1988)
  126. The Sheridan Stage (1989)
  127. The Taurus Gun (1989)
  128. The Catch Colt (1989)
  129. The Young Marauders (1989)
  130. The Arizona Panhandle (1990)
  131. Alamo Jefferson (1990)
  132. The Open Range Men (1990)
  133. Open Range (1990)
  134. The Bandoleros (1990)
  135. The Sun Devils (As: John Armour) (1990)
  136. Riders of the Trojan Horse (1991)
  137. The Deadwood Stage (As: John Kilgore) (1992)
  138. The Cloverleaf Cattle Company (1992)
  139. The Squaw Men (1992)
  140. The Undertaker (1992)
  141. Paiute Trail (1993)
  142. Adobe Empire (1993)
  143. Poker Flat (1993)
  144. The Prairieton Raid (1994)
  145. The Fifth Horseman (1994)
  146. Kiowa-Apache (1994)
  147. Vengeance Trail (1994)
  148. Greed at Gold River (1994)
  149. The Gunman’s Legacy (1994)
  150. Moon Prairie (1995)
  151. Trail to Trouble (1995)
  152. The Devil on Horseback (1995)
  153. The Renegade (1995)
  154. Comancheria (1995)
  155. Return of the Hunted (1995)
  156. El Vengador (1995)
  157. The Manhunter (1995)
  158. Last of the Balfrys (1995)
  159. Navajo Country (1995)
  160. Tears of the Heart (1995)
  161. The Past Won’t End (1995)
  162. Timberline (1995)
  163. Trail of the Sioux (1996)
  164. The Verde River Kid (1996)
  165. Apache Kid (1996)
  166. The Rawhiders (1996)
  167. Lockwood (1996)
  168. The Triangle Murder (1996)
  169. Californios (1996)
  170. The Flathead Country (1996)
  171. Valour in the Land (1997)
  172. The Misplaced Psyche (1997)
  173. The White Bird (1997)
  174. Wilderness Road (1997)
  175. The Grand Ones of San Ildefonso (1997)
  176. Devil’s Den (1997)
  177. Buckskin Buccaneer (1998)
  178. Cache Canon (1998)
  179. Forest Mountain (1998)
  180. Murder Now, Pay Later (1998)
  181. The Man from Coyanosa (1998)
  182. Six-Gun Atonement (1998)
  183. Stone Mountain (1998)
  184. The Killer Gun (1998)
  185. Murder in Hawthorn (As: John Armour) (1999)
  186. Bags and Saddles (1999)
  187. The Outcast (1999)
  188. The Mustangers (1999)
  189. Guns of the Law (1999)
  190. Murder in Paradise (1999)
  191. Death of a Millionaire (2000)
  192. Death Was the Echo (2000)
  193. Man from Butte City (2000)
  194. The Running Iron (2000)
  195. Buckeye (2001)
  196. The Long Years (2001)
  197. The Dark Trail (2001)
  198. Thunderbird Range (2001)
  199. The Tombstone Range (2001)
  200. Dead Man’s Range (2001)
  201. Ambush Canyon (2001)
  202. The Trail Without End (2002)
  203. The Bald Hills (2002)
  204. High Desert Guns (2002)
  205. All Men Are Strangers (2002)
  206. The Border Country (2002)
  207. Carleton’s Meadow (2002)
  208. Winchester Pass (2002)
  209. The Green Hills (2002)
  210. Guns in the Desert (2002)
  211. Thieves’ Trail (2002)
  212. Montana Trail (2003)
  213. Thunder Pass (2003)
  214. Border Town (2003)
  215. The Free-Graze War (2003)
  216. The Oxbow Range (2003)
  217. Tumbleweed Trail (2003)
  218. Brothers of Vengeance (2003)
  219. Gathering Storm (2003)
  220. Arizona Ambush (2003)
  221. The Time of the Texan (2003)
  222. Night of the Comancheros (2003)
  223. The Ghost Rider (2004)
  224. Law Along the Border (2004)
  225. The Guns of El Paso (2004)
  226. Rain Valley (2004)
  227. Cain’s Trail (2004)
  228. Outlaw Town (2004)
  229. Pinon Range (2004)
  230. Guns in Oregon (2004)
  231. The Gunsight Affair (2004)
  232. The Man from Cody County (2004)
  233. Sixshooter Trail (2004)
  234. The Saddlegun Man (2004)
  235. Circle H Range (2005)
  236. The Forsythe Stage (2005)
  237. Avenger’s Trail (2005)
  238. The Hunter of Faro Canyon (2005)
  239. Holding the Ace Card (2005)
  240. Land of Barbed Boundaries (2005)
  241. The Born Survivor (2005)
  242. Western Vengeance (2005)
  243. Texas Revenge (2005)
  244. Bounty Hunters’ Range (2005)
  245. Buffalo Township (2005)
  246. Feud on the Mesa (2005)
  247. The San Luis Range (2005)
  248. Squatter’s Rights (2006)
  249. Gunman (2006)
  250. Killian’s Canyon (2006)
  251. The Law Trail (2006)
  252. Utah Summer (2007)
  253. Halfmoon Ranch (2007)
  254. Cottonwood (2007)
  255. Ride to Battle Mountain (2007)
  256. Desert Journey (2007)
  257. Saddle Mountain (2007)
  258. Man from Durango (2007)
  259. Morgan Valley (2008)
  260. Gunhill (2008)
  261. Salt-Lick Range (2008)
  262. Corral Canyon (2009)
  263. The Buckskin Hills (2009)
  264. Gundown (2009)
  265. Long Bow (2009)
  266. Shepler’s Spring (2009)
  267. The Guns of Parral (2010)
  268. The Gunsmith (2010)
  269. Horsethief’s Moon (2011)
  270. Hurd’s Crossing (2011)
  271. Beyond Fort Mims (2011)
  272. Tomahawk Meadow (2012)
  273. Lost Valley (2012)
  274. Ute Peak Country (2012)
  275. Way of the Outlaw (2012)
  276. Marshal Redleaf (2013)
  277. Guns in Wyoming (2013)
  278. Ghost Meadow (2013)
  279. Prairie Empire (2013)
  280. The Texan Rides Alone (2013)
  281. Rough Justice (2014)
  282. Shadow of a Hang Rope (2014)
  283. Dead Man’s Canon (2017)
  284. Trail of Shadows (2017)
  285. Reckoning at Lansing’s Ferry (2017)
  286. Wagon Train West (2018)
  287. Winter Moon (2018)
  288. Terror in Gunsight (2020)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. General Custer Story (1960)
  2. Tom Horn (1962)
  3. Warm Beer & Cold Comfort (1968)
  4. Bolivar the Liberator (1971)
  5. Sex in Witchcraft (1972)
  6. Captain John Smith and the Jamestown story (1973)
  7. Gentleman Johnny (1973)
  8. Saladin (1974)
  9. Mathilde Carré, Double Agent (1976)
  10. The Invisible World of Espionage (1976)
  11. The CIA at Work (1978)
  12. The Technology of Espionage (1978)
  13. Britain’s Intelligence Service (1979)
  14. The Abwehr (1984)
  15. America and the Americans (1984)
  16. Silicon Spies (1986)
  17. If Airplanes Could Talk (1993)
  18. Man Things (1997)

Standalone Novels Book Covers

Non-Fiction Book Covers

Lauran Paine Books Overview

Rogue River Cowboy

To Bess Benton the big stranger was just ano ther arrogant cowboy riding into town. She didn”t see in Ruf e Holt a nemesis in spurs – a man come back to avenge the de ad, right past wrongs, and solve an ancient mystery. ‘

Trail of the Freighters

In the Northwest Territory, Indian country, the freight wagons were heavy and cumbersome and had to move slowly. The Sioux, on the other hand, rode lightly and swif tly, and were always on the lookout for horses, meat, and a scalp or two. ‘

Thunder Valley

The ranchers had been turning their riders loose on the valley for some time. The townspeople decided to put an end to it and hired Hugh Mitchell to replace their town marshall. Mitch was a fearless, practical man and he let the rangeriders come to him.

The Witness Tree

They were moving south from northern Montana covering their tracks when they came to the town of Hammersville. Their intention was to eat a decent meal and keep on going, but before they got clear of the place they’d run into every kind of trouble you could imagine and some you couldn’t.

Open Range

Boss Spearman knows that times are changing on the Open Range for free-grazing cattlemen who don’t own land. But more and more settlers are staking claim to the land, and when a local rancher kills one of Boss’s crew, he knows he must make a stand.

The Cloverleaf Cattle Company

Bessie Thomas believed in miracles, and her husband, Jawn Henry didn’t. But after finding a murdered settler and his woman, and running down the renegades responsible taking care of them the way justice dictated, but the law did not Jawn Henry would have time to reflect.

The Squaw Men

‘Gunsmoke Westerns’ feature a range of novels by well known and sometimes new authors. The common thread running through the series is the focus on cowboys and life during the days of the Wild West.

Trail to Trouble

Ward Cutler rode out looking for a man named Henry Gore, a man who had taken all the savings of Ward’s widowed sister and then beaten her. Cutler found Gore, but he also found some other people, some gunfire and came within an ace of finding permanent rest in the Shenandoah cemetery.

Tears of the Heart

Young Toby Lincoln is an orphan fending for himself in the rough Southwest where the law is often bent. Falsely accused and tried for horse stealing, Toby spends two years in a Colorado prison. Once free, Toby heads to New Mexico territory where he makes himself a new life on a ranch owned by Senora Monteverde. But his hopes for finally finding a place in life are shattered by the heat of his own revenge. For Toby kills the Colorado prison guard who had killed his friend in prison and is now sought by federal marshals with an extradition order. But for the first time in his life, Toby has friends who’ll do anything to save him.


WesternLarge Print EditionMontana rangeman Cuff Lockwood has had enough of the snow and cold to last a lifetime and sets his course for New Mexico. Years later, Cuff, now married, is bothered by vivid dreams of a weeping woman and finds himself compelled to head back to Wyoming to find out what happened to the beautiful Shelly Harrison. What he learns will change him in ways he never thought possible.

The Misplaced Psyche

MysteryLarge Print EditionDoctor Walter Whalen devised what he thought was a foolproof substitute for chemical anaesthetics, but in his first human trial, something went wrong. His subject, rich and powerful Charles Southcott, emerged with part of his mind missing. Tracing it through the experiment to a small Spanish village, Whalen locates the missing psyche in the body of a shepherd…
and then dies.

The White Bird

Many Horses, an ancient Navajo, is near star vation when he encounters Sam Sloan, an old buffalo hunter, in the secluded mountain park Sam has found. Disaster is nea r at hand for them, foretold in a dream by a white bird. ‘

The Grand Ones of San Ildefonso

WesternSan Ildefonso is a small border town in New Mexico. Its existence dates back to well before the Mexican War after which it became part of the Mexican territories ceded to the United States. Its prize possession has always been the existence of water, and its inhabitants are not in the least concerned with distant governments. Lzaro Guardia is in charge of the way station of the Forthright Stage & Freight Company of San Ildefonso. When renegades from below the border attempt to raid and seize San Ildefonso, Lzaro assumes the rle of el jefe, leader of the defense. Faced with adversity, their lives and families threatened, the residents of San Ildefonso respond with hope and extraordinary courage.

Cache Canon

AND DANGER Cache Ca&ntildeon lies well outside Rock City in the Colorado high country. It was named for a legendary cache of gold hidden there, and now it’s reputed to harbor a band of hold out Indians. Although no one in Rock City has ever seen the band, the Terwilliger brothers, who regard the ca&ntildeon as part of their range lands, are convinced the hold outs are stealing livestock from them. But even the Terwilligers have something else to worry about when three strangers are seen in the caon with surveying equipment. Speculation about a new railroad spur runs rampant…
until the local blacksmith identifies one of the strangers as wanted for bank robbery in Texas. And when the stage is robbed, the posse runs head on into something nobody could have suspected.

Murder Now, Pay Later

Elizabeth Leeds, the international socialite , was strangled by her own hair and there wasn”t a single cl ue. In the search for her killer, her attorney and her son d iscover that Elizabeth”s husband had also been strangled lon g ago. ‘

The Man from Coyanosa

John Fitch & the mine superintendent, Mike H ernden became wealthy from diverting gold from the mine into their pockets. But then an Indian was killed trying to inte rcept the gold. How had he discovered the plot & who else wa’s in the know? ‘

Stone Mountain

For Twine Fourch, the stage robbery was biza rre. It had been carried out by an old woman, which was unhe ard of. Tracking her down wasn”t difficult. But that was onl y the beginning. Twine encountered one suprise after another . ‘

The Outcast

He saw it as he came out of the arroyo a sickening redness of the lowering sky. There was a running sore of flame and wreckage against the night. The cabin and barn were blazing! He saw it with a horror that was almost suffocating.

The Mustangers

Mark Lane and Reg Bachelor work as ranch hands in Wyoming in the summer, then head south before winter sets in. As the men move farther and farther south, they come onto the Navajo Reservation where they’re hired to trap wild horses in Mexico. As they prepare a headquarters in the small village of St. Theresa which borders on the vast Calderon land grant, they’re completely unaware that they’ve settled into a place from which gringos have been known to disappear…

Death Was the Echo

Three Los Angeles detectives are shocked to discover that a simple shooting murder is actually part of a subversion and espionage ring. They were simply homicide detectives, but before the last corpse was found, all three had become spy catchers.

The Dark Trail

This western duo includes Lawman, and The Dark Trail, in which Will Brennan comes home from the army to find his young wife, Beth, has remarried. A new job as deputy sheriff leads Will to the capture of a bank robber who is Beth’s new husband.

Thunderbird Range

Even more dangerous to the West’s large ranchers than the hired killer was the range hog; the unscrupulous man who plotted to steal grazing land. Stewart McKenna was such a man. In secret alliance with beautiful Helen Reynolds, he devised an ingenious plan for stealing over a hundred acres from the ranch of Evan Gilmore. But McKenna made a very grave error when he hired a famous gunfighter…

The Free-Graze War

Established ranchers regarded free grazers as jackals of the cow country, and wherever they roamed trouble flared up. Buck Handley and Hoyt McElroy were two such men and when they pushed over three thousand cattle into the Devil’s Punch Bowl, old Jethro Graeme told them to get out. Then lead flew.

Rain Valley

In ‘Renegade Rifles,’ the hostile Apaches have attacked a wagon convoy at night, a time when traditionally the Apaches do not fight. In ‘Trouble Weather,’ the herd being driven from Montana to make up the beef ration for the local reservation has been unaccountably delayed, causing a possible uprising. Cattle thieves in the Old West were never easy to apprehend, but when, as in ‘Rain Valley,’ they are protected by a mountainous terrain, a lawman such as Burt Crownover must resort to wiliness and deception to gain secret access.

Lauran Paine, who under his own name and various pseudonyms has written over 900 books, was born in Duluth, Minnesota. At an early age, his family moved to California where his apprenticeship as a Western writer began.

Outlaw Town

When Sheriff Abner Wright went after a bank robbing outlaw, he had another purpose as well for taking to the trail. He’d heard rumors over the years of a town owned and operated by outlaws, and he wanted to lay them to rest. But what Abner found back in the primitive mountains opened his eyes in a number of ways.

Guns in Oregon

In ‘For Vengeance Alone,’ Mark Webb, an itinerant rider, finds that acting as a messenger of mercy is only the beginning of an intrigue that will find him riding for the Rafter L Ranch and confronted by a particularly fiendish form of smuggling. He is compelled to enlist the aid of his father, a practicing physician, and his brother, a deputy U.S. marshal. ‘Guns of Oregon’ is set in the range country of the high desert region of southeastern Oregon. Edward Given’s arrival in the small town of Younger causes Deputy Sheriff Jim Crawford some unease. Bill Haines, owner of the Territorial Saloon has known Given from sometime in the past. After a daring robbery, Given, Crawford and Haines form an uneasy alliance to find the thieves and recover the stolen money. Finding the thieves is not difficult, the problem is what to do then…

Sixshooter Trail

Written by Lauran Paine. Hyatt Tolman had a reason to leave Texas in a hurry, but one generous act changed the course of his life and indeed nearly cost him his life when he stopped to help a despairing girl. The townsfolk of Canebrake were suspicious of strangers as there had been a stage hold up. So when a posse of cattlemen brought Tolman to town, the sheriff was glad. But after these events, the sheriff and the Texas Ranger as well as Tolman himself, were in the thick of the fight and thought they’d never see another sunset.

Holding the Ace Card

Hired gun Lou Bellanger had just started his poker game when the law caught up with him. But the fastest draw in Arizona Territory managed to make a daring escape and was just starting to breathe easy when he heard the sheriff had been killed in cold blood. The last thing Lou wanted to do was go back to that hostile town and clear his name. Besides, he had a job to do a job that ended up leading straight into an all out range war. With a posse ready to string him up for murder at his back and a gang of bloodthirsty hardcases ahead of him, Lou better have more than an ace up his sleeve if he hopes to stay alive.

Feud on the Mesa

Two saddle mates on the run from a stagecoach robbery try to help a woman save her ranch from the ruthless rustler who wants to drive her out.

Desert Journey

Neither Abe Banion nor his partner Cal Madison was young, nor susceptible to delusion, nor possessed of a pristine conscience when they slipped back into the States out of Mexico, but when they arrived back in Paso Fino they encountered a crazy man.

The Guns of Parral

Charley and Hank were sent to Parral, Arizona to arrest an old outlaw, Peter Harkness. They didn’t want any trouble. Harkness hadn’t committed a robbery in 15 years. But when people heard who they were looking for, they found plenty of trouble.

If Airplanes Could Talk

If Airplanes Could Talk‘ is a collection of over 600 aviation quotations, covering the airlines, military, and general aviation. There is something in this book for every pilot. It is both educational and humorous.

Man Things

This is a book about the things men like, think, and do. It describes men in their natural habitat: under the hood of a car, at the hardware store, in the shop, at the football game, by the campfire, and fishin’. It is ‘equal time’ for the working man. If you read between the lines it says a lot about why men act like men. Also included is a chapter entitled ‘Rules About Women.’ This book will make you smile…
.. then it will make you laugh.

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