Kenneth R Timmerman Books In Order


  1. Honor Killing (2007)
  2. St. Peter’s Bones (2011)
  3. ISIS Begins (2018)
  4. The Election Heist (2020)

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Kenneth R Timmerman Books Overview

Honor Killing

A page turning novel about the next battlefront in the war on terror from New York Times best selling author, Kenneth R. Timmerman. Israeli intelligence picks up the departure of a mysterious cargo ship from Iran, while half way across the world, a Muslim American girl is found dead in suburban Maryland. The two events appeared to be worlds apart. But they were not. Major Danny Wilkens, the U.S. government’s top Iran analyst, becomes convinced that the cargo ship is part of an Iranian scheme to kill millions of Americans. But incompetent bureaucrats and a broken CIA force him to go outside the system, where he puts his career and even his marriage on the line in order to stop its relentless trajectory toward America. FBI Special Agent Michael Brannigan is perplexed by the ‘Honor Killing‘ of a Muslim girl. But it’s only when his investigation is shut down by G girl Joanna Greary that he discovers a sordid underworld of steamy sex, corrupt government officials, and local Muslim leaders who have exploited America’s loose immigration laws for terror. In this fast paced Washington novel of spies, faith, betrayal, and lust, New York Times best selling author Kenneth R. Timmerman tells a story so chilling that it had to be kept out of the newspapers. Is there really a spy for the terrorists who has access to the highest reaches of the United States government, including the White House? Have our intelligence agencies become so bureaucratic and corrupt they can no longer act when a clear and present danger appears? Is Iran’s master terrorist at work today, probing our weaknesses? Is the American Muslim community giving shelter to deadly enemies? Timmerman takes us from underground hide outs in Iran to beach side bars in the British Virgin Islands, from the port of Maracaibo to a shoot out in Dubai. He brings us smooth Mossad operators, CIA bumblers and a Persian beauty named Aryana, who uses a computer company in California as a front for clandestine operations inside Iran. As the Iranians get ever closer to our shores, readers are in for a surprising climax that may have many of them down on their knees.

St. Peter’s Bones

The time is 846 AD. Rome is under siege. Before the Saracen armies sack the Vatican, Pope Leo IV calls on a sect of trusted warrior monks to evacuate from his palace the most sacred of holy relics, the bones of St. Peter, the ‘rock’ on whom Christ said his church would be built. Now the secret has fallen into the hands of a radical Muslim insurgent group in modern day Iraq, who plot to wipe out the monastery where for centuries the sacred relics have been stored, along with dark secrets from the earliest days of Islam. U.S. Special Forces operator Danny Wilkens is back, this time chasing Muslim insurgents in Iraq and a corrupt former CIA officer who is secretly in league with them. When Wilkens discovers pages of a mysterious text during the take down of an insurgent cell, he thinks it’s some kind of code. But soon his Iraqi Christian translator, Yohannes ‘Johnny’ Yohanna enlightens him: the text is written in Aramaic, the language of Jesus. And it tells the story of a legendary Christian monk who is said to have dictated portions of the Koran to the Prophet Mohammad in an effort to spread the Gospel into Arabia. ‘Kenneth Timmerman has wrought a wildly inventive and highly gripping thriller that encompasses the secret and long hidden origins of Islam That makes St. Peter’s Bones more than just a great novel, although it is assuredly that as well: it is also an enlightening insight into today’s increasingly conflict ridden relationship between Islam and the Judeo Christian/post Christian West.’ Robert Spencer, editor of JihadWatch, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades and The Truth About Muhammad. ‘Timmerman’s taboo breaking thriller portrays authentically the politics and passions fueling the deadly persecution of Iraq’s ancient Christian community: an unintended but ruinous by product of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It’s a powerful book America’s political leadership on both the left and the right would prefer you not to read.’ Dr. John Eibner, CEO, Christian Solidarity International CSI USA ‘Ken Timmerman’s riveting tale is a story in urgent need of telling.’ Nina Shea, Commissioner, US Commission on International Religious Freedom Based on fact finding missions by the author in Iraq and Jordan, as well as extensive historical research into the origins of Islam through original texts, St. Peter’s Bones tells the story of Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community through the joys and fears of one family, while exploring the ambiguities of America’s continued presence in that country as deepening tensions between Kurds and Arabs that risk plunging Iraq into another civil war.

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