Kenneth Bulmer Books In Order

Keys to the Dimensions Books In Publication Order

  1. Land Beyond the Map (1965)
  2. The Key to Irunium (1967)
  3. The Key to Venudine (1968)
  4. The Wizards of Senchuria (1969)
  5. The Ships of Durostorum (1970)
  6. The Hunters of Jundagai (1971)
  7. The Chariots of Ra (1972)
  8. The Diamond Contessa (1983)

Hook Books In Publication Order

  1. Whirlpool Of Stars (1974)
  2. The Boosted Man (1974)
  3. Star City (1974)
  4. Virility Gene (1975)

Captain Shark Books In Publication Order

  1. By Pirate’s Blood (1975)
  2. Jaws of death (1975)

Odan the Half-God Books In Publication Order

  1. Dream Chariots (1977)
  2. Whetted Bronze (1978)
  3. Crown of the Sword God (1980)

Dray Prescot Books In Publication Order

  1. Transit to Scorpio (1972)
  2. Warrior Of Scorpio (1973)
  3. Swordships of Scorpio (1973)
  4. The Suns of Scorpio (1973)
  5. Prince of Scorpio (1974)
  6. Manhounds of Antares (1974)
  7. Arena of Antares (1974)
  8. Bladesman of Antares (1975)
  9. Avenger of Antares (1975)
  10. Fliers of Antares (1975)
  11. The Tides of Kregen (1976)
  12. Renegade of Kregen (1976)
  13. Armada of Antares (1976)
  14. Krozair of Kregen (1977)
  15. Secret Scorpio (1977)
  16. Savage Scorpio (1978)
  17. Captive Scorpio (1978)
  18. Golden Scorpio (1978)
  19. A Life for Kregen (1979)
  20. A Sword for Kregen (1979)
  21. A Fortune for Kregen (1979)
  22. Beasts of Antares (1980)
  23. Rebel of Antares (1980)
  24. A Victory for Kregen (1980)
  25. Legions of Antares (1981)
  26. Allies of Antares (1981)
  27. Mazes of Scorpio (1982)
  28. Delia of Vallia (1982)
  29. Fires of Scorpio (1983)
  30. Talons of Scorpio (1983)
  31. Masks of Scorpio (1984)
  32. Seg the Bowman (1984)
  33. Werewolves of Kregen (1985)
  34. Witches of Kregen (1985)
  35. Storm Over Vallia (1985)
  36. The Omens of Kregen (1985)
  37. Warlord of Antares (1988)
  38. Scorpio Ablaze (1992)
  39. Scorpio Drums (1992)
  40. Challenge of Antares (1995)
  41. Shadows over Kregen (1996)
  42. The Saga of Dray Prescot: The Delian Cycle (2007)
  43. Scorpio Reborn (2008)
  44. Scorpio Triumph (2008)
  45. Gangs of Antares (2008)
  46. Spikatur Cycle (2010)
  47. The Lohvian Cycle I (2011)
  48. The Pandahem Cycle I (2011)
  49. The Saga of Dray Prescot: The Pandahem Cycle II (2011)
  50. Demons of Antares (2014)
  51. Scourge of Antares (2014)
  52. Turmoil on Kregen (2014)

Sea Wolf Books In Publication Order

  1. Steel Shark (1978)
  2. Shark North (1978)
  3. Shark Pack (1978)
  4. Shark Hunt (1980)
  5. Shark Africa (1981)
  6. Shark Raid (1982)
  7. Shark America (2016)
  8. Shark Trap (2016)

The Vikings Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood Sacrifice (1975)
  2. The Vikings:The Dark Return (1975)
  3. Vikings No. 3 : Blood on the Sun (1975)
  4. Trail of Blood (1976)

Wolfshead Books In Publication Order

  1. Oath Of Blood (1973)
  2. The King’s Death (1973)
  3. A Light in the West (1974)
  4. Viking Slaughter (1974)
  5. A Flame in the Fens (1974)
  6. An Axe in Miklagard (1975)

Albion Books In Publication Order

  1. Battler Britton (By:Garth Ennis) (2006)
  2. The Steel Claw (2006)
  3. Albion (By:Alan Moore) (2006)
  4. Thunderbolt Jaxon (By:Dave Gibbons) (2007)
  5. Albion: Origins (By:Steve Holland) (2007)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Cybernetic Controller (1952)
  2. Galactic Intrigue (1953)
  3. City Under the Sea (1957)
  4. The Secret of Zl / The Patient Dark (1958)
  5. The Changeling Worlds (1959)
  6. Defiance (1960)
  7. The Earth Gods Are Coming / Of Earth Foretold (1960)
  8. White-Out (1960)
  9. No Man’s World/ Earth’s Long Shadow (1961)
  10. The Fatal Fire (1962)
  11. Wizard of the Starship Poseidon (1963)
  12. The Demons / Demons’ World (1964)
  13. The Million Year Hunt (1964)
  14. Behold the Stars (1965)
  15. Worlds for the Taking (1966)
  16. Cycle of Nemesis (1967)
  17. To Outrun Doomsday (1967)
  18. Doomsday Men (1968)
  19. Kandar (1969)
  20. The Star Venturers (1969)
  21. The Ulcer Culture / Stained Glass World (1970)
  22. Quench The Burning Stars / Blazon (1970)
  23. Star Trove (1970)
  24. Swords of the Barbarians (1970)
  25. The Electric Sword-Swallowers (1970)
  26. The Insane City (1971)
  27. Roller Coaster World (1972)
  28. On the Symb-Socket Circuit (1972)
  29. Blind Run (1980)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Beyond The Silver Sky (1961)

Balintol Cycle Books In Publication Order

  1. Wrath of Antares (1996)
  2. Intrigue of Antares (2008)

Phantom cycle Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder on Kregen (2014)

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Kenneth Bulmer Books Overview

The Diamond Contessa

Harry Blakey remembered a childhood secret that there was a room under his folks’ home which crossed into another world. When, finally as a war veteran, he came back to the old house, he investigated and found his memory was true. There were indeed other Earths and other civilisations and adventures to be had at great risks. For when he enlisted in the special commando corps organised to stop the interdimensional warfare, he came up against the terrifying hordes of The Diamond Contessa. She had looted many Earths and her hunger was always increasing. No mere human heroics would wrest the keys of the world away from her not white her army of monsters held a dozen civilisations in thrall!

Bladesman of Antares

The problem with being a spy is that you have to make friends with the enemy. Dray Prescot, Earthman, who had become prince of Vallia, was the kind of man who always stood by his friends. So in his quest to learn the war secrets of Hamal, empire of the aircraft makers, Dray found himself not only becoming comrade to some of its greatest warriors but of championing the very life of its cruelly beautiful queen. Although Dray’s devotion to his glorious princess Delia never flagged, his mission, and his life, was perilously balanced upon the razor edged blades of loyalty versus duty…
68000 words

The Saga of Dray Prescot: The Delian Cycle

For the first time ever, the first five books in the Saga of Dray Prescot of Earth and of Kregen are brought together in this omnibus edition. Together, these five books make up the Delian Cycle, in which Dray Prescot comes to terms with finding himself on the alien world of Kregen. Here he tries to make sense of his situation: the Star Lords, the Savanti, the marvelous places, strange beasts and stranger people. And here he pursues his greatest love of two worlds, Delia of the Blue Mountains.

Battler Britton (By:Garth Ennis)

Garth Ennis, the writer of the best selling thought provoking series PREACHER tells a an exciting tale of World War II in this riveting new graphic novel. In October, 1942, Allied forces are on the run from the unrelenting forces of the Na*zis in North Africa. Wing Commander Robert ‘Battler’ Britton of the Royal Air Force and his squadron are dispatched to an American airstrip to spearhead a joint action against Hitler’s war machine. Now they must survive taunts, threats, and assaults…
and that’s just from the Yanks!

The Steel Claw

Now starring in Albion a brand new US comics series plotted by the legendary Alan Moore The Steel Claw joins the Spider as the next classic British comics character to receive the beautifully packaged hardcover archive treatment! When a lab experiment goes disastrously awry, Louis Crandell discovers that when his right hand the eponymous steel claw connects with electricity, he becomes invisible! But to what nefarious ends can he put this new power? Never before collected, boasting a stunning new cover by comics legend Brian Bolland Batman: The Killing Joke, and featuring exclusive new articles exploring the history of The Steel Claw, this collection is the perfect introduction!

Albion: Origins (By:Steve Holland)

Now starring in Albion, the critically acclaimed US comics series plotted by the legendary Alan Moore, come four of British comics most loved and most bizarre characters!

There’s Tim Kelly, a boy who finds the Eye of Zoltec, a jewel which grants him fantastic power; Dolmann, a genius inventor with a legion of crime fighting toys; occult troubleshooter Cursitor Doom; and Victorian escapologoist Janus Stark!

Never before collected, boasting a stunning new cover by comics legend Brian Bolland Batman: The Killing Joke, and featuring exclusive new articles exploring the history of these characters comics, this is another amazing trip into the past!

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