Lauraine Snelling Books In Order

Dakota Plains Books In Publication Order

  1. Dakota Dream (1993)
  2. Dakota Dusk (1994)
  3. Dakota December (1996)
  4. Dakota Dawn (1997)
  5. Dakota Destiny (2012)

Dakotah Treasures Books In Publication Order

  1. Ruby (2003)
  2. Pearl (2004)
  3. Opal (2005)
  4. Amethyst (2005)

Daughters Of Blessing Books In Publication Order

  1. A Promise for Ellie (2006)
  2. Sophie’s Dilemma (2007)
  3. A Touch of Grace (2007)
  4. Rebecca’s Reward (2008)

Golden Filly Books In Publication Order

  1. The Race (1991)
  2. Eagle’s Wings (1991)
  3. Go for the Glory (1991)
  4. Call for Courage (1992)
  5. Kentucky Dreamer (1992)
  6. Shadow Over San Mateo (1993)
  7. Out of the Mist (1993)
  8. Second Wind (1994)
  9. Close Call (1994)
  10. The Winner’s Circle (1995)

High Hurdles Books In Publication Order

  1. Olympic Dreams (1995)
  2. DJ’s Challenge (1995)
  3. Setting the Pace (1996)
  4. Out of the Blue (1996)
  5. Storm Clouds (1997)
  6. Close Quarters (1998)
  7. Moving Up (1998)
  8. Letting Go (1999)
  9. Raising the Bar (1999)
  10. Class Act (2000)

Home To Blessing Books In Publication Order

  1. A Measure of Mercy (2009)
  2. No Distance Too Far (2010)
  3. A Heart for Home (2011)

Leah’s Garden Books In Publication Order

  1. The Seeds of Change (2021)

Red River Of The North Books In Publication Order

  1. An Untamed Land (1995)
  2. A New Day Rising (1996)
  3. A Land to Call Home (1997)
  4. The Reapers’ Song (1998)
  5. Tender Mercies (1999)
  6. Blessing in Disguise (1999)
  7. An Untamed Heart (2013)
  8. A Blessing to Cherish (2020)

Return To Red River Books In Publication Order

  1. A Dream to Follow (2001)
  2. Believing the Dream (2002)
  3. More Than a Dream (2003)

S.A.V.E. Squad Books In Publication Order

  1. Dog Daze (With: Kathleen Damp Wright) (2012)
  2. The Great Cat Caper (With: Kathleen Damp Wright) (2012)
  3. Secondhand Horses (With: Kathleen Damp Wright) (2013)
  4. No Ordinary Owl (With: Kathleen Damp Wright) (2013)

Secret Refuge Books In Publication Order

  1. Daughter of Twin Oaks (2000)
  2. Sisters of the Confederacy (2000)
  3. The Long Way Home (2001)

Song Of Blessing Books In Publication Order

  1. To Everything a Season (2014)
  2. A Harvest of Hope (2015)
  3. Streams of Mercy (2015)
  4. From This Day Forward (2016)

Under Northern Skies Books In Publication Order

  1. The Promise of Dawn (2017)
  2. A Breath of Hope (2018)
  3. A Season of Grace (2018)
  4. A Song of Joy (2019)

Washington Books In Publication Order

  1. Song of Laughter (1986)
  2. Race for the Roses (1999)
  3. Talking for Two (By:Wanda E Brunstetter) (2001)
  4. The Neighborly Thing (By:Wanda E Brunstetter) (2002)

Wild West Wind Books In Publication Order

  1. Valley of Dreams (2011)
  2. Whispers in the Wind (2012)
  3. A Place to Belong (2013)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Tragedy on the Toutle (1982)
  2. Hawaiian Sunrise (1999)
  3. The Healing Quilt (2002)
  4. The Gift (2002)
  5. The Way of Women (2004)
  6. Saturday Morning (2005)
  7. Breaking Free (2006)
  8. The Brushstroke Legacy (2006)
  9. What About Cimmaron? (2008)
  10. One Perfect Day (2008)
  11. On Hummingbird Wings (2011)
  12. Reunion (2012)
  13. Wake the Dawn (2013)
  14. Heaven Sent Rain (2014)
  15. Someday Home (2015)
  16. The Second Half (2016)
  17. Half Finished (2019)
  18. Beginning Again (2019)

Children’s Books In Publication Order

  1. The Lonely Donkey (2021)
  2. The Adventures of TC (2021)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Start Your Own Business After 50 – Or 60- Or 70! (1990)
  2. 100 Good Things That Happen as You Grow Older (1992)
  3. A Hand to Hold: Helping Someone Through Grief (2004)
  4. Ingeborg Bjorklund’s Red River Cookbook (2006)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Christmas Treasures (1996)
  2. Once Upon a Christmas (2005)
  3. Washington (2005)
  4. Yuletide Treasure (2008)
  5. A Pioneer Christmas Collection (2013)

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Lauraine Snelling Books Overview

Dakota Dream

Leaving Norway for good Clara carries with her little more than dreams. Armed with a water stained letter, a faded photograph, and a ticket to America, Clara Johnson travels to Soldall, North Dakota, and her handsome, curly haired husband to be. Imagine Clara’s surprise when she is greeted instead by Dag Weinlander, a burly, unkempt giant of a blacksmith! But God’s plans for Clara far surpass her thwarted dreams and naive expectations. Unbeknownst to even a fiercely determined Norwegian immigrant, an angel of new life is about to grace the fertile heartland of America.

Dakota Dawn

Book 1 in The Dakota Plains Series The wide open plains of the Dakota Territory form the setting for the lives and loves of four inspiring women making their way in the New World. In book one, Norwegian Nora Johanson welcomes the Dakota Dawn expecting to marry Hans, a prosperous farmer. But when the New World’s promises turn into painful uncertainties, Nora discovers God’s plan is bigger than her grandest dreams.


A New Dakotah Territory Saga From Bestselling Author Lauraine Snelling! Book 1 of Dakotah Treasures. Author Lauraine Snelling once again takes readers west to the untamed land of Dakota Territory, introducing new characters both unique and appealing. Ruby Torvald and her young sister, Opal, have received an inheritance from their long lost father who left home years ago to seek his fortune in the Black Hills. When they leave their comfortable situation in Chicago and arrive at the mining town of Medora to claim their inheritance, the sisters discover that rather than the legacy of gold they expected, their father has left them a shocking bequest. Ruby’s bold determination in the face of scandal leads the reader on a journey both heartwarming and inspiring.


Book 2 of Dakotah Treasures. Author Lauraine Snelling takes readers further forward in Ruby Torvald’s story as Dove House becomes a well known establishment. Ruby plays matchmaker between the lovely but hidden Pearl and the carpenter Soren, who longs to uncover the beauty in Pearl that seems to be damaged by a tragic childhood. Ruby’s own heart is torn by loyalty to the major and a surprising new suitor. But when a disaster threatens their future, will these jewels of the prairie be forced to abandon their dreams for the security of the east?


Book 3 in the bestselling Dakotah Treasures series. Dove House has burned to the ground, Ruby and Rand have married, and now Rand’s ranch is home for them all. Ruby’s younger sister, Opal, is taking to ranch life like a hummingbird to sugar water. She can outshoot, outride, and work as hard as any cowboy on the place. Ranching has clearly stolen her heart. When a young minister arrives from the East, he is amazed to find himself falling in love with Opal, even though she is not a woman anyone would think of as a pastor’s wife. But when God takes hold of a heart, He can work amazing miracles, and Jacob Chandler just might be the one to eventually woo her away from the ranch.


Dakotah Treasures Book 4 Major Jeremiah McHenry is retiring from the army and returns to Medora to make a new life and find a wife. Will he be able to convince feisty newcomer Amethyst O Shaunasy that he is the kind of man she’s been looking for? Jacob Chandler, meanwhile, is still waiting until he can court Opal Torvald. Can he prove to Opal that she will make a fine preacher s wife?

A Promise for Ellie

Ellie Wold can’t wait to graduate from high school. She and Andrew Bjorklund have been waiting to get married since…
well, since forever, and in June they will finally wed. When Andrew announces they have to postpone the wedding, she’s disappointed but takes it in stride there must be a good reason, or Andrew’s pa wouldn’t ask it of them. But Andrew is angry and can’t understand why Ellie isn’t upset too, especially when they’d been planning to ‘marry up’ ever since they were in grade school. Disgruntled, he works out his frustration in stubborn determination to finish building their barn and mail order house, working himself to exhaustion. But just when the new house is nearly finished, an unthinkable tragedy occurs. Throwing aside the vow he made to Ellie, Andrew seeks revenge. As their plans unravel, it looks as if their love may not survive.

Sophie’s Dilemma

Certain she can’t live without Hamre Bjorklund, the impetuous Sophie Knutson rejects her father’s request to postpone her marriage until after graduation and convinces Hamre to elope. But far from her family, Sophie finds that life as a fisherman’s bride in Ballard, Washington, is not all she had envisioned. Pregnant and lonely while Hamre is away at sea, she hires on at a fish cannery, only to be fired after fainting on the job. When tragedy strikes, heartbroken Sophie can think only of returning home to Blessing. But will her family welcome her after the way she’s hurt them by her defiant behavior? Will she ever open her heart to love again?

A Touch of Grace

She thought she knew what she wanted in life…
then Jonathan arrived.

Eighteen year old Grace Knutson loves Blessing, North Dakota, and sees no reason to leave. She’s more serious minded than her twin sister, Sophie, and very sensitive to the feelings of others. In spite of her family’s disapproval, Grace has always had a soft spot in her heart for Toby Valders, for she’s seen the vulnerable side he keeps well hidden.

Jonathan Gould, the handsome scion of a wealthy New York family, creates a flurry of anticipation and speculation when he arrives in Blessing. Jonathan’s father wants him to learn the value of manual labor and to appreciate the accomplishments of those not born to wealth. Surprisingly, the ‘city boy’ takes to farm life and actually enjoys working from dawn to dusk alongside the others. Soon he finds himself inexplicably drawn to gentle, courageous Grace.

But Jonathan’s affection presents an agonizing dilemma for Grace. Is he truly the one her heart desires?

Rebecca’s Reward

Nineteen-year-old Rebecca Baard has experienced more than her share of sorrow, and now she is afraid to open her heart to love. Besides, no man has ever shown enough interest in her to come courting. So Rebecca’s friends set out to remedy the situation, concocting social events to attract all the eligible bachelors in Blessing and advising her in the use of feminine wiles. When none of these efforts seem to work, Rebecca tries yet another tack, only to discover that even the best of intentions can’t keep events from taking a surprising turn.

Will Rebecca overcome her fears, or will she settle for something less than love?

The Race

Tricia Evanston has loved horses as long as she can remember just like her father. He has always encouraged her love of horse racing and has been training her to compete professionally. Things are not as smooth with Tricia’s mother who worries about her schoolwork and the chances of her getting hurt. Their relationship is easily strained. Tricia has turned sixteen and her whole life is about to be turned upside down. Her father has been coughing for a long time and finally goes to the hospital. The family is devastated when they learn the diagnosis. Tricia and her older brother David try to take care of the ranch, but when some of the horses get sick, Tricia’s schoolwork really suffers. And then there’s the question of her faith. How can she trust in God when He’s seemingly forgotten her father?Before Her Looms the Big Race. If Only She Can Win

Eagle’s Wings

Only a few colts come along with Derby potential, and only a few riders can bring it out. Spitfire has the potential and Trish Evanston is the only rider who can handle him. But having won THE RACE at The Meadows, the odds are still heavily stacked against them winning the upcoming Portland Futurity.

Go for the Glory

After a string of wins, Trish breaks her arm, and since the horse Trish and her father have entered in both the Santa Anita Derby and the Kentucky Derby won’t tolerate another rider, it seems that they’re going to miss the greatest opportunity of their lives.

Call for Courage

It was turning into a year of first for sixteen year old Trisha Evanston. First race, first win, first trip to California and now, the first female to win the Kentucky Derby. What a feeling it had been to hear the cheering spectators and to take the victory bow! She and her father’s dream had come true, and Trish felt butterflies as she thought about their chance to win the Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing in the upcoming weeks. And then there’s Red, the jockey Trish met in Kentucky!So many things are going so well for Trish, but the road that leads to the final race at Belmont park is filled with untold adversity and near tragedy. Although Spitfire has lived up to his name and become a world class horse, he and Trish have yet to meet their biggest challenge. And despite the chemotherapy, Trish’s father is growing weaker and his cancer has spread. Her father had taught her courage. Would it be there when they needed it?This One Is for Her Dad!

Kentucky Dreamer

Trish Evanston could hardly believe that she and the true black horse she’d raised from a colt had beaten world famous jockeys and their horses at the Santa Anita Derby. The thrill of such a win was beyond words. Coming from their small ranch in Vancouver, Washington, this unknown horse and sixteen year old female jockey are suddenly top news in the racing world!They had proven they were true contenders to enter the dream of a lifetime, the Kentucky Derby. But dreams have never come easy for the Evanston family. Spitfire’s knee is warm again and must be handled with great care. Trish’s father is back in for chemotherapy, and something’s wrong with her mother seriously wrong. But when Trish is involved in a tragic accident at the track, there’s a reason to wonder if she’ll even have the courage to ride again. Will the dream of the Kentucky Derby fade with her hopes for Spitfire?

Shadow Over San Mateo

It should have been the most thrilling moment in Trisha Evanston’s life. She and her thoroughbred, Spitfire, had just won the famed Belmont Classic, the third diamond in the Triple Crown. Trish was the first woman jockey to win the honor. But none of it mattered now. Not the trophies, not the applause, not the money. Unknown to her during the race, Trish’s father had died at the hospital just before the race of her life began. When she didn’t see him in the crowd, a nod from her brother confirmed her worst fears. In the days ahead, Trish is overwhelmed with reminders of her father. Shadows of grief cloud her life. The healing process must come, but where does it begin?Her Father’s Race Is Finished. Will Trish Be Able to Keep Going?

Out of the Mist

After a summer long losing streak, sixteen year old Trisha Evanston is ready to give up racing. Once the winner of the Triple Crown, not it seems her desire for racing died along with her father, and no amount of tears will bring either of them back. Trish decides that if she doesn’t win Firefly’s last race, she will quit the racing scene altogether and go home. Trish’s sympathetic chemistry tutor offers to help but Trish is caught off guard when his solution is a handful of pills. Trish shoves them into her purse. The drugs seem like they’d be such an easy way out of her darkness. Richard promised they would make her feel better but at what price?Will Trish ever find the peace her father knew?

Second Wind

Although still grieving her father’s death and facing ominous threats, Trish helps petition the Portland City Council to keep open a local thoroughbred horse racing track embroiled in rumors of corruption.

Close Call

After a shaky start, the Portland Meadows racing season is off and running with Trish Evanston once again in the winner’s circle. Her successful racing career is not only attracting attention from local news media, but the Chrysler Corporation wants Trish to be their television spokesperson in a commercial! Trish is both flattered and nervous, but she’s not about to pass this up!Only one dark cloud hangs over her a series of threatening notes and sinister phone calls from someone determined to finish her off. Police protection is assigned, but that just makes Trish more jittery. In fact, she is terrified!The Note Said ‘I’ll Get You.’ Can Trish Escape?

The Winner’s Circle

As she and her filly Firefly recover from a tragic racing accident, Trish tries to find out who is behind the disturbing threats she continues to receive and she discovers that God has a perfect plan for her life.

Olympic Dreams

Together with her best friend, Amy Yamamote, DJ puts her plan for earning horse money into action. But just when it seems as if buying a horse is a real possibility, everything goes wrong.

DJ’s Challenge

DJ Randall and her mom, Lindy, are struggling to build a happy family life now that Gran has remarried and moved away, but the situation seems hopeless. Faced with an empty house and mounting responsibilities, DJ is nearly ready to run away again!.

Setting the Pace

DJ turns to her training at Briones Riding Academy to forget her troubles, but life at the Academy has acquired an ugly edge thanks to Tony Andrada. The academy newcomer has singled out DJ’s friend Hilary as the target for his cruel racist remarks.

Out of the Blue

Fourteen year old DJ is faced with a complicated dilemma when the father that she’s never met suddenly wants to become part of her life.

Storm Clouds

DJ Randall isn’t sure she can survive the stressful weeks before her mother’s wedding. An invitation to spend a hassle free weekend at her father’s deluxe Arabian horse ranch seems to be the perfect escape. But DJ’s mother, Lindy, isn’t comfortable with her daughter’s growing relationship with Brad Atwood and his wife, Jackie, a competitor in fourth level dressage. The wealthy couple understands DJ’s bond with horses in a way her mother never could and is eager to help DJ take a shot at her dreams. But family tensions are temporarily swept away as fierce rainstorms threaten to flood much of Northern California, including the Atwoods’ Santa Rosa ranch. With floodwaters rising fast, DJ’s relaxing weekend getaway becomes a risky fight to save her father’s prize winning horses. But is DJ’s own future at stake?Is DJ in over her head?

Close Quarters

Now that her mother and Robert are married, DJ’s latest challenge is breaking in her blended family. But the new house isn’t ready for them, so Robert and the twins must squeeze into DJ and Lindy’s tiny house for several weeks. All too soon, DJ learns that having a family means spending time together. But between her growing responsibilities at Briones Riding Academy and catching up on homework after a week with the flu, DJ has trouble fitting it all in. Trapped in Close Quarters, DJ longs for privacy. But at the same time, she feels isolated from the rest of the family. For once, DJ must deal with her jealousy of the Double Bs. And when a horse show comes in the way of DJ’s art, a full scale family war threatens to break out!

Moving Up

Now that the new house is completed, DJ realizes she’s about to leave the only home she’s ever known, and she’s not ready to say goodbye.

Letting Go

DJ Randall couldn’t be happier. Never before has she had so much support behind her dream of jumping in the Olympics. Even her mother, who has never understood DJ’s love for horses, now cheers in the stands at DJ’s shows. As DJ begins to compete in A rated shows, however, everyone tells her she needs a better horse. But how can DJ give up Major, the sweetest, most willing horse ever? Then DJ’s biological father, Brad, and his wife, Jackie, offer their Thoroughbred/warmblood gelding to her. DJ is unsure whether to take their generous gift. Is she ready for a horse as spectacular as Herndon? Besides, DJ and Major have developed a bond she’s unwilling to break. Ultimately, the decision is made for her. But can DJ let go of the past and look forward to a future with Herndon?

Raising the Bar

DJ Randall Draws Ever Closer to Her Olympic Dream Against difficult odds, D.J. Randall has discovered God’s plan in her life and started her quest for Olympic gold. A terrific role model and inspiration if you ever wanted to tackle a dream, D.J. faces real life issues that you’ll recognize while remaining determined and faithful throughout. In Raising the Bar, she faced with an obstacle that seems to big for even her to overcome. Summer has arrived and DJ is enjoying her vacation fully. Only it’s not totally a vacation. Every day she’s off to Briones Rising Academy to train with Herndon. That that he’s her horse she struggling to learn his habits and tricks. After some early frustration she begins to miss her old horse Major and wonders if she and Herndon will ever have that same connection. Two weeks at the U.S. Equestrian Team training camp, however, appears to answer her questions. The pair are making solid progress. When the return home, a mysterious fire threatens not only their growing bond but the safety of all the horses in the barn. DJ most overcome a deep, secret fear to be able to save her horse.

Class Act

With the support of her family and friends, DJ undertakes the long and difficult process of recovery from the serious burns she received while saving horses from a deadly fire, but she is afraid she may never ride again.

A Measure of Mercy

Beloved author Lauraine Snelling returns again to her popular Red River Valley setting. Eighteen year old Astrid Bjorklund has been studying medicine under Dr. Elizabeth Bjorklund’s direction and dreams of joining her practice in Blessing. But when a missionary arrives and tells of the need for medical ministry in Africa, he seems to look directly at her. Could God be calling her to go to Africa? Joshua Landsverk left Blessing two years ago, but he s never forgotten Astrid. Returning to town, he seeks to court her, and love begins to bloom. When the opportunity opens for Astrid to go to Chicago for further training, she finds it difficult to leave home and Joshua. They agree to correspond, but after receiving only one letter from him, she learns he s left town again. Believing Joshua no longer loves her, Astrid makes an impetuous, heart wrenching decision. Will she regret the choice she s made?

No Distance Too Far

Astrid Bjorklund wants to use her medical training to serve God and feels that He might be leading her in the direction of missionary work. Smarting from a misunderstanding with Joshua Landsverk, the young man she thought she loved, she heads east to a missionary training school, hoping to eventually use her skills in some remote outpost in Africa. When she is called home unexpectedly to help in a family medical emergency, Astrid learns of a deadly measles outbreak on the nearby Indian reservation. She immediately senses the Spirit tugging her to help the Indians and wonders if her ‘mission field’ is not so far away as she had imagined. But if she follows God’s call, will love pass her by?

A Heart for Home

Astrid Bjorklund is on the Red Bud Indian Reservation in South Dakota trying to stop the horrific epidemic that is ravaging the tribe. The elders are suspicious of her, but when they see some of their people beginning to recover, they allow Astrid to continue caring for the sick and to train others to help. She is overwhelmed by this need so close to home and wonders if this is the mission field God has planned for her. Joshua Landsverk wants to repair his broken relationship with Astrid, but he is opposed to her present work and refuses to tell her why. When he encounters unexpected adversity, a surprising act of kindness brings healing to the grievous wrong inflicted years ago. Will it be enough to bring Joshua and Astrid together again?

An Untamed Land

She had promised herself that once they left the fjords of Norway, she would never look back. The promise of free land lures Roald and Ingeborg Bjorklund from their beloved home high above the fjords of Norway, and after three long years of scrimping and saving to buy tickets for their passage to America, they finally arrive at the docks of New York City. This new land promises a rich heritage for their children, and here they hope to build a good life. After a long journey by train and then by covered wagon, the Bjorklunds finally arrive in Dakota Territory, where they settle on the banks of the Red River of the North. But the virgin prairie refuses to yield its treasure without a struggle. Will Roald and Ingeborg be strong enough to overcome the hardships of that first winter?Proud of their heritage and sustained by their faith, they came to tame a new land.

A New Day Rising

The dream of their own farmstead and a good life in America had brought Roald and Ingeborg Bjorklund across the Atlantic to pioneer the virgin prairie of Dakota Territory. But Roald’s tragic disappearance in a winter storm had turned Ingeborg’s dreams into a living nightmare. Against nearly impossible circumstances and overwhelming grief, she struggles to keep the farm and her family together. When spring appears, Roald’s distant cousin Haaken arrives to help with the heavy field work, and Ingeborg is able to once again concentrate her efforts on home and children. After the bleak winter, she cannot ignore the joy that Haaken brings to their lives or the attraction she begins to feel toward him. When Roald’s brother from Norway also arrives to help the family, things become very complicated around the simple prairie dwelling! He reminded her of a Viking of old could he be persuaded to stay?

A Land to Call Home

Taming the land came at great price. Will their love survive the loss? It has required long, difficult years to tame the virgin prairie of Dakota Territory, but in spite of heartache and back breaking labor, the hardy immigrants recognize that God has been with them every step. What was merely a dream is now beginning to take shape. And so they face the challenge of proving up their homesteads and building an official town for their growing community. Hjelmer travels west to work on the railroad, but after sending only one letter to Penny, who has agreed to wait for him, he is not heard from again. As the months pass, Penny is pursued by other eligible suitors, and her love for Hjelmer is sorely tried. Will he return to keep his promise? First the land, then a natural disaster nearly devastates them. What will it take to make their dreams a reality?

The Reapers’ Song

Ever so slowly Dakota Territory is being transformed from a vast prairie into rich farmland. With the coming of the railroad, the small town of Blessing begins to prosper, and the Bjorklund family is reaping the promised harvest that had lured them from their beloved home in Norway. But for Ingeborg and Haakan, realizing their dreams will not come without a struggle. After their own fields are harvested, Haakan and the neighboring men take the steam engine and the separator on the road, threshing for other homesteaders in return for a portion of their grain. With Haakan away and the fields standing idle, Ingeborg frets over work yet to be done. Fearing an early change of seasons, she takes matters into her own hands. Has the land become more important to Ingeborg than her own family?

Tender Mercies

Is She Really Leaving Forever? Mary Martha was the only woman to capture his heart. But now she was preparing to leave the Dakota Territory. Was her good bye forever? Jump into the Red River of the North series and learn why readers across the country are clamoring for each new book in this historical series. Tracing the difficulties and joys of carving out a life from the Dakota sod in the second half of the 1800s, Tender Mercies continues Snelling’s Red River saga and will pull your heartstrings and make you feel the joys and frustrations of life on the open lands of the 19th century mid west. The rich farmlands of the Dakota Territory in 1887 are finally beginning to yield the abundant harvest the pioneers had dreamed about so long. The establishment of the railroad has brought significant changes to the small town of Blessing as well as prosperity to the Bjorklund family and their neighbors. Among the townsfolk, Reverend John Solberg despite being wary of matchmaking efforts in the past is developing a friendship with a delightful young woman through their common love of books. Mary Martha has a gentle southern charm that wins everyone in her circle but too soon she is called on to return home to care for her mother. She leaves behind many heavy hearts and countless questions of whether it will be the last time to see her.

Blessing in Disguise

The Bjorklund family has received word that Augusta Bjorklund is on her way from Norway to join them in North Dakota. When the train arrives in the town of Blessing with no Augusta aboard, the worried family hopes she will be on the train in the morning. But only her trunk arrives, so Bridget Bjorklund insists that Hjelmer, Augusta’s brother, go find her. Augusta, after discovering her intended bridegroom had married someone else, decided to leave her broken heart in Norway and start a new life in America helping her mother run her boardinghouse. But knowing no English, Augusta misunderstands a ticket agent’s directions in St. Paul, Minnesota, and in the harried confusion, she boards the wrong train. When she arrives at the end of the line, she is met by a handsome young rancher, Kane Moyer, waiting for his Norwegian mail order bride? Book 6 in the bestselling RED RIVER OF THE NORTH series.

A Dream to Follow

Thorliff Bjorklund has been writing since he was a young boy and now longs to study journalism. But his father has other plans for him and refuses to agree. Loving and respecting his parents, Thorliff dreads going against his father’s wishes and cannot imagine any honorable way to leave home. To make matters worse, the threat of a crop failure may mean there’ll be no money for college anyway. Thorliff is torn between love for his father and the pull of his dream. Must he choose between the two? Elizabeth Rogers has been raised in a life of privilege, yet she has an unwavering determination to become a doctor. Though she has the blessing of her family, society is not as kind, for it is nearly impossible for a woman to enter medical school. Has she misread her heart?

Believing the Dream

They Never Imagined Following Their Dreams Would Be So Costly A passion for writing has burned brightly in Thorliff Bjorklund’s heart for as long as he can remember. But college life is not as he had imagined. Both time and distance have created a rift between him and his childhood sweetheart, and the only bright spot in his life is his job at the newspaper. When summer arrives, things are looking up at school, but Thorliff must return home and confront his faltering relationship with Anji. Will he find the bonds of love still strong? For Elizabeth Rogers, marriage seems out of the question. Since learning that her mother died giving birth to her, Elizabeth has determined to become a doctor in order to save the lives of other women in childbirth. Will she achieve her dream when it is nearly impossible for a woman to enter medical school?

More Than a Dream

Book 3 of RETURN TO RED RIVER by bestselling author Lauraine Snelling. Thorliff’s goal of becoming a writer is within reach. Working for a newspaper in Northfield, Minnesota, he is busy writing articles and stories for the Minneapolis Tribune and Harper’s Magazine. But his idyllic world comes to a sudden halt when an epidemic hits the town of Blessing, North Dakota, following the Red River flood of 1897. Thorliff returns home to help family and friends recover from the aftermath of the disasters and rebuild their town. A captivating and heartwarming tale of aspiration, struggle, love, and triumph.

Dog Daze (With: Kathleen Damp Wright)

Join the S.A.V.E. Squad Sunny, Aneta, Vee, and Esther as the four sixth grade girls, with nothing in common but their differences, come together through the rescue of a Basset Hound they dub Wink and form a plan to benefit stray dogs and place them in forever homes.

The Great Cat Caper (With: Kathleen Damp Wright)

Join the S.A.V.E. Squad Sunny, Aneta, Vee, and Esther as the four sixth grade girls, with nothing in common but their differences, come together through a service learning project to rescue dumpster cats.

Daughter of Twin Oaks

Seeking to fulfill the promise she made to her dying father, eighteen year old Jesselynn Highwood determines to take her little brother and the family’s remaining Thoroughbreds from Twin Oaks plantation in Kentucky to her uncle’s farm in Missouri, where they will be safe for the remainder of the Civil War.

Jesselynn is also fleeing a cruel man in Confederate uniform who has pledged to take revenge against her for refusing his hand in marriage. No longer safe at Twin Oaks, she embarks on a perilous journey, taking on the momentous responsibility for the lives and welfare of all who go with her.

They ride at night and hide during the day, dodging both Confederate and Union troops along the way. Encountering hunger, sickness, and the devastation of war, they finally arrive in Missouri only to discover that the situation there puts them in even greater danger. Discouraged, disillusioned, and facing a severe testing of her faith, Jesselynn will stop at nothing to save her family, the horses, and whatever remains of Twin Oaks.

Will the wounded soldier she rescues from certain death be able to break down the walls of bitterness that surround her heart?

Sisters of the Confederacy

After fleeing Kentucky, Jesselynn finds her destination has been burned. Where will she go now? Riveting Civil War fiction! A Secret Refuge book 2.

The Long Way Home

Will the War’s End Bring the Highwood Family Together Again?

When a disastrous decision by the new wagon master forces Jesselynn Highwood and her companions to separate from the wagon train, she races back to Fort Laramie to find a guide to take them to Oregon. But the guide has a far different plan, and following her heart, Jesselyn agrees to join him, her rag tag band in tow. The ensuing journey is fraught with hardship and danger. Is hope for the future sill a prospect?

Back in the East, Louisa Highwood and brother Zachary are captured by Union soldiers for smuggling medical supplies into Richmond. Can Louisa find a way to obtain her brother’s freedom before it’s too late?

Rare courage and dogged determination will be hallmarks of the Highwoods’ long way home. Their futures and that of their beloved Twin Oaks hang in the balance.

Valley of Dreams

Addy Lockwood’s mother died when she was little, so Addy traveled with her father’s Wild West Show and became an amazingly skillful trick rider, likened by some to the famous Annie Oakley. When her father died, she continued to work with the show, having nowhere else to go. Now Addy has discovered that ‘Uncle’ Jason, the show’s manager, has driven the show into debt, and he’s absconded with what little money was left. Devastated, Addy decides to try to find the hidden valley where here father had dreamed of putting down roots. She has only one clue. She needs to find three huge stones that look like fingers raised in a giant hand. With Chief, a Sioux Indian who’s been with the show for twenty years, and Micah, the head wrangler, she leaves both the show and a bundle of heartache behind and begins a wild and daring adventure.

Whispers in the Wind

Book Two in Lauraine Snelling’s Exciting Wild West Wind SeriesAfter fleeing North Dakota and the now defunct Wild West Show, Cassie Lockwood and her companions have finally found the hidden valley in South Dakota where her father had dreamed of putting down roots. But to her dismay, she discovers a ranch already built on her land. Cassie’s arrival surprises Mavis Engstrom and forces her to reveal secrets she’s kept hidden for years. Her son Ransom is suspicious ofCassie and questions the validity of her claim to the valley. But Lucas Engstrom decides from the start that he is in love with her and wants to marry her. Will Cassie be able to build a home on the Bar E Ranch and fulfill her father’s dream of raising horses, or will she be forced to return to the itinerant life of her past?

Hawaiian Sunrise

RETURN TO PARADISE? Maddy Hernandez declared she would never return home, and yet, now with just a few dollars to her name and with her son Nicholas, she is humbled to be coming back to her father’s care and shelter. His life has changed since his wife’s death and Maddy feels alone in her search for a new life. Forced to destroy the cattle they raised as livestock, she makes one final effort to save her life and the farm. In choosing to raise coffee, she finds an unforeseen ally and begins to feel a break in the hardened barrier around her heart. Wounded and haunted by memories of an abusive ex husband, Maddy must decide to live a life alone or let down her guard in faith and trust. Beneath the beautiful and exotic setting lay heartache and disillusionment and the story of how determination and faith can unite with unexpected rewards. You will be touched and moved by this eloquent and tender novel written by the bestselling author of the RED RIVER OF THE NORTH series.

The Healing Quilt

After her Aunt Teza’s test results turn out to be inconclusive, Dot Cooper resolves to raise money for a new mammogram machine, through the creation and auction of a magnificent, king-sized quilt to be sewn by the women of Jefferson City.

Dot’s efforts quickly draw the support of disparate members of the community, including newcomer Beth Donnelly, married to a local pastor, Elaine Giovanni, the stylish wife of a local surgeon; and an ailing Aunt Teza. But as the four different generations work the squares of the quilt, they are also confronted with ragged pieces of their own lives.

Though the women could not be more different on the surface, they hold in common quiet suffering triggered by painful circumstances: the death of children, the abandonment of husbands, the loneliness of depression. Yet their struggles will bring them closer together than they ever could have anticipated, and their lives will be dramatically changed, as together they experience the curative powers of The Healing Quilt.

The Gift

Turner McNeally’s daughter has gone off to college, and her horse is demonstrating signs of lonelinesss. Rebecca Wilkinson’s son hasn’t spoken a word since his father’s death, and the family counselor suggests a pet. This Christmas, the chance to hear her son’s voice again would be the best gift Rebecca could receive. Beloved author Lauraine Snelling weaves a story of holiday romance in which a simple advertiseme*nt for a horse’s companion creates a family bond and sparks unexpected love.

The Way of Women

On the verge of Mt. St. Helens historic eruption, three women must face the mountain: two to search for their missing husbands; the third, to rediscover her life

After a local mountain becomes a deadly and imminent threat, three strikingly different women become linked in a desperate mission.

Children’s author Katherine Sommers is searching for her depressed husband, David, and their son Brian, camping together on Mt. St. Helens tumultuous north slope. Mellie Sedor seeks her husband, Daniel, who has taken a logging job to pay for their daughter s chemotherapy. Fashion photographer Jen Stockton joins Cowlitz County Sheriff Frank McKenzie, himself the victim of a brutal loss, in his quest to evacuate the awakening volcano.

Jen came to the mountain in an effort to recover the peace she experienced as a child. Instead, she finds destruction and heroism, tragedy and friendship.

When Women Strive Together, They Can Face Even the Unthinkable.

Written by best selling and award winning author Lauraine Snelling, The Way of Women celebrates the resilience and strength of women, both individually and collectively, in the face of extraordinary crisis.

Saturday Morning

Broken by life’s disappointments, four women forge a friendship that leads in unexpected directions.

Hope Benson is determined to do all she can for the broken souls who come to Casa de Jesus, a women s shelter in the heart of San Francisco. When a difficult pregnancy forces her to relinquish control, she draws support and strength from an unlikely group of women, each struggling with her own heartbreak.

Andy Taylor, a reluctant transplant to California, was compelled to leave behind her lavender growing business and her home of twenty some years to support her workaholic husband s pursuit of career success. Attorney Julia Collins is searching for her teenage granddaughter, believed to be living on the streets. And Clarice Van Dam s life has been shattered by the disappearance of her husband, who appears to have relieved her of all earthly possessions except a fur coat and her overnight bag.

Drawn together at the weekend market held in the shelter s parking lot, the women pool their resources to fend off an unscrupulous conglomerate that threatens to replace the facility with a commercial development. As they fight to retain this haven for women in need, they find their own longings for home answered by the solace of faith and friendship.

Breaking Free

Bestselling author Lauraine Snelling crafts a poignant story of hope and restoration for a newly paroled mother rebuilding her life after the loss of her son. Maggie Roberts is starting over
again after her reckless driving led to a 10 year prison sentence and the devastating loss of her son. Having learned to repurpose retired thoroughbred racehorses through an inmate training program, Maggie finds a way to rebuild her life. But it’s not until she meets single father Gil Winters and his wheelchair bound son, Edward, that she finds her calling. In helping Edward with his therapy using
horses, Maggie finds herself coming to life again. But when a shadow from the past returns, Maggie
is forced to choose between her newfound freedom and getting Edward the life saving help he needs.

The Brushstroke Legacy

Forbidden. Hidden. Denied. Can art be powerful enough to endure?

Ragni Clauson’s work, relationships, and body all seem to be falling apart. And she isn t convinced that spending her vacation fixing up her great grandmother s cabin and supervising her rebellious teenage niece, Erika, will offer any much needed rejuvenation.

As Ragni and Erika clean, they begin to uncover the secret paintings and life of Nilda, Ragni s ancestor who lived in the cabin in the early 1900s. Ragni doesn t know how much she has in common with her great grandmother, but it becomes clear Nilda faced her own struggles. Taking care of home and menfolk, fighting off locusts, raising her daughter, and finding time to paint in the midst of it all were not easy tasks. Will Nilda s passion for enduring art re ignite Ragni s artistic soul a century later?

Weaving together the stories of three generations of women, The Brushstroke Legacy stirs us to believe that no matter the circumstances, we are called to use our gifts never knowing when they might bring a stranger to a new place of hope.

What About Cimmaron?

Sarah loves living in the pristine Toutle Valley with her parents, her sister Kathy, and her horse, Cimmaron. They are all used to occasional tremors from nearby Mount St. Helens. But when the volcano erupts, Sarah’s family is forced to evacuate, leaving behind their house, their chickens, their cows and Cimmaron.

As Sarah hears the news of hot ash and mud flows covering her valley, she wonders why God would let such a terrible thing happen. Since He doesn’t seem to be answering her prayers, Sarah decides to solve the problem herself. Somehow she will get back into Toutle Valley to save Cimmaron.

One Perfect Day

This is the story of two mothers, strangers to one another.

The first has two children twins, a boy and girl, who are seniors in high school. She wants their last Christmas as a family living in the same home to be perfect, but her husband is delayed returning from a business trip abroad. And then there’s an accident a fatal one involving a drunk driver.

Meanwhile, the other mother has a daughter who needs a new heart, and so the loss of one woman becomes the miracle the other has desperately prayed for. While one mother grieves, and pulls away from her family, the other finds that even miracles aren’t always easy to receive. 2008

On Hummingbird Wings

‘But Mother is always dying,’ is Gillian Ormsby’s sarcastic response when her younger, favored sister tells her that she has to go take care of their hypochondriac mother. Much against her will, since she and her mother never have gotten along, Gillian arrives in California to find the garden and yard dead, the blinds all drawn, and her mother indeed in bed waiting to die. But when Gillian talks with the doctor, he assures her there’s no medical reason behind her mother’s state. Now on a mission to restore her mother to health, Gillian insists Mother get out of bed, eat, exercise and hopefully, choose to live. She also sets about reviving the garden to its former glory, enlisting the help of Adam, a handsome man who owns a family gardening business with his father. Gillian is delighted when a pair of hummingbirds appear, and her friendship with Adam grows. Soon, Mother’s health improves, and one day she announces she and her friend Enzio are going on a cruise. Before Gillian has time to turn around, her mother is gone and she is left high and dry again, and wondering, what is she going to do with the rest of her own life?

Ingeborg Bjorklund’s Red River Cookbook

With more than 2 million books in print, Lauraine Snelling has captivated readers far and wide with her inspiring stories of the Norwegian immigrants who settled in Dakota Territory. Now she shares the time tested recipes of her most beloved character, Ingeborg Bjorklund, as well as many favorites of her own. Accompanied by cooking tips, personal anecdotes, and reminiscences of Lauraine’s own Scandinavian heritage, these recipes are sure to evoke fond memories of dishes ‘just like mother or grandmother used to make.’ Stapled binding, 32 pages.

Christmas Treasures

Discover the true meaning of Christmas love with this collectino of four inspirational love stories two contemporary and two historical from four cherished Christians authors. Includes ‘An Ozard Christmas Angel,’ ‘Christmas Dream,’ ‘Winterlude,’ and ‘Dakota Destiny.’ Your fiction readers will love this bargain!

Once Upon a Christmas

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Lauraine Snelling
Romance blooms between Blythe Stenrude and Thane Davidson after their dogs tangle leashes in the park until Thane becomes guardian to his three year old niece. Blythe doesn’t think she’s mother material, but how can she refuse Thane’s request to give a neglected little girl the best Christmas ever?

‘Twas the Week Before Christmas by Lenora Worth
Upon arrival at her grandmother’s Louisiana plantation for the holidays, socialite Elise Melancon is confronted with a shocking request her grandmother wants her to ‘reform’ a handsome man so he can date another woman! Perhaps Elise will discover that life’s greatest gifts don’t always come in a box.


Contemporary Romance: Four unique women have found themselves alone: Sinda wants to leave her past behind. Tabby has been bruised by a life long speech problem. Robynn determines never to risk her heart again. Lareana must carry on after her husband’s death. Can love, human and divine, make a way to open sealed hearts?

Yuletide Treasure

The Finest Gift by Lauraine Snelling

A plain Jane without any suitors, Arley Hoople doesn’t dare dream of romance this Christmas. So she brings holiday joy to others: repairing her grandmother’s nutcracker and commissioning a dollhouse for the girls at the orphanage. Yet one knock at the woodcarver’s door unexpectedly brings Arley a gift of her own: love.

A Blessed Season by Jillian Hart

An abandoned girl asks bounty hunter Rafe Jones to track down her long lost mother for Christmas. The holiday wish breaks through his hardened heart, and he easily finds Cora Sims in Montana Territory. She’s definitely the woman Rafe has been looking for. But is she actually the girl’s mother?

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