Kenneth Royce Books In Order

Spider Scott Books In Order

  1. The XYY Man (1970)
  2. Concrete Boot (1971)
  3. The Miniatures Frame (1972)
  4. Spider Underground (1973)
  5. Trap Spider (1974)
  6. The Crypto Man (1984)
  7. The Mosley Receipt (1985)

George Bulman Books In Order

  1. No Way Back (1986)
  2. Shadows (1996)
  3. The Judas Trail (1997)


  1. The Long Corridor (1960)
  2. Bones in the Sand (1967)
  3. A Single to Hong Kong (1969)
  4. Man on a Short Leash (1974)
  5. The Woodcutter Operation (1975)
  6. Assassination Day (1976)
  7. Bustillo (1976)
  8. Autumn Heroes (1977)
  9. Satan Touch (1978)
  10. The Third Arm (1980)
  11. Ten Thousand Days (1981)
  12. Channel Assault (1982)
  13. The Stalin Account (1983)
  14. The Trap (1985)
  15. Break-Out (1986)
  16. The President Is Dead (1988)
  17. Fall-out (1989)
  18. Exchange of Doves (1990)
  19. The Proving Ground (1991)
  20. A Wild Justice (1992)
  21. Limbo (1992)
  22. Remote Control (1994)
  23. The Ambassador’s Son (1994)
  24. The Ghostman (1997)

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Kenneth Royce Books Overview


MysteryLarge Print EditionWhen a philandering MP is shot dead while awaiting an assignation with a call girl, no one is surprised to learn that a woman did it. But Scotland Yard believes that the shooting was too expert to suggest a crime of passion. Despite the full weight of an official police inquiry, ex Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent George Bulman is asked by the Home Secretarys office to find out what he can about an apparent hidden agenda surrounding the incident. But the truth is difficult to find and the assassin is poised to strike again…
and she has gained Bulmans friendship.

The Judas Trail

Imprisoned Veida Ash, who made a fortune by operating a criminal empire from the heart of MI6, had vowed she would break out when the time was right. Now the time had come, she recruited two female accomplices. What is the purpose of this deadly team? As the authorities panic enter George Bulman.

The Woodcutter Operation

Five men seize a London hospital. The genera tor is blown, & a demand for four million pounds is relayed to the authorities. But the unexpected prescence of a high’s ecurity patient plus bodyguards brings new dangers. ‘

The Third Arm

There were some anxious expressions at Whitehall: several of the world’s most notorious terrorists were known to be converging on London, and the arrival of men of the caliber of Raul Orta, Mohammed Nuzzale, Mario Picale, and Ludwig Mueller could mean nothng but serious trouble. The Government’s need for a tough, reliable infiltrator who could be maneuvered into the international pack’s confidence focused n Ross Gibbs.

The President Is Dead

This thriller involves a plot to kill the President of the United States in which the IRA are suspected. The author has written fifteen other books and is the creator of the ‘Bulman’ character, featured in the long running television series of that name.

A Wild Justice

Two men, one Provisional IRA, the other a Northern Ireland protestant, escape from prison together. They are natural enemies, but a strange, barbed companionship builds up between them as they face a common danger. From the author of ‘The President is Dead’ and ‘Fall Out’.

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